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                                                          Newsletter of the N.C. Coalition for Long-Term Care Enhancement

    Volume 11 Issue 1                                                                                                 Summer 2010

        Special points of         NOW SHOWING!

•     Experience the big
                                  By Tammy Klingele, NHA
                                     Culture change at Crystal Bluffs         screen for the best quality sound
•     Dr. Nashold, movie star     Rehabilitation & Health Care Center         and picture possible. Staff, resi-
•     Grant money                 in Morehead City, N.C. is a way of life dents and family members alike
                                  for the staff and residents. When the       have been made speechless by this
•     Safety versus freedom
                                  center opened in March 2008, the resi- full sensory experience. “Movies
                                  dents were delighted to see the aviary, allow us to go anywhere and allow
                                  salt water aquarium, a new home for         us to experience so many different
Embrace! is a
                                  their black Labrador retriever              emotions. The overwhelmingly
project of the N.C.               “Crystal,” a putting green, the It’s        positive response of our residents
Coalition for Long-               Never Too Late computer system, all         has been better than I ever could
Term Care                         live plants and even an ADA-approved have imagined it would be. They
Enhancement.                      commercial                                                                   simply love
To respond to                     playground to                                                                it,” said
articles, contact the             watch their                                                                  Tammy
editor:                           grandkids                                                                    Klingele, ad-
                                  play on.                                                                     ministrator.
Jill Nothstine,                   However, for
(704) 637-2870 or at              Crystal                                                                        The Crystal            Bluffs, this                                                                 Cinema will
                                  was only the                                                                 offer daily
                                  beginning of                                                                 matinees as
                                  their commit-                                                                well as eve-
      Inside this issue:
                                  ment to cul-                                                                 ning show-
New Section: Living Life      2   ture change.                                                                 ings. They
to the Fullest
                                  Since open-                                                                  will offer a
                                                      Debbie McCain, John Lavene, and Tom Kroll
                                  ing, they                                                                    variety of
“Do you ‘vant’ to be in       2                     enjoy the new Crystal Cinema at Crystal Bluffs.
                                  have initi-                                                                  movies to suit
the movie?”
                                  ated fine dining, a gardening club and      the tastes of all movie goers. The
                                  greatly increased their community in-       cinema will also host sporting
Welcome to the                3
Mountain View Café                volvement. Their newest efforts came        events, such as the Kentucky
                                  to life on April 15th with the “Red         Derby Celebration which included
Grant Writing 101             3   Carpet Grand Opening” event for the         mint juleps and many other tradi-
                                  new, state-of-the-art theater. The          tions of that famous day at
                                  Crystal Cinema is complete with             Churchill Downs. You’re invited to
Standing for a Reason         4
                                  plush seating, authentic popcorn            come join the fun!
                                  machine, traditional theater décor,         Tammy Klingele is the administrator at Cyrstal Bluffs
                                                                              Rehabilitation & Health Care Center in Morehead City
Putting Grant Money to        5   surround sound and Blu-Ray technol-         and can be reached at (252)726-0031 or via email at
Good Use
                                  ogy showing on a 100” HD projection         <>.
PAGE 2                                        E MBR ACE !                          V OLU ME 1 1 IS SUE 1

With this edition of the news-     mid 1980’s, Larry Flynt was    with the professionalism of
letter, we are pleased to          shot in an ambush in Geor-     the filmmakers and crew.
introduce a new column titled      gia. He was rendered para-     They worked six days a
“Living Life to the Fullest.”      plegic and in severe pain,     week from 7 a.m. till 7 p.m.
Articles here will be written by   which is not an uncommon       with a one-hour lunch
or about those who reside in       consequence of gunshot         break. I can’t relate to you
our various eldercare communi-     wounds to the spinal cord.     all my new and wonderful
ties across the state.             He tried to control the pain   experiences except for my
.                                  with drugs and became ad-      first day on the movie set. I
                                   dicted. He eventually ended    was told I was not going to
“Do you ‘vant’ to be in
                                   up at Duke where he was        have any make-up, but that
the movie?” (or How                operated on, was relieved of   I was to go to the make-up
Nashold Became a                   his pain, and was drug-free.   trailer. As I sat in the
Movie Actor)                                                      make-up chair, a young
                                      The Flynt movie was to
                                                                  woman came up and said,
                                   include a scene in the Duke
By Dr. Blaine Nashold                                             “Dr. Nashold, you’re going
                                   operating room, and I was
                                                                  to have a Beverly Hills hair
  Those were the words             asked to give the director
                                                                  cut.” I replied, “I just had a
uttered by Director Milos          technical advice on the sur-
                                                                  Durham, North Carolina
Forman in his thick Czech          gery. The scene was to be
                                                                  hair cut.” No matter. For
accent on a hot summer day         filmed in a Memphis hospi-
                                                                  the next hour, she clipped
in Memphis. I didn’t hesi-         tal with the equipment
                                                                  and snipped and “voila!” – a
tate a second. My answer           used at Duke. On my last
                                                                  Beverly Hills haircut. Next
was a quick, “Yes!”                day in Memphis, one of the
                                                                  came an Italian silk suit
                                   young directors said that
  Let me explain. Milos                                           with Gucci shoes and a
                                   Mr. Forman would like to
Forman, a director from                                           Gucci handbag to carry the
                                   see me. It was then that the
Czechoslovakia who won                                            drugs and the cash.
                                   historic words ,”Do you
two Academy Awards (for
                                   vant to be in the movie?”        The scene, which takes
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s
                                   occurred, and so began my      place in Flynt’s bedroom in
Nest and Amadeus), was
                                   movie career.                  Los Angeles, was short and
directing the movie, The
                                                                  simple. I bring a bag full of
People vs. Larry Flynt.              Milos Forman said that I
                                                                  drugs and leave with the
Oliver Stone conceived the         would not be playing
                                                                  cash. At the end of the
idea and produced the              Nashold from Duke, but
                                                                  scene, I comment that there
movie, which is based on           would be “Dr. Bob,” a drug-
                                                                  is a new operation for
the legal conflict between         dealing doctor from Beverly
                                                                  spinal pain at Duke. The
Larry Flynt and the Rever-         Hills. Dr. Bob did exist and
                                                                  next scene is in the operat-
end Jerry Falwell. The             supplied Flynt with the
                                                                  ing room - but no Nashold
movie is about freedom of          drugs that addicted him.
                                                                  in sight.
speech, and all the court          Suddenly, I was a member
scenes used the authentic          of the Screen Actors Guild.      So ended my movie ca-
legal transcript from the          I had a trailer with my        reer. It was one of the most
court.                             name on it, and I was being    exciting and interesting ex-
                                   paid. During my short act-     periences of my life. Since
  How did I, Nashold, fit
                                   ing career, I was impressed
into this scenario? In the                                        (continued next page)
PAGE 3                                                 E MBR ACE !                                    V OLU ME 1 1 IS SUE 1

(cont. from previous page)              of foods are available for                enhancement grants.
                                        residents to choose from.
then, Larry Flynt and his                                                                  For the past twelve years
                                        The news plays on the big
wife have become my close                                                               the Coalition has partnered
                                        screen TV during Cafe'
friends, and Flynt makes                                                                with DHSR in providing
                                        hours, and the newspaper is
generous contributions to                                                               grants to facilities for imple-
                                        available as well. Residents
our research efforts to solve                                                           menting culture change
                                        enjoy social time together,
the mysteries of pain. I still                                                          strategies and projects.
                                        and daily banter about
belong to the Screen Actors                                                             Money for the grants is
                                        the news, sports, and
Guild, but the phone is                                                                 taken from Civil Monetary
                                        weather. It’s a great alterna-
silent. Yet I am comforted                                                              Penalty funds, the use of
                                        tive to an early morning
with a twenty-five-dollar-a-                                                            which is governed by federal
                                        breakfast for those who pre-
year residual payment from                                                              regulations. All dually-
                                        fer to sleep in late!
the movie. Hope springs                                                                 certified or Medicaid-only
eternal in the actor’s heart.                                                           certified facilities in the
                                             Julia is the administrator at Pisgah Manor
Dr. Blaine Nashold lives at The Forest at    Health Care Center in Candler, N.C. and
                                                                                        state may apply. DHSR will
Duke in Durham, North Carolina.              can be reached at (828) 667-9851.          send out Request for Appli-
                                                                                        cations to the administra-
                                                                                                 tors of all eligible
Welcome to the                                                                                   facilities around Sep-
Mountain View Café                                                                               tember 1. All submit-
                                                                                                 ted proposals are
By Julia Gibson, NHA                                                                             then reviewed and
                                                                                                 scored for the quality
  Thanks to an en-                                                                               and effectiveness of
hancement grant from                                                                             the project or concept
the Division of Health                                                                           to be implemented.
Services Regulation                                                                              Facilities with the
and the North Carolina                                                                           highest scores are
Coalition for Long-                                                                              recommended to
Term Care Enhance-                                                                               DHSR for approval of
ment, Pisgah Manor                                                                               the grant. With a set
                                       Residents Anthony Tancoedi, Doris Campbell, Peggy amount of money to
Health Care Center has
                                        Sue Wells, and Sue Belcher enjoy a morning snack
opened the "Mountain                                                                             be offered, those
                                        and favorite TV show in Pisgah Manor’s Mountain
View Café.” Residents                   View Café. The facility used grant money to create facilities that do a
of the skilled nursing                                          the space.                       better job of commu-
facility now have the op-                                                                        nicating how a grant
tion to have a continental                                                              will enhance the quality of
breakfast served from 7:30
                                             Grant Writing 101                          life for their residents will
a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Residents                    This summer members of                   stand a better chance of get-
can choose to get up early                   the North Carolina Coalition               ting their application ap-
or sleep a bit late, and not                 for Long-Term Care                         proved. For more informa-
miss the Café! Quality                       Enhancement will present                   tion on the sessions, contact
roast coffee, bagels and                     five half-day seminars on                  Becky Wertz at
cream cheese, and a variety                  how to apply for DHSR’s                    <>.
  V OLU ME 1 1 IS SUE 1                     E MBR ACE !                                       PAGE 4

Standing for a Reason           ball game was getting ready       planted that day as well.
                                to start and a band was
  He could be difficult to                                          Sometimes our well-
                                playing the National
care for. You know who I’m                                        meaning approaches to solv-
                                Anthem. And as I weaved
talking about. His name                                           ing our challenges have
                                my way to my charge his
isn’t important, because it                                       unintended consequences.
                                bent and arthritic frame
changes from one facility to                                      Had I been any closer to
                                straightened—as much as
the next. That resident who                                       him, what emotional pain
                                he could—in front of his
keeps getting up out of the                                       might I have inflicted trying
                                wheelchair. While his left
wheelchair alone and wind-                                        to prevent physical pain? He
                                hand held tight to the
ing up on the floor.                                              could be strong-willed and
                                wheelchair’s arm, his right
                                                                  ornery. Without under-
 This was years before the      arm began a slow and tortu-
                                                                  standing all the reasons
alarmed sensory pads were       ous rise. When his hand
                                                                  why, might my attempt to
developed; eons before the      reached his heart, it
                                                                  keep him safe have been
restraint-free initiative be-   rested there. He had
                                                                  met with fierce resistance
came law—you didn’t use         heard the National
                                                                  and struggle?
restraints simply because it    Anthem, and was
was the right thing to do.      doing what his gen-                 Our work is about manag-
And yet we’d racked our         eration had been                  ing risks. Sometimes its eas-
brains trying to figure out     taught to do when                 ier to simply try and prevent
how to allow this little man    that familiar song                all situations where any risk
the opportunity to have free-   was played - he                   is present, but in doing so,
dom of movement while re-       was standing                      more often than not, we
maining injury free. Not        in reverence and allegiance.      simply shift the negative
easy. The family was telling                                      consequences from one
                                  By then I had slipped qui-
us to “tie him in” and if we                                      reality to another.
                                etly up behind his chair and
didn’t start doing that, we     simply stood guard during           It’s a challenge trying to
were going to wind up in big    this patriotic act. When the      protect and care for our resi-
trouble.                        last notes fell silent, he low-   dents while giving them the
  So we set about trying to     ered his right hand and           autonomy they deserve. And
be more watchful, among         grasped each wheelchair           trying to do that within the
other things. One day it was    arm firmly. The old bones         realm of a myriad of ever-
my turn. As social worker, I    creaked as he slipped back        changing rules and regula-
was included in the duty. I     into his seat, none the wiser     tions. Not easy.
was finishing up some           of my presence or inten-
                                tions. He settled back into         Yes, I believe the seeds of
paperwork in the activity                                         change were planted that
room and keeping one eye        the reality of his life, and I
                                retreated to my paperwork.        day. The day music stirred
on him at the same time.                                          an old man’s patriotism. The
Suddenly I detect move-         Only now, I’m trying to fin-
                                ish up with a little mist in      day I came to know I don’t
ment. He’s making his                                             know anything at all. And
move. I jump to prevent the     my eyes. Not easy.
                                                                  I’m still learning. Maybe one
inevitable when I realize         I learned a valuable lesson     day I’ll get there.
there’s music coming from       that day. And the seeds of         Anonymous
the television. Some base-      change might just have been
  V OLU ME 1 1 IS SUE 1                          E MBR ACE !                                                   PAGE 5

Putting Grant Money                                                                    celebrate a milestone
to Good Use
                                                                                  •    An indoor aviary,
By Donna Cook, NHA                                                                     inspired by an Eden
  Capital Nursing and                                                                  Alternative principle
Rehabilitation Center is a                                                             stating that loving
proud recipient of a                                                                   companionship, such
NCCLTCE culture change                                                                 as with animals, is
grant. Over the past two                                                               the antidote to
years, preliminary efforts                                                             loneliness.
were undertaken to
                                                                                  •    Wheelchair height
change the focus of          Residents from Capital Nursing and Rehab enjoy the        gardens where
activities for residents        elements funded by DHSR’s grant project. Above,
                                                                                       residents can get
with the addition of         Sylvia Onyirimbah and Ruby Whitaker lounge around
                               the fountain. Below, Nancy Dileo and Marie Davis        their hands into the
dancercise, a Wii, crafts                  tend to the raised gardens.                 soil that supports the
and cooking. However,
                                                                                       plants they choose to
receiving the grant funds
allowed for staff to fur-
ther redefine the center                                                          Staff, residents and
from a traditional medi-                                                        families have been
cal model of skilled nurs-                                                      involved in the center’s
ing to a more home-like                                                         culture change program,
environment. The grant                                                          and they recognize that
funds have been spent on                                                        success is achieved
items that will introduce                                                       through everyone’s
plants, animals and                                                             efforts. However, this
technology-supported                                                            grant is only a first step
entertainment. The addi-                                                        in a much bigger dream.
tions are as follows:                         possible with today’s           Already the seeds have
                                              technology.                     been planted to move into
   •    A home theater
                                                                              the areas of person-
        system for playing                •   A beautiful water               centered care by giving
        Wii group games like                  fountain to complete            residents the autonomy to
        ‘The Price is Right,”                 the center’s serenity           make more choices in their
        bowling or baseball,                  garden of shade trees           daily lives. Capital Nursing
        seeing the world via                  and flowers. The                and Rehab Center has
        nature or travel                      sound of the water-             begun the journey toward
        films, and enjoying                   fall in this peaceful           changing the culture of
        residents’ personal                   outdoor setting will            aging.
        family home movies.                   be perfect for family
        An elder-centered                     visits, resident enjoy-
        community imbues                      ment, for families to
                                                                              Donna Cook is the administrator at
                                                                              Capital Nursing and Rehabilitation
        daily life with variety               grieve the loss of a            Center in Raleigh and can be reached at
        and spontaneity,                      loved one, or to
                                                                              (919) 231-6045 or via email at
        such as made

In this issue of Embrace!:
Now Showing!
“Do you ‘vant” to be in the movie?”
Welcome to the Mountain View Café
Grant Writing 101
Standing for a Reason
Putting Grant Money to Good Use

To contact the Coalition, please email us at

                                                                         For those who love the sport, golf can be a relaxing and pleasurable
                                                                        experience. Unfortunately it often means travel to accessible courses,
       Enhancing the lives of                                            long walks through the greens, and struggling with heavy golf bags.
    residents and staff in North                                        Crystal Bluff decided it didn’t need to be that hard for its residents to
     Carolina’s long-term care                                          get back to a game they once loved, or even provide a new experience
                                                                         for someone who’d never picked up a club before. So they installed a
                                                                          putting green on their campus. John Lavene, a resident at Crystal
              We’re on the web!                                           Bluff, thinks it’s a great idea. Seen here practicing his short game,
                                                                         John enjoys the convenience that having the green close to his room
                                                                             can afford. As always, please be sure to share this newsletter.

   The North Carolina Coalition for
   Long-Term Care Enhancement
   2711 Mail Service Center
   Raleigh, North Carolina

                                                                    State of North Carolina
                                                                Department of Health and Human

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