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Chat Rooms
Many people believe internet chat rooms are harmless places for people with like interests to meet and
socialize, even form long-lasting relationships that would otherwise have been impossible because of
the physical distance separating the participants. But others argue chat rooms are dangerous because
people have no ability to screen who they are talking to, often putting people (especially children)
unnecessarily in harm’s way.

Should internet chat rooms be abolished?

Body Piercing/Tattoos
Often young people make decisions that are difficult or even impossible to take back. For this reason,
many believe the legal age for tattoos and body piercings should be 21. They argue that the “body art”
can be dangerous, distracting, and regretted years down the road. Others say that body piercing and
tattooing is a person’s right, and it cannot be taken away. They argue people under the age of 18 should
have parental consent, but everyone else should have their own say.

Should the legal age for body piercing and tattooing be changed to 21?

Cosmetic Surgery
People often want to follow the latest fashion trends and look like celebrities. Some even go so far as to
alter their bodies through plastic surgery. Some argue the surgery is elective and therefore whoever
wants to get it should be able to. Others believe the harm it causes to people’s health (usually women)
far outweighs any good it provides.

Should new restrictions be placed on elective plastic surgery, making it more difficult to attain?

Most people who have used the internet have come into contact with some form of bullying or another,
whether they were on the giving or receiving end. Parent groups and many educators are fearful of
what may occur with their young people if this bullying is not kept in check. Others argue that each
person has the responsibility to use the internet in a productive way, and that overregulation will take
away key freedoms that should be inherent on the internet.

Should new regulations be put on social networking sites such as Facebook to protect students from
Illegal Immigration
Some people believe immigrants who come into the United States should not be allowed to stay and
work. They are here illegally and thus should leave, by force if necessary. Others argue the immigrants
are providing a necessary workforce that most legal residents would not be willing to perform. These
people believe a program should be created to allow the immigrants to remain citizens of their home
country while working legally in the United States.

Should laws be created to protect illegal immigrants from deportation?

Energy Drinks
Many people believe energy drinks are dangerous when used in excess, causing irregular heartbeats and
other symptoms. They believe these drinks should therefore be limited to those over the age of 18.
Others argue these drinks are not dangerous and can actually serve a useful function.

Should energy drinks be prohibited for children under the age of 18?

Video Games and Violent Behavior
Many studies have shown links between the exposure to violent media (video games, movies, etc.) and
violent behavior in children. Citing these studies, many argue video games and other media should be
more closely regulated and policed, making it more difficult to produce the games and making it more
difficult for young people to attain them. Others do not believe a link exists and think it is up to the
individual or his or her parents to regulate media.

Should video games and other violent media come under greater control from the government?

Social Networking
With an increase in the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, many people
believe there has been an increase in bullying online. They argue these sites are dangerous and should
be regulated, perhaps even banned for those under the age of 18. Others believe these sites offer a
harmless release and should be available to anyone who chooses to use them.

Should social networking sites be prohibited for those under the age of 18?