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					Archers Aim   Sylvan Arche rs                      Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards        July 2004
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                                                                      Bryan Rowland - 2002 thru 2004
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                                    Club Classifieds
                                6 Sherwood/Nottingham Shoot
                                7-8 Elk Extravaganza
                                9-10Archer’ s Aim
                                                                      Monthly Meetings
                                Board Members 2004                    Monthly Board and membership
                                President-                            meetings are held on the first
                                Allen Stover 503-639-3673             Thursday of each month. If a
                                1st Vice President (Targets)-         monthly meeting date is different
                                Gary Page 503-981-4681                than the first of the month it will
                                                                      be Shown in bold and italics.
                                2nd Vice President (Indoor
                                Activities)-                          Meetings start at 7:00pm unless
                                Joel Griffin 503-625-3843             shown otherwise.
                                3rd Vice President (Outdoor Range)-   August meeting 08-05-04 (7 pm)
                                Gary Curl 503-538-3858                @ Sylvan Range
                                Assistant Range Director-             September – October no Meetings

                                Hunt Director-
                                John Nelson 503-670-8363              Sylvan Work Parties
                                Director of Hunting Games-            None scheduled at this time.
                                Keola Cammacho 503-691-8931
                                                                      Please contact me if you have any
                                Field Governor-                       questions.
                                Al Hanschar 503-657-7224
                                Director of Field Tournaments-        Thanks-
                                Chuck Rhodig 503-656-4406             Gary Curl
                                Director of Target Tournaments-
                                OPEN POSITION
                                Linda Maxson 503-659-4776
                                Asst. Secretary/Treasurer-
                                Tanya Richards 503-474-0902
                                Max Tannery 503-537-0272

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Archers Aim              Sylvan Arche rs                                     Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards         July 2004
Sylvan Shoot Dates                                           LETTER FROM                              WE DISCUSSED THE
                                                                PRESIDENT                             INDIVIDUAL THAT HAD
    July 17-18 Sherwood
                                                   -------------------------------------------------- VIOLATED OUR ALCOHOL
     Nottingham Shoot (Elks                                                                           POLICY AT THE RANGE. WE
     Lodge)                                        WELL WE DID IT AGAIN! WE                           DECIDED THAT SINCE THE
    August 7-8 3-D Trail Shoot                    GOT OUR MEETING                                    BEHAVIOR HAD STOPPED,
     (40T + Novelties)                             FINISHED IN AND HOUR AND                           THAT WE SHOULD TAKE
Please contact us if you have any                  A HALF!! YOU KNOW WHAT,                            THAT AS A SIGN THE
questions.                                         WE DON’T SIT THERE AND                             PERSON INTENDED US TO
                                                   BOOR EACH OTHER FOR THE                            REALIZE THAT THEY WERE
Thanks-                                            WHOLE DURATION. WE                                 MAKING A CHANGE. WE
John Nelson - 503-692-3713                         ACTUALLY TAKE CARE OF A                            AGREED TO NOT ACT
Keola Cammacho - 503-691-8931                      LOT OF DETAILS THAT MAKE                           UNLESS THAT BEHAVIOR
                                                   YOUR CLUB RUN                                      BEGAN AGAIN. I WILL BE
T-SHIRT, POLO SHIRTS,                              SMOOTHLY. WE TRY TO SEE                            SENDING A LETTER TO THEM
HATS & TOWELS                                      THAT EACH PERSON’S VOICE                           STATING THAT PRINCIPLE.
------------------------------------------------   IS HEARD, AND THAT WE                              BOY I’D HATE TO LOOSE A
There is a new look on the back of                 DISCUSS THE ISSUES                                 GOOD ARCHER! I SURE HOPE
our T-shirts. The emblem style is the              FAIRLY. THEN WE VOTE.                              THIS WORKS.
same but it now contains 5 colors                  THAT’S THE DECISION,
instead of the one color. We have a                THAT’S WHAT WE THEN                                WE DISCUSSED THE WORN
hat in black or white with the club                WILL DO. YOU MIGHT                                 CONDITION OF THE STRINGS
emblem about 2 1/8 inches. There are
                                                   ATTEND A MEETING                                   ON OUR BOWS USED FOR
also polo shirts with a pocket and the
                                                   SOMETIME JUST TO SEE                               EDUCATION AND AGREED
emblem above the pocket in forest
green or black. Something new are                  HOW SMOOTH THINGS GO.                              TO REPLACE THEM AND BUY
towels to hang on your quiver with                                                                    NEW TABS AND ARM
the emblem on them in forest green                 ONE OF OUR OFFICERS,                               GUARDS. IF WE ARE GOING
or black. Prices are:                              GARY PAGE HAS HAD TO                               TO TEACH ARCHERY, WE
                                                   RESIGN HIS DUTIES DUE TO                           NEED TO HAVE DECENT
Polo Shirts M, Lg, Xlg $20                         CHANGES IN HIS WORK                                EQUIPMENT.
Polo Shirts XXlg $22                               SCHEDULE. WE WANT TO
T-Shirts All sizes $12                             THANK YOU GARY, FOR                                RODNEY DIEKOFF WAS
Hats $12                                           YOUR PAST EFFORTS.                                 OFFICIALY APPOINTED AS
Towels $9
                                                   WE NOW ARE IN NEED OF A                            OUR AWARDS AND
Contact Linda Maxson 503-659-4776                  PERSON TO STEP FORWARD                             TROPHIES PERSON.
if you have any questions or would                 AND VOLUNTEER TO                                   CONGRATULATIONS !
like to inquire about special request              ACCEPT THE JOB HE HAS
orders.                                            VACATED. HIS DUTIES                                IF ANY OF YOUR ARE
Hats and shirts are also available at              WERE THIS: MAKE UP                                 INTERESTED IN RUNNING
Sylvan shoots.                                     TARGETS AND KEEP                                   FOR THE POSITION OF
                                                   GOOD TARGETS ON THE                                TRUSTEE, PLEASE SEND
                                                   TARGET BUTTS ON ALL THE                            YOUR RESUME TO
                                                   FIELD COURSES AND                                  CHRIS RICHARDS SO HE CAN
                                                   PRACTICE FIELD. ANYBODY                            PLACE IT IN THE NEWS
                                                   INTERESTED? NOT NOW ?                              LETTER. WE NEED THESE
                                                   (THAT MIGHT CHANGE                                 TO BE PUBLISHED NO
                                                   WHEN THE TARGETS                                   LATTER THAN NOVEMBER.
                                                   ARE SHOT UP.)
                                                                                                      HEY FOLKS, WE ARE STILL
                                                                                                      FACING A REAL PROBLEM
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Archers Aim Sylvan Arche rs                             Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards               July 2004
ON OUR ROVING COURSE.         JEALOUS AND TAKE                                   which had over 100 shooters
SOME INDIVIDUALS ARE          ADVANTAGE OF IT. WE’VE                             shooting that weekend. Again I
SHOOTING THE HECK OUT         HAD PROBLEMS SIMILAR TO                            want to thank everyone who also
OF OUR 3-D TARGETS WITH       THIS SINCE 1985 SO FAR AS I                        helped get the targets up each day
BROAD-HEADS. IF WE DON’T      REMEMBER. IT COMES AND                             and to the cooks who cooked on
GET THIS STOPPED, WE ARE      GOES. WE’LL SURVIVE THIS                           Saturday and Sunday, ensuring we
PROBABLY NOT GOING TO         TOO!!                                              were all fed and had fluids in us
BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO                                                             on those hot days.
ROVING COURSE. THIS IS                                                           We still have two shoots coming
FRUSTRATING.                            LETTER FROM                              up and I hope they are just as fun
                                               EDITOR                            and successful as the others we
THIS IS A VERY EXPENSIVE      -------------------------------------------------- have hosted this year. The
GAMBLE ON THE PART OF         Hello to all our members once                      Sherwood-Knottingham is coming
OUR CLUB. THESE ARE           again. The past month we had                       up on July 11th and 12th , as well as
EXPENSIVE TARGETS. THIS       allot of exciting things happen.                   another 3-D Shoot in August.
WILL ONLY WORK IF WE          Our Fathers Day shoot went off                     Come one come all and have fun.
SHOOT FIELD POINTS.           very well and was very pleased to
                              see all the fathers and family’s                   Now for some not so good news,
YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED           come out and enjoy themselves                      at our last meeting, held on July
TO CARRY BROADHEADS IN        shooting at our 3D shoot. I heard                  1st , the mention of Broad Heads
YOUR QUIVER UNLESS YOU        allot of compliments on the how                    was brought up again. It seems
ARE SHOOTING AT THE           the range was set up, so I give my                 that some individuals are still
BROADHEAD PITS ON THE         thanks to all of you that helped set               using broad heads down in the
PRACTICE RANGE; OR ARE        up the targets and the ones who                    roving range and it is getting to
ACTUALLY PARTICIPATING        helped take them down. A special                   the point that people are
IN THE BROADHEAD              thanks goes out to the registrar and               complaining about how badly our
LEAGUE.                       the cook in the Cook Shack.                        roving range is getting. I have
                              Without you we wouldn’t know                       been down there and I am seeing
IF YOU SEE ANYONE WITH        who was there to shoot and who                     what they are complaining about.
BROADHEADS IN THEIR           was hungry during the shoot.                       I also understand that it cost allot
QUIVER ON THE RANGE,          Again my thanks to everyone who                    of money to replace the targets,
TELL THEM TO PUT THEM         helped and the ones who came and                   especially when they are not
AWAY OR LEAVE THE             shot.                                              lasting as long as they should or
RANGE. IF THEY REFUSE,                                                           have been wanting them to last.
CALL ONE OF YOUR              Not only did we host the Fathers                   Which in turn cuts deeply into the
OFFICERS.                     Day Shoot, but we also hosted the                  annual budget, which isn’t enough
                              OBH NFAA sponsored State Field                     to replace all the targets every
YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU            Shoot on the following weekend.                    year. The members of the last
SYLVANS ARE GREAT             This was very exciting, due to the                 meeting has passed another policy
PEOPLE. WE MUST HAVE          ability to do something our club                   stating that no one is allowed to
SOME PEOPLE TAKING            has not been able to do for quite                  have broad headed arrows on their
ADVANTAGE OF US THAT          some time. That is shoot all 56                    persons, which includes in their
COULD CARE LESS ABOUT         targets on both the “A” and “B”                    bow mounted quivers, unless it is
THE CLUB. THEY MAY NOT        courses. Thanks to Gary Curl and                   at the broad head pits or at a
EVEN BELONG TO THE CLUB.      to all the members who helped                      sanctioned broad head league
IT’S SAD THAT WHEN YOU        him get the ranges up to Par, so                   night. Which is every Wednesday
HAVE SOMETHING AS NICE        that Sylvan was able to use all                    evening from 6:00pm until August
AS OUR RANGE, YOU HAVE        four courses for the State Field. It               13th . If found that you do have
SOME PEOPLE THAT ARE          was quite an accomplishment,                       broad heads on you and you are
                                                                                                             Page 3
Archers Aim Sylvan Arche rs                                                    Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards                    July 2004
shooting anywhere except the                         503-852-7537                                       August 2004
stipulations in previous sentence,                   Yamhill, Or.                                       7 – Fun Shoot & Pot Luck
then you will be subjected to a                                                                                    Grangeville, ID
written warning. That then could                     On Target Archery                                  7 – Bowhunters Warm Up
lead to other disciplines from                       503-654-5529                                                  The Dalles, OR
there.                                               Milwaulie,Or.                                      7-8 - 3D Trail Shoot
                                                     Pacific Crest Archery Pro Shop                                Sherwood, OR
I was personally hoping that this                    503-585-4547                                       7-8 – Last Chance 3D Shoot
would not lead to this, but it is just               Salem, Or.                                                    Eugene, OR
getting to the point where our club                                                                     8 – Broadhead Shoot
would go under in profit and cause                                                                                 Blue Creek, WA
the roving range to completely                        2004 Northwest Bowhunter 8 – Bowhunters Warm Up
disappear. So please honor the                                          Shoots                                     McCroskey State Park, ID
rules and help the club keep the                     -------------------------------------------------- 14-15 – 3D Fun Trail Shoot
roving range as it is with 3D                        This information is based from the                            Astoria, OR
targets. Because if we as a club                     2003 Northwest Bowhunter Shoot                     14-15 – Bowhunter Warm Up 3D
ever go below and do not show a                      card and may have changed and                                 Camas, WA
profit for the year, due to possibly                 have other local shoots that are not               14-15 - 3D Trail Shoot
changing targets before their time,                  listed on card.                                               Pilot Rock, OR
then the board has the right to get                                                                     21-22 – Mel Schmidt Memorial
rid of it.                                           July 2004                                                     Lebanon, OR
                                                     16-18 – Idaho State Jamboree                       22 – Hunter Prep Shoot
If you have any concerns about                                  Stanley, ID                                        Lakeside, OR
this issue, please call Allen Stover,                17 – Kids Free Shoot
                                                                Sublimity, OR
President of Sylvan Archers at                                                                               2004 WSAA Calendar
639-3673                                             17 – Summer Fun
                                                                The Dalles, OR                                             Shoots
Local Archery Shops                                  17-18 – 3D Fun Trail Shoot
                                                                                                        This information comes from the
--------------------------------------------------              Astoria, OR
                                                                                                        Washington State Archery
Now that winter is on its way and                    17-18 – 50 Target 3D Trail Shoot
                                                                                                        Association (WSAA) Shoot Card
it is cooling down you may want                                 Wren, OR
                                                                                                        and may have changed and have
to try indoor shooting. Most of the                  17-18 - 3D Trail Shoot
                                                                                                        other local shoots that are not
local shops have leagues. Please                                Burns, OR
                                                                                                        listed here.
contact them for information.                        17-18 – Sherwood-Knottingham
Archers Afield                                                                                          July 2004
                                                                Sherwood, OR
                                                                                                        10 – WSAA Board Meeting
503-639-3553                                         18 – Money Dot Shoot
Tigard, Or.                                                                                                        Spokane
                                                                Prineville, OR
                                                                                                        10-11 – WSAA State Target
                                                     24-25 - 3D Trail Shoot
Archery World                                                                                                      Evergreen
                                                                Myrtle Point, OR
360-693-7510                                                                                            10-11 – Big Game Only 3D
                                                     24-25 – 3D Invitational Trophy
Vancouver, Wa.                                                                                                     WCW
                                                                Long Beach, WA
                                                                                                        17 – 3D Saturday
Broken Arrow Archery                                 24-25 – Eastern Oregon Super
503-654-8012                                                    Shoot
                                                                Baker City – LaGrande, OR               17-18 – Bowhunter Warm Up
Milwaukie,Or.                                                                                                      Wilderness
                                                     24-25 – John’s Birthday Shoot
Chinook Archers                                                                                         17-18 – Fun Shoot
                                                                Lebanon, OR
630-833-1421                                                                                                       Satsop Center
                                                     24-25 - 3D Trail Shoot
Camas, Wa.                                                                                              19-23 – NFAA OD National
                                                                Elk City, ID
                                                                                                                   Watkins Glen
                                                     31 – Elk Extravaganza
Kutch Archery                                                   Tigard, OR                              19-23 – IFAA World Field
                                                                                                                                                Page 4
Archers Aim Sylvan Arche rs                                                   Editor: Chris & Tanya Richards   July 2004
       Watkins Glen                                  Club Classifieds
24-25 – Bownanza                                     --------------------------------------------------
       Cedar River                                   Busy Shoes Shoe Repair,
31-1 – Bowhunter Warm Up                             Tualatin Or.
       Grays Harbor                                  Phone 503 691-9393
31-1 – Rendezvous
       KBH                                           Spring Hunt Special:
                                                     20% discount on boot resoling for
                                                     Sylvan members, thru 3/31/04.
Recipe of the Month                                  --------------------------------------------------
                                                     Ancient Archers,
Grilled Salmon with                                  19401 S.W. Boonesferry Rd,
Ginger-Orange Glaze                                  Tualatin, OR.
Provi ded by: Southern Liv ing magazine              Phone 503 691-9393
1/4 cup orange juice                                 Buy a wood bow from Boyer
1/4 cup tamari or soy sauce                          Steve Boss or Ted Frey, get a
1/4 cup horseradish mustard
                                                     dozen arrows with your personal
2 tablespoons grated fresh ginger
2 tablespoons honey                                  burn crest free!! good thru
4 salmon fillets (about 1 inch thick)                3/31/04.
Hot cooked rice                                      --------------------------------------------------
Lemon slices                                         Refinance Now!
Garnish: green onions, chopped fresh
parsley                                                  Rates are still low!

1 COMBINE first 5 ingredients in a                       A 1% interest rate reduction
shallow dish; add salmon. Cover and                       saves $24,174.00 on each
chill 30 minutes, turning once.                           $100,000 over 30 year fixed
                                                          mortgage life.
2 REMOVE salmon from marinade,
reserving marinade. Bring marinade                       Approved with 61 Lenders
to a boil in a small saucepan.                            means more choices & better
3 GRILL salmon, covered with grill
lid, over medium-high heat (350                          Free Cost Savings Analysis
degrees to 400 degrees) about 6
minutes on each side or until fish                       Stated Income & Bad Credit
flakes easily when tested with a fork,
basting frequently with reserved                         Loans to % Loan to Value
                                                         New, Refi & Non Owner
4 ARRANGE salmon over rice;
drizzle with any remaining marinade.                     Apartments & Commercial
Serve with lemon slices, and garnish,
if desired.
                                                     Jim Jones, Sr. Loan Officer
                                                     LoanSource Funding LLC
Makes 4 servings                                     Phone 503-643-1567
                                                     Cell      503-320-9374
                                                     E mail:

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