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									Governors	and	Trustees	
From 1584, the Patron was the senior male descendant of the Founder.
From 1584-1875, the Governors of the Foundation were responsible for both the schools at Oakham and
Uppingham and for the Hospitals in both towns. The names are taken from Sargant’s Book of Oakham School.

Patron (to 1875)
1584-1625     Robert Johnson – Founder
1625-1649     Abraham Johnson (1577-1649), his son
1649-1658     Samuel Johnson (1605-1658), Abraham’s eldest son, and so the Founder’s grandson
1658-1688     Ezechiel Johnson (1607-1688), Abraham’s second son, and so the Founder’s grandson
1688-1729     William Johnson, son of Anne (1665-1737), daughter of Ezechiel, who married Thomas Johnson
              (no relation), and so the Founder’s G2 grandson
1729-1756     Rev. Woolsey Johnson (1696-1756), William’s son, and so the Founder’s G3 grandson
1756-1814     George William Johnson (1740-1814), Woolsey’s son, and so the Founder’s G4 grandson
1814-1864     General William Augustus Johnson (1777-1864), George William’s nephew being the son of his
              younger brother Rev. R.A.Johnson, and so the Founder’s G5 grandson
1864-1875     Augustus Charles Johnson (1837-1910), William Augustus’ son, and so the Founder’s G6

Governors Named in the Charter
Edward, Lord Zouch               Sir Andrew Noel, Bart.         Henry, Lord Cromwell
Roger Smyth                      Sir Thomas Cecil               Thomas Pagytt
Sir James Harrington             Edward Heron                   Sir John Harrington
Robert Sheifeld                  Anthony Mildmaye               John Burton
Kenelm Digby                     Bartin Burton                  Edward Harrington
Abraham Johnson

Governors Named in the Statutes and Ordinances
                                    Ex Officio
The Lord Bishop of London                           The Lord Bishop of Peterborough
The Dean of Westminster                             The Dean of Peterborough
The Master of Trinity College, Cambridge            The Archdeacon of Northampton
The Master of St. John’s College, Cambridge
Abraham Johnson                     Edward, Lord Zouch          Isaac Johnson
Samuel Johnson ( -1658)             Rev. William Billingsley    Rev. William Peachie
Rev. Richard Johnson                Rev. John Wildbore          Rev. Zachary Jenkinson
Rev. John Gibson                    Rev. Humfrey Stevens        Rev Thomas Gibson (-1651)
Rev. Samuel Gibson (-1655)               Rev. John Clark                           Rev. Jonathan Tonge
Rev. Richard Swan (-1647)                Rev. Jeremy Whitaker (-1654)
           [Names of Governors are lost until the year 1646; dates of tenure are given where known.]
Rev. Robert Ward (-1651)                 Rev. Thomas Frere (-1668)                 Rev. John Armstrong (-
William Hales (-1651)                    Thos. Halford (-1667)                     Rev. John Swan (-1648)
Rev. Ezechiel Johnson (-1685)            Rev. John Wildbore (-1646)                Rev. Francis Meres (-1646)
Rev. Richard Watts (-1662)               Rev. Fisher (-1650)                       Rev. Jeremy Taylor (-
Rev. Francis Meres (1646-1676)           Rev. J. Adamson (1648-1656)               Rev. Ed. Green (1651-
Dr. Clement Breton (1648-166             Rev. John Allington (1648-1656)           Thos. Perkins (1658-1662)
Col. Thos. Waite (1650-1661)             Rev. M. Kinge (1650-1661)                 Ri. Holden (1662-1682)
Rev. Samuel Craddock (1650-1652)         Capt. Barry (1651-1663)                   Rev. R. Watts (1661-1663)
Sir James Harrington, Bart. (1654-1661) Rev. Ed. Horseman (1655-1693)              George Breton (1667- )
Rev. John Alington (1655-1693)           Rev. Rob. Ward (1661-1676)                Wm. Halles (1661- )
Rev. Richard Clerk (1661-1676)           Rev. James Watts (1662-1684)              Rev. R. Moody (1668-
Rev. Flore Greene (1663-1679)            Rev. Thos. Mason (1663-1681)              Rev. Henry Frere (1663-
Rev. Reiner Herman (1663-1669)           Ed. Heaton (1668-1677)                    Rev. Samuel Fuller (1669-
Dr. Nicholas Onley (1675-1704)           Rev. T. Stockman (1676-1683)              Rev. H. Meres (1676-1706)
Rev. J. Love (1676-1703)                 Rev. J. Green (1677-1689)                 J. Workman (1677-1685)
Rev. Naylor (1679-1690)                  Rev. J. Kent (1681-1681)                  Ri. Garnon (1681-1689)
Hon. Andrew Noel (1682-1690)             Sam. Saunders (1682-1721)                 John Mason (1682-1685)
John Savage (1683-1721)                  Philip Sherrard (1683- )                  Hon. Baptist Noel (1684- )
Rev. Thomas Woolley (1684-170            Hon. Sir Thos. Mackworth (1685- )         Rev. J. Hill (1689-92)
Rev. George Barry (1685-1695)            Rev. John Richardson (1689-90)            Hon. S. Noel (1690-1719)

Rev. Alexander Bruce (1690-92)           Rev. Wm. Peake (1690-1719)                Rev. Child (1692-93)
Rev. Wm. Ross (1692-1713)                John Vendy, Esq. (1693-1708)              R. Halford (1701-1742)
Rev. J. Warburton (1693-1736             Bennet Sherrard, Esq. (1695-1701)         John Yates (1707-1710)
Rev. Wm. Standish (1695-1743)            Hon. Sir Thos. Mackworth (1695-1735)      Rev. J. Clough (1706-
Rev. Everard Smith (1703-1704)           Dr. Richardson (1704-1707)                Rev. J. Wingfield (1708-
Sir Thos. Barker, Bart. (1704-1708)      Edward Horsman (1708-1721)                Rev. S. Jeffery (1719-1722
Rev. George Child (1710-1750)            Rev. H. Tymperon (1714-1725)              The Earl of Exeter (1719-
Rev. W. Gardiner (1721-1750)             Rev. W. Clayton (1721-1731)               Philip Sherard (1721-1746)
Lord Finch, MP (1722-1770)               Thomas Roberts (1722-1744)                Rev. T. White (1725-1736
Hon. James Brudenell (1728-1746)         The Earl of Gainsborough (1730-1757)      Rev. J. Isaac (1731-1743)
Rev. W. Foden ((1733-1749)               The Hon. James Noel, MP (1733-1752)       The Earl of Exeter (1734-
Rev. R. Alfounder (1734-1755)            J. Drake (1736-1752)                      Rev. B.N. Barton (1736-
Hon. Bennett Sherard (1742-1770)         Rev. R. Smith (1743-1762)                 John Lowth (1744-1761)
Sir John Heathcote (1744-1759)          Hon. Rev. L. Sherard (1749-1799)       Lord Burleigh (1746-1794)
Rev. E. Gregory (1750-1760)             William Burton (1750-1781)             Samuel Barker (1751-
Rev. W. Hardy (1752-1754)               George Bridges, MP (1752-1801)         Dr. T. Harrison (1753-1782
Rev. R. Lucas (1754-1789)                  Thomas Noel, MP (1755-1788)         Rev. W. Pochin (1755- )
Rev. W. Affleck (1756-1806)                Charles Tyron (1759-1769)           Thomas Barker (1759- )
Rev. J. Wingfield (1760-1763)              Rev. R. Sherwin (1762-1802)         Rev. P.G. Snow (1762-
Sir Horace Mann (1770- )                   John Heathcote, MP (1770-1795)      Robert Hotchkin (1770-
Rev. W. Brereton (1774-1812)               Hon. John Monckton (1776-1826)      Marquis of Exeter (1781-
Rev. Thomas Hurst (1782-1812)              Dr. Lucas (1788-1827)               Philip Sherard (1788-1808)
Rev. Hamlyn Harris (1789-1815)             John Clark (1795-1804)              Rev. W. Pochin (1796-
Gerald Edwards, MP (1794-1838)             Rev. R. Carey (1799-1840)           John Wingfield (1801-
Rev. T. Hopkinson (1802-1834)              Rev. G. Osborne (1802-1816)         Henry O’Brien (1804-
George Fludyer (1804-1837)                 Rev. Snow (1806-1809)               Thomas Tyron (1810-
Hon. George Watson (1808-1824)             Rev. W. Forster (1809-1834)         Samuel Barker (1810-
Francis Chiselden (1810-1815)              Rev. W. Bissel (1812-1838)          Rev. T. Wingfield (1815-
George Evans Freke Evans (1815-1829)       Rev. H. Monckton (1816-1843)        Stafford O’Brien (1824-
Rev. T.K. Bonney (1825-1863)               George Finch (1826-1870)            Rev. H. Shield (1834-
Rev. W. Hardyman (1828-1837)               Thomas Tryon (1829-1872)            George Fludyer (1838-
Sir Gilbert Heathcote, MP (1825-1867)      Rev. C. Swann (1834-1846)           Rev. R. Lucas (1835-1846)
John Muxloe Wingfield (1835-1869)          Samuel Richard Fydell (1837-1868)   Rev. H. Finch (1837-
H. Attlay (1838-1861)                      Rev. H. de F. Baker (1840-1845)     Rev. T.K. Arnold (1843-
Hon. Rev. Leland Noel (1840-1871)          Hon. Richard Watson (1841-1852)     Rev. W. Belgrave (1845-
Rev. H. Chaplin (1846-1849)                Rev. J.A. Jones (1846-)             Rev. J.H. Fludyer (1849-)
Hon. Henry Cecil Lowther (1852-1868)       Rev. R. Earle (1853-1856)           Richard Lucas (1856-)
Rev. J. West (1856-1858)                   Rev. C. Arnold (1858-)              Rev. C. Attlay (1861-1871)
Hon. Rev. A.G. Stuart (1863-)              Edward Nathaniel Conant (1865-)     J.H.L. Wingfield (1869-)
Hon. W.C. Evans-Freke (1868-)              Rev. Chancellor W. Wales (1865-)    Rev. John Mould (1871-)
Hon. Gerard James Noel, MP (1867-)         William Henry Heathcote (1868-)     Rev. I. Hoskins (1871-)
George Henry Finch, MP (1870-)             Rev. Thomas Yard (1871-)            C.C.J. Orme (1872-)
[The 1875 Re-organisation Scheme No 238 of the Endowed Schools Commissioners - dated the first day of July
1874 and approved by Her Majesty in Council the 13th Day of May 1875 - led to the replacement of Governors
of the Foundation by a Board of Trustees with specific responsibility solely for Oakham School, as was also the
case at Uppingham School. The list which follows is not necessarily complete; the date given is the year on
becoming a trustee, and does not always provide details of their length of service.]

Hereditary Trustee (1875 – present)

1875-1910      Augustus Charles Johnson (1837-1910), William Augustus’ son, and so the Founder’s G6

1910-1913      Charles Wolsey Johnson (1872-1913), Augustus Charles’ son, and so the Founder’s G7

1913-1945      Captain William D. Johnson (1873-1945), Charles Wolsey’s brother, and so the Founder’s G7

1945-1977      Lt. Commander F.N.B. Johnson, MBE, RD, RNR, MSc, A.Insp.P, JP (1906-1977), William’s
               cousin, great-great-grandson of Rev. R.A.Johnson, and so the Founder’s G8 grandson

1977-present   W.F.B.Johnson (1943- present), F.N.B. Johnson’s younger nephew, being the son of F.N.B’s
               youngest brother W.B.Johnson (O.O.), F.N.B.’s younger brother having declined the position,
               and so the Founder’s G9 grandson; he has a son, Robert W.B.Johnson, b1978, the Founder’s
               G10 grandson

Ex Officio Trustees
The Hereditary Trustee (as above)           The Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Peterborough
The Very Rev. Dean of Peterborough          The Lord Lieutenant of Rutland

Chairmen of The Board of Trustees
1875-1910             Augustus Charles Johnson
1910-1913             H.R.Finch
1913-1935             Captain William D. Johnson
1935-1949             Rt. Rev. Dr. Claude Martin Blagden, DD, Bishop of Peterborough
1949-1956             Rt. Rev. Spencer Stottesbery Gwatkin Leeson, Bishop of Peterborough
1956-1964             Col. Sir Eric Gore Brown, DSO, OBE, TD
1964-1980             Thomas (T.C.M.) Haywood, OBE, JP, DL, MA
1980                  Sir David Davenport-Handley, Kt, OBE, JP, DL (Acting)
1980-1998             Simon (S.C.) Schanschieff, OBE (O.O.)
1998-2008             Tom (T.H.) White, MA (O.O.)
2008-                 Dr. Sandra E. Blaza

Rt. Hon. Gerald James Noel, MP (1875-1911)            George Henry Finch, MP (1875-1907)
Edward Nathaniel Conant (1875-1900)                   John Harry Lee Wingfield (1875-1880)
Rev. John Mould (1875-94)                             Benjamin Adam (1875- 90)
Rev. Theophilus Barton Rowe (1875-76)                 Henry Randolph Finch (1875-1935)
Charles Henry Simkin (1875-76)                      The Worshipful the Chancellor
Rev. William Wales (1875-82)
Hon. and Rev. Andrew Godfrey Stuart (1875-77)       Charles Cave John Orme (1875-88)
William Lynn Fowke (1876-88)                        George Edward Forster (1876-78)
George Fydel Rowley (1877-1932)                     Thomas Bell (1878-88)
Harry Lancelot Wingfield (1880-92)                  Rev. James Beechens (1883-93)
Robert Heathcote (1888-1917)                        William Clarke Morris (1890-1904)
Rev. William Campbell (1891-1900)                   Alexander Luderdale Duncan (1892-97)
G.H.C. Beisiegel (1888-1904)                        Rev. Harry Berners Upcher (1894-1900)
Rev. Frederick Baggallay (1895-1904)                Col. Sir Henry Clarke Jervoise (1900-08)
Evan Hanbury (1902-18)                              Rev.Canon J.H .Charles (1904-30)
Charles Knowlton Morris (1904-1905)                 Hon. P.C. Evans Freke (1905-10)
Walter C. Perry (1905-11)                           Rev. E. Vere Hodge (1908-31)
Major General John Fielden Brocklehurst, later the Lord Ranksborough (1908-22)
Rev. J.E. Raven (1911-18)                           Rev. Dr. Hancock (1911)
E.W.P.Conant (1917-22)                              Lt. General Sir A.E. Codrington, KCB, KCVO (1914-40)
Lt. Col. John N. Wingfield (1919-20)                Cornelius Bayley (1919-46)
Major Henry C. Noel (1919-31)                       Owen Hugh Smith (1919-58)
J. Royce Turner (1924-51)                           Sir R.J.E. (Roger) Conant , Bt, CVO, MP, JP (1922-
E. Guy Fenwick (1925-37)                            D.N. Royce (1926-38)
W.H. Neill, JP (1930-47)                            Col. Sir Herbert Bryan, KBE, CMG, DSO (1930-41)
W.L. Sargant (1931-1945)                            G.C.G. Gee (1931-1957)
Charles Bertrand Marriott, KC (1932-46)             Canon R.H. Fuller (1936- 45)
Earl of Ancaster (1937-51)                          E.H. Hassan (1939-49)
Major Constantine Bland (1940-49)                   Captain C. Noel Newton (1941- 59)
Rev.Canon C.C. Aldred (1945-49)
Dr. S.H.G. Humfrey, BA, MRCS, LRCP, DOMS (1946-1968)
John Titley (1946-56)                               Lord Willoughby de Eresby (1949-50)
Captain C. Nowell Newton (1941-57)                  Rev.Canon L.P. Field (1950-58)
Dr.T. Clapperton (1950-66)                          Lt. Col. Sir Kenneth Ruddle, TD, DL (1950-70)
Col.Sir Eric Gore Browne, DSO, TD, ATC (1950-64) Charles Matkin, BEM, JP (1951-70)
Lt.Col. (later Col.) Roland P.Spencer (1951-58)     T.C.S. (Tom) Haywood, MA, JP (1951-80)
W.E. Barnett (1956-61)
Dr. R.O. Brooks, TD, MB, ChB, MRCS, LRCP (1958-1975)
R.K. Gibbs (1958-74)                                Rear Admiral S.L. Bateson, CB, CBE, AMIEE (1958-
A.J.C. Yates (1958-65)                              Col. Sir Anthony Wharton (1959-1980)
R.E.H. Rutter (1961-70)                             G.S. Finch (1963-70)
P.B. King (1963-67)                                 E.L. Makey (1963-76)
Lt. Col. Sir Henry Tate , TD, DL, JP (1963-71 )       Sir Eric Weiss (1963-1984)
F.J.R. Coleridge (1964-1983)                          F.A. Hornby (1965-70)
K.G. Adam (1966-70)                                   W.Forsyth (1967-70)
Gervase R. Scruby (1969-1977)                         J.H. Watchorn (1968-76)
Sir Kenneth Lewis, MP (1969-1986)

[With the School’s independence in 1970, a new Constitution was promulgated, with all Trustees starting anew;
many of the past Trustees remained in post (while having to affirm their assent to the new Constitution), new
ones were added, but others left the list; representatives of the local education authority and the various town
and parish councils were voted onto the Trustee body while the 11+ boys worked their way through the school,
the very last ones leaving in summer 1979.]
E.H. Searle-Barnes (1970)                                 G.H. Camamile (1970-1974)
G.S. Finch (1971-1978)                                    Sir David Davenport-Handley (1971-1986)
Dr. M.W. Leivers (1971-1980)                              Denis Guiseppi (1971-1989)
Dr. M.A. (Michael) Hooker (1971-1983)                     Alderman Mrs. A.I. Pollard (1974-1984)
Mrs. G.N. Corah (1973-present)                            A.T. Grieve (1974-1993)
Commander L.M.M. Saunders-Watson (1975-1978)              S.C. (Simon) Schanschieff (1975-98)
A.T.C. (Alastair) Haywood (1975-1998)                     W.H. Wainwright (1976-1984)
T.H. (Tom) White (1977-2008)                              E.L. Makey (1976-79)
C.H. Lawson-Dick (1978-1989)                              Michael McCrum (1981-1986)
Mrs. G. Owen (1982-1985)                                  L.A. (Lynn) Wilson (1983-1996)
M.T.D. (Michael) Squires (1984-1997)                      J.L. Thorn (1985-1989)
The Lord Kimball (1985-1996)                              Mrs. J.M. Paxton (1985-1998)
Mrs. E.M. Freeman (1986-1998)                             Mrs. S.K. Bickley (1985-2001)
Sir Michael Latham, MP (1987-2001)                        Air Marshall Sir John Sutton (1989-1990)
Professor D.H. Northcote (1989-1993)                      J.F. Gammell (1989-1993)
T.F. (Tim) Hart, MA (1989-present)
Col. J.M.K. (Jim) Weir, OBE, TD, FRICS, DL (1989-2010)
Mrs. H.M.R. Chapman (1990-1995)                           Dr. N.D.S. Bax (1992-1997)
Dr. J.M. Blatchly (1993-2002)                             Mrs. P. Boase (1994-1997)
Lady Lawson (1995-2001)                                   D.A.S. Gibbs (1996-2000)
Alan Duncan, MP (1996-2001)                               Alan Leighton (1997-2005)
D.W. Wilson (1999-2006)                                   Sir Clifford Bolton, GCB, DL, MA (1998-2010)
Professor K. Baynes (1999-2001)                           M.J. (Michael) Swallow (2000-2006)
Mrs. G.M. Harris, MHCIMA (2000-present)                   Dr. D.L. Smith, MA, PhD, FRHistS (2000-present)
Dr. S.E. (Sandra) Blaza (2000-present)                    J.H. Arkell, MA (2002-present)
Mrs. K.S. Blank (2002-present)                            D.J. (David) Blezard, MA (2004-present)
P. Douty (2006-present)                                   S. (Sanjeev) Mehra (2006-present)
M.G. Wilson (2007-present)                                P.O. (Peter) Lawson (2007-present)
N. Jones (2008-present)                                   A.R.M. (Tony) Little, MA (2009-present)
Dr. Caroline Burt (2010-present)                          Robin Gainer (2010-present)		

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