A Review of Refurbished Toshiba Laptops by iupon13


									?Toshiba offers a few of their refurbished laptops in the "Clearance Store" of their
official website toshibadirect.com. There you can purchase their laptops at 20-30%
discounts, refurbished and as good as new. Toshiba inspects all returned and
overstocked notebooks, replaces any defective parts, and resells them. You the
consumer reap the benefits.

Toshiba refurbished laptops are usually available in their Satellite, Satellite Pro,
Porteg', Tecra, and Qosmio lines. The Satellite series is the most commonly
refurbished model. They are powerful and comparatively inexpensive. However, they
are not as affordable as Dell or IBM laptops. This is in part due to the fact that
Toshiba Satellite notebooks are better equipped to handle multimedia presentations.
They usually include media hardware that allows you to hook the unit up to a
television or projection screen. They are perfect for students and casual home users.

The Toshiba Qosmio line is one of the best laptops for multimedia and computer
gaming. The Qosmio usually comes with a Pentium 4 or Pentium M processor ' some
of the best and fastest processors around. Their 15.4" screens run larger than most
other brands ' perfect for watching movies, playing video games, and viewing
documents side-by-side. Their expansion capabilities are also top-notch, so you can
continue to use your Toshiba laptop for years to come.

One of the laptops Toshiba offers at a discount is the Satellite A60. This is packed
with all the portable technology for most of your computing needs, at only $850. It's
heavy, but a little extra weight comes along with all the multimedia features it offers.

When buying a refurbished Toshiba laptop computer, make sure you are able to find
disk drivers that match the unit. It can be difficult to acquire these. Check with
Toshiba Direct, or visit a trusted third-party refurbisher.

Of course, Toshiba offers the industry standard 90-day warranty on both its notebooks
and batteries. When buying from a third-party distributor, ask about their particular
warranty plans.

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