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									                    PROTECTED LEARNING SCHEME
  S                 for General Practice

Author: Pennie Rudd - Training & Development Manager
Date commenced: October 2003
Date revised: February 2009


3      What is PLS?

4      Why Get Involved?

5      What are the PLS Objectives?

6      What is the Structure of PLS?

7      How do I join the Scheme?

8      In-House Session Proposal Form

9      What do we do in our In-House PLS Sessions?

10     What is the PCT’s PLS Vision for the future?

What is PLS?

It is a protected learning scheme that was originally set up for GPs and their Practice
staff, and commenced in October 2003. It is constantly being reviewed and
developed from feedback that is received from you... its members.

The Scheme supports GPs and their staff accessing CPD (Continual Professional
Development). GPs are entitled to protected time to undertake training &
development activities and the PCT aims to facilitate GPs accessing some of their
50 credits of CPD through the PLS.

It is fully funded by Brighton + Hove City Teaching Primary Care Trust (PCT), who
currently hold an annual PLS budget of £42,000, to allow primary care staff to learn
as a team and network with other practices. This money pays for venues, speakers,
catering, equipment hire, and emergency out-of-hours service for practices that
attend. It is also an opportunity to integrate primary and secondary care, and other
service providers.

The scheme aims to widen its remit to include other primary care staff and
independent contractors. Namely, General Practitioners, Optometrists, Pharmacists,
Dentists and all their practice staff. Invites to events are often opened up to include
other primary care staff to support and encourage multi-disciplinary learning and
sharing of good practice.

The PLS provides educational training and awareness updates to support continual
professional development of the primary care workforce. The conference topics are
influenced by the GMS Contract, results of practice staff training needs
questionnaire, GP learning priorities identified through GP appraisal and PCT
priorities, such as Health Care Core Standards.

The yearly PLS programme is shared at different reporting groups within the PCT
i.e. the Education & Development Committee; Executive Team and the Professional
Executive Committee.

The organisational lead for the PLS is Pennie Rudd (Training + Development
Manager). Email: Tel: 01273 545386
For booking and queries relating to the PLS and all other training activities email:

Based at:
Brighton + Hove PCT
4th Floor Prestamex House
171-173 Preston Road

Why Get Involved?

Increasingly practices and professionals need to operate as a well informed and
skilled team in order to deliver and provide services of the highest standards to their
patients. The PLS afternoon’s address a number of key issues and provides an
opportunity to:

       Enhance or affirm knowledge and skills
       Explore working in partnership and Share best practice
       Allow Team building
       Encourage Communication and Networking time
       Gain important updates on legislation, templates and guidelines
       Discuss or debate

Ideally, there will be a balance between individual and team development. It is not
our intention that people will no longer be able to go on courses which will benefit
them, but rather that this scheme will compliment this.

The PCT’s comment:
“The scheme aims to provide enjoyable, stimulating, insightful and interactive events
and the opportunity to learn as a team to aid both individual and practice

The PLS Programme can be found on the PCT’s website at:

All its members are encouraged to take joint ownership of the PLS with the PCT.

The future success and development of the scheme is steered by its attendees and
members. The scheme and its programme can be moulded to suit the needs of the
delegates, however this is dependent on:

       The commitment to attend
       The provision of feedback to the PLS lead at the PCT

What are the PLS Objectives?

        To enable all staff within general practice to have regular time for
         accessing educational events and in-house training and development

        To promote development for practices as whole teams

        To support the development of practices to deliver high quality care to
         their patients

        To promote multi disciplinary learning

        To support a range of educational activities including training and
         development identified as a priority by individual practices with
         programmes designed or influenced by the practice itself

        To provide practices with opportunities to network with other practices and
         share ideas

        To ensure the PCT identifies funding for the continuation of PLS

        To widen the scheme’s remit to include the whole primary care workforce

What is the Structure of PLS?

The scheme currently consists of 8 sessions, which are divided across 3 types:

   1. Annual Primary Care Seminar (1 session)

      This will be aimed at all general practice staff and will concentrate on different
      themes each year with a range of local and/or national speakers. New PCT
      initiatives or priorities can be shared, updates are highlighted, pertinent issues
      discussed between PCT and independent contractors. The Conference
      commences with a buffet lunch allowing time for staff to network within and
      outside of their own surgery.

   2. PCT organised Conference (3 sessions)

      Each session will have a different theme. The Conference commences with a
      buffet lunch allowing time for staff to network within and outside of their own
      surgery. Workshops are held to provide time for more detailed learning and
      group discussion in a range of topical areas.

   3. In-house sessions (4 sessions)

      These will be for each practice to decide on the content and programme
      which is of relevance to them. The session could be delivered in the surgery
      or at an external venue. However the costs of external venues, trainers or
      facilitators will need to be met by the practice. These sessions could be used
      for practice planning, team building, or more formal education topics. The
      PCT can provide suggestions or contacts for facilitators or trainers. The PCT
      is required to evaluate the in-house events and ask for a proposal form prior
      to the session. The proposal form enables the PCT to approve out-of-hours
      cover for the practice.

Emergency cover is provided from 12:30 – 18:00 (changed from 13:00) for practices
on the scheduled dates through SHE (South East Health). Tel: 0845 4565420.
Please note that this will not be locum cover to enable surgeries to run as normal.
The out-of-hours providers will require practices to filter any telephone calls from
patients via a telephonist in the practice, or a clear message on the answer phone.
The out-of-hours providers will not be able to book appointments or deal with routine
enquiries. Out-of-hours cover will only be provided for practices that ensure the
majority of their clinicians attend the sessions.

How do I join the scheme?

Everybody employed by general practice within Brighton and Hove City are
automatically joined as a member onto the Protected Learning Scheme.

There are two main types of application for events:

(a)   In-house session – Proposal form
(b)   PCT Conference – Booking form

(a)   In-house Session:
      This can be a meeting of any subject chosen by the practice, which will be of
      educational benefit to the staff. This is subject to approval from the Training +
      Development Manager, although all subjects will be looked at objectively. The
      Proposal Form should be submitted to the Training Team at least 2 weeks
      before the event. If approval is granted (dependent on the appropriateness of
      training & development activity chosen), Out-of-Hours cover will be covered
      by the PCT. Retrospective approval may be obtained from the Training +
      Development Manager in exceptional circumstances. The funds will be paid
      directly to the Out-of-Hours        provider. Contact SEH to confirm your
      specific local cover arrangements for that afternoon. Failure to provide a
      completed Proposal Form, will result in non-payment of cover and the
      outstanding cost will have to be met by the surgery.

(b)   PCT Conference/Seminar:
      This is an educational and developmental event that is organised by the PCT
      and is open to all general practice staff across Brighton and Hove City.
      Anybody from the practice is welcome to attend and this will be financially
      supported by the PCT. Out-of-hours cover will be paid directly to the provider,
      SEH. This support aims to facilitate practices, regardless of size, to attend
      meetings without penalty. Notification of Conferences will be sent in the form
      of an email to practices across Brighton and Hove City, application forms will
      be attached for completion and should include all staff members who wish to
      attend. Return to the Training Team. Places must be pre-booked to allow the
      Training Team to identify numbers for administration, catering, room capacity
      etc. The PCT will cover the cost of the Out-of-Hours provider, according to the
      attendance register. Failure to attend, will result in non-payment of
      emergency cover and the outstanding cost will have to be met by the surgery.

                        IN-HOUSE SESSION PROPOSAL FORM

Name of Lead GP

Practice Stamp/
Practice address

Date of session

Purpose of session      Title

                        Learning Outcomes




Programme for the

Please submit at least 2 weeks PRIOR to the event to gain out-of-hours cover.

Email to: Training Team

What can we do in our in-house PLS sessions?
Your practice must determine what training the team needs. This can sometimes
seem a difficult task as there may be many areas that have been identified. Here are
some ideas of previously successful training and awareness packages which you
may find helpful and can be used for the whole team:

Mandatory and Core Training:
 Fire Safety Awareness
 Health and Safety

 Risk Management

 Manual Handling

 Diversity and Equality

 Child Protection

 Dealing with Difficult People - Conflict resolution

 Infection Control

 Information Sharing and Confidentiality

 First Aid and resuscitation

Other Training:
 EPP (Expert Patient Programme) and its benefits for individuals
 Purpose and function of PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)
 Team Building Skills
 Appraisal + PDPs (Personal Development Plans)

Alternatively, the practice may feel they wish to invite an external facilitator to
focus on practice development issues and/or educational development topics.

Away day - You could also organise an away day training event at an
external venue and although the funding for this would not be provided by the
PCT, all Out-of-Hours cover would be paid directly to the provider.

Facilitators - The PCT has compiled a list of Facilitators, which is by no
means exhaustive. The Trust holds no responsibility in association with the
named training consultants as the PCT is acting as a sign-poster only. If you
would like a copy of this list please contact the Training + Development
Manager directly,

What is the PCT’s PLS Vision for the Future?

That the PLS…

    Continues to be an effective approach to training and Continual
     Professional Development influenced by priorities identified by GP
     Appraisal and Learning Priorities, Practice Staff Training needs
     and PCT priorities

    Provides constant evaluation of the scheme from its users to
     secure recurrence of funding, and sustainability of the scheme

    Provides constant evaluation of the scheme from its users to
     ensure the scheme is one method that assists in meeting the
     current and future training & development needs of the primary
     care workforce

    That it becomes utilised by 100% of practices in Brighton and Hove

    The scheme becomes attended and acknowledged by a wider
     primary care workforce including; Pharmacists, Dentists and


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the current Protected
Learning Scheme, please send to: (Training + Development Manager)


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