A Few Guidelines for Effective Banner Ad Design by iupon13


									?The internet has almost replaced books, magazines and newspapers as an avenue for
information and entertainment, which means that advertising on the web is an
excellent way to reach a very large audience. Banners are an effective way to
advertise your services or a product, so it makes sense to understand banner ad design
if you want to create successful and fruitful advertisements.

If creating awareness of the name of your company or your brand is your main
purpose for advertising, then it's far better to place your ads on billboards at busy
intersections where masses of people will see them, rather than a single user on the
net. However, if your aim is to entice users to go to your website and buy your
products, then the banner ad is exactly what you are looking for.

A lot of research has gone into making banner ad design effective, so let's hear what
the experts have to say…
…A banner takes time to load, so it makes sense to keep the banner file on the smaller
side. Not everyone has a high-speed connection, and you want your banner loaded
before the reader scrolls past it.
…Use creative artwork and bright colors to catch the user's eye. A combination of
blues and oranges (offset by a neutral color) has proven to be very effective so design
at least one banner in these colors, to test that theory !
…Animation also helps to attract attention. Not too much, though - I'm sure you've
seen enough annoying banner ads to avoid that mistake.
…Your banner should look clickable. If it's mistaken for a picture, then a user may
scroll past it, even if he thinks it looks interesting.
…Invite the reader in by using words like "sign up" or "click here" - these phrases
have proved to be very effective in getting people to click on banners.
…Words like NEW and FREE are even more effective in getting people to inspect
your website. Be sure that you do have something new or free to offer them and that
the offer is immediately visible on your site.
…Keep the message on the banner brief and to the point. Users tend to ignore banners
with lengthy sentences - a short and interesting message or offer is more likely to
make them click on your ad.
…Banner ads placed on relevant websites are more successful. Ads for "Low cost
fares" on travel websites will invite clicks, but ads for toothpaste on financial websites
will not.

To put all that advice in a nutshell, experienced designers are telling us that an
effective banner ad design will utilize good artwork, color and a little animation to
catch the reader's eye, and a short but significant offer to get his attention. To get
anyone to click on your ad, the message should either offer some benefit to the user or
provide him with the information he is looking for. Do ensure that your website does
provide what it promises, because people hate being fooled and they will quickly
navigate away from a website that tricked them, without bothering to look any further.
After you have placed your banner ads on various websites, it's a good idea to invest
in some software that tracks ads. Tracking each banner separately will show you
which banner ad design is the most successful, and that is your best guideline for
future banner ads.

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