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									?What does synopsis mean? It is called in various terms such as outline, summary and
abstract. In general, it is summing up process of the related information. In that way,
we are going to see a synopsis about welding. What is welding? As soon as I put
forward this question, the answer that come up in your mind is, it is a sculptural
process that welds the different materials. Yes it is 100% true, but for a change we
will see some different answers, it is a technological process that can melt even the
hardest metals land melts the metals like a candle. It has the power of light; it has the
power of weight to destroy its enemies, which is called metals.

This kind of process was in the existence from ancient period and event the greatest
monuments and the building that were looking great are the part of the welding
process. There are different types of welding and each process differs from one other
in particular aspect. The different types of welding process that exist now are tig
welding, mig welding, stick welding, forged welding and more. Tig welding or gas
tungsten arc welding are used to weld steel, aluminum, magnesium and other copper
alloys. This process gives the operator a great control. Mig welding or gas metal arc
welding was originally developed for welding aluminum and other non ferrous
materials and later on by using this process, we can also weld steels. It is a process in
which the users can perform the welding process in a very low time compared to other

Stick welding is also called as shielded metal arc welding or manual metal arc
welding. This process is one of the worlds most welding processes because it is the
process that is versatile and simple in its operation and equipment. It is used to weld
iron, steel, aluminum, copper and nickel. And then, the next welding process is forge
welding and it is older welding process and also a solid state welding process. It is
used for the production of pattern welded blades. So far we saw about different
welding process, now we are going to see about the welder. What is welder? It is a
machine that used to weld and also, it is a modernized and latest machine that uses the
appropriate welding technology and process.

Tig welder, Mig welder, stick welder and other welding machines are also available,
but the first three machines are widely used because of its portability and simplicity.
Each welding machines have digital read out and also have color coded controls, they
produce the constant and appropriate rated output current. It exists in different types
and each type differs from other in some aspects. Next, the machine that use plasma
as a gas and perform the high speed welding is also available. It is called as plasma
cutter and it is a machine that performs both welding and cutting and also used to
remove the weld. Then, welding accessories, welding guns and torches, multipurpose
units and consumables are the other different welding products.

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