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					                            JOB DESCRIPTION
Job title: Accounting Manager – Coats Phong Phu
Reporting to: Head of Finance, Coats Phong Phu
Department/Location: Finance, HCMC


The basic objective of this position is to effectively supervise and co-ordinate the
accounting function in HCMC and to ensure that the function delivers the given targets
with the required quality and within the specified time frame. The position holder should
also provide functional guidance to the accounting department in Hanoi to ensure that
accounting policies and practices are uniform across both sites.
 JOB DIMENSION (Depth & Width to give an indication of scope)

      Internally the position reports to the Head of Finance but requires considerable
       interaction with all other functions in the business.
      External interaction will involve, primarily, banks, auditors and various government
       authorities such as taxation (income taxes, VAT, customs etc) and the ministries of
       Finance, Planning and Industry
   Transaction heavy, integrated environment with SAP
   Geographical responsibility: mainly HCMC
   Number of staff reporting: 7
      To ensure timely and accurate recording of transactions in the ledger and generate
       required statements on time.
      To monitor and supervise the timely processing of supplier invoices ensuring
       adherence to prescribed procedure.
      To ensure banking and cash transactions are carried out with adequate control and
       authorization and ensure that all bank accounts are reconciled at least once every
      To ensure that the company’s funds are always safe and optimally deployed within
       the internal and external rules laid down from time to time.
      To ensure that capital expenditure is recorded in a timely and accurate manner and
       that records relating to fixed assets including the periodic charge of depreciation are
       correctly maintained.
      To liaise with external auditors to complete the statutory audit for group and local
       purposes within the prescribed schedule.
      To liaise with internal auditors as and when required.
      To maintain accurate records of various taxes payable and paid and to ensure that
       the company utilizes opportunities to minimize the incidence of tax within the legal
      To keep abreast of changes and developments in the law and associated regulations
       in general and relating to those relating to all taxes in particular
      To ensure that procedures prescribed in the accounting function are efficient,
       transparent, well understood by all concerned and robust enough to provide a risk
       free environment in the business.
      To provide information of a high quality and high degree of accuracy to all users of
       information and data and, in particular to
      To ensure balance between speedy, smooth and efficient transacting and adequate
       control of risk
   To manage the accounting team and motivate them to perform their responsibilities
    efficiently and effectively
   To co-ordinate with other functions to continually improve the control environment.
      Education: University Graduate in Accounting
      Experience : at least 5-7 years across different aspects of accounting, exposure to
      Skills and attributes:
       o Working knowledge and experience of accounting principles and conventions
       o Hands-on experience with the FI and CO modules of SAP
       o Practical knowledge of local tax rules and regulations and a working/sound
       knowledge of tax principles and systems
       o Well organised and strong ability to plan and implement details
       o Good inter-personal and supervisory skills
       o Ability to work as a part of and hold a team together
       o Good analytical skills
       o Positive attitude to work
       o Ability to cope with pressure
       o ‘Self starter’ ie requires little supervision and is dependable
       o Unimpeachable integrity