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					                         December               2007      FreeForm

 STEVE’S ADDRESS                                        find that he wakes up and everything is still the s
                                                        same. He becomes extremely cynical to those
Dear Student/ Parent,                                   around him, but as each (same) day unfolds he
                                                        finds he has no choice but to accept his lot. He
This year is slipping by and before we know it
                                                        eventually starts to embrace his world and as he
Christmas will be on us. It doesn’t seem to matter
                                                        does he has a dramatic shift in his attitude. In the
how hard we try to hold onto each moment, to
                                                        end he becomes the golden boy in the truest sense
savour it or even endure it, the next moment is
                                                        of the word, everyone finds him extremely helpful,
upon us. What was important is gone even when
                                                        his knowledge of things is extraordinary, as it
we wish with all our might for things to stay as they
                                                        would, if you had to do the same things over and
are, they slip by and whether we are happy, sad,
                                                        over again.
angry, disappointed or even indifferent with any
outcomes, we are forced to accept the next
moment. It is sometimes good to have stress in our      Our character, who, started as a bit of a villain,
lives (stress can make us stronger); however, how       eventually wakes up with the spell finally broken.
and why we got into stress in the first place may       He gets up and runs outside to embrace a new and
need to be looked at. One of the problems we            totally fulfilling attitude to living life in the moment
continually face is the lack of acceptance to what is   (he does get dressed first). His lesson was one of
happening now. Not what could or should have            embracing that exact moment with the right
been, or even will be. It is the very thing we are      attitude, in the right spirit, and that is to live life and
holding onto at this moment, the net result of our      embrace life being mindful to where he is and what
last action and nothing more.                           he is doing then and there, and then moving on
                                                        without leaving a mess for someone else to clean
If our last action was one of uncertainty or
confusion, anger, frustration or disappointment we
will be left with a residue of negative thinking,       We all have the capacity to live in the moment. In
attitude and action. As a consequence we will feed      other words we can move through life with an
ourselves with this residue, and it doesn’t usually     attitude where we accept our lot and actually
taste that good. The question is, how can we move       improve it by being mindful of what we are doing,
forward to embrace the next moment without              creating and leaving as a residue. Our movie
bringing any negativity or unnecessary expectation      character took the whole movie to realize the value
through with it? How do we move forward to the          in having the right attitude to what is actually taking
next moment with a fresh new mind or more               place; we have a bit longer, or do we?
importantly, a fresh new attitude to engage our
                                                        One of the philosophies of FreeForm is to practice
                                                        living in such away that we start to embrace our life
If you are not sure what I am on about have a look      as one of balance, so that we meet our world of
at the movie “Ground Hog Day”. In this movie the        experience with the right attitude, right
central character has to live the same day over and     understanding of who we are and what we are
over and over and as much as this movie is a type       doing here and now. When we do this we become
of light comedy it has a very profound significance.    accustomed to dealing with that moment and
Every day our star (character) has to relive his        leaving it in such a way that we move forward with
actions, he does the same things, meets the same        a “clean plate” as the saying goes. What FreeForm
people and makes the same mistakes. In time he          (through balance) is on about, is attitude, not result,
even tries to manipulate things to suit himself as he   because not everything goes exactly the way we
is aware that he is reliving the same day. But          may have planned or we may even have to
because he continues with the same things over          approach a problem again and again (as our movie
and over he gets very depressed and eventually          character did). However, if we approach everything
tries to end his life (time and time again) only to     with a fresh view we will move forward without

living in the past, no going back. Our character           capacity, we are now only running classes on two
realized that his life and therefore his experience        nights in Lilydale and on one in Healesville
could be met by being mindful to the consequences          (although we are still very active in corporate team
of his actions, he chose, through being aware and          development and school programs). In some ways
mindful of what he was doing and creating to live          FreeForm, or more to the point, I have been in
with the right attitude, and the only thing he left        survival mode because of the fire and the ongoing
behind was a positive experience for everyone.             struggle in the aftermath. Enduring struggle and
                                                           rebalancing is one of FreeForm’s philosophies so
                                                           everything is in the right place and my attitude is
When we discover a balance within us we must be            still very positive about what this Martial Art
aware that it is in a constantly moving state, it is not   provides, having said that, FreeForm is expanding
static and therefore we are always adjusting by            and with the help of David Antrobus (who is a bit of
rebalancing. This constant change is part of life          a wiz kid with computers) we are going to use the
and in some ways we are in our own movie,                  FreeForm web site (FreeForm to
playing our part. Unfortunately we haven’t got the         convey more of what we offer.
luxury of watching our own lives like the movie
“Ground Hog Day” or any other because we are
living it here and now, we are playing our role, our       We are going to use this space as a medium for
part. However, unlike the movie on the screen              people to enquire about us; we will put parts of the
which can be turned off, we are in it and there is no      books on line as well as Connections, including this
escape. When we are in balance we embrace life             issue. So please check it out and get into the habit
without looking back, our freedom of choice                of looking up FreeForm online. From my own
expands and we approach our life in the right spirit.      perspective I see this as an absolute necessity if
If we can do this we won’t leave a dirty plate for         we are going to get our message across. To think
someone to clean up. Even though we may                    that FreeFrom should only stay in this area is doing
struggle at times and have to repeat some things,          all of us a disservice. The art of balance as a
the benefits we will leave will have an ongoing            philosophy and more importantly the practice of
positive effect on all those around us and to those        balance must be conveyed to as many people as
who follow.                                                possible.

There is one thing we will have to repeat time and         THE BOOK OF FREEFORM
time again, like Mr. Ground Hog and that is, we will
have to keep on training day after day until we get        I have been promising to deliver a précised part of
it right. Unfortunately fitness and strength, good         the FreeForm manual (which is called “The Lion
attitude and even leaving “a clean plate” doesn’t          Tamer”) to you all and I haven’t forgotten my
just happen by itself, it needs us to be pro active in     promise, in fact it will be delivered in some format
our own development. We need to train over and             to all FreeForm students very soon. Please be
over and we need to maintain our discipline and            patient as getting FreeForm out of my head and
right attitude to the things we have gained there is       onto paper has been very interesting. Sometimes I
no other way. In fact this is perfect as it puts us        have to hold myself down or tie myself to the chair
directly in touch with us, we realize what we have         in front of my computer, for as much as this Art has
done to get to this place, this level and what we          consumed me for many years; I personally want to
feed on is good honest training, enjoy your meal,          get it right, as it will represent a lot of people who
Bon Appetit!                                               have supported this philosophy and practice.
FREEFORM’S FUTURE                                          We are sorry for the delay with new suits, getting
                                                           these special small orders made is always a
One of the things FreeForm is trying to do is to           hassle. We are only a small fish so to speak and as
expand so that more people have access to these            much as I ring up, jump up and down (if that would
teachings (the art of balance). It appears we have         help) or complain, small special orders are placed
contracted a little since we lost the centre, where        at the back of the line. They have been ordered
once we were operating every day in some                   and I am assured that they are on their way, so if
you want to jump up and down also we understand.         Good luck to all those who are grading this year
We have tried to get them manufactured elsewhere         and especially good luck to those who are going for
but no one in Australia seems too interested,            their black belts. At this stage Aaron Noyes and
unless you want a thousand or more.                      Mark Romei are the only two, although there are
                                                         quiet a few waiting and training for next year.
                                                         Callum Murray was going to grade for his Fifth
FITNESS                                                  Degree but decided that he wants to be even
                                                         better. This type of attitude keeps our very high
Congratulations to all those dedicated students and
                                                         standard exactly where it should be, it tells us that
fitness fanatics who have just kept on keeping on.
                                                         even at the top levels there is a drive to improve.
With your continued effort these classes have been
fantastic. In turn, we have kept them challenging,
hard and fun. FreeForm thanks you, for you are the
backbone (and other body bits) of where we stand         ILLNESS/ INJURY
today, you have been great, thanks again for your        If you have an illness or injury that may inhibit your
support; we hoped you liked our double trouble           training during class, you must let your instructor
(Rob and Steve).                                         know before the start of each class and you must
                                                         also let reception know so we can record it on your
                                                         file. Again this is required for duty of care, and will
STUDENT CORNER                                           be for your benefit.
Talking about students let me tell you a story about
one of our young Martial Artists. Lachlan Stevens
(aged 9) who suffers from Tourettes Syndrome,            END OF YEAR CLASSES
Intellectual disability and Neurological disorders       Classes will finish in Healesville on Thursday the
and needed a place to train and meet other people.       13th of December and resume on the first Thursday
His mother had tried different clubs but was             in February, 2008. Lilydale will finish on Tuesday
rejected every time. Eventually she came to us,          the 18th of December and we will inform you to its
which was nearly twelve months ago. Today you            restarting date well before we close.
will see Lachlan training every week as a yellow
belt. He passed his first grading with flying colours
and his mother and I (Steve) were very moved to          CHRISTMAS BREAK-UP
see him perform. In fact his neurologist was so
impressed with his progress in balance and               The Lilydale centre will be used by the school
coordination that he wanted to see what we do.           parish for its own break-up and unfortunately we
This is a recommendation of the highest order. This      will have to move to another location for one night.
is great story, but Lachlan is not alone, there are      However if we use that night for a mass club
lots of different stories of achievement here. In fact   training/ break-up it would be a bonus. The night in
nobody here passes through unnoticed, everyone           question is Tuesday the 11th of December and
who trains here has a special place, from our            hopefully you agree that to have a fun and fitness
highest degree Black Belts, to our smallest              night and a bit of a drink/barby would be good
students, to our dedicated (and fun) fitness people.     value. We would use the Melba Park as we have
Next year will come and go and the year after and        done for the last couple of years and start the
so forth and FreeForm will be here developing,           fitness/fun at 6.30pm and the food (byo) at 7.30pm
helping, exploring and adapting to whatever the          to about 9.30pm, if you are ok with this please
world needs. FreeForm will go the distance.              inform Nicole Murray (at Lilydale) and Nicole Kirby
                                                         (at Healesville) and we will gather numbers and get
                                                         it on.
The final grading this year will be held in
Healesville, the date is Saturday the 15th of
December. See your instructor if you think you are
ready and if so collect your grading application
from our staff.