BIPOLAR digital circuits by niusheng11


									Chapter Seventeen

 Bipolar Digital Circuits
Figure 17.4
Two-input ECL OR/NOR logic gate with emitter-follower
output stages
Figure 17.5
Basic ECL logic gate with reference circuit
Figure 17.10
Modified ECL logic gate with Schottky diode
Figure 17.16
ECL series gating example
Figure 17.20
Basic diode-transistor logic gate
Figure 17.24
TTL circuit with currents and voltages
Figure 17.25
TTL circuit with totem-pole output stage
Figure 17.29
TTL circuit with tristate output stage
Figure 17.31
Schottky clamped transistor equivalent circuit, with currents
and voltages
Figure 17.34
Low-power Schottky TTL NAND logic circuit
Figure 17.35
Advanced low-power Schottky (ALS) inverter gate

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