The Scottsboro Boys

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					The Scottsboro Boys
 Chad, Darren, Jullian, and
The Scottsboro Boys :
•   Roy Wright, 13
•   Eugene Williams, 13
•   Ozzie Powell, 16
•   Andy Wright, 17
•   Haywood Patterson, 17
•   Olin Montgomery, 17
•   Willie Roberson, 17
•   Charles Weems, 21
•   Clarence Norris, 21
A fight broke out between African and White
teens on a freight train from Chattanooga
Tenn. to Memphis.
The result of the fight
ended up with the
Africans accused of
raping two white
women that were on
the train.
In Scottsboro, Ala.,
where the teens had
their first trial, eight
of the nine were
sentenced to death;
Roy Wright had a
The Scottsboro Boys
soon had Samuel
representing them
from ILD
(International Labor
Defense) in their
The trials mostly
concerned Haywood
Patterson and
Clarence Norris,
meaning that the
rest of the seven
were held in jail the
whole time.
Eventually, people afar and over seas took interest in
 the trials and gave their support.
Because of this, one
of the “rape victims”,
Ruby Bates and her
companion, Lester
Carter, confessed
that no raped
Even with the
confessions, five trials
went on but all were
failures. Soon, Ruby
Bates and Victoria Price
were found lying about
the rapes and said to
have created them to
save their own necks
from their mistakes.
When all of the worst ended in about seven
long years, four/five out of the nine were
dropped of the charges.
 The Civil Rights Movements
• Many People
  Believe That The
  Scottsboro Boys’
  Case Started The
  Civil Rights
•   Hollace Ransdall (investigator
    for the ACLU)                       Primary Source
•   "In three days' time, eight Negro
    boys all under 21, four of them
    under 18 and two of them
    sixteen or under, were hurried
    through trials which conformed
    only in outward appearance to
    the letter of the law."

•   "These eight boys, little more
    than children, surrounded
    entirely by white hatred and
    blind, venomous prejudice, were
    sentence to be killed in the
    electric chair at the earliest
    possible moment permitted by
    law. It is no exaggeration
    certainly to call this a legal
                    Key Facts
• There were 9 Scottsboro Boys.
• They were names the “Scottsboro Boys” because their
  first trial was in Scottsboro, Alabama.
• The Scottsboro Boys case lasted about 7 years.
• The case was categorized as a high profile case and
  the Supreme Court was involved.
• Four of the five African Americans were pardoned of all
• People started to get interested in the Scottsboro Boy’s
  case and many people gave their support, which may
  have started the Civil Rights Movements.
•   March 25th- On this day nine African American males were accused of raping
    two white women during a fight that broke out on a freight train
•   March 30th- The grand jury indicts all 9 males
•   April 6th-9th- All, except for one, of the Scottsboro boys’ trials ended in death
    sentence. Roy Wright’s trial ended in hung jury.
•   January 5th- Ruby Bates, one of the rape victims, denied ever being raped by
    the Scottsboro boys
•   May 27th- The Supreme Court trials the cases.
•   January 7th- International Labor Defense(ILD) asked Samuel Leibowitz to take
    the case for free and he agreed.
•   April 9th- Patterson found guilty and sentenced to death by electric chair.
•   April 18th- Judge Horton suspends the death sentence for all Scottsboro Boys
•   November-December- Trials of Patterson and Norris end in death
•   June 28th- Alabama agrees that there will no longer be any trials
•   October 1st- Two lawyers working for ILD bribed Victoria Price to change her
•   February 15th- Samuel Leibowitz appears before the Supreme Court of the
    United States.

•   April 1st- The Supreme Court finds the exclusion of backs and deprives them of
    their rights

•   January 23rd- Patterson found guilty and sentenced to 75 years of prison

•   July 12-16th- The third trial of Clarence Norris ends in a death sentence.
•   July 20th-22nd- The trial of Andy Rights ends with a 99 year sentence
•   July 22nd-23rd- The trial of Charlie Weems ends in a 75 year sentence
•   July-23rd-24th- Ozie Powell pleads guilty for assault and is sentenced to 20
•   October 26th- The Supreme Court declines to hear the appeal of of Haywood

•   June- The Alabama Supreme court affirms all sentences for Norris, Andy Wright
    and Weems
•   July- Governor Graves commutes Norris’ death
•   October 29th- Governor Graves meets with the convicted Scottsboro Boys and
    considers parole
•   November 15th- Governor Graves denies the pardon applications of all five
    Scottsboro defendants
• The Trials of the “Scottsboro Boys”
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