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									Marketing Management
The Marketing Management associate degree program prepares students for employment in a
variety of positions in today’s marketing and management fields. The program provides learning
opportunities which introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge,
skills, and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. Additionally, the
program provides opportunities to upgrade present knowledge and skills or to retrain in the
area of marketing management. Program graduates receive an Associate of Applied Science
degree in Marketing Management. Each course within all of West Georgia Technical College’s
diploma/certificate level programs is acceptable for full credit toward the Occupationally Related
Elective or General Elective hours for this associate degree.

Career Opportunities
Graduates may find employment as buyers, advertising managers, retail store managers, tellers, general
merchandise salesperson, merchandise displayers, department managers, or any of many other
marketing related jobs. Any of the above employment opportunities should provide the graduate
experience to assist in opening his or her own business.

Credit Required for Graduation: Minimum of 98 credit hours


The requirements for general core curriculum of all degree programs are a minimum 25 credit
hours using the curriculum structure outlined in the beginning of this degree program section.
All course prerequisites must be met. Please see Associate Degree General Education
Requirement Section for Area I, Area II, and Area III requirements.

       General Core Courses
______ Area I requirements (minimum 10 hours)

______ Area II requirements (minimum 5 hours)

______ Area III requirements (minimum 5 hours)

______ Additional 5 hours from Area I, II or III

Including the above area selections, students in the Marketing Management degree program
must successfully complete ECO 1101– Principles of Economics, or ECO 2105 –
Macroeconomics, or ECO 2106 – Principles of Microeconomics, for a total of 30 hours.

       Program Courses                                                       Credits
       Occupational Courses
______ ACC 1101          Principles of Accounting I                          6

______ ACC 2155           Legal Environment of Business                      5
______ MKT 103            Business Law                                       (5)

______ MKT 100            Introduction to Marketing                          5

______ MKT 101            Principles of Management                           5
______ MKT 106             Fundamentals of Selling              5

______ MKT 108             Advertising                          4

______ MKT 109             Visual Merchandising                 4
______ MKT 232             Advanced Selling                     (4)

______ MKT 110             Entrepreneurship                     8

______ MKT 122             Buying & Merchandise Management      5
______ MKT 228             Advanced Marketing                   (5)

______ MKT 130             Marketing Administrations O.B.I. I   3

______ MKT 131             Marketing Administration O.B.I. II   3

______ SCT 100             Introduction to Microcomputers       3

       Occupational Elective Courses (Total of 12 credits)
______ XXX xxxx           General electives                     12

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