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									?I e-mailed a suggestion to Google a few months back, saying that it would be useful
if we had extended options related to our GMail signatures. Currently, everything I
have is forwarded to my GMail account, I have about a dozen, probably more e-mail
addresses, and about 4 external POP accounts that I fetch my e-mails from. At the
time, I asked for the possibility of having different signatures for every account, based
on our preferences (obvious required feature if you ask me), the possibility of having
images in our signatures as well as HTML code, and the option of having the e-mail
signature above the reply (by default, the signature was placed at the bottom, below

Well, as I did expect, they never replied, but today I stumbled upon an interesting
Firefox extension called "Better GMail". I strongly recommend you to use it if you're
a Firefox user. Not only for the signature features, but it has many extra options you
can configure. You can even change your GMail's theme if you like.

Anyway, back on track, my requirements were solved. With this plugin, you will be
able to add HTML code in your signature, and you can use images (remotely
uploaded to a FTP then referred to using the HTML code). As for the above quote
signature, there's a checkbox for that under Gmail Settings that solves the issue.

Overall it's a pretty good extension. Too bad you have to configure it for every PC
you're using, since it's browser-based and not located in any way in your GMail
account. See the two useful links below if you're willing to try this extension and
when you do, I'll be more than happy to hear back your opinions.James K. Santos
writes articles on topics such as Top 10 Gmail Tweaks and Gmail Germany Closing?
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