A Pop Up Tent Makes A Versatile Marketing Tool For Trade Show Displays by iupon13


									?Many companies participate in trade shows for the interested audiences that flock to
them. If you are looking to remodel your home, for example, you know that you will
see a wealth of new ideas and products by visiting a home and garden show. But
because there are so many companies vying for the audience's attention, you have to
do everything in your power to make your company stand out from the rest. A pop up
tent or canopy tent in your company colors and with your company logo emblazoned
everywhere will not only help attract the attention of potential customers, it will help
them to remember your company name, easily return to your booth if they wish to at a
later time, plus the canopy tent or pop up tent allows you the room you need to
conduct business.

You can select from a wide variety of colors, including distinctive bright neons, for
use in the walls and ceiling of your trade show pop up tent. If chosen wisely, the color
of your tent alone could be unique enough that it is easy to spot in a venue full of tents,
a distinct advantage to your company visibility at a trade show.

You can optimize the pop up tent even further by using your company logo or
graphics to adorn the tent. Logo tents are a smart choice, because the average person
needs to see or hear something at least six times before it is committed to memory, so
the more often they see your logo on logo tents, the better for your company's reach.
Logo tents can be customized to your specific logo's requirements in terms of color,
size and shape.

Graphic tents offer another effective way to get your message across to the public
instantly. This is especially important if you are attending a trade show outside of your
company's country of origin. Not everyone may speak your language, but everyone
can understand a picture. If you sell sporting goods, for example, by placing pictures
on graphic tents of the various items that you offer, or a picture of an athlete playing
the sport for which you offer the equipment, people will know immediately what you
can do for them.

You can select a pop up tent or a canopy tent in several different sizes. It is a great
idea to have a few different sizes of company tents available to your staff who will be
working the trade shows, because some indoor venues have restrictions on tent size,
so this way you will always be prepared with the appropriate pop up tent.

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