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									Renovo Medical
             James Newby M.D.
  Medical Director Vascular and Diagnostics

              Jeremy Tamir M.D.
Medical Director Medaesthetics and Wound Care

          Joel T. Erskin Sc.D., PA-C
           CEO and Vein Specialist

            Michael N. Shaw PA-C
             Longevity Medicine

             Terri Core ARNP
       Medaesthetic and Vein Specialist
    Varicose Veins
• What causes Varicose/Spider Veins?
  – Chronic Venous insufficiency - blood flows backwards in the vein
    causing them to bulge and twist

• Risk Factors
  – Gender-estimated 25-50% of women and 15-40% of men suffer
    from Varicose Veins
  – Heredity
  – Pregnancy
  – Age
  – Obesity
  – Occupation-standing for prolonged periods
Normal vs. Abnormal Flow
• Leg pain/ache
• Leg/ankle
• Discoloration of
         lower leg
• Ulcers
• Bulging veins
• Vein Stripping
  – Old treatment, not commonly used anymore due to extreme pain
    and long recovery time

• EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment)
  –   Minimally invasive
  –   Quicker Recovery
  –   Done in office, under local anesthetic
  –   Covered by most insurances

• Phlebectomy
• Ligation
       Spider Veins
• Spider Vein treatments
  offered at Renovo:
  – Sclerotherapy:
    solution that is injected into
    the vein that causes the vein
    walls to swell, stick together
    and seal shut.
  – Laser Vein: strong
    bursts of light are sent into
    the vein which makes them
    slowly fade.
        How to Prevent Venous
•   Exercise regularly/walk
•   Avoid standing for prolonged periods
•   Weight control
•   Nothing you can do about genetics
•   I will be happy to answer questions after
    the rest of the program

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