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Graphic Design AS A Level.pdf - GRAPHIC DESIGN


									What can the subject
prepare me for?                                        St. Mary’s College
Most students enjoy the subject so much that
they decide to continue at Higher Education or in
The skills developed will provide you with
                                                       Course Leaflet     Entry 2011
excellent entry onto a wide variety of Higher
                                                                 PERFORMING ARTS
Education Art and Design courses. The subject
can either be studied singularly or combined
with another, the choice today is vast. This in turn
could lead to a vocation in numerous areas such
as graphic design, multimedia, animation, visual
arts, and media production to name but a few.
Alternatively the graphic skills gained would be                    AS and A Level
highly valued in the competitive graphics industry.
We recently had a graphics student short listed for
the prestigious Creativity Works Award.
During the past two years students have gained         ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
direct entry straight on to BA (Hons) Art Direction
at Manchester Metropolitan.                            To study AS and A Level
The quality and professionalism of portfolio work      Graphic Design, students
has impressed many institutes and students have        will be expected to have a
been awarded places on the basis of their work.        minimum of five GCSEs at
                                                       grade C or above including
                                                       Art GCSE grade C or Graphic
                                                       Technology and English
                                                       grade C.

                                                       A student without Art GCSE
                                                       would be considered for
                                                       entry on the course,
                                                       supported by a suitable
                                                       portfolio of work. This must
                                                       satisfy the requirements as set
                                                       out by the department.

If you would like further information about this
subject please contact the Head of Art at
St. Mary's College
Shear Brow
ABOUT THE COURSE                                     Magazines such as Creative Review, Eye
                                                     (an internationally acclaimed graphics
Graphic Design attracts students who are             publication), Modern Painters, Tate Modern
innovative, artistic and who are stimulated by       Monthly and many more are kept in the
the plethora of graphical imagery around them.       department as an immediate resource for your
Graphics are a part of every aspect of               work. Gallery visits and workshops are an
our waking lives, from the magazines and             important part of the course. In your first year
newspapers on sale in the local newsagents           you can expect to visit many national galleries.
to the overwhelming number of packaged
products on sale at the supermarket, from the        What do I need to make a success
eye catching advertisements at bus stops and         of GRAPHIC DESIGN?
hoardings to CDs with their visually exciting
sleeves. On this course you will be introduced       Naturally, you will be interested in graphics
to both contemporary and traditional                 with a keen focus on experimentation and
techniques to create equally sophisticated           an enthusiasm for using the latest software
graphical imagery, whilst also developing            and new materials. During this course and
a cutting edge approach. The subject will            especially in the second year the balance
encourage you to experiment with a wide              between practical and theory work is
variety of processes and encompass all aspects       important. You will be eager to find out about
of graphical history from modernism to the           other artists and designers, enjoy analysing
next new thing.                                      their work and writing your own opinions. You
In the first year of the course you will develop     will want to develop ideas and be inspired by
a range of skills using illustration, printmaking,   things around you and have an adventurous
typography and digital technology. Visual            approach to new media.
studies, media research and graphic design           Ultimately you will need a motivated approach
history will underpin these introductory             to this subject and a willingness to put in the
skills. You will examine the work of others          time needed to ensure you are a successful
and be intrigued as to why for example,              student on this course!
advertisements for Honda and Levi Jeans or
even the film credits for Seven, are readily         HOW WIll THE SUBjECT BE
remembered for being visually stimulating and
not for who created them!
In year two students will apply these skills to
                                                     There are two coursework units, one of
a variety of graphical solutions with particular
                                                     which is a timed exam unit. Both units are
emphasis on commercial production. You will
                                                     continuously assessed by your teachers so that
have the freedom to experiment and use your
                                                     you always know what is expected of you.
knowledge from year one to create your own
                                                     In June an external examiner visits the College
innovative graphics for an area of your choice.
                                                     to moderate grades
This will be supported by specific research
into design movements either historical or
contemporary, and furthered by visits to local
exhibitions, so that ultimately you develop
an independent and mature attitude to your
If you have creativity, an eye for design and can
be self motivated to achieve the potential in an
idea, then this is the course for you!

The Art & Design Department is
supported by a team of specialist staff
and excellent resources for the delivery of this
subject. There is a new suite of Apple Macs
which have the latest edition software and a
wealth of media to support your creativity. Most
of the materials are provided, however students
will be expected to have their own memory
stick on which to save their work. The library is
full of new resources and with regular updates
you can be sure that you are reading cutting
edge material.

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