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					?Composting is generally recycling, that is to reuse and recycle what earth has
bestowed to us. It is about the love for our environment and ensuring those future
generations will continue to reap the rewards that we are bestowed with.

Compost is essentially an organic product that helps to fertilize our soil, to enable it to
have the nutrients and minerals to grow. There are essentially two types of compost,
the greens and the browns. The greens are loaded in nitrogen and protein while the
browns contain high amount of carbon or carbohydrates.

We can each do our duties by contributing to composting as composting involves
materials from nature that are recycled. Among them are vegetables, animal manure,
grass, dried leaves, sawdust, etc. Those can be used for the sole aim of gardening
especially if you are into organic gardening unlike the broader term of recycling,
which comprise synthetic materials. With compost, it gives rise to healthy plant and in
turn healthy produce.

Organic food has becomes the rage as more people found it to be beneficial to health
and in addition to that, now you have organic soap, organic tissue, cloth and countless
more. The trend is towards causes that help Mother Earth or our selfish and careless
ways, if left uncheck will lead to the gradual destruction of our only abode.

We need to have a deeper appreciation of the process of decomposing, which
encompasses wastes or the remains of plant. Compost is full of minerals and can be
use as a substitute for garden soils. Compost can be created without much difficulty as
practically all organic materials can be turned into compost and it is relatively easy to
use as well.

Composting can be messy and troublesome to some of us as it is smelly but there are
many reasons why we should get ourselves into composting. Firstly, all the materials
are readily available as well as give all the nutrients and minerals that the plant
requires. In addition, compost can help to check soil erosion by improving water
retention. For a farmer, it is handy to prevent pests plus the suppression of diseases.

Environmentalist and conservationists rejoice as compost reduces the amount of
carbon dioxide in the air. These are sufficient reasons for those who care about mother
earth to put in time and effort in composting. Composting is the natural part of
recycling, as with the 3 R's of recycling, to reuse, recycle and reduce, the future
generation that inhabits mother earth will be grateful for your concern and effort.
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