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					?Much came into everybodys knowledge regarding New England Patriots a couple of
weeks ago in Miami. Not only did they show resiliency but also a lot of mental
toughness when they were faced by Dolphins in a very challenging environment. This
is a significant feature for any individual team that wishes to play deep into January.
Well for those of you who are interested in finding out more, well here is the latest
David Drapkin, Tom Brady and all the Patriots had been struggling versus the Ravens
during the previous season. And now it is time for them to be tested again and this
time again by Baltimore on the coming Sunday. The respective teams Sunday's
opponent are the all time mighty and bad Baltimore Ravens who are going to be
providing major measuring stick for what the Patriots stand for and also for where
they may eventually be headed off to.
Amongst the characteristics necessary for becoming a top league team, most of them
are present in the Ravens and therefore they are amongst the elite teams in the entire
NFL. Even if they do not make it to the top of the list, they have a strong presence
which cannot be denied and with a couple of major victories that had come while they
had been on the road versus the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers makes this
fact definite. They are definitely amongst the best right now.
If Belichicks team manages to score a win over the Ravens then that would be saying
a lot about the Belichick's team. This is precisely what makes this a classic barometer
game that should not be missed on any account.
Belichick Wednesday when questioned regarding his teams ability to forget about the
horrific playoff loss that they had to suffer at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens in the
previous season, on one hand claimed that there focus was for the time being strictly
limited to the Sundays meeting that will take place at the venue of the Gillette
Stadium, whereas on the other he seemed to be still pained by that defeat.
He stated that he still remembered the games that he had lost while he was in high
school. Amongst them had been a game that had been played at Andover, football and
lacrosse and he still remembered that as well. He said that they had lost to the Brown
freshman at lacrosse.
He said that even though that was the only game that they lost in lacrosse, and also the
only one lost game in that entire year, but he still remembered it. Get your cheap new
england patriots tickets before they sold out.

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