Seize the Moment by mikesanye


									 Seize the Moment
: A gesture-based vision augmenting system
• We rely significantly on our vision to see events in our lives
• Yet, we often “see” but do not register and internalize many important
• Sometimes, interesting events happen so quickly that we cannot fully
  register what we have seen before it is over
    – When we drive and glance at an interesting object in our peripheral vision, we
      briefly “see” it but must quickly return our attention to the road ahead
    – When an exciting commotion happens in front of us, we focus on the most
      important aspect and we unconsciously ignore surrounding details
• At other times, we miss important moments because we are drowsy and
  cannot pay attention
    – At conferences, we sometimes fall into a state of drowsiness, and by the time
      we realize that something important just happened it is too late to register it
Do we see all that we want to see?
What we want to see   =   What we can really see   ?
   What we want to see

                           Physical selection
                           • Field of view

                           Mental selection
                           • Focus
                           • Attention
What we can actually see
 Physical selection                        Mental selection

• We can only see what is                  • Focus - we selectively see
  in our field of view                       what we are interested in
• When the moment has                      • Attention – we register
  passed, we can no                          when we are attentive
  longer study the scene                     and can process the
                                             information quickly

  Mental selection

                      What we can see
                      Images that we are
                      constantly missing
                      In blinking
Q :How can we augment our ability to see ?
                 A: Support the physical and mental gaps

Q : Then, how can we seize those fleeting moment?
                 A : Immediate, quick, and natural gesture-based
                     input can catch the moment at the right moment
Q :What would be the most reliable gestural signal?
  Procedure of feeling interest expressed in body language

                                             • Turn eye, head, or
                            following        body toward the objects

                                             •Looking at them
• Recognize objects          staring         carefully
• Feel interested in them
    following    Sudden motion change
                       : Indicator of distinct events are been seen in vision

         abrupt change   : natural inertia movement :     stop to move
         in direction

The device recognize sudden head movement as distinct moment to catch
             Changes in blinking rate
staring            • Slower or faster when attentive
                   • Slower when tired
             Inter-eyelid difference
                   • Wider when attentive
                   • Slimmer when tired

     Slower :      Normal baseline blink rate :        Faster

The device recognizes deviations as distinct moment to catch
    • Seize The Moment (STM) is a gesture based memory
    augmenting system that maximizes human vision and memory
    with the techniques actuated by natural gestures.

    • By tracking distinct changes in natural eye and head movement,
    which indicate strong deviations from normal range of
    attentiveness, this device captures those unique moments in
    order to provide sufficient date that users tend to miss.

    • We explore this with using eye movement sensed by embedded
    camera and sudden head movement sensed by accelerometer in
    eye glass frame as unobtrusive gestural input device.

      Camera                Accelerometer           Infrared camera
Buffered Recoding System
                                       Accelerometer to capture sudden head movements

     to capture
     images and
     audio                                                                                  Infrared camera
                                                                                            to sense eyelid
                                                                                            movements and inter-
                                                                                            eyelid distance

Image reference :
User Scenario   1) While driving, a user encounters a lot of
                   information that he does not want to lose. By
                   simply turning his head and looking at it, he can
                   record what he is interested in. After driving,
                   he can then look at and save the data

                2) While in classes and conferences, a user may
                   unintentionally fall asleep. With this system, he
                   can review the contents later

                3) When we run in front of a car because we are
                   late for work, we can look back and see if we
                   were unsafe and crossed when the pedestrian
                   light was red

                4) The system can track our attentiveness over
                   time, and inform us if we are spending too
                   much time in a drowsy state (sleep deprived) or
                   if we need more interesting stimulation in our

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