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					?Did you know that you can find a computer for free? It is true, they are everywhere.
You just have to know where to look. Computers are all around piling up dust in
closets and taking up office space not being used. There are several different kinds of
ways to go about finding a free computer. One of the first ways is just to ask around.
Ask your friends if they have, or know anyone who might have a computer that they
are no longer using. What may be junk to them, could be truly a real treasure for you.
If you work in or around an office, ask your boss or someone around the office if they
know of any computers that are not being used anymore and that have just been
sitting there.

Oftentimes, offices will update and buy all new computers and leave the old ones to
be thrown out. That could be a grand opportunity for a free computer. Sometimes,
there are ways to receive free, new computers online. But they often seek certain
qualifications in order to receive their newer, free computers. Not everyone has
perfect credit, although the ones that do may need to look into something like this.
You might also want to try signing up to some online survey sites. They are always
giving away free computers. The only catch usually is that you may have to sign up
for few offers (they are usually awesome deals and are worth it), but the computer is
always free and new and does not call for perfect credit.

If you are ever out at a thrift store, see if they have one that they might could sell to
you for really cheap. Oftentimes, a lot of these thrift stores will just give them away
especially if they have an abundance of them. Flea markets and yard sales are also a
good option for those of you who are searching for a free computer . They may not be
very new, but you can always have them worked on or upgraded and they will be as
good as new, and for a lot cheaper than you would have found them a local computer
retailer. There are tons of options when trying to find a free computer, and free
computers are out there. You may have to look for a bit, but you will surely find one.
It will just take some time, searching, and real dedication to finding that free computer
of yours. When you find it, you will be glad that you did and saved the money that
you would have otherwise had to spend on a very expensive computer that works just
as well as a free computer . Good luck on your search.