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  Issue	290														15th	-	21st	March	2011		                                                                                                 	
                                                                   ACCOMMODATION											BUY											SELL											JOBS											INFORMATION	
The people of the Wakatipu currently have little to complain about in the
worldwide scheme of things, and in fact our small inconveniences, such
as those suffered at the hands of road works, are really for the purpose
of improving our lives and therefore a kind of luxury compared to dealing
with the crippling effects of a natural disaster. But we certainly got a taste
of what it would be like to have both roads in and out of Queenstown
cut off last week. For some strange reason, possibly as a result of using
up remaining budgets, rather than common sense, Gorge Road and
Frankton Road were interrupted by major road works at the same time.
Having covered such issues many times before, I’ll leave it there, as I’m
sure the rationale behind making it impossible to avoid major delay’s
getting to and from Queenstown has reasonable enough grounds. My
point to this argument comes from a letter I received from an obviously
intelligent reader pointing out that if the Government and people of New
                                                                                         Extreme ironing team, Neil Long, Kathy Brook, Abi Smart and
Zealand were 100% committed to helping Christchurch to get back on                      Paul Teed race to the finish line at Saturday’s Iconic Adventures
its feet as soon as possible, why have our roading projects not been                               ‘Motutapu’ Race, finishing in Arrowtown.
shelved immediately with all resources diverted to Canterbury? Or at                                                                    Photo: Courtesy of MMPro Event Photos

least postponed a few weeks or months to help fast track Christchurch’s
recovery? That city needs every helping hand it can get now - and for
quite a few years to come.
Let’s be honest, we are all so accustomed to poor quality roading, if we
knew the reasons for them getting a bit worse, was for the good of quake
victims we could probably deal with it for a few years. Without question
the world’s brief interest in the plight of Cantabrians has moved on to
Japan now. So that leaves New Zealander’s to continue fundraising
alone. Christchurch is absolutely crucial to the continued success of
Queenstown. As an example if/when the Christchurch World Cup games
                                                                                                This little piggy
go north, that will leave the entire South Island as a mere bit part player
in the whole Rugby World Cup road show. Fans simply will not bother
                                                                                                went to market...
crossing the Cook Strait and we will all miss out. Don’t forget that when
your interest starts to subside.                                                                     Best quality, best price meat cuts
Scott Stevens                                                                                               at wholesale prices.
                                                                                                     Visit Deep Creek Deli this week
                                                                                                          at Remarkables Market

                                                                                                EVERY SATURDAY 8AM - 1PM

                                                                                    LOOK T                                  JOHN RAVENS WEATHER
                                                                                                                            JOHN RAVENS WEATHER
                                                             AL                       NE A
                                                        RENT IES                  ONLI                               Last week John was 85% correct
                                                                                                                            Last week John was 84% correct
                                                             RT                     w.qac                                   Year to Date 90%
                                                                                                                            Year to Date 88%
                                                      P ROPE             !
                                                                  TUES           WED             THUR            FRI        SAT        SUN                  MON
                           cover f
                   e back perties
        Se e insid        pro
                  list of
        our full to rent.                                  Morning rain
                                                                             Fine with light Brief morning   Showers and
                                                                                                                                   Showers with
                                                                                                                                                        Mostly fine
                                                                                 winds            rain        some wind             light winds
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                                 OFFER APPLIES TO SELECTED MOVIES,
                                         DAILY BEFORE 5PM.
                                 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR THE SELECTED MOVIES
                                           NOW SHOWING
                                         & FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS.                     NOW SHOWING                        IN CINEMAS    • THURSDAY 24 MARCH

1 large, f/f room avail approx March 16th. Sunny, modern unit,                   6 drawer dresser with mirror for sale, $150 ono. Wall unit with
Glenda Drv, Frankton - w 2 other flatties. Room is $150pw + power                shelves and glass display case for sale, $150 ono. Both in good
is additional. Txt to view 027 673 7776                                          condition. Ph 022-077 6228
LARGE DOUBLE ROOM FOR RENT: 5 mins walk to town, 2 mins                          9 month Queenstown Gym Memebership for sale. $21 a week, I
to Fresh Choice. $220 incl pwr, sky, ph & cleaning service, wifi                 will pay the transfer fee. Phone 022-0776228, no texts please
available. Suit couple or 2 singles. Ph/text 027 429 7587
                                                                                 FLATMATES WANTED, Central QT. $80 per week. Twin
                      WATCH REPAIRS NOW                                          roomshare, 3 person room available. (027) 282 4578. One person
For all your small repairs, batteries & straps – done while you wait             ok, Huff St. F/furnished, wireless, sunny, clean, sky tv
            Level 2, O’Connell’s Mall (next to Toyworld)                         Frankton Junction. Large 2brm, semi furnished unit w garden.
          Mon-Fri, 9:30am till 5:30pm. Sat, 10am till 5pm                        Walking distance to amenities, prefer long term. Suit professional
                        Ph/txt 027 217 0442                                      couple, $350 per week. Email:
FEMALE FLATMATE WANTED - All Femal Flat, 47C Thompson
St, walk 2 town. Fully furnished, lake views, modern insulated flat,
heat pump, includes HQWifi. $145 + power. Ph/txt 021 345 062
Large sunny furnished room to rent, Fernhill. $150 + bills. Ph/txt                 New to town?
021 351 907                                                                        No time to organise your social life?
                                                                                   Join the Sociable Club - We organise the events...
Wanted Dbl bed, vacuum cleaner and microwave! Call or txt                          while you make friends!
021 827 776                                                                        Become a member!
One bedroom, fully furnished apartment to rent on Hallenstein                      email or call Deborah 0276208866
Street. Off street parking and a quick walk to town. Enclosed patio                         4x4 Adventures • Weekend excursions • Dinner Clubs • Wine Tasting
and bbq area. $290pw. Call Richard on 021 142 7966                                       Tramping • Cycling Trips • Parties • Picnics • BBQ’s and much much more!

                                                                                 GARAGE SALE Marina Heights. Signs out 9am, Saturday. Moving
                                                                                 house all must go. Loads of bargains and free items
                                                                                 Central shared room accom. 2 mins walk to town, furn with single
                                                                                 beds in 1 large room. Cool historic villa, fab lake views. $115pp pw.
                                                                                 Ph/txt 027 229 4622
                                                                                 Do you remember the Sheralees? Bigger than Suzanne Prentice,
                                                                                 not quite as big as the Garrison Brass Band... Introducing the
                                                                                 Sheralees - back together for 4 nights only. Don’t miss out!
                                                                                 Ford Telstra Estate, ‘98. 2.0l, mint condition, 4 new tyres, new
                                                                                 radio, current wof and rego. Recently serviced, board racks, perfect
                                                                                 for ski season! $3000. Ph/txt 028 8500 0316
                                                                                 LG 32” widescreen tv for sale. Perfect working order, going o/s so
                                                                                 MUST sell. $170 neg. Ph: 021 059 5306

                                                                                                                             txt SNIPER (space) YOUR NAME (space)
                                                                                                                               and this week’s Favourite Disorder to
                                                                                                                              343 to go in the draw to win a free epic
                                                                                                                                game of paintball for you & 9 mates
                                                                                                                                   (includes 100 paintball each!)
                                                                                                                               Winner’s name will be posted in next
                                                                                                0800 SNIPER                  week’s ‘FAVOURITE DISORDER OF THE
                                                                                                                                            WEEK’ listing.
                                                                                                                                         txts cost 99c each.

                                                                                    FAVOURITE DISORDER OF THE WEEK

                                                                                                              TOURETTE SYNDROME
                                                                                                         -noun Pathology.
                                                                                    Characterised by multiple physical (motor) tics most often
                                                                                   associated with the exclamation of obscene words or socially
                                                                                                      inappropriate remarks.

                                                                                    AT QUEENSTOWN PAINTBALL WE NOT ONLY WELCOME FOLKS WITH TOURETTE
                                                                                     SYNDROME, WE ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO ACT IN THE SAME MANNER. IF THE
                                                                                    ‘F-BOMB’ IS ON THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE WHEN YOU GET SHOT - LET IT OUT!

                                                                                         Queenstown Paintball - A world with different rules...
                                                                                  QUEENSTOWN PAINTBALLS FACEBOOK FRIENDS GET ‘MATES RATES’. BE ONE.
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                                                                                                                                                                                   SNOW PARK NZ Early Bird Season Pass Sale
                                                                                                                                    We are collecting donations in
                                                                                Christchurch                                       all our supermarkets nationwide
                                                                                                                                      to help assist families which
                                                                                                                                                                                                        ENDS THIS WEEK!
                                                                                                                                        are most affected by the
                                                                                                                                        Christchurch Earthquake.
                                   Queenstown                                    Collection                                        All funds will be donated to the
                                                                                                                                             Salvation Army.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Economy Pass: $549,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Standard Pass: Youth $349, Student $549, Adult $749.
    Nescafé Coffee Refill Range 100g             Whittaker’s Chocolate Block
                                                 Range 250-260g
                                                                                                            Mud House
                                                                                                                    e                                                             All passes are loaded with a long list of discounts including 10% off all food
                                                                                                                                                                                  and beverage at Snow Park NZ. Local youth passes available soon.
    (Includes Decaf 75g)
    Limit 4 Assorted                             Limit 4 Assorted                                                              /
                                                                                                            (Excludes Hay Maker/
                                                                                                            Pinot Noir)

                                                                                                                                                                                  For more info or to purchase your pass online visit
                                                                                                                                                                                  SALE ENDS: MARCH 18
                                                                                                                                                                                  OPEN SEASON: JUNE 11, 2011
   $ 993          each
                                                    $ 29 3          each
                                                                                                             $    1199             each
                                                                                                                                                                                 Flatmate wanted! Ensuite, fully furnished double room available.
  SAVE FROM    $3.00                               SAVE FROM        95¢                                      SAVE FROM         $8.41
                                                                                                                                                                                 Central location, lake views, front and back yard. $200/week +
                                                  Community Fund Recipients                                                                         FreshChoice
                                                                                                                                                 Community Fund,
                                                                                                                                                                                 internet & power. Call or txt 021 827 776
                                  March’s donation of $1000 went to St. Joseph’s Primary School - Leaders Camp.                                   supporting our
                                FreshChoice Queenstown Community Fund total contribution $89,424.                                                local community.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Washing machine for sale - $150. Older model in great working
                                         Prices apply from Tuesday 15th March to Sunday
                                                                                                                                                                                 order. Pick up from Arthurs Point, needs to be picked up on or
 64 Gorge Road, Queenstown.                    20th March 2011, or while stocks last.                                                                                            before Sat morning (19/03). Text Kate on 027 314 1525

 Phone (03) 441-1252.
                                   Trade not supplied. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per
 Open 7 days, 7am - midnight   customer per day. Product range may vary from store to store. Proprietary brands not for resale.
                                                        Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    1991 TOYOTA HILUX SURF
Interested in scrapbooking? New club starting if enough people                                                                                                                        2.4 turbo diesel, new tyres, new warrant, 4mths rego left.
are interested. Both new and experienced scrapbookers welcome                                                                                                                                 Very reliable, been fully serviced - $3500
to this wonderful creative and social activity. Call 442 8671                                                                                                                                             Ph/txt 021 539 138
Queenstown Gym membership available. $22.50pw, all you need                                                                                                                      IPOD/IPHONE/ITOUCH TROUBLE? NOT RESPONDING/NO
to pay is half of transfer fee (12.50)!! Pls contact Jess on 021 074                                                                                                             SOUND/BROKEN SCREEN/DEAD BATTERY ALL AND MORE
6963 asap if interested                                                                                                                                                          CAN BE CHEAPLY AND EASILY FIXED, 24HR TURNAROUND
Frankton Junction. Large, 2brm, semi furnished unit w garden.                                                                                                                    TYPICALLY! CHEAPEST IN NZ! 02102690455
Walking distance to amenities. Prefer long term, suit professional                                                                                                               Gym Membership at Lake Leisure Gym. Expires April 29, including
couple. $350 per week. Ph 021 44998                                                                                                                                              classes, swimming. Sell it now for $85, no fee for name change.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Contact Chris 021-1434443
                                                                                                                                                                                 Garage sale. 10am, Saturday, 19th March. Beds, household items,
                                                                                                                                                                                 tools & garden tools. 105 McDonnell Rd, Arrowtown
                               Restaurant ~ Cafe ~ Patisserie ~ Deli
                                                                                                                                                                                 Flatmate wanted: Double room, f/f, near New World. $160 bills
                            FRIDAY JAZZ IS BACK!
                           FRIDAY NIGHT JAZZCLUB
                                                                                                                                                                                 included. Ph Dan 021 129 1046

                        Every Friday from 7pm to 9pm.
                          7 TO 9PM • FREE OF CHARGE
       Les Alpes will donate a-part of -this Friday
          16 Church St, Queenstown 442 6060
                    night’s takings to the
FLATMATES WANTED. 2 lge double rooms available, $160
(one w/ en-suite $220)Earthquake Appeal.
                       in lower Fernhill (Sainsbury Road.) Fully
furnished, stunning views, sunny deck w/bbq, huge living room. Ph/
txt 021 0228 7892 and enjoy great music, food and
           Come                                                                                                                                                                                                   own
Bowenview wine, and Central, 2br, 2a good cause. large

442 4868
          Apartment. be part of ensuite, near new,
living area. Lake views and balcony, garaging, fully furnished.
        16 Church St, Queenstown ~ 442.6060 ~
Available now. Suit professional couple, $600 per week. Phone                                                                                                                             1 Day Deals
4 RENT - Lovely huge family home in Sunshine Bay. 4 bedrooms, 4
bathrooms, fully furnished, garage, wood burner, next door to play
ground & tennis court. Phone 021 161 0981
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      Bookkeeping doesn’t need
      to be hard work!
                                                                                                             CAPTION COMP!
                                                                                                             Win a 3 piece Quarter Pack
                                                                                                              for the funniest Caption

                             We specialise in all aspects of accounts
                                        management, and we love it!
                              Debtors, creditors, wages, PAYE, GST, data entry.
                              We can do the lot, or simply give you a hand with
                                   the tricky bits! Let us take the stress away!

      Call 03 441 2241 or visit us at

Fully furnished room available in a large apartment on
Queenstown Hill. Beautiful views, short walk to town (less than 5
mins). $150 per week plus bills. Text/call 021 278 9491
Housesitting local couple of 45 years. Well known, honest. We
care for your pets and we pay the power. References, prefer long
term but happy to discuss. Ph 021 0271 5195
                                                                                     Come up with the funniest caption for this photo & you could win a 3 piece Quarter Pack.
          WORRIED ABOUT YOUR CHILDS SPEECH                                           Send your entry to or fax to 409 2801 by 3pm Friday & remember to add
                    or language development?                                                                                                                     54
                                                                                             your contact details. Check out last weeks winning caption on page 38
    Contact Susan at Communicate Speech Language Therapy                                           FRESH TASTES BEST - KFC, 27 Camp St, Ph 442 7078
                                                                                                Hours: 10.30am to 10pm daily (10.30am to 11pm, Fri & Sat)
           to discuss your concerns and get free advice
                  Ph 027 215 8851or 03 4437747                                     1990 Subaru Legacy, 2.0gt, great engine, body is a bit under the
                                                                                   weather, cd player, I took a great care, just the shaft or diff as I am
Woodburner, Wegj with wet back, flue + xtras. Cranks the heat,                     not a mechanic, I dont know. Phone 0212303687
advertised on trade me #360296102. View in Qtn. Offers over
$1000. Ph/txt 027 229 4622                                                         Wind trainer - wanted to buy or borrow for a year! At an affordable
                                                                                   price! Tanya 021998901
Washing machine wanted - Fisher and Paykel machine wanted,
what have you? 0272919884 Or                                   Warm and comfortable home in Arrowtown for rent. Short term
                                                                                   from April - end of September. Rent $250 includes looking after well
Queen sized wooden slat bed, good condition, $300ono. Wooden                       behaved dog. Ph 442 1653 or 021 031 0850
desk with 2 drawers, $50. 0273311880
                                                                                                                WHITE STUDIO
                                                                                                     Affordable – Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
                                                                                                    Immediate Results, only $159. Book Now!
                                                                                                              Ph/txt 021 065 4813

             Are you a                                                             Awesome room available now - New place with all new mod cons,
                                                                                   centrally located on Bowen Street - $155pw. Double room but
                                                                                   would prefer single person. Must see!! Txt 0210 546 726

             Southern                                                              Surfboard, 8ft 2, custom with bag, $400. Medium mens wetsuit,
                                                                                   rarely used, $60. Ph/txt 021 056 1807

             Cross Member?
                                                                                   Looking for a warm, clean, 3 bdrm house to rent in Arthur’s Point
                                                                                   or QT Hill. Professional, mature, responsible local couple with great
                                                                                   references. Love a top end home with no letting fee double glazing,
                                                                                   heat pump. Fireplace a bonus, bathtub a must. 021 942 496
              Did you know that at the Skin Institute
                                                                                   FLUTE & RECORDER lessons for anybody and everybody, all
              Queenstown you are covered for:                                      ages and levels that have passion for music. I have MBA degree in
                                                                                   performing arts and years of teaching exp. Ph/txt 021 176 8981
                           Mole checks
                                                                                   CHEAP AS ACCOMMODATION, $115pp pw each!! Fully furn, 3
                           Skin cancer surgery                                     single beds in 1 rm, gr8 house, fab lake views. 2 nins walk town
                                                                                   center, includes pwr, sky, cleaning service. Ph/txt 027 229 4622
                           Varicose vein laser surgery
                           Skin conditions                                          Study locally - Zero Fees!
          No doctors referral needed.                                               Courses in 2011:
          Call 03 442 2255 or                                                       •	    Barista Three Day - 17 -19 March
          0800 SKIN DR (754 637)                                                    •	
                                                                                          Food Safety - 4 and 11 April
                                                                                          Barista One Day - 13 April
          Queenstown: Skin Institute, Remarkables Park                              •	    Mind Your Own Business - Starts 2 May
                                                                                    •	    Food Control Plan - 2 and 9 May
  Affiliated provider to
                                                                                    •	    Workplace Assessor Training - 18 May

                                                   0800 QT 4 SIT / 03 442 5375
                                                                                    Level 2, Dart House, Remarkables Park
  Cosmetic surgery | General surgery | Appearance medicine | Vein treatments        Town Centre, Hawthorne Drive, Queenstown
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         The    Alexander Technique 
           R e l e a s e p a tt e r n s o f t e n si o n t h a t b l o c k fr e e   m o v e m e n t
                   a n d c a u s e p r e s s u r e o n t h e s p i n e a n d j o i n t s.
                      R e a c h y o u r p o t e n ti a l & p r e v e n t i n j u r y

              Phone : Emma Hargreaves  ATTSNZ      03 409 2041
      House need some TLC? All repairs and maintenance to your
      home. Gib, Paint, Cracks, Doors & Locks, Taps, Waterblasting,
e     Gardens, Trees and more. Werty’s All Works Ltd - 027 843 7078.
ew    Small jobs to full renovations
      All sports including climbing & water sports: contact: sunny@ or ph/txt 021 227 8669

 ,    FLATMATES WANTED. 2 lge double rooms available, $160                                               NEW STUDENT                     10 days unlimited Yoga
      (one w/ en-suite $220) in lower Fernhill (Sainsbury Road.) Fully
      furnished, stunning views, sunny deck w/bbq, huge living room.                                     SPECIAL                         Great for newbies or travellers!
      Gas fire, off street parking, garage. 021 022 87892
                                                                                                         Make the change now, get up with these morning classes:
                                                                                                         Bikram Friday 6:30-8am
ur                                                                                                       Dynamic Hatha Monday 7-8:30am
                                                                                                         Pilates L1 Wednesday 8-9am
                                                                                                         “Never too old, never too late, never to sick to start yoga
                                                                                                         and begin again”

                                                                                                         2 Industrial lane • •
      2 bedroom, fully male & apartment for rent. In great location
      hired! We require firnishedfemale 60yr’s + for local commercial on
      Frankton Road, warm quiet, off street 441 1541 or 021 227 8669
      work: orparking and bus stop out                                     Queen Size Base for sale, is in good condition. $150 ono. Phone
hts   side. Call Marc on 021 032 2638                                                                 022-0776228, no texts please
on    Peace of mind. Professional couple, mid thirty’s wishing to get on
88    $110 per week + expenses to bond. Great if you maintaining
      the property ladder. Wantingandhouse sit in turn for want your own                              1996 TOYOTA Corona Premio, 1.8l. 140,000km, automatic, abs
      property. Call 02102478636 references avail others. Please contact
      vege garden. Frankton Road to share with 2                                                      breaks, air conditioning, central locking. Power steering, current
      Julie 0274 474 938                                                                              wof/reg. Excellent condition. $4900. Call 441-2719
r     One room in sweet 3br/1bth house with lake & Remarks views.
      Fantastic, large, clean room avail now. Fully furnished, suit                                   Double room with own bathroom & queen bed available for 1
      Newly furnished, epic deck, wood burner. Two chilled out mid 20s                                person. House is on QT Hill, 3 bed, 2 bath with log burner & great
      couples or single. for the same. 160pw+2wks, txt 0226799259
      flatmates. LookingOwn ensuite, sky, includes power, internet, gas.                              views. $140 per week + expenses. Phone 0274 061 128
      $280 per week. Ring/text 027 612 5431, Fernhill
at    Wanted; female friend with benifits as old friend has left town. Txx                            Flatmates wanted! Large furnished room available in 3 bedroom
      King Size Bed for sale. Mattress and base, it is in good condition.
      me 0211136912
      $400 ono. Ph 022-077 6228                                                                       house. Suit 2 friends or couple. Ensuite, central location, lake
                                                                                                      views, back and front yard, bbq. Txt 021 827 776
n     Childcare change table with bath, $80. Desk $40 unit, furnished, x
      Larchwood Heights: Modern, 3 bedroom, 2 bath w1180 x d600
      h770 (with removable shelving hutch h1550). avail now until Jan
      great views & osp. Woodburner & heatpump, Dreambaby gate 71-                                    DOUBLE ROOM FOR RENT. Large, for twin or couple, opp
      82cm and extn Contact Sue 0274 886 478
      2012. $450pw. 27cm, $80. All in great condition. 0212288100                                     McDonnalds on Frankton Rd. $65 per person pw, fully furnished,
                                                                                                      wireless, tidy, quiet. (027) 2824 578
                                                                                                      ZUMBA FITNESS DANCE - Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton
                                                                                                      Dance & much more with Ana Maria, experienced teacher from
                                                                                                      Chile. Mon 6:30pm, Wed 7pm, Thurs 6pm & Fri 6pm. QPACT
,                                                                                                     Room, Ballarat St, $10. Ph 021 189 1493. Now a 10 day class pass
d.                                                                                                    avail for $70 - Awesome deal!
        fully licensed & BYO Wine only - conditions apply
                                                                                                                             Native New Zealand
           EARLY BIRD DINE IN SPECIAL                                                                                          111 Glenda Drive, Frankton Industrial, Tel 03 442 2948
                                                                                                                                         8am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm Sat

                 BUY ONE CURRY
             GET ONE FREE! 5pm -7pm
                                                                                                                             BULK BINS ONLY
      Refer to this advertisement when ordering. Everyday except Wednesday                                                          Bark Chips, Compost,
                                                                                                                                      Screened Topsoil
        Wednesday night ~ Curry night
                                                                                                                              PLANTS AND ALL OTHER PRODUCTS
              ALL CURRY $14                                                                                                    AVAILABLE AT SHOTOVER GARDEN
                     Queenstown - 66 Shotover Street - Ph 441 2886                                                               CENTRE, SH6, QUEENSTOWN
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN 15th - 21st March 2011                                                                                                                                Page 6

                                                                 Looking for
                                                                extra income?
     Trade/Retail Sales
                                                                                                    WE HAVE MOVED
                                                                  Allied Work Force
                                                                   requires waiting
           Full Time Position                                    and kitchen staff for
          QUEENSTOWN                                            evening and weekend
Resene is the local force in the NZ paint industry being
                                                                      event work.               Come view our new offices at 10 Athol street
  the leading supplier of architectural paint systems.
                                                                On going work available.          – look for us beside the Village Green.
We are seeking an enthusiastic Trade/Retail salesperson
                                                                       Please call
                                                                                                                   CURRENTLY REQUIRED:
for our Colourshop. The position involves selling high
quality paint, wallpaper and painting accessories and
       managing both public and trade enquiries.                  Allied Work Force
Trade and retail experience is desirable but not essential            03 451 1205                           • Accountant Person with income Tax Experience
as full training will be provided. An interest in paint and
                                                                   0800 LABOUR                                        – full time permanent Role
  surrounding industries would also be an advantage.
                                                                   (0800 552 687)               If you have experience in any of these areas, please send your CV
This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a colourful
and innovative New Zealand owned company offering
                                                                                                and covering letter to Vicki at, or drop
           advancement and personal growth.                                                       in to 10 Athol St beside the Village Green and see us in person.

As we are open 6 days a week, the ability to work
          Saturday mornings is essential.

 Application forms are available from the Resene
  Colorshop, 87 Gorge Road or post your current
    CV to the Shop Manager Liz Kirkness. All
 applications will be strictly confidential and only
       long term local residents need apply.
                                                                                                                               CASUAL OUTDOOR SALESPERSON
                                                                PART TIME I.T. AND MANAGEMENT SPECIALISTS                      QUEENSTOWN OUTDOOR ADVENTURE STORE
                                                                Richardson Management Consultants are seeking two              element® is a large Outdoor Adventure Specialist
                                                                enthusiastic and suitably experienced consultants;             store with over 12,000 square feet of Hunting,
                                                                one to provide Human Resources and Management                  Fishing, Bikes, Snow and Outdoor gear.
       the paint the professionals use                          Training Services and the other to provide I.T Training
                                                                Services to a wide range of its Queenstown clients.            We are looking for a person with a keen outdoors
                                                                The roles call for self motivated individuals who              interest able to provide cover in hunting, fishing,
                                                    2200256AA   embrace change and like a challenge.                           camping, and snow sports. Preference will be
                                                                The successful applicant will have:                            given to applicants with a firearms licence. Training
  Home Educators and                                            • Human Resources and/or management experience
                                                                  OR the ability to undertake computer training in
                                                                                                                               will be provided over our broad range of outdoor,
                                                                                                                               hunting and fishing gear, but we would expect a
  Nannies Needed Now!                                             Microsoft Office Word and Excel
                                                                • Corporate/ high level Management OR IT training              good base knowledge as an outdoor participant.
                                                                  experience is essential                                      Some previous customer service experience would
  Do you currently care for children                            • A high degree of self motivation and a willingness           also be favourable.
  or have a passion for childcare?                                to learn new skills
                                                                                                                               We will require cover most Sundays in the
  Full and part time positions available                        Application forms and a job description can be obtained        store with up to two other week days available,
  for people seeking a career in Early
                                                                by contacting Blake at                                         depending on candidates availability
                                                       or (09) 476 4911.
  Childhood Education. Full training and                                                                                       Apply via email or post to:
                                                                Please submit completed application forms and CV to
  on the job support.
                                                                Blake Richardson, P.O. Box 65487 Mairangi Bay, North           The Store Manager
                                                                Shore, Auckland or to            Element®
  PORSE Queenstown                                              To arrive no later than 5.00pm, Wednesday,                     PO Box 2268, Frankton, Queenstown
                                                                24th March 2011.                                               Email:
  Ph 441 1230
  w w

                                                                                                                                                             Revolver requires an
                                                                                                                                                             outgoing dedicated
                                                                                                 Buffet Runner                                                Pizza chef to run
                                                                                                                                                                our kitchen.
     Apartment Cleaner Required                                       We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic Buffet Runner to join
                                                                                      our very busy and fun Kitchen team.                                    30-40 hours a week,
  We require the services of person with                                                                                                                    previous experience is
                                                                All applicants must have previous knife handling skills, food preparation and hospitality
   a passion for cleaning of the highest                                                                                                                     a must and if you like
                                                                experience. Food Hygiene qualification unit standard 167 preferable but not essential.
       quality and an eye for detail.                                                                                                                       mixing it up with a bit of
                                                                   Flexibility needed as shifts could include evenings, weekends and public holidays.
  Hours and Days of work are varied and                                                                                                                      bar work even better!
                                                                      In return we offer competitive rates of pay, staff benefits, spectacular views
       are on an as required basis.                                                         and a great working environment.                                 Please e mail Matt at
  Please contact Jude or Ian Paterson                                       If this sounds like the job for you please email your CV to:          
 442 5050 or email                                    Nicole Bakker- HR Coordinator                         or call 021 432 145.
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN 15th - 21st March 2011                                                                                                          Page 7

  Because we have casual, long & short term                            Touch of Spice                              Full Time Chef/Driver
             work available now!                       New Zealand’s Leading Luxury Lifestyle Specialists    No we don’t deliver pizzas!
      • Builders • Chefs • Labourers                  Experienced Cleaner – Private Villa Collection         We are looking for a full time qualified chef who
        • Hammerhands • Hospitality                   “Touch of Spice” is seeking an experienced and
                                                                                                             has or can achieve a Class 2 (heavy vehicle)
                                                                                                             driver licence to assist in the preparation/
 If you have experience, are reliable and want        competent “Cleaner” to coordinate and manage           production and loading of airline catering at
      ongoing work then contact our team.             the cleaning of our growing portfolio of Private       Queenstown airport.
                                                      Villas in Queenstown.                                  Previous sole-charge chef experience is
   HOSPITALITY AND CLEANING                           Besides being highly motivated, quick on your          required, and a Class 2 License would be an
                                                                                                             advantage. Applicants must be reliable, well-
         STAFF NEEDED                                 feet, and have a passion for detail , the successful   presented and keen to learn. Applicants also
                                                      candidate will be able to work flexible hours/days     must be able to work shift-work and weekends.
 Full Time & Casual Contracts Are Available           at times under pressure.
                                                                                                             We provide free meals, uniforms and parking.
        • Great Rates • Great Benefits                You will need:                                         To apply, please send your CV to fax (03)
         109 Gorge Road Queenstown                    • Proven cleaning experience                           442 3326 or email
                                                      • An impeccable eye for detail                         or post to Binu Krishnan, LSG Sky Chefs,
              Allied Work Force                                                                              Tex Smith Lane, Wakatipu, Queenstown.
                                                      • Ability to run to a roster and manage others.
                  03 451 1205                         • A full clean driver’s license
         0800 LABOUR (0800 552 687)                   • New Zealand residence or work visa
                                                      Please forward your resume to Erik Moen :
                                                                                                                Duty Manager Needed – Full Time Position.
                                                                             Required to work Monday to Sunday on a Weekly
                                                      or post to:                                                 Roster, Must have Managers Certificate.
                                                      PO Box 1857, Queenstown.                                   Bar And Managerial Experience Required.
                                                      Applications close Friday 25th March 2011                    Promotional & Microphone experience
                                                                                                                              will be a bonus.
             The Tin Goose                                                                                   Please send cv’s to
        Terrace Junction Frankon                                                                                         by Thurs 17th March 2011.
     Requires the following staff to join our
              professional team:
                   • BARISTA
             • CHEF / DELI COOK
      Experence essential, full time work,
                                                              Tradestaff needs
                                                                                                              Housekeeping Manager required
        must be able to work weekends                              your skills!                               Full time, must have previous experience.
        Come in and drop your CV off,                 We are looking for the following skilled and/
      email                                                                                 Please email your CV to
                                                      or experienced staff:
                 or call 4414361                                                                          
                                                      •	 Skilled	Labourers
                                                      •	 TQ	Builder/Hammer	Hand
                                                      •	 Administration	Staff
                                                      •	 Engineer/Welder
     Service Advisor/Office Administration            •	 Tilers/Plasterers
 We require an experienced Office Administrator/      We have these and many more jobs available
 Service Advisor for our Frankton Service Centre      right now! Sign up today, start tomorrow!
 servicing brands such as Audi, Volkswagen,           Please	contact	Tradestaff	on	03	442	8553	
 Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Peugeot.              or	drop	into	the	office	at	Searle	Lane.	
 Previous experience in all aspects of day to day
 office duties required and experience in the motor
 trade using Units package would be an advantage
 although not essential as training will be given.
 To join our team the successful applicant will be    Part Time Sandwich Maker                               Grill Cook
 reliable, motivated, happy and pleasant.             Queenstown Airport Café is seeking an                  Queenstown Airport Café is seeking an
 Remuneration will be paid based on experience and    experienced sandwich maker.                            experienced Grill Cook.
 technical knowledge.                                 Candidates must have the ability to work               The successful applicant must be good
                                                      fast and pay attention to detail.                      under pressure, have superb communication
 Please apply in confidence to:                                                                              skills and a positive attitude.
                                                      Part Time position, hours are approx
 Southern Motor Group                                 7-10.30am 5 days per week. Some                        This is a daytime position which includes
 Service Advisor/Office Administration                weekends included. Contact Annie Gallaway              most weekends. Contact Annie Gallaway at
 P O Box 2037                                         at                    
 Wakatipu - Queenstown
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN 15th - 21st March 2011                                                                                                                                Page 8

                                                                                                                DUTY FREE STORES NZ LTD

                                                                                                                QUEENSTOWN AIRPORT
                                                                                                                • Fixed Term
                                                                                                                • Part Time
                                                                                                                • Retail Sales Positions

                                                                                                                • Available through to September 2011

                                                                                                                Are you an enthusiastic salesperson with a passion for retail?
                                                                                                                Would you like the challenge and excitement of working in an
Town Custodian - Queenstown                                                                                     airport environment with a company focused on achieving results?

Fixed Term March 2011 – February 2012                                                                           You’re the sort of person who does what it takes to keep
                                                                                                                customers happy. Friendly, helpful and approachable, you’ll
We are seeking a Town Custodian with excellent attention to detail, a                                           tell customers about promotions, offers and advise on country
passion for high quality service delivery and a professional approach to
                                                                                                                allowances. What’s more you’ll handle customer issues quickly
their work.
                                                                                                                and professionally. Above all you can’t wait to utilise your sales
As well as undertaking programmed cleaning of the Queenstown CBD,                                               skills in an exciting airport environment.
you will provide information for visitors and establish effective relationships
with the local business community to keep our town looking great. In return                                     To succeed in this role you will be able to demonstrate
you will step into a passionate team, who pride themselves on keeping                                           commitment, be able to deliver a hassle free shopping
Queenstown beautiful.
                                                                                                                experience for our customers and in return you will be
Sound like you? Apply online at                                                          rewarded for a job well done.

                                   Applications Close Wednesday 23rd March 2011
                                                                                                                   To apply please email your resume to
   Paradise is waitin                                                                                              Applicants must a have current work permit to work in NZ

   Can you?
                                                                                            Full Time Sales Manager & Shop Assistant Position Available at Cartridge World
                                                                                          •	 Queenstown	based	position	that	includes	travel	to	Wanaka,	Cromwell	&	Alexandra	as	needed
                                                                                          •	 Must	be	experienced	with	business	to	business	sales
                                                            Nanny/Childcarer              •	 Motivated	and	reliable
                                                                                          •	 Must	have	email,	MS	Office	&	internet	skills
                                                              Required for 2              •	 Experience	in	sales	of	office	consumables	preferential
                                                                                          •	 Must	be	able	to	work	in	a	helpful	team	environment	&	be	able	to	work	unsupervised
                                                             children, 3-5 pm
                                                                                          •	 Previous	Knowledge	in	this	industry	will	be	an	advantage

                                                              Mon-Thursday.               •	 Full	time	–	40	hours	per	week
                                                                                             Please post CVs to Kevin Kuck c/o Cartridge World, 3 Church St, Queenstown
                                                              Must have own                                    or email to
 Cook Brothers Bars is a nation wIde                      transport and English
 hospitality company, with outlets in                         first language.
 Dunedin, Queenstown & Auckland.
                                                             Long term local                                                      Rentals/Web and Marketing Support
 We are currently on the hunt for a
 General Manager for Searle Lane &                                please.                                                         We have a full time position available for
 Social in Queenstown.                                        Call 442 5458                                                       this multi faceted role.
 The position will take full responsibility for
 the performance of the outlet.
                                                                                          Over the winter you will be the 2IC in our very busy Rentals Department.
 The successful applicant will have                                                       You will be responsible for training and leading the rentals crew and providing
 at least three years experience in                         House cleaner                 excellent customer service. You will also liaise with local businesses and
 management, ideally with extensive                           required                    accommodation providers in regards to our rentals product. Experience with R&B
 hospitality experience. They will have a                                                 Booking system would be a definite advantage.
 can do attitude, and the ability to roll up                  for one off clean
 their sleeves and get into the thick of our                                              For the remainder of the year you will be responsible for the design and
                                                            (on Sun 27 March)             placement of advertisements in both print and radio; and for assistance with our
                                                             of a vacant small            growing e-commerce site. The successful applicant must have recent experience
 Excellent renumeration and future
 opportunities working with a company
                                                             modern house to              in both marketing and website maintenance.
 with huge future goals.                                   prepare it for tenants.        This diverse role requires a committed person with plenty of enthusiasm and who
                                                                                          is physically fit as there is heavy lifting. You will also need to be able to work long
 For further info please email                              Will pay $20 p/hour           hours on a 7 day roster with late nights and weekends.                                  for an experienced
 All applications taken in strictest condence.                    person.                 Please apply to
                                                                                 or drop your CV into Outside Sports,
                                                             Ph 021 762 362               Shotover Street, Queenstown.
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                  Page 9

     WORK WITH CHILDREN!                                                                                                Council Snippets
    Are you enthusiastic about preschoolers?
    Do you want to work for a fantastic family?
     No qualifications necessary, just ‘hands on’       Casual Waitperson               Christchurch earthquake
  experience with children. We pay for your first aid         Needed.                   In the wake of the earthquake, Queenstown is currently playing host
         training and offer excellent support.
                                                         Please drop your               to a number of visitors from Christchurch. We’d like to welcome these
      Find your perfect job, or next career step                                        people and also thank locals for offering accommodation, supplying
        through us, we have families waiting.              CV in or email:
                                                                                        food and clothing and generally stepping up and offering assistance.
                Call our friendly team at                  In order to allocate our resources wisely, we’re asking people from
 The Nanny Company Queenstown on 441 3955                                               Christchurch to register with us so we can get a better idea of how
 or apply online at           1st Flr, 69 Beach St            many people are here. It’s simple to register - simply phone the
                                                                                        Council on 03 441 0499.

                                                                                        If you’re newly arrived and you need assistance, please visit the
  FRONT OF HOUSE/RECEPTION                               MOTHERS HELP –                 QLDC website where you’ll find information about
                                                         Family req; 20 hrs per         local service providers.
  Best Western Cranbury Court                           week, help with laundry,
  is a busy apartment complex                           folding, some childcare,        The website also has a page dedicated to local fundraising initiatives
                                                            meal preparation,           and how to make donations. If you have anything you’d like listed,
  located in central Queenstown.                           baking if possible.          email the details to
  A position has become available to                        A drivers license
  work in the Front Of House/Reception.                      helpful, good              Tree felling on Glenorchy Road
                                                        understanding of English.       Motorists are advised that there will be minor delays on Glenorchy
  The successful candidate will:                         Please no texts, phone         Road until to Friday 18 March 2011 due to tree felling work. Short road
  • Be able to work a minimum of 30hrs                      027 494 6433 or             closures will be necessary while trees are felled and dead wood is
                                                          442 9321 after 8pm            removed. Delays of up to 15 minutes may occur. The work will assist
    per week including some weekends,
                                                                                        in making our community safer. Please obey signage and leave home
    some sole charge time required                                                      a little earlier in case of delays.
  • Have good interpersonal and
    organisational skills
  • Be well presented
  • Have a good understanding of
                                                          LWB                           Right Way Month
                                                                                        March is Right Way Month where we encourage everyone to think
                                                                                        about how they travel and make a commitment to travelling the right
    computers                                                                           way. We’re asking everyone to make a change for one day.
                                                             ARE YOU
                                                                                         It can be any sort of change - maybe car pooling with your neighbour
  • Be a NZ resident or possess                            LOOKING FOR                  instead of driving solo or leaving the car at home and walking to work
    a valid NZ work visa                                     STAFF?                     for one day a week. Give it a try. Who knows? That one day may turn
                                                                                        into a lifetime commitment.
  Email CV and covering letter by 31st
                                                                                        To give you a little bit of encouragement, we’re giving people who
  March, 2011 to                      BE THE FIRST
                                                                                        commit to making a change this month the chance to win a bike and a
                                                          TO DISCOVER                   month’s free travel with Connectabus. Register what you’re doing and
                                                         THOSE ACTIVELY                 you’ll receive a free Right Way drink bottle and go in the draw to win
                                                                                        the prize pack. Visit the CHOICE website to find out more
                                                         SEEKING A NEW
                                                                                        Draft freedom camping control bylaw
                                                          •              Submissions are being taken now on the draft freedom camping
                                                                                        control bylaw. You can make a submission at any QLDC office or for
                                                          • 03 409 2800                 the first time, we’re taking your submissions online.

                                                                 To view the draft bylaw and supporting material, go to www.qldc.govt.

                                                                                        Submissions close on Monday 4 April, 2011 at 4pm.

                                                                                        Rugby World Cup 2011 is coming
Mountain bike, hard tail, medium frame $450. Digital camera 10x                         Queenstown is an official training venue for three teams: England,
optical zoom, 3.2mp with case, no memory card $70. Dirty dog                            Ireland and Romania and we’re looking forward to the teams’ arrivals
sunglasses and case $70. 0211227404                                                     and making them feel welcome. If you’re keen on helping out, a team
Mitsubishi proton saga, 126,000 km’s, new tyres, timing belt                            of around 50 volunteers is being put together. Visit www.queenstown-
recent, and serviced. Leaving country, reduced to sell quick $1995.            to find out how to participate.
Call 0212012715
                                                                                        There will also be a regionwide calendar of events taking place.
Van 4 sale 1992 Toyota Estima, 4wd manual, petrol $2900 ono,                            Details will be announced as events are confirmed.
rego Aug, wof July. Great runner, very reliable. New tyres, new
battery, camping gear, lots of extras. Ph Anna 0212055778
No time,too lazy or too tired to go for a walk with your dog after
work? I would love to go for a walk with your dog(s). Just call/txt
Matze: 0226712241
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                             Page 10

                                                 CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE APPEAL
                                                 Wed 16 March all sales for the day will be donated
                                                            to the Earthquake Appeal.
                                                                                            SEE YOU IN HELL
                  THIS WEEKS HELL PIZZA WINNER ‘BE THERE OR BE SQUARE’                                                              Your comments from the
 Dear Editor,                                                                                                                        website this week.......
 I would like to extend an invitation to any of my fellow     are handily posted on their windows. So if you’re            RESPONSE TO 289 ‘INSUFFERABLE INTERNET’
 freedom campers the opportunity to join our daily            in need of a few nights of humour, festivities and
 soiree at the One Mile car park. The atmosphere              most importantly, a space in the locally funded             I can get 1 gig in 15 minutes often, thats like a
 we create is humble and one of a kind, if you don’t          campsite which you dont have to chip in for, then           MB per sec you need to move! Prob average
 believe in cleanliness then you’ll be in the right           just drive your station wagon, van or people mover          300-500KB
 place because we just pile our garbage until it’s            (or bring a tent if it suits you) down to the bottom of
 waist height and we sponge bathe with wet tshirts.           Fernhill by the big roundabout during any evening           ‘Speedy’
 If you’re worried about a potential fine from the            this week. But be quick because space is limited.
 powers up above, let me rest your mind. We laugh             There is just one rule, under no circumstances must         Don’t really understand it either. I pay a
 in the face of fines, that is, if we ever saw one. I’ve      a breath of our small paradise be mentioned to the          reasonable amount for my connection and I
 been there for nearly a fortnight and I have received        local council, as this may jeopardise the sanctity of       literally have to load up short videos, go away
 more complimentary hotel room offers than telling            our site, haha just kiddng... What are they going to        for a bit and come back to watch them. I certainly
 offs. We have a great crew of regular campers who            do? Hope to see you soon...                                 can’t expect it to do more than 2 things at once
 we call the locals. They’re a friendly bunch once you        Fred M Van De Kamp
 get to know them. And they’re always close at hand
                                                                                                                          or it’s prehistorically slow! I have often wondered
 if you ever need them, their cell phone numbers                                                                          if this is just the way it is or I am getting a bad
                                                                                                                          service. It’s high time someone stepped up and
 Response from Queenstown Lakes District Council,                                                                         raised the bar!
 The Council takes the issue of freedom camping               self contained toilet facilities on board. You can’t        Kate
 seriously which is one of the reasons that it has            freedom camp in the urban areas and you can’t
 sought central government support for the ability            freedom camp anywhere unless you have toilet                         RESPONSE TO 288 ‘DON’T CALL ME...’
 to issue instant fines under the Local Government            facilities on board.
 Act. When Government amends the LGA,                                                                                     I remember when i came to Queenstown a year
                                                              More information on freedom camping can be found
 QLDC will be among the first Council’s to issue                                                                          ago on the job hunt and walked into a clothing
                                                              on our website We appreciate
 substantial fines for freedom camping offences.                                                                          shop on Shotover street, CV in hand, and started
                                                              the difficulties. Managing freedom camping is
 While the Council goes through the process of                frustrating for locals and Council alike, however we        my spiel of how im looking for a job etc, only to
 adopting the Bylaw (the process of which is defined          believe that if the proposed Bylaw is adopted and           be interupted by the guy sat behind his desk,
 in law and can’t be shortcut) we have started (since         implemented as intended then we will see a very             with the words, “You’re not a girl”. Wow, cheers
 Friday 11 March) issuing instant fines to campers            substantial change in behaviour. I would encourage          you sexist tool!
 who are in breach of the Traffic and Parking Bylaw.          anyone who is concerned about the effects of
 The maximum fine for camping under this Bylaw                freedom camping to make a submission on the                 Bloke
 is $40. Since fines were issued we have seen a               proposed Freedom Camping Bylaw.
 dramatic reduction in freedom camping at the One                                                                         Oh there’s nothing worse than being fobbed off
 Mile. The message to freedom campers is clear.               Paul Wilson,                                                at a job interview! It’s hard to because people just
 You are welcome to freedom camp in our District              General Manager,                                            aren’t willing sometimes to give you a chance,
 if you camp outside of the urban areas and have              Community Services                                          even when you know you could be amazing.
                                                                                                                          And how are we supposed to get experience if
                                             ‘BENDING THE RULES’                                                          nobody is willing to take a chance and give us
                                                                                                                          that first shot! And if I come in with a CV and
Dear Editor,                                                                                                              you don’t have work, well at least I tried, you
How is it fair that I can get a $20 fine for parking too      get picked up for work in Glenorchy. For the past two       don’t have to look at me like the world’s biggest
long in a P30 zone; when people can park up and camp          weeks myself and all my work mates have struggled           inconvenience!
where there is a clear sign that says “NO CAMPING”            to find a space because of the 15+ freedom campers
and get off scott free. My problem is not the Freedom         who have chosen this spot as their home for the night.      Pfft!!
Campers - that’s a completely different issue, it is the      I understand that the council needs to follow legal
fact that no authority can do anything about it because       practices but “NO CAMPING” should mean No Camping               FOR THE FULL RESPONSES,
of a “bylaw change” that doesnt come into effect until the    just like P30 means parking for 30 minutes only.            OTHER COMMENTS OR TO MAKE YOUR
1st of June. One would think that the council would make                                                                      OWN VISIT WWW.LWB.CO.NZ
some sort of temporary arrangement whilst the bylaw is
                                                                                                                               RESULTS FROM LAST WEEK’S POLL
processed. I frequently park my car at 1 mile carpark to
                                                                                                                                   Have you donated money or goods
                                                ‘TABLE MANNERS!’                                                                     to the people of Christchurch?
                                                                                                                                               Yes - 89%
Dear Editor,                                                                                                                                    No - 11%
                                                              other people putting their shoes where I eat my food.
I have no problem with people exercising, it’s great.
                                                              Call me old fashioned. There are plenty of other things
                                                                                                                              Vote in This Week’s Online Poll
The other night however, when we had used the picnic
tables located in the Queenstown Gardens to eat our           i.e. rocks in the garden, that could be used to run over.     Have the road works made you late for work?
pizzas, I then saw people using them to run over as           Lucy
part of their exercise routine. Not just once, repreatedly.                                                                 Vote Now! Go to our Website
I don’t stand on my table at home and I don’t like to see
                                   Is something bugging you? Need to get something off your chest? We want to hear from you!
              Have your say and send it to or fax to 03 409 2801 with your contact details and you could be in to win a Hell Pizza Voucher
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                      Page 11

                                                                                                              FOR RENT
                                                                                $350pw - 3 bed, 2 bath furnished home. Great value with great views!
                                                                                Arawata Terrace, Sunshine Bay
                                                                                $430pw - 3 bed, 1 bath part furnished family home with stunning
                                                                                views and great winter sun. McChesney Street, Arthurs Point
                                                                                      Ph 450 0200 -
                                                                              Wanted. Road bike 53-54cm, in good working condition, suitable
                                                                              for triathlons. Ph 442 8105

       2 Herries Lane (CNR Onslow Rd) Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown           Flatmate Wanted to share large CENTRAL CENTRAL house
                                                                              with 5 others and a small lion. Large bedroom available for single
    OPEN WED - SUN, 2PM - 4PM or by appointment                               person. $150 per week including power and sky. 021 608 734
                                                                              Heavyduty Treadmill available for winter at $700, great condition.
  • Fixed price guarantee              • We design from scratch               Also Queensize Slat bed available at $160 which is also in great
  • Fixed build time guarantee         • or choose a plan from our range      condition. Phone 021 606 121
  • 7 year Master Builders guarantee   • Turn key options                     Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Reflexology and Thai. Release your
  • 1 year maintenance warranty        • Free advice on concepts and drafts   tension, relieve your injuries, and contribute to your well-being.
                                                                              20 years professional experience, accesible prices. Contact:
                                                                              Wanted: Cheap mountain bike to get me A to B. 021 041 0602

                                                                                  YOU WANT TO CHANGE THINGS AND ARE NOT
  Fabian Fisken
                                                                                           SURE WHERE TO START?
  03 409 0924 or 027 2926 253
  Office: CNR Glenda Drive                                                              Resolve behaviour disorders, pain, chronic conditions
  & Margaret Place Queenstown                                                            and emotional issues through a process that creates                                                            real pain-free and permanent physical and psychological healing
                                                                                The best version of YOURSELF is available for you NOW ring me to
FOR RENT from April, for up to 5 mths: Warm, 1 bed, f/f, quiet                          find out how you can access it. Results Guaranteed
apartmt, awesome views. Osp, nr Goldfields bustop. Dble glazed,                  Chevy Chisholm • M: 021 766 117 • E:
heatpump, suit quiet n/s couple, $330pw. Txt 022 076 4246                                   Energy therapies/Counselling/Massage
TWIN ROOM FOR RENT. 2 single beds in one room, fab house,
gr8 lake views. 2mins walk to town centerm $220 inclusive. Ph/txt             WANTED: Handy man. May suit semi retired person, hours to be
027 488 6805                                                                  discussed. Ph 4426484
                     NISSAN BLUEBIRD ‘90                                      RURAL unit, 10 mins from QT. Fab surrounding views & warm
          Manual, new front tyres, 1 mth wof, 2 mth rego                      in winter. Classy & clean, dish washer, w/m, dryer & fridge. Nice
   Reliable car, genuine sale, cracked windscreen needs repair.               gardens, no gardening required, suit couple. Ph 442-6484
                         Cheap - $650ono                                      FLATMATE WANTED - Large flat, 85 Thompson St, walk 2 town.
                       Ph/txt 021 271 1893                                    Fully furnished, heat pump, own room. $155pw + $10 expenses
                                                                              includes HQWifi, power, ph, gas, cleaner... easy! Ph/txt 021345062
PASSSPORT found! which belongs to Gemma Fletcher, if you are
the owner, contact 0211545166 (expect to pay some kind of reward)             5bdrm hse Fernhill, f/f with everything. Very sunny, 2 livin areas,
                                                                              2 wc, 2 bathrooms. Very large rooms, all dbles +, newly decoratd,
Rent our one bedroom unit! Situated in Sunshine Bay, recently                 free heating, cond apply. Ph: 021 213 0029 - no txt
renovated. Comes with it’s own views and deck! Fully furnished.
$200 single or $225 couple. Call after 6pm - 442 5410                         Double bedroom available in warm, sunny & cozy house, 7 min
                                                                              from town. Ideal for couple, share with one other flatmate, next to
$130pw for your own room, 2 available. Move in 17th or 24th                   Fresh Choice. $240/week + bills. Call/txt 021 139 1780
March, Thompson St, 10 min walk to town. Share with 3 others and
Boxer dog, u must like dogs. Call or txt 021 477 121
FOR SALE: 2 plate/grill gas bbq, great condition, $80ono. Garden                           NEED
round table and chairs, $50ono. Mitsubishi Libero, wagon, roof
rack, chains. Wof Sept, reg Apr, $2000. Sam 021 0247 4154                              IMMIGRATION
                         COLOUR &                                                       SOLUTIONS?
                         CUT ONLY $99!                                                         - Advice for Employers
                                                                                               - Advice for Employees
                         with Fernanda @ Hair Trucco                                                        Let’s Talk…

                                                                                            Contact Katy Marston-Key Adviser
                                                                                            Local Licensed Immigration0274428612
                         (valid until 21 March...                                            Local Licensed Immigration Adviser

                                                                                                Need Immigration Advice?
                         must mention this ad)
                                                                                                FREE eligibility assessment.
                         Call now to avoid disappointment                                  Contact Katy Marston-Key 0274428612
                          SALON HAIR TRUCCO
 Award Winning Style, 105a Beach St, Cnr Lake & Beach St, (Lake Esplanade)
                       Call Fernanda on 409 0946
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                   Page 12

                                                                                                                            We have a FREE SHUTTLE
                                                                                                                @ 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm & 10pm from town
                                                                                                           (Station Building) to the bowling alley, so get involved!
                                                                                          THIS WEEK
                                                                                          14th March        Queenstown Slave Night
                                                                               MON                       SHOW ID & PROOF OF WHERE YOU WORK IN
                                                                                                QUEENSTOWN & RECEIVE $5 DRINK SPECIALS & $5 GAMES

                                                                               TUE                                                   Tight Arse Tuesday
                                                                                                   3 GAMES OF BOWLING FOR $15 – ALL DAY
                                                                                                                                     Womens Night
                                                                               WED                      FOR WOMEN (& GUYS WHO DRESS AS WOMEN):
                                                                                                    $3 BUBBLES, CHEAP COCKTAILS, $7 GAMES ALL NIGHT
                                                                                                                                         Seeing Double!
                                                                               THUR           2 PIZZA’S + 2 POTTLE OF FRIES = $22 • 2 x SPEIGHTS= $10
                                                                                                     *SPECIAL* 2 GAMES FOR $12 - FOR OUR FACEBOOK
                                                                                                          FRIENDS ONLY OR WITH THIS ADVERT CUT OUT
                                                                                                             BAD ASS BOWLING
                                                                                                                   BOWLING & BAR TABS TO BE WON!!
                                                                               FRI                       TEAMS OF 2, A MIX UP OF SILLY BOWLING FUN!
                                                                                                BOWL BACKWARDS, THROUGH YOUR PARTNERS LEGS OR
                                                                                            EVEN AS YOUR FAVOURITE ANIMAL. YOU DO AS WE TELL YOU!!
                                                                                                      REGISTER BY 5PM – KIDS, REGISTER BY 8PM- ADULTS

                                                                                                                                      Bowl O’Clock
                                                                               SAT                   4PM - $4 GAMES, 5PM - $5 GAMES, 6PM - $6 GAMES,
                                                                                                                     7PM - $7 GAMES, 8PM - $8 GAMES

                                                                                                                                   Bingo Bowling
                                                                               SUN               Bowling crossed with Bingo – different from the ordinary game
                                                                                            1st Game @ 7pm with prizes for grabs upto a total of nearly $200!!
                                                                               9th April - FLINTSTONES NIGHT – WITH YABADABADOO OFFERS!!
                                                                               For more Info on our nights check us out on Facebook - Strike Bowl Queenstown

2000 Subaru Impreza 20N - White, 5 door, 147,000 kms, 2l,                     Jars wanted! If you are not preserving this year and want to off-
manual. Full electrics, air con, cd stereo, spare set of snow tyres &         load some sml-med jars with lids, for a bottle of homemade morish
rims incl. Great condition - $8,000ono. 027 481 8146                          elderberry syrup, contact 021 052 7949
Room available in a smart 2 bedroom place, half way along                     4 RENT - Amazing brand new CENTRAL, elegantly FULLY
Frankton arm. Free wifi internet, balcony and great views! 165pw.             furnished 2bdrm, 2 bathrm apartment, garaging. $500pw. Access to
Fully furnished, ideal for couples. Call Barry 021 124 1269                   outdoor hot tub, a fab place to call home. Ph 021 161 0981

          BITS N PIECES - MOBILE BEAUTY THERAPY                               Toyota Celica ‘91 for sale. Low km’s, wof to June, rego to
               Waxing - Tinting - Facials - Massage                           September. Mechanically perfect, going o/s so must sell! $1700
                                               neg. Ph: 021 059 5306
                      Ph/txt 021 203 2613                                     Central shared room accom. 2 mins walk to town, furn with
                                                                              single beds in 1 large room, fab lake views. $100pp pw. Ph/txt
1 f/f room available in 5room, f/f, huge vintage house on frankton            0274886805
road, near Oaks Shores hotel. Pakring, great views. Only 150$
including power & wifi. Text only 027 787 1151 or 021 043 4701                           2 BED/BATHROOM TOTALLY F/F APARTMT
                                                                                         available mid March, suit 2 couples or 2 people
Weights Bench for sale with pull down attachment, $75. Fridge for
                                                                                           Warm, mod and heat pump, gas hot water
sale, 120l with small freezer compartment. Dimensions - height 32”
                                                                                            Great views & close to town. Sky HD incl
width 21”, depth 22” $75. Call Rich 021 142 7966
                                                                                                        Ph 027 439 9396
Cosy single travelers room available in a shared rustic house
set amongst native trees, close to town & Fresh Choice. $160pw                Homebased Childcare in Kelvin Heights. Lovely big home, spaces
includes sky tv, wi-fi, phone & power - 021 070 1151                          for under and over 2’s. Registered with Porse. Call to have a chat
                                                                              and discuss availability. 021 055 9960
ENGLISH LESSONS! Full time, Part time, Evening classes,
Conversation club, Exam prep. JOIN US! For more info/details                  Housemate wanted: Furn bedroom w own bathroom in lovely old
phone Chloe, 442-6625, text 021-942-447,                                      Arthurs Point home. Prefer working, respectful, friendly single for
email -                                       April move in. Price negotiable. Call 02102689326

                 Deep Tissue, Sports Massage,
             Relaxation, Reflexology and Hot Stone

                           All combinations $69
                              1 hour Shiatsu $59
                                                          with this voucher
                                                          On Kawarau Road
        VOUCHER                                    at Spa B&B by the lights
     Bookings Essential                         23 Douglas Street, Frankton
                                           P: 03 451 1102 M: 021 153 6888
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                                    Page 13

Honda XR200 for sale. 980, strong engine, bike in good working         The Sheralees reunite - 4 nights only, Arrowtown Hall, 23-26
order. $600ono. 0220157562                                             March. Opening night tickets $20 only. Available from Arrowtown
                                                                       Museum and World Travellers. It’s not over till these ladies sing!
For sale: 2001 Subaru Forrester, Stb. Red, 120,000km, wof &
registered, well cared for. $9,500ono. Ph 021 114 5435 to view         Short-term, long-term accommodation available in Arrowtown.
                                                                       Close to town and bus. Couples, friends and singles. $150 single,
2 months gym membership available immediately @ Queenstown             $190 couple, per week plus power. Contact 021 052 7949
Gym. $17.95pw, $50 transfer fee. Contact 021 190 3100 for more
information                                                            QT - SYDNEY; single flight, 16th May, 12.30pm, Air NZ.... Cheap
                                                                       as! All incl taxes + 1 checked bag, $200ono. 0212711893
               Honest reliable, good rates                             1996 Mazda Familla. Automatic, 3 door, regularly serviced,
                  Ph 021 027 15195                                     excellent condition, low kms. $3500ono. Ph/txt 02102474377

Windows, Linux, Networking, Servers and Systems Integration.             Beautiful, like new, private offices or cubicles for lease monthly.
Experienced technician. $60/hr. Call 021 116 3885                                Common use of boardroom, reception, kitchen.
                                                                                       Starting from $100 per week plus Utils
Kelvin Heights: Modern unit, features 3 bed, study, ensuite & sep                             Call Doug at 021 946 346
bathroom. Single garage, heatpump, fab views & sun. Avail now
until Dec, $420pw. Contact Sue 0274 886 478                            1996 Nissan station wagon. $2600ono. Wof-28th April, rego-27th
                                                                       May. Fully serviced, amazing condition. Contact to view or test
HOUSE CLEANING: mature lady available to clean your home.              drive 021 1668 715
Honest, reliable, good rates. Ph 021 027 15195
                                                                       Mtb mongoose for sale! M frame, front suspension, disk breaks,
Apple Users! Join the Wakatipu Apple user group for support, new       24 gear, incl helmet & lock, $350ono. Call Dan: 0220162640
ideas, tips and tricks. Free to join, attend when you need to. Email                                                       1997 Ford (escort) wagon GLX. 1.8 TD, manual, diesel, navy color.
                                                                       5 door, 6cd, electric windows. 25/08/2011 wof, 18/06/2011 reg. 6
Netbook / laptop power adapter wanted, 12v 3amp. Ph 034510567          litres/100km. $2700ono. 021-148-3824

                                                         47 Camp Street                                             Recreation




                                                         Phone 442 4155                                                      ar

                                                                                                                      C                                                    S
                                                                                                                       am                                                    ta
                                                                                                                 et      p                                                        ey
                                                         Open 10am to 10pm                              an
                                                                                                             Stre            S
                                                                                                                                 et              tr
                                                         Monday to Saturday
                                                                                                       M                                    r                   ol                           t
                                                                                                                                         ve                          S
                                                                                                                                       to                                e
                                                                                                                                ho                                 e et
                                                         11am to 10pm Sunday                                                  S                                  ag n
                                                                                                                                                              ill e
                                                                                                                                                             V re
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                               Page 14

             Queenstown Golf Club
               at Kelvin Heights

    The most scenic golf course in New Zealand
    and one of the most photographed
    golf courses in the world.
    Everyone welcome to play • Club Hire available.
                           Book and play today. Phone 03 442 9169
Central 3brm, furnished house. New carpet, lovely garden, quiet,      2 Big rooms for rent in Fernhill, great views, fast wireless, $125pw
fenced, parking, views and heating. No letting fee, 1yr lease + 4wk   + bills, 0220102563
bond required. $450wk from April 2. Ph 409 2505
                                                                      4x4 wheels x 4, 33” khumo tyres on 17” black rims, hilux stud
Need your carpets cleaned? Let me do all the hard work,               patturn, 6mm tread in centre, heaps more on outside. $550 for all 4
competitive rates. Ph/txt 0274 127 659 for more details               ph0211784447
1999 Subaru GT wagon for sale. White, manual, 135km, 17inch           Silver bracelet found Friday morning on Hamilton rd 02102464303
wheels. $7800. Txt/ph 0273452806
                                                                      Female flatmate wanted. For shared room in a clean 2br apt,
Mazda 1993 just serviced with new wof, 4 new tyres, radiator.         central qt, f/f, internet included. Warm in winter with amazing views
Urgent to sell $1000. 0210332288                                      of lake! $130 + power. 0212983888
Treadmill, electric, inclining. NordicTrack EXP 1000i with user       For sale: Travis Rice, Quiksilver, 20k, loose fit, black snow , size
manual. Large machine, private use only. $500. Ph/txt 0274886805      xl. Worn once last season, $100. Roxy 5k snow jkt, size xl/ 14-16,
                                                                      nearly new $100. Call/ txt 0212535433
For sale: bar fridge $50, kettle $20, 1 element electric hob $40,
printer/scanner $30, fax/answer ph $20. All in working order. Phone   Nihonjin female flatmate wanted, quite mature, working, non
034425440                                                             smoker, for sunny warm house with all mod-cons; include wifi, own
                                                                      bathroom $120 + power. Txt 0211557125 or ph4427142
$20 Queen bed, older style, pick up in town. Text 021783231 or call
034092641 after 9pm                                                   Swedish deep tissue, full body massage & Reiki. Longer on tense
                                                                      spots, therapeutic only. 1½ hours - $60, 1 hour - $45. Daytime or
Language student? Furnished bedroom with own bathroom                 evenings and weekends okay. Ph/txt 021 025 29542
available for rent. We’re open to providing meals for set weekly
price, would need own transport. Avail April 02102689326              Bkpack $45, rocker $45, mobile $40, child’s table & 2 chairs $70,
                                                                      chocolate kids beanbag armchair $40, good condition, 4414554
Snow gear ski boots size 38, good condition $160. Mens Burton
snowboarding boots, size 12 $60. Womens blue Groovestar pants,        Anyone find a red Fujifilm camera on Sat 5th March, please call /
size 10, good condition, $45 text Em 02102476732                      text 02102239302

                                                                       YO GA
                                                                       Queenstowns CENTRAL yoga studio,
                                                                       Classes everyday, mats and equipment supplied
                                                                       Level 2, 50 Stanley Street (above Brazz on the green)
                                                                       Additonal classes for kids 4-8 yrs and 8-12 yrs
                                                                       Pregnanacy classes • Mums and bubs • See website for full details
                                                                                      03 409 0318 •
     Cruikshank Furniture and Millbrook Resort present

                      ART WITH
        a charity art auction to help
         our friends in Christchurch
    All donations go to the New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake appeal

     While benefiting Christchurch you can benefit your walls with some of New Zealand’s great
       names in art. This array of internationally renowned artists have donated pieces to be
    auctioned off in support of Christchurch. So it is time to show your heart and your support for
      Christchurch families and take an amazing piece of art away with you in remembrance.

                               Confirmed artists to date are:
                         Ed Cruikshank           Ernie Maluschnig
                         Peter Beadle          Shane Wooldridge
                       Jane Pestell-Litten     Gilbert and George
                        Russell McLean              Dick Frizzell
                 Max Gimblett, Gretchen Albrecht via Nadine Milne Gallery

  Millhouse Conference Centre at Millbrook, Friday March 25th, viewing from 5pm
          Canapés and bubbles from 6pm, with auction to follow at 7pm

MILLBROOK: Malaghans Road, Arrowtown

For more info call us on 03 441 7000 or 0800 800 604
Find out more at
7:30 kick off

                                                                        Li p
                                                                          br ar
5:25 kick off

                                                                            ar kin

                                                                              y g

     Then                                        r


   Blues                              C
     Vs                                    Recreation
 Hurricanes                                 Grounds
7:30 kick off

DJ River playing your favourites from 10pm Thurs, Fri & Sat






                                                        t        ho
                                                   fron         S
                                                er                                  t
                                            at                                  S
                                      To                                 a ch
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                              Page 17

                    Southern First Aid Ltd
                    ONE DAY - First Aid Course
                    31st March, 21st April
           For Local Classes phone 0800 477 227
Womens snowboard boots Burton, Uk4.5, $50. Mens boots lamar,
Uk7, $50. Board bag, soft shell, $40. Txt Maria 0212109334
Oh yeah! Skatey! New Alta deck, Indy trucks, Habitat wheels vgc
$120. Also bmx Groundzero Dj, white/black, slim bars, solid jumper,
little play in front hub $150ono. 0211190778
Awesome room available all of April. Sydney st, really close to
town, $120pw+ bills. Text Tori 0212366596
1997 Ford (Escort) wagon glx, 1.8td manual, diesel, navy color,
5 door, 6cd, electric windows, 25/08/2011 wof, 18/06/2011 reg, 6
litres/100km. For backpacker $2700ono 0211483824
Passing Wind a wonderful show for all the family. Linsey Pollak
makes and plays musical instruments from everyday household
objects. $10 for kids, $25 adults. Queenstown Memorial Hall 13
April. Book now Queenstown isite and
I am in need of unwanted, inexpensive preserving jars if you have
any collecting dust. Phone: 02102492899

          Love Yourself, Heal Your Life!
                  A life changing workshop
  Presented by Renee Slocombe – Certified Workshop Leader
          ARROWTOWN - 2nd & 3rd April, 2011. 9.30am-4.30pm,
                     Coachman’s Mall, Arrowtown.
       TE ANAU - When: 16th & 17th April, 2011. Time: 9.30am-4.30pm,
                          14 McKinnon Loop.
       For more information and registration please phone 03 217 2432 or
             027 5011571 or email

To let; Tidy 2 bed apartment, Frankton rd, full furn, with all you
need. Nr bus stop, friendly neighbourhood, $300pw. Sue 4418590                         T.V for sale. 24” Panasonic, good condition. Comes with slightly
                                                                                       puppy chewed remote control. Txt 0211151369
Couldn’t be stuffed driving into town for a printer cartridge? Drop
off locations now at Video Ezy Frankton & Arrowtown. 24 hour &                         Skate helmet $25. Wireless modem Linksys, 24ghz, $30ono. Harry
less turn around. Cartridge World, making it easier for you to refill                  potter books, Deathly hallows / Order of the phoenix, $15 each. Txt/
and save. Ph 442 6878                                                                  call 02102283536
Lost: loud voice + jack hammer laugh. Lost them somewhere at dr                        Reward for the honest person who picked up Panosonic Lumix
hook and ccr concert. Maybe someone picked it up during a sweet                        camera, on Sat 26 March, could they please hand in to Motogrill on
rendition of suzy q? If found contact 0211615285                                       Shotover st. No questions asked. Text 0275 606416
Netball hoop and basketball hoop on one stand. Sturdy                                  SPIDER/FLY CONTROL. Rid your home or business of nasty
construction, set at official heights, $50. Ph4428105                                  pests, quickly & efficiently. For a free quote ph/txt - 0274 127 659
Flatmate wanted. Goldfield heights, amazing views in large, clean                      Station wagon for sale, Holden Vectra 1997, 2L manual,
house. Share with 2 others, own bathroom. Tidy, non-smoker                             180,000kms. Great car in exc cond, heaps of room with fold flat
preferred, $140+bills. Vicki 0211164150                                                back seats and roof bars, $4500ono. Ph0274625572
Margaret O’Hanlon, Kathleen Brentwood, Rachel Gerard Simons                            Vw Polo Gti for sale, 2001, 117000k’s, 4 door, red, manual, 1.6L.
and Jo Blick... Introducing the Sheralees, World Premiere! 23-26                       Veconomical, great condition, excellent & well loved wee car, has
March, Arrowtown. Opening night tickets $20. It’s not over till these                  been awsome & is a looker! $9500ono 02102689326
ladies sing!                                                                           Nissan pulsar. Sr-v, 1.8, 5dr wagon. 4X drive, 68,888km,1999.
                                                                                       Great condition, burgundy/silver, air con, wof/rego end of May 2011,
                                                                                       $5900. Call Rowly 02102616842

      Car & Van                               PH: 442 6930

                                              CELL: 0212098246
                                              18 Industrial Place                                            ACC INJURY?
                                                                                                           •Traditional Acupuncture
    WOF Work Repairs Required? Car or Van Broken?                                                                    • Yoga
       We do VTNZ and WOF. Great service and fair pricing gauranteed!
                                                                                                                          Greg Dorn
 Grooming Does your car need a clean? Bring it to the professionals.                                               BA (Hons), Dip Ac, Adv Ac
                        We do interior and exterior, quality service at a good price                               442 6704 / 021 021 77772
                                               Phone: 442 6930 021 209 8246                                
                                                                                                                         ACC Provider
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                             Page 18

     The Royal New Zealand
     Ballet is coming to town!
            Described as the
           “ultimate tiki tour”
      a spectacular event that only
       happens every two years -
             don’t miss out!

         SATURDAY 26 MARCH
       Queenstown Events Centre

          Tickets available from
        Queenstown Events Centre
            or call 03 450 9110
        Adults $35 and Children $15
                  Service Fees Apply

             For more information visit

The Hon Steven Joyce will be at Book Cafe, Queenstown Resort           Short-term, long-term accommodation available in Arrowtown.
College on Thursday, 17 March 5.30pm - 7pm. All welcome, $10           Close to town and bus. Single $100, double $190 + power. Fully
cover charge - nibbles provided, cash bar                              furnished. Friends, couples welcome. Contact 0210527949
2 bikes 4 sale, good con, $100 both or $60 for 1. In town, txt/call    2000 Mitsubishi diamante 3.5, advance s/wagon, dark green,
021783231                                                              185kms, factory alarm w/remote entry. Cd player, 20% tints, new
                                                                       wof & full service for new owner, $5500 Call 0226295590
Childcare palma bath new, $60. Tv 21, $15. Sofa, $60. Baby bed,
$80. 2 single matres, $15ea. 021636613                                 For sale: Samsung 46” lcd hd television and matching cabinet
                                                                       $700. Perfect condition but too big for new place. Call or text
                    1996 NISSAN LARGO VAN                              0212844034
                 Excellent cond, extremely reliable.
          Great camper or seat 7. Sun roofs, mp3 stereo.               Wanted, garage or lock up for a my car through winter, would need
          Plenty of power for the mountain, room for toys.             access. Lakes Hayes Estate or Glenda Drive area prefered. Barry
                        $4500 - 021 437694                             021914372 can bribe with Ferg vouchers
                                                                       Flatmate wanted to share with two 20yo local girls. Newly
For sale: new fly fishing vest (riverworks) & net $100, new golf       refurbished house on lower Wynyard Cres Fernhill. $140pw + exp.
putter pgf $50. Used duffle coat size L $50, grey mens suit, size m,   Contact Sarah 0211034650
$50, 3 new shirts size 41 $25. Ph:0211508541
                                                                       S.U.P. & Surfing lessons - Learn to stand up paddle at Curio Bay,
Toyota townace 94, petrol, wof till end of June, good on gas,          Catlins. Bed & S.U.P. lesson only $100pp. If surfing is too hard then
awsome for roadies / traveling, havent had any problems with it,       S.U.P. is for you! or ph (03) 246 8552
$2800, 0278663030
                                                                       Almost new: domain dm-b528mp, cd/mp3/wma car stereo for
Wanted to buy- lawnmower in good working condition, must be            $75. Bought an imported car with this stereo newly installed in Nz,
petrol powered not push. Phone or text 0212226393                      however don’t need it. Call Andy at 0211204999
Kids! Come and blow bubbles with Scuba Steve. Fun courses for          Giant full suspension mtb. 18” 5.3” & 6.6” Travel. Sram shifter and
8-12yr olds starting in May, from $100 per term. Ph 03 443-4954 /      rear mech, shimano front mech. Deore hydrolic disc brakes. Great /                 bike, $650ono. Contact Matt 0226087017

                                                                                              · Washing Machines,Dryers
                                                                                              · Dishwasher,Dishdraw
                                                                                              · Ovens,Cooktop,Ranges
                                                                                              · Fridges,Freezers
                                                                                              · Sales,Service,Rentals
                                                                         Phone the Appliance Doctor 4429677
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                         Page 19

 Wow what a week! As well as the usual jam packed gig guide,
 they were athletic events including the huge annual event
 ‘Motatpu’ from Iconic Adventures and the NZ Nationals of base
 jumping, skydiving and hangliding at ‘Acrofest’. A big thanks to all
 the adventure tourism people that make these things happen and
 to all those who made donations at the Motatapu prize giving in
 Arrowtown, with proceeds going to the Christchurch Earthquake
 Appeal. Another worthy mention this week is to the team at Tatler
 who donated all their tips to the Red Cross – a deposit of over
 $3,770, an amazing contribution!
 Now I’d love to say that I competed in any of these events,
 but unfortunately my donation was where it ended. Apart from                2 for 1

 watching the action, it was a mostly chilled week for me starting
 with some lazy Ballarat lounging on Wednesday. Will ice cold
 Heinies on the Mall seats, it’s a great way to relax and ‘people
 watch’. Friday it was a visit up Rattlesnake for some of those
 stella house drink specials and some tunes from DJ Justin.
 These guys have drinks promos every night of the week, throw in
 some free pool and you’ve got yourself a cheap, fun night out!
 Friday it was time for some rock tunes and tasty Canadian Club
 at Red Rock. After some head banging beats we decided to be
 a litlle posh, so off we went upstairs to the Whisky Room where
 lovely bartender Sacha whipped us up one of her specialties. With
 retro tracks and good banter, it’s a lovely little start to a night out.

                                                                            $4 PIZZAS
 Even on an off day, Queenstown is still a hot contender for the
 gold when it comes to nightlife. You can guarantee whatever night
 of the week, you’ll be enteratained and to top it off this week is
 a day on par with NYE, the national day of a country that like to
 party just as much as we do.... yep, you guessed it... St Patricks

                                                                            10PM - 12AM
 Day! Always an amazing night out with usual shamrocks galore,
 Guinness and Leprechauns, get amongst the Irish pride with a
 host of bars jumping on board. Spoilt for choice, bars including
 Pig & Whistle, Dux de Lux, Winnies and Cowboys are serving

 up great drink specials and live music. The crew at Monty’s are
 getting into the spirit with a massive 50% off beer and wine and
 Surreal is bringing you some Irish rock courtesy of Clem Media
 and DJ Illektr1k, washed down with a Magners cider special. Sure
 to be pumping on Thursday is Morrisons and Pog Mahones,
 your full fledged Irish bars.... squeeze in early for some quality

 craic and live tunes..... Happy St Paddy’s folks!
 This Friday, be in to win big at Brazz who are giving away over
 $2000 in prizes including a plasma TV! All you have to do is
 drink Heineken and Export Gold and you could walk away the
 winner! Later on, it’s the night we’ve been waiting for the Aotearoa
 Dubstep Allstarz Album Release Tour, alongside Optimus Gryme
 at Subculture. Tickets for this bad boy are on sale now at
 Subculture and for only $10 (+ booking fee) so
 get in quick! Been a hectic week?.... missed out on any action?
 Don’t worry industry folk.... just head on down to the Boiler Room                    15 CHURCH ST, Q’TOWN
 on Sunday for the ‘Punk Rock Hospo Party’ and have your turn!
 There’s prizes every hour, drink specials and live music all night
 long so put up your feet and take that well deserved break...
                                              PROUD SPONSORS OF THE GIG GUIDE
                                    TUE                      WED
                                                             WED                     THU
                                                                                     THU                      FRI
                                                                                                              FRI                      SAT
                                                                                                                                       SAT                     SUN
                                                                                                                                                               SUN                     MON
                                                                               Super 15’s LIVE all                                                          Sunday Summer
                               Calico live 9pm                                                      The GCs                                                                    AnD live 9pm
                              $10 meal deals All
                               Day Mon & Tues
                                                                               Weekend & Cricket
                                                                                   World Cup
                                                                                                   live 10pm                   MUTZ NUTZ                        Sessions
                                                                                                                                                           LIVE Music & FREE
                                                                                                                                                                             Our Big Boy Pints
                                                                                                                                                                               are 590ml @
                               Sausage & Mash
                                                       Live 9pm                  LIVE every day BIG BOT FRIDAY
                                                                                4pm/9pm starts 745ml $6 Speights
                                                                                                                                Live 10pm                    BBQ from 3pm
                                                                                                                                                             $7 PINTS Cider
                                                                                                                                                                               do the Math!

                                    Wednesday - Handle with Care.                                         Pool Comp

                                                                                                         starting at 7,              Saturday - $4 House Spirits
                                    $2.50 handles from 4pm till late,
                                     complimentary snacks all night
                                                                                                           $5 entry,                   and Tap Beer from 4pm
                                                                                                        winner takes all
                                                        “BOILER ROOM GOES ‘PUNK ROCK’ HOSPO PARTY’’
                                Sunday 20th March from 9pm. Prize-give aways every hour for fancy dress, live music from
                                  9pm. (Drink specials include $4 Heinekens, $5 Jager, $5 house spirits all night long!)
                                  CLOSED.        DREAD BASS WEDNESDAY THE SUBSTATION.                   FRI - AOTEAROA DUBSTEP                      SAT - SUNSHINE           CLOSED SUN, MON
                                   Become             & PONGMASTER.             DnB w/ D-Jade,                 ALLSTARZ TOUR.                       SOUND SYSTEM.              Coming Soon:
                             Subcultures friend!    Ping Pong Comp ($5 for                                                                          With DJ’s Downtown
                              www.facebook.       comp entry) & Blackjack. w/   Tri-zone Crew + Album Release Tour, NZ feat. OPTIMUS GRYME & Brown & Turbohag. Funk/ Tiki Taane Album
                             com/subculture. Downtown Brown & Guests.                Guests.             Guests. Ltd Early Presales avail. frm     Soul/Hiphop/Junglism.     Release Tour - 26th
                                queenstown                Free Entry.              Free Entry & Subculture @ $10 + bf. Free b4 Midnight, $5 After.    & 27th March

                                   QUIZZZZ         BURGER & BEER                ST PADDY’S DAY       CHRIS HURN              GHETTOBLASTER DJ BEN JAMIN                        ½ Price Pizza
                                     7pm.                                                                                            9PM                   5PM                    All Day
                               $200 Worth of bar             $15              SLEEMO LIVE ALL DAY
                                                 2 4 1 HOUSE BEERS Food & Drink Specials                                        $6.50 Corona           With some               ONLY $13.50
                                tabs to be won.
                              $15 LARGE PIZZA           8pm-12pm               Show your support for    $5 CC’s                $8 Jager Bomb          smooth funk            Have you got your
                              12-4PM EVERYDAY DJ DANI GUN 8PM                        CHCH!!            ALL DAY               $30 Corona Bucket $3.50 ALPINE ALE Dux key ring yet??
                                                                                   PADDYS DAY           Win awesome       Soak up Summer Sunday Funday!
                                  BLUFF OYSTERS                                     RECESSION          4 Burner BBQ.      in our courtyard! Live music from 3pm.
                                                                                                      Double stamps for Free Funk Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                               CLOSED FOR
                                                                                     SESSION!!                                                                                 ANNIVERSARY
                                  NOW AVAILABLE!                               50% off wine and beer.    members!           live @ 6pm.$5         Kayne &
                                                                                Inside Out Live 9PM Calico Live @ 9PM Summer Ale all day The Night Watchmen

                             TATTOO TUESDAY!               WINNIES        ST PAT’S                                                 Slam a $5                 DJ Zomotion        POOL COMP
                                     $4 Jim,              WEDNESDAY                   WICKED DJ
                                                                           PARTY!         and                                      TEQUILA                   wrapping up          Be in to win
                                  $5 Jack and
                                  ROCKSTAR             LOCK DOWN $5 Tap Beer,          2 for $12                                  on Saturday!               your week…          cash and Bar
                             prizes for the best ink    $4 House Spirits
                                 and piercings!          GET CUFFED!     to be sure! Smirnoff RTD’s                               DJ at 10pm                  Oh Right!              Tabs!
                                                                                                  DJ JAY                                                         LIVE MUSIC

                                   SUNDOWNER SESSIONS
                                     Specials on ice cold                                  Spinning Classic Vinyl                                                Sunday 9pm
                                    Heineken and tap beers
                                        4 -7pm everyday                                        Friday 10pm
                              Greet Autumn and join us for dinner                                         After work  Sorry, we’re                           We’ll cook dinner,
                               at Prime: Early Bird menu $19.90                                         drinks on the fully booked
                                                                                                                                                            you take the night off
                                         until 6.30pm                                                   Prime balcony    tonight.

                               LIVE MUSIC                                           Happy                                                                       Open LIVE          STONE-MAD

                                                       Pog’s Ultimate Pub                              BEER & House drinks
                                   With                 QUIZ kicks off @                                   $5 @ 5pm,        LIVE MUSIC                           @ 6am              MONDAY!!
                              Shay & Pearly              7pm + CALICO            St. Patrick’s             $6 @ 6pm,             @ 9pm                     Ireland V England            2 for 1
                                                                                                           $7 @ 7pm                                                                   Stonegrills
                                From 9pm                 live @ 9:30pm                Day                 Après Paddys
                                                                                                                           with Charlie Gibson               6 nations rugby          from 6pm
                                                        Join us from 9am on St. Patricks day, LIVE music from 12pm-2am, Calico, Mutz Nutz, Charlie Gibson & The GC’s!!
                              OPEN MIC NITE -        Funk n slocuts            St Paddy’s Day!           Keen n Eager            John Hennessy,       OpenDecks@             Marc layin down
                                with CHARLIE          $10 Cocktails               Dj Illektr1k and        Local legends         Chelsea Warner &          Surreal!!        the Dub foundation!
                                   GIBSON              from 10pm,                ClemMedia Irish        smashin the funky         Simon Kong        hosted by Clem Media
                                                                                                                                                                              A Nelson man
                                                                                                                                                     Bring your tunes and
                             Free drink for artists. Check out the              rock and Magners        breaks and electro      House n Old Skool    get up on the Decks!   & his love of Dub...
                              Show us your stuff! latest in Groove...                 specials!               house                   Disco       Anything goes! From 10pm

                                    Wed - Dj Ribera                                G-Ram                    Dj Murky               CEST LA V!
                                                                                                                                  Sexiest dj in town!
                                                                                                                                                             Ikeda - You wanna hear
                                                                                  The mad hatter!       Will be blowing your                                    audio perfection?
                                 Funky tunes, awesome                              He will be back          mind with his
                                                                                                         awesome setlist!
                                                                                                                                 Come down to hear
                                                                                                                               about our ladies specials    Get down to debajo and feast
                                                                               spreading his madness
                               rums.... come check it out!                         for all to hear!
                                                                                                            Come down
                                                                                                        and check it out!
                                                                                                                                 and check out some
                                                                                                                                 pumpin house tunes!          on Ikedas sunday sesh!!
                               Grab your locals        Wednesday         Warm up for the Join Nick, Matty and                      Its Sunday! zzzz Matty Johnston

                Upstairs @       Black Amex
                                  and enjoy
                                                   Hospo movie night weekend with our our Dj’s for a night of Dj’s rockin it from Grab your friends and mixing up some
                                                    with popcorn, films   cocktail of the    partying outside     10pm, bar rockin have a quiet one funky house and
                The Bunker      25% off drinks
                             tonight and all week.
                                                   and family guy on the
                                                        big screen
                                                                                             with some of the
                                                                                          funkiest tunes to grace drinks till 4am!    next to the fire     cocktails
                                                                          The Bramble!          Crazytown

                                                          DJ Wu                                                                  Just Cause                  ILLEKTR1K!!           Skankatron Reggae
                                CARPET                                          DANCEHALL              DR BADFUNK (UK)
                                                                                                                                                             The Infamous
                                                                                                                                                                                  thru to Drum & Bass
                                                         Wobbling                                                                 bringing                                      Open Deck set from 9-12!!
                              with JC BassE!!!!                                 BEATS with             Live Loops w Kaoss                                   Sunday Church
                                                                                                                                                                                Book with us and come in
                                                                                                                                                                                 and show us your skills.
                                Drum n Bass                DnB                   DJ POPS               Pad LIVE Beat-Box!!       YOU D’n’B                     of Rock!
                                                                                                                                                                               Midnight till4am- Skankatron
                                                                                                                                                                                     taking requests
                                                   CHECK OUT OUR ‘TARDIS BAR’ FACEBOOK PAGE - BECOME A MEMBER & RECEIVE DRINK DEALS & VIP STATUS!!!

                             $10 Lunch                    BINGO 6pm
                                                           Free to enter!      Join Action             Brett Strachan 9pm
                                                                                                            FREE live
                                                                                                                            Hey you! 9pm
                                                                                                                              Free Live
                                                                                                                                                               2 for 1
                                                                                                                                                              Dinners          Quiz Night
                              menu is                  7pm Poker Tournament    Rewards for               entertainment!     entertainment                     From 6pm      8pm
                               back!!                  The Great Escape Draw
                                                              tonight!            Free!                Super Rugby on the Super rugby on the
                                                                                                           big screen!       big screen!                   TAB Terminal Free to Enter!
                          TUE                       WED                     THU                       FRI                    SAT                      SUN                      MON
                   NPPL POKER REGO Live champions league Live champions league footy Live Europa Cup footy Highlanders v Crusaders UFC 128 ‘’Shogun vs. Fifa 2011 Comp on the
                                                                                                                                                                          Free pool all
                      ONLY TAB IN
                          6.30PM           footy from 8.30am      from 8.30am. International        from 8.45am            Live 5.30pm        Jones’’ Live from 3pm        PS3 REGO 7pm
                         Basketball shown Man Handle members
                                                                General ‘’Quiz ON your face’’      3,4,5 FRIDAYS      West Tigers v Warriors     Cardsharks Poker              Day...
                                                                                                                                                                           Free pool all day
                    live here all week…         club night
                                                                       night. REGO 7PM        $3 WINES, $4 TAP BEERS,      Live 9.30pm
                                                                                                                                                   REGO 7.30PM.            Great deals
                                                                                                                                                                         Watch the ICC Cricket
                  Free pool all day....                          Open mic night from 10pm        $5 HOUSE SPIRITS      Spurs v West Ham

                  EPL replays on demand.. Bar tabs up for grabs      with Dave and Charlie         DJs from 9pm            Live 1.45am                                      available!!
                                                                                                                                             S’land v L’pool Live 2.30am W/Cup Live here….
                                                                      from 10pm
                     Bar snacks served all day everyday, Famous Fat Badgers pizzas from 12pm... Come in and play the new FIFA 11 on PS3. Have you got a locals wristband yet?
                        Legendary HOSPO                                  DJ Kris Eddy mixing House &                                               Sunday Session From
                        NIGHT this Tuesday                                                                                                      Biggie to Dre, East Coast and
                        Feat DJ Kris Eddy!                            Electro Beats this Friday from 10pm                                           West Coast Classics!

                   MEGA JUGS                  Still the home of             THIRSTY
                                                                          THURSDAY’S            ROCK NIGHT              Drum & Bass in          SUNDAY SESH-ON!
                                                the Famous                                                                  ya face       Live music @ 4pm with Pass The Sauce
                    from $15.50                $10 Breakfast
                                                                     $5 Tap Beer, Hse Wine &
                                                                       Hse Spirits from 7pm
                                                                                                 $5 Candian            with DJ Affirmativ               DJ ASBRO
                    All week long            Served all day from 8am Hosted by DJ ASBRO             Club                 on the decks              $5 Cider all day long!
                                                                                Happy Hour 4-5pm, Tui Time 5-6pm everyday
                                                Live Music               Celebrate              “Friday Feeling”       Jim Beam Karaoke           “King of the

                     Available                                                                   $2 Half Pour Wines: awesome new playlist                          Available From 5pm
                     From 5pm                   Shay and            St.Patrick’s Day!!!!                                                           Roasts”         BURGER & BREW
                                                                                                 $4 Full Pour 6-9pm -
                                                                      Live Music and                                       with over 30,000   $17.50 - Live Music for $16!!!- Free Poker
                  BURGER & BREW                   Pearly                Great Craic
                                                                                                     Music with
                                                                                               “Deadlier than the Male’ songs to choose from “Calico Duo” outside
                      for $16!!!                 8:30pm!!                 all day!!                     @ 9pm           - $5 Dbls - $7 RTD’s on deck 5pm!!!!!!!!!       from 7pm

                       RIBS                     ½ PRICE                      WIN OVER $2000 OF PRIZES @ BRAZZ TONITE.                             THE BIG                   WIN YOUR
                                                                                                                                                                           2 FOR 1
                                                                                                                                                                         CHICK’S WEIGHT
                      NIGHT                      PIZZA
                                                                     42” PLASMA TV & TAYLORMADE BURNER GOLF DRIVER. JUST
                                                                    DRINK HEINEKEN & EXPORT GOLD/33. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN
                                                                                                                                                  @ BRAZZ                  STEAK
                                                                                                                                                                            IN BEER!
                                                                                                                                                                           Win a Ledge
                      BUY ONE,
                    GET ONE FREE                                                        DRAW @ 10PM FRIDAY                                         ALL FOR $10              NIGHT
                                                                          BUFF UGLY                                   FULL MOON PARTY
                    TOPLESS                      GINGER
                                                                       QUEENSTOWNS               T.F.I FRIDAY         BUFFALO BUCKETS
                                                                                                                                                      JAGER MONDAY
                    TUESDAY                  COME & GET YOUR
                                                                      HOTTEST, WETTEST,
                                                                        SEXIEST PARTY            $4 SPIRITS /               FREE      $3 House Beer,       241
                   $4 Specials                 FREE T-SHIRT          WET T-COMP and DRINK
                                                                                                 WINE / BEER            BODYPAINTING  Spirits & Wines SHOTS & BOMBS

                                                               8 - 10 EVERY NIGHT $4 BEERS, $5 SPIRITS, $5 WINE, $6.50 JAGER BOMBS
                                     Card Sharks                        $5 House drinks           (DJ) Justin             Empty Bottles        Rattlesnakes Open        Come into Lone Star
                   New Lone Star                                       Wed- Sat after 10pm                             Live acoustic music Wed – Sat from 5:30pm until for your favourite meal
                     Saloon bar      Poker @ 7pm                     Tequila… Celebrate Your Cranking those tunes you     Start @ 10pm       late. Pop up and see the
                   opening soon!!! Gota be in to win!!              Love for Tequila @ only $5  all love from 10pm      Don’t miss out on   crew for some sweet lov’n! any night of the week!!
                                                                    a pop, Why wouldn’t you!!!!    (HipHop/DnB)       these sexy Brazilians $20 1.8l Jugs, Free Pool      Open @ 5.00pm
                                                                               CHECK OUT RATTLESNAKE ON FACEBOOK!
                     ICC Cricket –      POOL COMPETITION!          Chiefs Vs Sharks                                   Highlanders Vs Crusades      NSW Swifts Vs        Waikato BOP Magic Vs
                                                                      @ 7:30pm                                           @ 5:25pm. Blues Vs    Queensland Firebirds      Melbourne Vixens @
                   South Africa Vs EVERY WED & THURS @ 9:30PM!                                                          Hurricanes @ 7:30pm           @ 4pm                     7:30pm
                                                                   Reds Vs Rebels
                  Ireland @ 9:40pm $10 entry, complimentary drink!   @ 10:35pm
                                                                                                                       Warratahs Vs Cheetahs
                                                                                                                              @ 9:35pm
                                                                                                                                                  Central Pulse Vs     Adelaide Thunderbirds Vs
                                                                                                                                              Canterbury Tactix @ 6pm Northern Mystics @ 9:30pm
                                                                   2-4-1 Pizzas Mon to Fri 6 – 8pm, $6 selected drinks Sun to Thurs 8-10pm
                        $4 Tequilas          LIVE MUSIC         Horizontal Bungy          Ladies Night            UV Party              Quiz Night &          Karaoke & WHAT
                      All Night Long!       & BAR WARS                                                                                                        WOULD YOU DO

                                                                    – 2 AJ Hackett       - Jelly Wrestling /  Glow Sticks & Paint Southern Man Comp
                       Funny Games       Live Music from 8pm                               Pillow Fighting         Provided                                  2-4-1 15,000ft NZone
                                                                      Nevis Arcs                                                   FREE BBQ FROM 6 PM Skydive and a G-Force
                      for Serious Fun        Team Games                                    $4 Vodka, Wine        $4 UV Vodka
                   Riverboarding Prizes    for Luging Prizes  $4 Vodka All Night Long!                          Cocktail All Night  Canyoning & Paintball Paragliding Trip up for grabs!
                                                                                              & Bubbles
                   DJ Payload from 9pm DJ Courteezi from 10pm  DJ Courteezi from 9pm DJ Courteezi from 9pm DJ Courteezi from 9pm       Prizes to be won    $4 Vodka – All night long!

                   Carnage at 11pm,       Shisha up your          Come get a wrist     Another gargantuan    Come try our shihsa       Secret Sundaze      Win serious fun river
                    turn up and get     afternoons with our band before 11pm for         bar tab at 11pm      pipes on the back             @ 4pm,           surfing, Zip Treks,
                     involved in the        pipes on the                                                     deck every day from DJ’s on the back deck, Fergburgers, Nevis
                                             back deck.         the best specials all   for those of you        4pm till 10pm.     Free BBQ at 7pm,Quiz at
                  madness, then dance Only $10 between night, $2 off drinks, in the know of the Loads of flavours!                    8pm, Then On a Roll    Bungy’s with your
                    the night away!            3people!            $5 off teapots!!         password!              only $10               from 10pm!         photo from 11pm

                   Cowboy Special              St Practice Day -       St Patricks Day -       FREE Feed everyday          FREE Feed      $3 Tap Beer till 12pm $3 Tap Beer till 10pm,
                   $3 tap beers till 12pm,
                                               Free whisky with        Free whisky with           from 3pm-8pm,            3pm - 8pm,       with FREE food,
                                                                                                                                                                      $5 Tequila,
                                                every Magners           every Magners                                  FREE Games AL-                                  $5 Cider,
                    $5 vodka $5 Corona
                                               purchase. $3 Tap                                $3 Tap Beer till 10pm,                      Kareoke from 9pm FREE Feed ALL NIGHT,
                  (FREE Feed 3pm-8pm)                                  purchase. $3 Tap                               NIGHT, $3 Tap Beer
                                                Beer till 12am          Beer till 12am          $5 Tequila, $5 Kirin till 10pm, $5 Ciders   WIN $100 bar tab         $5 Jameson

                               $3 Thursday                                                             Friday Night Afterwork
                                                                                               $4 Fridge until 11pm. All pints, Bottled Beer
                                                                                                                                                         Sangria Sunday
                                                                                                                                                       $6 Sangria Jugs in the sun
                      $3 Beers and Wines ALL NIGHT                                                        and House Wines $4
                                                                                               The Social Hour 6PM - 7PM - $3 Drinks!!            Live Music and FREE BBQ from 6PM
                                                                                     $4 Pizza’s 10PM - 12AM Everynight
                                              Join “Bar Up”              Jager $6                                         $6 House Sunday Funday,
                     2-4-1   on facebook for   and                                               $6 House                Spirits and Hospo prices
                                                                                                                                                                          $6 Steiny
                  Money$hots special drink Jagerbombs                                             spirits                 $6 Jager   get involved                           Pure
                                                    offers                    $8
                        YOU’LL HAVE MORE FUN WITH KIWI CRAWL! 6 bars, 6 free drinks, free pizza, drink discounts in 10 bars, games
                                   & prizes. Meet at THE WORLD BAR at 9:30pm any Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri or Sat. $25.

                          ICE BAR CRAWL! Now WEDS & FRIDAY. Full crawl and Minus5 Ice Bar. $35. Call 0800 2 CRAWL to book.
                          PARTY CRUISE & BAR CRAWL! Every SATURDAY. Party Cruise and full bar crawl. $35. Book in advance.
                                                                         Join our                 FABULOUS Fish                                                         ACCOMMODATION -
                      Our VIEW from the TOP                                                                           SUMPTOUS Saturday       SUPERB Sunday

                                                                       loyalty card,              and Chip Friday         STEAK night –      Roast night for only        FRIENDS & FAMILY
                        – Function Room                                10% beverage &
                                                                                                     for $12.00!
                                                                                                   Includes house
                                                                                                                      Prime Chargriled 250gm $15.50! Come and
                                                                                                                           Steak $15.50
                                                                                                                                                                        @ $99.00 BB, depends
                                                                     15% Food, available                                                     enjoy the view from
                        Available for Hire                            7 x days from 4pm
                                                                                                     beer/wine -
                                                                                                 CHIEFS vs Sharks      Hurricanes vs Blues       our place!
                                                                                                                                                                         on availability Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                           Direct 441 0097
               Restaurant & Cafe
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                   Page 22


                                                                2- 4 - 1 Steaks
                                                                                                           with 2 pints
                                                                                                           or 2 glasses of

  $10 LUNCH SPECIALS                                            EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT
                                                                                                           house wine

 Open 7 days: Lunch 12.00-2.30pm, Dinner 5.30pm-late                     1 Grey Street, Frankton - 441 4055
 1st Floor, 69 Beach St (opp Earnslaw Park) Ph 441 8380         Hours: Mon/Fri, 11am-Midnight. Sat/Sun, 10am-Midnight

    Have the Very Best of Both Worlds!                                                                 Try our

                                                                                         SEASONED CRUMB
                                                                                                 on our
                                   and                                                   FRESH BLUE COD TODAY!
                                            gelato and sorbet

               Queenstown’s Finest                              PHONE                    7 days a week - 11am till late
 40 Shotover St • Ph 441 8505 • Hours 10am – 10pm 7 days        442 8211                   1/66 Shotover Street, QT

                                                                   Let us change your perception of Indian Food...

                                                                        Stunning Lunch Special from $8.50
                                                                   Eary Bird Special Dinner Deal - $14 (5 - 6:30pm)
                                                                            Check our free home delivery option
                                                                     24 Beach St, Ground Floor of SKYCITY Casino Building
                                                                               Ph 442 6026 -

             VIP Loyalty Cardholders
     Fresh Fish Deal • 1/2 Price Fish’n Chips at Finz
        Dine in only • Valid to Loyalty Card Holders Only.
        Don’t have a Loyalty Card? – then sign up today at                        Restaurant and Bar
        Post Office Café to enjoy everyday dining rewards
              at 4 great restaurants in Queenstown.
                      Phone 03 442 7405
                 Dinner daily from 5pm - 7 Days                      1 child dines free for each adult dining
            Steamer Wharf, Beach Street, Queenstown             Remarkables Park Shopping Centre, Frankton. Ph 451 0086

   Dinner from 5pm - New Menu
      No1 for outside dining
           Open 7 days from 7am
  Camp St, QT (next to church) Ph 441 1411
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                      Page 23

                                                     Killer Pool
   Nintendo Wii on
                     the big screen
                                                                     $5 Food
                                                                             Men        u            Catch the
                                                             Valid from                               Nite Buzz
                                Quiz Nig
                                              Valid with Tap Beer, House Wine & House Spirits
                                              Available only at Altitude Bar - Queenstown
                                              1 per person, per night :: Expires 31 - 12 - 11
                                                                                                     ¥ Door to door service to: Queenstown, Frankton, Quail
Congratulations Paul & Cassie, wish we could have been there,                                        Rise, Lake Hayes, Arrowtown & Kelvin Heights
all the best for your new life together, sending giant hugs and
                                                                                                     ¥ Leaves hourly from outside OÕConnells , Camp Street
kisses love Sarah & Sean, Tahi sends his love to Anja xxx
                                                                                                     ¥ The mornings after Thurs, Fri, Sat nights.
For sale: Tower 200, hardly been used. Want an mma quality
workout within the comfort of your own home? Then this is for you.                                   Timetable details on:
Rrp $400 yours for $250! Txt 0275044398
        BOWEN THERAPY, MASSAGE, REFLEXOLOGY                                                          Night Bus driver needed. Send applications to:
           Local therapists with 16 years experience                                         
          in working with a wide range of conditions.                                                  (p endorsed licence required)
                     PROACTIVE PHYSIO
                        Ph 03 442 7667                                                          1994 Audi 80, 2.0 Litre, 5 speed manual, very tidy 235k, goes well,
                                                                                                wof to 23rd June, $2200
5 Nights Base hostel accommodation voucher to use at any Base
hostel in nz! Selling for $100 txt 02108110524                                                  Flatmate wanted (couple or share) large room in nice, clean and
                                                                                                warm house near Fresh Choice, heatpump and fireplace. $240pw+
Wanted cars/vans, in need of repairs is fine, under $500 txt                                    power (internet included). 02102755073
                                                                                                Hp mini laptop for sale, great condition, compact and light, perfect
Tax Refunds – If you arrived in the country in last five years or are                           for travel, sd card slot, bluetooth, wifi, webcam, rrp $799. About
leaving then you are due a tax refund. No refund no fee. Free Call                              12months old, sell $250, 0211359456
                                                                                                                      ENGLISH CLASSES
Honder Accord 1986, 5 speed man, 2 month wof and rego. 4 New                                              Evenings (General and/or IELTS preparation)
tyres, good battery, roof rack, drives well, very reliable, 700klm to                                             & full-time, part-time courses.
50L petrol, very economical, $700ono 02102331068                                                   IELTS & Cambridge exams @ SLEC - Mar, Jun, Sep & Dec
Suzuki rm 250, 2003 recient rebuild. Always well maintained, tidy,                                 Ph Blaise 442 7810, 021 298 7017 or email
fast bike great for trail or track $3200. 02102206199
                                                                                                Flatmate wanted! Modern, warm 4bdrm/2bthrm house in Arthurs
                                                                                                Point, sharing with 3 guys (early 20’s). $110Wk + bills (net, phone,
                                                                                                pwr, my sky) no bond required. Txt 0226741960
                                                                                                PAINTBALL CENTRAL - CROMWELL - GATLING GUN, 20 shots
                                                                                                per second. MARCH SPECIAL, $10 FOR A 100 SHOTS. Ph 027
                                                                                                448 5399 to BOOK
                                                                                                Free guitar lessons. Always wanted to learn but never got
                                                                                                around to it? Here’s your chance! Frankton, Thurs 7pm. Ph John
                                                                                                021877831. Learn to be the life of the party.
                                                                                                Leaving.. Skim board, bbq, hiking boots, Rome bindings, Burton
                                                                                                bindings, 5150 board, vaccum cleaner, clothes dryer, electric
                                                                                                heater, sleeping bag, size s helmet, offers 0226104734
                                                                                                Car for sale. 94 Nissan Wingroad 1.4L blue/silver, great condition.
                                                                                                Wof til August, rego til May. Good tyres, recently serviced, new
                                                                                                filters, oil wheel alignment etc $2600. 0226104734
                                                                                                TATLER STAFF are proud to announce that after three weeks of
                                                                                                our staff tips being donated to the Red Cross, we are depositing
                                                                                                $3,775.50 to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal account.
                                                                                                This equates to around $400 per staff member – an amazing
                                                                                                contribution from the team at Tatler!

                                                                                                           Now Open 10am to 4am Daily
                                                                                                     Lose your innocence with a Devil Burger and an array of
                                                                                                     our saucy spuds.... Curry Chips, Curry Cheese Chips or
                                                                                                                      Garlic Cheese Chips...
                                                                                                                 It’s warm in the Devil’s Lair…
                                                                                                          ■ Church St, Queenstown ■ 03 442 4666
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                         Page 24

 Send a photo of you with the LWB in an unusual place to and be in to win a Winnies $50 Voucher

 Ross, Marie, Harry, Jimmie, Dave, Adam and Summer warm up          Getting a head start on skiing, Brett and Deirdre flick through the
  by one of the fire tables on a big Friday night out at Red Rock             trusty LWB at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
                                                                         Congratulations, you have won a $50 Winnies voucher!

    Claire, Jo and Stacey head out for a pint of their favourite     Shane, producer Tim and Derek shoot some pool and enjoy a
                 brew at Dux de Lux on Saturday                         hard earned drink at the Fuji commercial wrap party at
                                                                                      Revolver 2.0 on Sunday

    Phillip, Abbey and Tee have a look around Queenstown,                Lisa and Sid go cowboy styles at the Winnies Western
       stopping at cosy Barup on Friday while on holiday                                Party on Saturday night

                                                                                20 Years of age or over to enter casino area
    Watch the games LIVE and enjoy

    2 for 1 DRINKS    *


       $1000 Cash*                                                     *

      will be given away this Friday!
                                  *Conditions Apply

      $10 Lunch Specials every day!

Beach Street, Steamer Wharf, Queenstown -Tel: +64 3 441 1495       WHARF   CASINO
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                            Page 26

                                                                         The LWB                                            Have you
                                                                         test your                                          got the
                                                                         knowledge                                          brains?

   Dine in Curry and rice combo                                            1       What North Island volcano contains
                                                                                   New Zealand’s largest hot water lake?
   From 5pm to 7pm or
   Takeaway Curry, rice, naan combo                                        2       How many chambers are there in the
                                                                                   human heart?
   From 5pm till late.
   For only
                  $1 2.50                                                  3       What is the ‘City of Lights?’

                                                                           4       What is the name of cartoon charcter,
                                                                                   Andy Capp’s wife?

  62 Shotover Street, Queenstown • Phone 4092845

93 Mazda familia, hatchback, red, auto. Wof 19/04 and reg 22/06,
                                                                           5       What are the world’s four oceans?

runs and drives well, reliable 147,000km, $2500ono, view or test
drive, txt 0212159353
                                                                                                              Answers on Page 38
Wooden single bed with 3 drawers, mattress and new cover
mattress, good condition only $90. Ph02102460415                       Female flatmate wanted: 95pw all included: sky, power, phone,wi-fi
                                                                       and xtras. Share room, f/f with washmachine and dryer. Close to
Queen bed wanted or king bed, must be goog condition text              town 4 min. Txt 0211113976
                                                                       $4.50 pints Thursday + $10 lunch specials Monday - Friday at the
Bass guitar wanted as missing mine from back home. Accoustic or        Frankton Ale House
electric, although would prefer with amp. Text 0226700435
                                                                       Female flatmate wanted. Remarkables park area, own
Queen size metal bed frame and mattress $100, buyer collects,          bathroom 150pw+bills. Long term preferred, must be working, ph
call or txt 0220130156                                                 0273005495 or 4423358 evenings
Exercycle - you know you want it for winter! Excellent condition.
Digital display with various settings, $200. Call or text 0272636550        ZUMBA IN TOWN @ QUEENSTOWN MEMORIAL HALL
                                                                                      Every Tuesday 7pm - Only $5.
                                                                                     Ditch the workout & join the party!
                                                                        - Ph 03 450 9005

                                                                       Women specific snowboard, DC 152 bff. Brand new, awesome
                                                                       graphics and a great all-round board. Ladies grab yourself a pre-
                                                                       season bargain at $450ono (rrp $600) text 0211521903
                                                                       2 Bed apartment in Fernhill, avail now. Fully furnished, incl heat
                                                                       pump, carport, balcony w/stunning views. 2 Double beds w/linen.
                                                                       Email or text 0211538909
                                                                       Flatmate wanted! Needing a sweet flatty to move in asap, we have
                                                                       1 sunny bdrm available in Frankton $115pw + power. Get in touch
                                                                       and come check it out!! Kate 0273703917
                                                                       Flatmates for Wye Place home. Woodburner and spectacular
                                                                       views, garage and space. Suit mature couple $185 + expenses.
                                                                       Call Carole 0211477260 or 4413342 to view
                                                                       Business Express Ad’s are an efficient and very inexpensive way
                                                                       to get your businesses message out to potential new customers.
                                                                       Contact the Lakes Weekly Bulletin - 409 2800 & take the first step
                                                                       to successful advertising or go to and do it online!
                                                                       Recycled Rimu seachest, lg, $120ono. Ladies winter boots x 2, as
                                                                       new, (in season), size 6. Black suede, riding style/dark tan leather,
                                                                       stiletto heels, $50 Each pair ono. Ph4411412

                                                                                          Taoist Tai Chi Society of N. Z.
                                                                                          are supporting CHRISTCHURCH by
                                                                                          offering a morning, afternoon or all day
                                                                                       Introductory class in Taoist Tai Chi with
                                                                                       all fees going to the Christchurch appeal.
                                                                        Venue – Queenstown Art Centre cnr Ballarat & Stanley Sts
                                                                            Date, 20th March: Cost, $15 half day, $20 full day
                                                                               Times, 9.30am–12.30pm or 1.30pm–4.30pm
                                                                           Help Chrischurch & learn about the health benefits of Tai Chi
                                                                               Enquiries Kathie 03 442 6205 or Barbara 03 442 1133.
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                             Page 27

                                                                   OPEN FO R 11 TILL LA
                                                                                      live trad
                                                                   Music all day with
                                                                                         nd Nat
                                                                   session fr om Jamie a
                                                                            from 8pm.

        Come have some fun in Queenstowns best little Irish bar
               Beach Street Level 1, Stratton House!!!!!!
                                     Thanks for your patience and
                                     please feel free to pop along
                                        and have a beer on us!

                                                 Cheers Chris
                                             and the team at Moes!                                         $6.50
         $6.50ness                                                                                         Kilkenny
                           MENTION THIS AD
                            LOYALTY PRICES ALL DAY!
                  TO RECEIVEMention this ad to receive
                                                   loyalty prices all day! along
4 Bedroom, 3 bathroom house available in Sunshine bay.                 Double matress $20, queen bed (matress+base) $100, tv 29”rca
                                                 the bottom.
Excellent views, warm, dishwasher, cheaper rent for long term          with remote, 2 set of wooden drawers $50, adult bike semi new
tenants with DIY skills. No smokers. Ph: 0212256688/0272189888         $100 with helmet. 02102428331 Txt only
For rent, Sunshine bay, 2 bedroom unit with 1 bathroom,                Backpackers car for sale. ‘96 Ford telstar, new wof, new reg.
newly renovated, private, no grounds, unfurnished $300pw ph            Great condition, very reliable and economical. Backseats go
0211610981                                                             down,can sleep in car! $3000. 0210521421
                ARROWTOWN PROPERTIES                                   Mountain buggy terrain, old model, navy, with sun and rain covers
           View properties on                      $125ono 0212744434
                    Ray White, Arrowtown                               Bike for sale, good condition, $80. Comes with helmet + lock ph.
              Contact: 442 1275 or 0274 816 685                        0211418990
          Newman Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA2008
                                                                        Commercial/Industrial/Retail lease opportunity in Arrowtown
...Introducing the Sheralees - The sweethearts of Telethon 77          3000sq metre yard on Bush Creek Road with 3 separate buildings.
return. 23-26 March - opening night special tickets $20 only. Ticket              Retail/showroom, 5 rooms with bathroom.
sales cash only + booking fee - World Travellers and Arrowtown          Large separate storage room/workshop with power & bathroom.
Museum                                                                       Plenty of yard space for outdoor storage and parking
Semi new bike, alamond mtn, 1.0, 603, extra light, used few times,               For more details or to view call 021 664 553
$100. Comes with helmet. 02102428331. Txt, viewings from 6pm
                                                                       CEROC DANCE! – Learn the Modern Partner Dance! Start
Chalet to rent, 1 ks bed, ff @ 107 Panorama Ter. From 8th April        anytime! Beginner’s classes every Monday at 8.15pm, in the
to end June, flexible with dates, $300 wk + elec. Fab views, non       hall behind St Peters Church, Church Street. Contact Emma on
smokers, no pets, must be clean:                 441 3434 / 021566 013 / Email:
                                                                       Private lessons for WEDDING DANCES also available!
BLOWN WOOL INSULATION. SUPERIOR INSULATION FOR                         Electro/acoustic guitar, Simon & Patrick (Luthier) woodland cedar
THE SMART HOME OWNER. CONTACT 021 062 9212 or                          series. Beautiful warm sound. Reasonable condition, hard case,                                                 new strings. Rrp $1500, $450 to you. Nick 0210234435

                                                                                      Need Help with your Computer?
                                                                                                     Call the IT girl
                                                                                             03 442 0721 or 021 859 659
                                                                                             Installation  Training  Support
                                                                                               the IT girl...making sense of IT
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                               Page 28

                                                                                  HAVE YOU BEEN SHOT?
Bmx for sale, 20” wheels, $175ono. Hardtail mountain bike for
sale, 29” wheels, disc brakes, haro frame, $475ono. $600 For both.
Phone or text Becky 0226700406
4x alloy wheels, 16” Subaru 5 stud, silver, tyre size 55/205/16,
taken off a Legacy. $120 For all 4. Inspection welcome. Text
                   SAFE & SECURE STORAGE
                    for your household furniture,
              office files in private locked up space.
               You will be the only one with access.
             Competitive prices - Phone 027 432 8886

For sale: Subaru Lancaster, 1998, station wagon. 136,282Km,
blue and gold, new cambelt / water pump. Runs like a dream, great
winter / family car, $6300ono. Ph4098843
MONTHLY ACCOUNTING monthly fee. GST RETURNS save                                 If this is YOU come into Ministry to collect
time and money. PAYROLL services, pay slips, reports & taxes.                                  your $50 voucher!
ACCOUNTING. Call Emma today at SBA 409 0266 or 11 Henry St,                       Your live sports specialists • Replays on demand
beside Amber Lodge Motels. FREE CONSULTATIONS                                        Ministry - Home of the Man Handle Club
                                                                                     47 Camp Street Queenstown • 441 8040
Baby gear for sale - rocker, front pack, stroller, play mat, safety 1st
gate, 5yrs girl clothes, baby blankets, musical cot mobile, call/txt      Dbl room availbl 150pw+bills, has bed + wardrobe, wireless. Big
0212561759 or 4412822                                                     beautiful sunny home at foot of remarks, need car. 0275474641
Skyline half day biking passes available! 30 Bucks each! Call or          Share with 3 others + dog
text me if your keen! Yeeahhh biking! 0212454225                          Double furnished room in large modern house on Wakatipu
                                                                          heights, Qtn Hill. 3 Bathrooms, internet, sky, bbq, deck, warm and
                                                                          sunny. Sorry no couples. $170pw + bills 021942328
  Queenstown Barber
                                                                                      DID THIS AD GET YOUR ATTENTION?
  & Cutting Rooms                                                                    That is the power of Business Express Ad’s
                                                                                  Contact the Lakes Weekly Bulletin today 409 2800
  For a cut as individual as you                                                   and take the first step to successful advertising

                                                                          Wanted: bike - road or mountain. To fit female 173cm. Can come 2
   Ladies Haircuts from $30                                               u 2 look. Under $200. 0211244627
                                                                          Flatmates wanted. Double room for rent, en-suite, Sky tv, lake
   Mens Haircuts $15-$27                                                  views at Pounamu apartments. $230 Single, $260 couple including
                                                                          bills and internet. Contact 0211839326 if interested
   Colour from $85                                                        Gentle Chiropractic: Dr Carolyn Hall is an accredited,
                                                                          experienced ACC practitioner. Qualified to treat knee, shoulder &
                                                                          foot problems, as well as nerve entrapment issues, back and neck
   Haircuts                                                               injuries. Appointments 30mins min. Traditional and “non-crunching”
                                                                          techniques available. Let our specialist help you. Call 442 4145
   Shampoo, Cut & Blow-Dry
                                                                          Student desk; 1200mm x 600mm with draw, $20. Hotel fridge, 3
   Styling Services                                                       mouths old, brought $199, sell $90. Ph/text 0277144672
   Colour Services                                                        Mitsibishi gto 1990, great little runner while owned, $2600 for
   Treatments                                                             more info ph 0278289477
   Special Occasions                                                      Room for rent in large, sunny Fernhill rd house. Share with three
                                                                          others and one friendly black Labrador. $140pw + bills. Ph Craig
   Wedding Packages                                                       0274366608

                                                                            ART SPACE
            Queenstown Barber
            62 Shotover Street, Queenstown
            03 442 8919
            Cutting Room Queenstown
            3 Church Street, Queenstown
            03 442 9596                          No
            Cutting Room Remarkables         Appointment
            Remarkables Park, Queenstown
            03 441 4577
                                                                           GALLERY & STUDIOS AVAILABLE
                                                                           Enquiries - Email
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                            Page 30

               Cal Smith
               The Accountant
                                                                                                         S u             D o K u
               Accounting, Tax & Business Advice                                     Specialising in Non-Surgical Varicose Vein treatments
                                                                                                         Ph: 0800 148 346
               Mob: 021 107 4270                                                             
                                                                                                    Rating: DIFFICULT, Answers in next weeks LWB
               Tel: 03 409 2155                                                      Fill in the grid so that every row, column & 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.

                                                                              5        9
Mitsubishi delica 4wd van. Double bed, can seat 4, lots of storage                      2                                   8                  3        7
space, stereo, wof etc. Leaving town so van must sell! Bring me
your offers! $2,800ono. 0212367235
Premises for Sub-Lease, 65m² at 67 Gorge Road. Currently
                                                                                                                                     4                  2        8
set-up for File storage. Terms negotiable. Please contact: Phone: 03 441 0125                                                                      5                 2         7                 6
Wanted; freezer chest or with draws. Womans birkinstocks shoes
size 40, rust orange, brand new $100. 0211107725                                        7                                                                        3
Large room in comfy, 3 bed house with big yard. 4 Minute walk to
downtown. Get in early for winter, good multi burner = warm. $150                       5                 9        7                 8
Per week. Available from 24 March ph0212226314
x6 beer steins from Winnies Oktoberfest 2010, perfect condition,
                                                                                        1        5                 2
great gift or addition to your drinking glasses, $40. Text
02102231128                                                                                      8        7                 4                                    2
Couches for sale, red, good condition. Call or txt 0211715906 to
come and see. $500 for both or $300 each ono                                                                                         9         6

                      The Surreal Deal
       Bring this voucher in and Buy 1 Cocktail and get a 2nd for FREE
                        (same value or less after 9.30pm)
                                                                                Want rid of your old carpet .We will come and pick it up. Ring me
                                                                                034429024 or 027 4429023

                       You’re about to see double...
                                                                                For sale - Sanyo vacuum cleaner, 1700w, bagless, works well, 2
                                                                                years old, $40ono. Text 021507220

                                                                                                  MOBILE COMPUTER SPECIALIST
                                        7 REES STREET PHONE 441 8492                                    Confused? I’ll teach you.
                                                                                                   Computer too slow? I’ll optimize it.
Offers for a brand new white porcelain shower tray 900x900x1.2                                  About to throw it out the window? I’ll fix it.
Height, never been used. Ph Michelle 034424999 day or                                         021 149 5505 or
                                                                                Lovely 3 bedroom place in Fernhill, fully furnished, large outdoor
Hoya 72mm uv(0) super hmc multi-coated glass filter (for digital slr            area, great for family or 3 flatmates, heat pump, fantastic lake view.
camera), like new! Only $50, call 0220902886                                    Call/txt 021951916. $360pw
Cromwell Scrapmetal Recyclers and Secondhand dealers $.                         Dog Trainer & Canine Behaviourist Gary Wulff available for
Buyers of copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, lead steel, hot             training & private sessions. Over 40 years experience worldwide
water cylinders, batteries, electric motors, wrecked deregistered               with working dogs, obedience & agility. Searchwork, film work and
cars, visiting Queenstown weekly. Open 6 days, 1 Cemetery Road,                 TV. Winning top competitions and helping owners to know – There
Cromwell. Phone 027 690 0075                                                    are no bad dogs! Ph Gary 027 414 4080
Couple wanted for double bedroom! Clean and tidy flat! F/f,great                Nissan Serena van 1994, if you can fix it is yours only for $500 txt
views, internet, washing and drying machine. 15 Min walk to town                0212061196
$200pw + power bill. Call/txt 0212085698 Caue
                                                                                Tenants wanted for luxury, two en-suite bedroom apartment. F/f,
3 X turbo m380, 18 gear mountain bikes. Ideal for beginners to                  sky tv, underfloor heating, lake views, 7 min walk to town. $525pw,
save petrol. $ 150Ono each. Contact Lane on 0274445226                          4 tenants max. Contact 02102887599

                                                     BUILD FITNESS INTO YOUR LIFE
                                                             Ask about our Core Stability Classes and
                                                            our Gym concession cards are only $45.00
                                                                                                                                                                      S IN ICINE
                                                            Physiotherapy   Acupuncture         Massage            Joint Manipulations                             RT
                                                                                                                                                                 PE ED
                                                                                                                                                           E EX AL M | Two locations: Queenstown CBD Clinic (behind The Pig & Whistle) 409-0403                                           T H YS I C
                         and Remarkables Park (upstairs from Noel Leeming) 451-0186                                                                      PH
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                        Page 31

                                                                                                       FOR RENT
                                                                           2 BEDROOM
                                                                           59a Panorama Terrace                     2    Fully Furnished $445 per week
                                                                            Queenstown. Perfect for professional couple - very tidy, warm unit.
                                                                           Unit 5, 16 Kent Street                   2    Fully Furnished $495 per week
                                                                            Queenstown Hill. Live pure luxury in this spectacular apartment
                                                                           Unit 12, 29 Panorama Terrace,            2    Fully furnished $550 per week
                                                                            Queenstown. 270º spectacular views from this beautiful apartment.
                                                                           3 BEDROOM
                                                                           536a Peninsula Road, Kelvin Heights 2         Fully Furnished $520 per week
Flatmates wanted. Room for a couple or 2 girls. Available April 6th.       Beautiful modern home, gorgeous lake views, balcony and sunshine
Fernhill, next to shop. F/furnished, wood fire, wireless, views, clean,    Unit 1, 7 Henry Street,                  2    Unfurnished     $525 per week
quiet, cozy home. $170 + bill 02102723082                                  Central Queenstown. A luxury feel to this contemporary apartment.
Dear Bmx thief, I hope the broken wheel falls off while you’re riding                                      CONTACT US TO VIEW
your stolen bike. Fingers crossed the brakes give out on you. Put it                                       CALL:  (03) 442 3815
back where you found it please!                                                                            EMAIL:

                         FREE WORKOUT                                                
                      Tried Vibration Training?
                                                                          A furnished room available in Sunshine bay flat for a couple, $250
                Free session - Mon/Wed/Fri, 4-6pm
                                                                          pw inc utilities. House has everything you could want. Looking for
         Just drop in to Good Vibrations at The Oaks Club
                                                                          someone long term. Call Lauren 0211192810
                     171-179 Frankton Rd, QT
                            Ph: 442 2855                                  Couple wanted for bedsitter ff, your own floor, wireless bills
                                                                          inclusive. Close to all ammenities and access to Frankton
Leki ultralite hiking poles. Black, height adjustable, good condition,    walktrack, $285pw, ph Rose 0274595669
worth over $100. Will sell for $50. Call K on 0220299319.
                                                                          Tax Refunds - 70% of wage & salary earners are due a tax refund.
Room avail, Arrowtown. Share house with couple & baby. We                 Average $300. Contact us now for yours. No refund no fee. Local
spend a few nights a week in Chch, cheap rent in return for feeding       firm. Free Call 08004TAXBACK
cat when we away. Avail til July. 0297719855
                                                                          Flatmate wanted for f/f room in fully set-up Fernhill house. Nice &
For Sale: A very effective method of advertising – Business               warm, good sun, osp, close to shops, share with 3 locals. $150pw
Express Ad’s in the Lakes Weekly Bulletin. Contact the Lakes              + shared bills + bond. Call/txt 0211590114
Weekly Bulletin today 409 2800 and take the first step to successful
advertising or go to and do it online!                      1993 Honda domani, 138000km, silver, new wof and rego and new
                                                                          tyre on r/rear. Very tidy and reliable car $4000ono 0210710480
House to rent, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, fully furnished at
Goldridge appartments, $260 pw. Osp, close to bus stop, available         Reliable car for sale; Honda accord 96, 2.2L vetc manual, engine
to move now. Txt or phone 02102286466, 034090097                          great cond. Never let me down, starts first time, every time, even
                                                                          on those cold winter mornings. $1800ono 027282487

                                                                                          Thai Traditional Massage
                                                                                             The best relaxation with the best price in town
                                                                                                     2 hours - only $95
                                                                                                         “Yoga for lazy people”
                                                                                           Pregnancy massage also available
                                                                                   022 066 8424 •
                                                                          Quiet, peaceful, self-cont, furn flat, 12 min from Queenstown.
                                                                          Wood-burner, in-floor heating, broadband. Suit long-term, non-
                                                                          smoking couple. Ring 034675654, avail, 10 May
                                                                          Subaru legacy gt-b 1999, 4wd auto, 178,000k, wof & reg til
                                                                          July. Cd/dvd player, 4 new tyres, tow bar. Just serviced oil & filter
                                                                          changed. Immaculate condition, $7000ono. 0211956888
                                                                          Flatmate wanted. Studio/room in 3 bdr, f/f house, centrally located.
                                                                          Own toilet and kitchenette, long term prefered, avail from March
                                                                          18th. 180 Sgl, 210 couple. Txt 0210386379
                                                                          COUNCILLOR CATH’S COMMUNITY CLINIC; come discuss your
                                                                          community issues and ideas with Cr Cath Gilmour. March 17, ph
                                                                          442 2306 for appointment

                                                                                 Corporate Cabs is looking for new owner operators
                                                                                due to increasing demand and growth in Queenstown.
                                                                                            Call Gerard Gibb 03 379 6162
                                                                                        or email
                                                                      YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS
                                                                      & TRADE CONTACTS
                                           Arborist                                          Bathrooms                 Commercial Rubbish Collection
A           Treecare Southern Lakes                       B         Bespoke Bathrooms                          C         Northern Southland Transport
 All Pruning / Felling / Chipping by qualified Arborist            Specialising in the creation of                           Wheelie Bins, Mini, Midi,
   • Modern fast equipment • Safe & tidy clean up          beautiful bathrooms in a hassle free process.                      Maxi & Jumbo Skips
                     • Fully insured                        We do it all, from consultation to completion            We Are The Waste Disposal Professionals                                                     
   0800 928 565 or 441 3557                                            021 942 826                                                441 3620
                                     Dressmaker                           Exterior/Interior Painter                                                 Fly Screens
D               Nemo Wardrobe                             E                Inside Job                          F               Flycro Screens
 Everything Sewing * Shoe Repairs * Suit Hire                              Need a Painter?                                       ‘Dont get bugged’
* Haberdashery * Your one stop wardrobe shop               • Exterior & Interior • Domestic & Commercial                   Velcro framed Insect screens
             3 Grey St, Frankton                              • No Job to Small • Local & professional                    Your local company for 20 years
                   441 4302                                      0800 027 237
                                                           451 0047 orPAINT1 9497                                       Ph/txt 027 511 6606
                                                Glass                                         Hi-Ab Hire                                    Insurance Broker
G               Lakeland Glass                            H      Northern Southland Transport                   I     Rothbury Insurance Brokers
• Balustrades • Mirrors • Windscreens • Splashbacks                        Hi-Ab Hire                               • Liability • Business & Commercial • Marine
            • Showers • General Glazing                           When manpower can’t, We Can -                           • Personal • Farm • Tourism Risks
               6 Industrial Place                                        Lift it & Shift It                                  Level 1, 45 Camp Street
    442 8286 or 027 654 5009                                              441 3620                                                442 6705
                                             Joinery                          Key Cutting Services                                                  Landscaping
J              Arc-Tech Joinery                           K                           L             Alpine Landscaping
               • Kitchens • Bathrooms                     • shoe repairs • footware • engraving & trophies          • Stonemasonry • Paving • Planting • Irrigation
             • Timber Doors & Windows                       • keys & locks • leatherware • shoe products       • Excavation • Water Features • Landscape construction
    22A Margaret Place, Frankton Industrial                                  & a lot more                                        Mikey Cameron
                                  L2 - O’Connells Shopping Centre, CBD              
                   442 3206                                               441 3245                                            027 285 7008
                               Mobile Massage                    Northern Southern Transport                                                      Optometrists
M        The Mobile Massage Company                       N           Jumbo Skip Bins                          O        Specsavers Optometrists
 Sports, relaxation & deep tissue massages in the                     Short & Long Term Hire                        Bringing fashionable and affordable eye care
comfort & privacy of your home, hotel or workplace.                           Call us...                                        to all New Zealanders
            Seated workplace massage.                           We are only too happy to talk rubbish                    Remarkables Park Town Centre                                                      
               027 442 6161                                               441 3620                                                409 2678
                          Plumbing & Building                                              Queenstown                 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
P     Doug Anderson Building & Plumbing                   Q    Queenstown Medical Centre                       R           Cold Control Solutions
                Builder of fine homes                     • Your total health care • Radiology & Ultrasound                       Feeling the heat?
              • Domestic • Commercial                        • Psychologist • Physiotherapy • Pharmacy •        Call us for refrigeration and air conditioning sales,
             • New Homes • Alterations                         Accident and Medical clinic open daily                             service or repairs.                            9 Isle St, QT -                         We also do vehicle air conditioning
   441 3344 or 027 576 2161                                               441 0500                                  027 627 7799 or 409 8468
                              Skilled GIB fixers                                       Transport Hire                                     Utility Installations
S                  Otago Fixers                           T             Merlo & Forklift                       U             Wilson Contractors
         • Specialist in plasterboard fixing                      Northern Southland Transport                 Laying & commissioning of stormwater, waste water,
 • Residential and commercial • Competitive quotes               When manpower can’t, We Can -                  water reticulation plus underground infrastructure
           • Fast, reliable, helpful service                             Lift it & Shift It                      required for power, telecommunications and gas
                021 366 604                                               441 3620                                  451 0047 or 027 237 9497
                        Vehicle Management                                           Wheelie Bin Hire                                                              X-it
V      Ground Control Queenstown                          W    Northern Southland Transport                    X              X-it Youth Venue
       • Car park management & co-ordination                    Residential bins from $3.85 per week           Free to drop in for year 8 (13yrs) and up. Come join
      • Event car parking • Traffic management                                 Call us...                           in our range of activities and programmes
   • Vehicle immobilisation • Parking enforcement               We are only too happy to talk rubbish                           66 Stanley Street                                                 
                021 502 221                                               441 3620                                  409 0376 or 0277 105 368
                                                 Yoga                                                  Zumba
Y                 Bikram Yoga                             Z              Zumba In Town                                       Get your business
      A union between the body, mind & spirit                     @ Queenstown Memorial Hall                     on the map with our affordable new A-Z Directory.
         • Relax • Rebalance • Revitalise                           Every Tuesday 7pm, only $5                              Limited places available.
                 2 Industrial Lane                               Ditch the workout & join the party!                              Call us today!
           442 YOGA (9642)                                                450 9005                                                409 2800
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                                  Page 33

                                                                           1 Bedroom
                                                                       $220 p/w             Central                      D/1/54 Fryer Street                         Ref: 20245
                                                                                                                         One double bedroom available. Fully furnished.
I’m selling two membership of Lake Leisure Gym Queenstown.
                                                                       $250 p/w             Central                      Cabin 138, Earnslaw Street                  Ref: 20755
0211069255                                                                                                               Furnished with whiteware, lake views.
You will not find any cheaper than that!! Gym membership +                 2 Bedroom
unlimited pool 2 adults only $15.95 weekly (each) and 1 student        $295 p/w             Fernhill                     12/135 Fernhill Rd                          Ref: 20978
only $10.95 weekly. 0212689851 Txt only                                                                                  Partly furnished with whiteware. Carport & Ski locker.
                                                                           3 Bedroom
White Honda Prelude 87, auto electric windows and sunroof. Mp3/
cd. Wof Jul-rego June. Owned for two years and no problems, just       $390 p/w             Frankton Rd                  59/716 Frankton Road                        Ref: 21076
                                                                                                                         Underfloor, carport, furnished. Available 31/03/11.
leaving Nz, $1,200. 0211493919 Or 02102983439
                                                                       $510 p/w             Kelvin Heights               478 Peninsula Road
                                                                                                                         Fully furnished, log burner & heatpump, double garage.
             Train with Raha Sangsari & Anna Ashton.                   $600 p/w             Kelvin Heights               1 Mincher Road                              Ref: 21145
                                                                                                                         W/w only, log burner, sgl garage, private, great views.
                Learn the beautiful art of pole dance!
                 Beginner class Monday at 7.15pm.                          4 Bedroom
        If this doesnt suit just email Anna for another time           $380p/w              Fernhill                     22B Sainsbury Road                          Ref: 20292
                Yoga - Tues and Thurs, 6.15pm, $10!                                                                      No letting fee. Unfurnished with w/w. OSP & carport.
Ph 027todance, email,              5 Bedroom
                                                                       $450 p/w             Central                      76 Thompson Street                          Ref: 20217
For sale all must go 3 seather couch $130, coffee table $10,                                                             Unfurnished with whiteware. Off-street parking.
Simpson washing machine $250, single bed with mattress $50,            $500 p/w             Fernhill                     27 Watts Road
microwave $40, ph/ txt 0226132486                                                                                        Partly furnished with whiteware. Heatpump. OSP.

Female flatmate wanted: 80pw, share room with sky, wi-fi. 2 Min to                       10 Athol Street, PO Box 1574, Queenstown
Fresh Choice & 4 min to town- 02102440464 only txt                                 Telephone: +64 (03) 409 0480 Fax: +64 (03) 442 5930
Dog/puppy crate! Pet one brand, with removable tray. Pretty much       Please view our properties from the street only               hoamz Ltd, Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)
brand new, cost $150. Grab a bargin for $70. 02102690455
The girls are back... Introducing the Sheralees. Starring Margaret   Can we live with you? 2 Prof, active, fun girls, looking for rooms in
O’Hanlon, Kathleen Brentwood, Rachel Gerard Simons and Jo            warm house. Up 2 $150 pw, Shelley 0273343681 Emily 022641662
Blick. Tickets on sale now - World Travellers and Arrowtown          Netball- keen to play premier grade netball! Grc are looking 4
Museum                                                               keen, fit and committed players to join their premier grade netball
Cold coast, Jet Star ticket for sale Queenstown to Gold Coast,       team. Keen for a run this wk, call Sarah 021729269
Fri 1st April , $99, share cost of name change, neg. Phone/txt       Bargain! Womens snowboard Burton feather 148cm 2010, with
02102377164                                                          custom bindings $400. Internet modem $20, fishing rod $20,
Big sale for moving, $30 single mattress, $30 dvd, $50 microwave,    leaving town.. 02102388410
$250 ladies Fila golf full set, book shell, heater and more. Price
                                                                                             HOUSESITTING HOUSESITTING
negotiable txt or call 0210710480
                                                                                                    Local couple, honest
                                                                                                 Lived in Wakatipu 45 years
                                                                                                Prefer long term, 2 or 3 mths
                                                                                           We care for your pets, we pay the power
                                                                                                  Refs. Ph 021 0271 5195

                                                                     Downhill bike specialized big hit3, 06 good condition, minor
                                                                     scratches, $1200ono 02102388410
                                                                     Subaru Legacy 95, station wagon, auto, 4wd, non turbo! 225kms,
                                                                     wof till May 2011. Very tidy and good condition. $2200ono. Txt/call
                                                                     Toyota Hilux Surf - 3 door, auto, 236km, new battery, all new
                                                                     brakes, new seals, new injector pump, good condition, current wof/
                                                                     rego. $4200ono. Call/text Mike 0212948575
                                                                     Fun, tidy, female housemate required for modern, sunny home in
                                                                     Arthurs Point to share with female owner and cat, $150 + exp ph

                                                                                                  Artists Models Required
                                                                             Models required for figure drawing class in Queenstown.
                                                                       Male and female models of all ages and body shapes are required for
                                                                                          clothed and unclothed work.
                                                                           No previous experience necessary. Three to four evenings
                                                                           employment available per model with the possibility of more.
                                                                                       Reliability essential.0800 765 9276
                                                                                      before 5pm Monday 21 March 2011
                                                                                             Otago Polytechnic Cromwell
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                                                              Page 34


                                                                                                                              Come and have go if you think you’re hard enough.
 He’s got your balls in his hand, and you know the Truth can hurt...
                                                                        SPORTS NEWS                                       All responses, comments and opinions to
                                                                                                                              Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by The Truth are those of the author and not
                                                                                                                              attributable to the publishers of the Lakes Weekly Bulletin

The local rugby season is only a few weeks away,                                                                          up the numbers at the Cricket World Cup. The
with both the Wakatipu and Arrowtown teams well                                                                           win almost guarantees we will not face hosts and
into pre-season training. But thoughts of rugby                                                                           championship favourites India in the quarter finals.
were far from the minds of a few Arrowtown players                                                                        Although the West Indies and South Africa could
who made up most of the winning team in the                                                                               not be classed as easy beats, the prospect of a
hotly contested Mountain Scene 20/Twenty Cricket                                                                          game against either of these two sides must give
Championship. The Arrowtown boys overcame an                                                                              the team a small glimmer of hope. Funnily enough,
ageing Jacks Point in the semi final and then chased                                                                      the performance of my own national side was not
down Kelvin Heights score with 5 over’s to spare in                                                                       the highlight of the competition last week but rather
the final on Sunday. It was a comprehensive victory                                                                       the lack of performance from a strangely out of sorts
for a bunch of yobbo’s more interested in drinking the                                                                    English team. Oh how the mighty fall. The glory of
sponsor’s product than batting, bowling and catching                                                                      The Ashes win must be nothing more than a distant
practice. Perhaps some of the more fancied ‘serious’                                                                      memory after suffering back to back losses to
teams could learn a few things from Arrowtown’s                                                                           minnows Ireland and Bangladesh. Anybody would
casual attitude. But win, lose or draw, at the end of                                                                     have thought there was a little bit of match fixing
the day it’s all about the participation. Yeah right!                                                                     going on, but knowing most English sports teams
                                                                                                                          have a tendency to lose their spine from time to time,
And all of a sudden, after thrashing Pakistan, the                                                                        it was probably just bad case of hopelessness, and
Blackcaps might be doing more than just make                                                                              that is the truth.

Arrow Line Dance Club: Begin-intermediate.                    Remarkable Runners - Queenstown’s Running
Mon 1.30pm -3.30pm Atown Hall 442 1321                        Club Meet every Sat. for social fun run. All runners very
                                                                                                                                                                                         PO MP
Arrowtown Shukokai Karate: Arrowtown School Hall,             welcome.
Chalmers St. Juniors: Mon 5:30pm.                             Queenstown Swimming Club: Regular squad

Seniors: Mon: 6:30pm                 training, swim meets, and lessons at Alpine Aqualand &
Arrowtown Tennis Club Nights: Centennial Ave,                 Wakatipu High School. Refer
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6pm. Enquiries: Fran                queenstownswim or contact Susan Mawhinney on
442-0774 Email:                 409-0744 or
                                                              Queenstown Tennis Club - The Gardens
Badminton players that would like to play for fun or
                                                              Club sessions: Mondays and Wednesdays 9.30am-
hard matches are needed at the Queenstown events
                                                              12.30pm. Tel Diane, 442 8215. Sundays from 5.30pm.
centre - now until the club starts to join others including
                                                              Tel 442 9802. Non-members $10
two players from auckland, Phone or text 021530798 or
021530341. dates to be arranged                               Shotover 4WD Club Inc: Ist Wed of month 7.30pm St
                                                              Johns Rooms Frankton. 03 442 9168
Frankton Bowls Cub. Presbyterian Church Hall, Ross
St. Club bowls Mon 7.30pm, Social bowls Tues 1pm.
New members welcome. Ring 441 4123
                                                              Taoist Tai Chi: Athenaeum Hall Arrowtown,
                                                              Mon 7-8.30pm. Barbara 442 1133 or Doug 441 3083               SI FLASHES
Junior Athletics club nights Queenstown Events                Ten Pin Bowling: Tues 7pm Social league at Strike
Centre at 5.30pm. New athletes welcome. Enquiries or
                                                              Bowl, all levels. 027 223 2997
                                                              Wakatipu Aero Club If you fly or would like to learn.
                                                                                                                            HIS WEAPON
Korean Martial Arts: Taekwondo at QT Primary
School hall. Weds 6pm. 0274307166
                                                              Mountain flying is our specialty. Overseas pilots
                                                              welcome. Phone 442 3148                                       OF CHOICE!
Hockey - Interested in playing hockey?                        Wakatipu Croquet Club: Jardine Park Kelvin Heights
Contact us on                  Thurs & Sat 12:45-4:30. 4428375
Queenstown Car Club: First Thurs each month                   Wakatipu Rugby League Club Every Wed & Fri
7.30pm. Goldridge Hotel. 03 442 2746                          Events Centre Frankton Contact Bou 027 444 5579
                                                              Kind Regards Michelle Treasurer WRLC
Queenstown Gymnastics Club                                                                                                 POOL COMP EVERY Wednesday AND Thursday
2011 Recreation classes, Competition classes                  Wakatipu Rugby Club: Every Tues & Thurs Qtown
Contact Nyssa 0273142674                                      Rec Ground 6pm 027 677 4331                                  AT 9PM $10 ENTRY
Queenstown Mountain Bike Club: Cross country bike             Wakatipu Scottish Country Dancing Club
ride Thurs evenings at 6pm.                   Wednesday 7-9pm. Atheneum Hall, Arrowtown.                   INCLUDES COMPLIMENTARY BEER.
                                                              442 1684 / 441 4974
Queenstown Rovers Football Club welomes
back past players and invites new players, men,               Wakatipu Tramping & Mountaineering Club:
women, youth and Juniors to join us for the 2011              1st Tues of month 7:30pm Presbyterian Church Frktn.
season. Register your teams now with Steve www.               Wakatipu Walkers: Thurs morning rain or shine.                                
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                              Page 35
MASSAGE THERAPY - deep tissue - pregnancy - relaxation
                                                                                                                    current available

     Let us
             help yo rts
               ain, sp
                       o                                                                                            RENTALS
       back p            s
  with          adache
                                                                                                                     From 14th March 2011

   inju ries, he e
          and mo                                                        1    bEdRoom/STUdIo
                                                                         $200.00 p/w       Cabin 129                    Furn         1        Ref: 1304
TO BOOK CALL 03 442 6616
                                                                         $220.00 p/w       32b Avalon Crescent          WW           1        Ref: 1347
Baby stuff for sale: breast feeding chair and footstool $280             $285.00 p/w       St. James Apt Unit 105       Furn         1        Ref: 1370
-sangenic nappy bin + refill $25 as new. Both bought at baby city.
Breastfeeding pillow $20. Ph 0211616255                                 2    bEdRoomS
Flatmate wanted for double room with ensuite, in new, Fernhill           $275.00 p/w      22, 43 Goldridge Way          Furn        1        Ref: 1367
apartment. Heatpumps, wifi, sky, osp, underfloor heating, close to       $375.00 p/w      4c Weaver Street              Furn        1        Ref: 1361
bus stop, $177pw + power. Call 021500815                                 $420.00 p/w      13 Stewart Street             WW          1        Ref: 1362
                     WEDDING DRESSES!                                    $445.00 p/w      59a Panorama Terrace          Furn        1        Ref: 1369
            Want to sell a dress? Want to buy a dress?
              Dedicated Bridal Store opening soon                       3    bEdRoomS
                We can sell your dress on behalf                         $285.00 p/w      6a Williams Str Flat          Furn         2        Ref: 1279
             Interested in selling call 027 626 0677
                                                                         $290.00 p/w      12b Von Place                 Unfurn       2        Ref: 1332
For sale: vaccum cleaner, bagless, volta lite, hardly used, paid         $335.00 p/w      23b Watts Road                Unfurn       1        Ref: 1364
$200, sell for $100. Microwave $50. Ph 0211616255                        $365.00 p/w      12 Cameron Place              Furn         1        Ref: 1358
Holiday home needed, central Queenstown.1 Wk between July                $380.00 p/w      22a Evergreen Place           Furn         2        Ref: 1355
14th and Aug 14th.1 x double and 1 x single rooms minimum. Want          $395.00 p/w      18 Elkeridge Apt              WW           2        Ref: 1366
luxury and great views. Contact Charlotte 0220920530                     $395.00 p/w      35a Watts Road                WW           2        Ref: 1331
Room to rent; Greenstone, Frankton, beautiful sunny house.               $420.00 p/w      41a Dart Place                Furn         2        Ref: 1336
Internet included $200(couple), $150(single). Urgent! 0211696545         $420.00 p/w      11b Dart Place                Unfurn       1        Ref: 1365
                                                                         $435.00 p/w      7a Strawberry Rd              Unfurn       2        Ref: 1300

          It’s Otago Anniversary Day                                     $450.00 p/w
                                                                         $450.00 p/w
                                                                                          15b Panners way
                                                                                          11 Earnslaw Street
                                                                                                                                              Ref: 1313
                                                                                                                                              Ref: 1360
  Due to the public holiday this weekend March 21st, the Lakes           $450.00 p/w      21 Sawmill Road               Unfurn       1        Ref: 1363
  Weekly Bulletin won’t hit the streets till Wednesday March 23rd.       $460.00 p/w      15 Caples Place               Furn         2        Ref: 1342
                                                                         $485.00 p/w      5, 255 Frankton Road          Furn         2        Ref: 1357
   Or you can download the edition of our website on Tuesday             $500.00 p/w      9 Highview Terrace            Furn         2        Ref: 1353
                                                  $550.00 p/w      Unit 3, 97 Thompson Str       Furn         2        Ref: 1349
                                                                         $550.00 p/w      9a York Street                WW           2        Ref: 1359
                                                                         $550.00 p/w      9 Atley Road                  Furn         2        Ref: 1368

Subaru Imprezza. 1992. Non turbo, new vtnz wof, just serviced,           4     +bEdRoomS
mechanical and interiour good, body average for age, 4wd. Good           $430.00 p/w       6 Williams St                WW           2        Ref: 1314
safe car for winter. $2,500ono, ph 0274218846
                                                                         $540.00 p/w       20 Golden Terrace            Furn         2        Ref: 1345
Queenstown Cat Rescue have adults cats & kittens ready for
adoption. Phone Ruth 4428996 or 0272083725
                  Safe & secure storage for your                         m AC CAbINS
                   classic car or family sedan.                          $175.00 p/w       Cabin 153                    Unfurn       1        1 bedroom
                       Competitive prices.                               $185.00 p/w       Cabin 84                     Unfurn       1        1 bedroom
                      Phone 027 432 8886                                 $200.00 p/w       Cabin 97                     Semi         1        2 bedroom
                                                                         $220.00 p/w       Cabin 79 (refurbished)       Unfurn       1        1 bedroom
Phil and Teds grey e3 double buggy for sale $450. Comes with lots        $365.00 p/w       Motel 46 (incl. power)       Furn         1        2 bedroom
of extras; inc cocoon for newborns, single covers and sheep skin
liner, 4 years old, good condition, phone 021417443                      For more information you can view the properties on our website or call our office
Room with ensuite available in 3 bedroom house on Goldfield               with any enquiries. We ask that you please view properties from the street only.
Heights from 19th March. Couples only, $190 pw+bills. Great
views, parking, close to bus stop. 0210713358                           Executive Accommodation
                                                                         Level 1, 3 Duke Street, PO Box 416, Queenstown, NZ
1999 Subaru Legacy (new Sharp) b4 twin turbo, semi-auto (shift
pedal), white, CD, abs, twin airbags, $5500, 021885431                   P: +64 (0)3 441 0793 F: +64 (0)3 442 8730
                                                                         E: W:
                                                                     Crowne Plaza Queenstown and Queenstown Resort College

                                                                     would like to thank everyone who attended our Quiz night last
                                                                     Friday to support the Crowne Rangers in the forthcoming Oxfam

                                                   SERVICE -         Trailwalker. It was a successful evening and your support was
                                                                     greatly appreciated.
                                                                     For sale: full size Lg microwave $80, Uniden twin set cordless
         Queenstown removals -                                       phone $30. Both in excellent condition ph or txt 0211223084
    Offices, Flats, House Contents, etc.                             Fs - Kona bike bag for plane travel. Lrg heavily padded bag, plenty
                                                                     space for dh bike. Heavy duty zips and carry straps, prote
        Free Phone 0800 26 68 34                                     Wow! Playstaion 3, new, barely used, 3 months old, 160gb
                      Locally owned and operated
                                                                     slimline version. Phone or txt James 021912007. $480
Abbeyfield Wakatipu Inc                                 `                          Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust                                   SF Wakatipu
Over 60 and on your own? Short or long term companionship, catered                 Free community health & social services. 34 Gorge Rd Retail Center, Ph:        Supporting families/whanau/friends/employers who are affected
meals, warmth, independence. Simon 442 7093 / 027 2233150 or                       03 442 4052 Free ph: 0800 925 242 Connecting              by Mental Health /Drug & Alcohol issues. Call in confidence
Adrienne 442 8812 / 027 2288812                                                    whanau with resources & energy for wellbeing & independence                    0800724496

Afterwork Free Network Cafe                                                                                                                                       Shotover Country Music Club Concert
                                                                                   Otago Polytechnic Community Learning Centre:                                   3rd Sun of month 7.30pm Athenaeum Hall, Atown. 442 0785
Free coffee, muffins, wireless broadband plus video clips.                         Computing & Business Admin Qualifications, Flexible, self-directed
Fridays, 6 - 8 pm @ St Andrews Church, 26 Stanley St. Qst.                         learning. All ages welcome. 45 Camp Street, Level 2, Queenstown.               Spirit Of Equus Equine Charity and Recovery Centre
                                                                                   Ph: 441 1241 or Email:                                    For Equine Services, advice and support. Ph 409 8041
Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting
Mon 12.30pm Salvation Army.Tues 7.30pm & Sat 7pm Salvation Army.                   PORSE Playschool                                                               Strengthening Families
Fri 8pm Frankton. Presbyterian Church. Sun 7.30pm Presbyterian                     Come and Play for Free. ALL WELCOME! Porse Explorers - Every                   Bringing together the agencies that can help your family/whanau
Church, Arrowtown. 0800 229 6757                                                   Tues 10am - 12pm. Lake Hayes Reserve. Porse Playschool - Every Fri             deal with your concerns. Phone confidentially 021 531 928
                                                                                   10.30am - 12.30am. Queenstown Plunket. 8 Henry St. 021 826 378 or
Al-Anon Meeting                                                                    021 734 849.                                                                   Summit Youth Workers
7.30 Thurs night, Salvation Army Rooms. Wendy 4420816                                                                                                             Support to Youth aged 10-24 in the Wakatipu. Call Roanna 442
                                                                                   Queenstown Arts & Crafts Market                                                8115 or 021 525 595
Alzheimers Southland                                                               Earnslaw Park every Saturday. Live music. 021 122 7695
A Fieldworker visits in the Wakatipu Area each month for support an                                                                                               ‘Taoist Tai Chi’
advice phone Debs 032140984 or 0277145248                                          Queenstown Art Society                                                         Class at the Athenaeum Hall Arrowtown 7.00 to 8.30pm. Suitable for
                                                                                   Offer you an active arts community. Check out our website -                    those with some knowledge of Tai Chi. Info call Barbara 442 1133
Arrowtown Plunket Playgroup                                               Contact Sue 441 3374 or 0274 05 2469
Playgroups Mon-Fri Under 5’s. Little Hands Art/Craft group Mon 10am.                                                                                              Vineyard Church Service
New Babies Groups Tues 12.30pm - 2.30pm. 20 Cardigan St, Arrowtown.                Queenstown Baptist Church                                                      Sunday 10:30am & 6.30pm. 54 Shotover St, Entrance next to
More info? Call Cath 4422186. Room Hire 442 2308                                   Service 10.30am, Queenstown Primary School, Robins Rd.                         Westpac. Tue-Fri 12-4pm. Ph 03 441 4451 / 021 240 1114
Art Culture                                                                        Queenstown Business Network                                                    Wakatipu Abuse Prevention Network
Art exhibition by local & traveling artists, variety of mediums, genres &                                                                                         Specialising in Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse issues.
                                                                                   To Help Business-Minded People Meet & Grow. Social network for                 Ph 03 442 7145 - 24hrs or
poetry. 1st Tues every 2nd month 6-10pm, Subculture. Next night in April           people interested in business. Enjoy our monthly events.
                                                                          or call Beata 021 121 5738.                                      Wakatipu Anglican Parish Services
ART WORKSHOPS -                                                                                                                                                   St Peters Qtown Sun 10.30am. St Pauls Atown Sun 9am. Wed
go to or phone 441 8861 to find out                 Queenstown Camera Club                                                         midweek communion 10am. Hrs 9am-1pm 442 8391
about our exciting weekend workshops for 2011.                                     Contact for information
                                                                                                                                                                  Wakatipu Community Church (Presbyterian)
Cancer Society                                                                     Queenstown Cat Rescue                                                          St Andrew’s Qtn Sun 10.45am, St John’s Atown 9am, St Margaret’s
Confidential support, info, practical advice & assistance relating to Cancer       Julia 021 268 2962 or Ruth 027 208 3725 Rescuing, neutering &                  Frtn 9am. Parish Office at St Margaret’s Church Frankton 9.30am –
0275 360 066 or 0800 CANCER (226 237)                                              rehoming stray & abandoned cats & kittens.                                     1pm weekly. 441 4250
Childcare in your home is affordable.                                              Queenstown Embroiderers Guild                                                  Wakatipu Community Mental Health Team (SDHB)
The Nanny Company Queenstown, 20 ECE hours, WINZ subsidies and                     2nd Sat each month 10-4pm. Stitching nights Wed 7-10pm at Frankton             Mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and
non income tested funding. Bring your carer or we can find you a nanny.            Church Hall. All welcome. 451 0512 or 441 8474                                 families. Mon to Fri 8.30am–5pm. 19 Douglas St, Frankton. Ph 03
Free service, no hidden costs. Ph: 441 3955                                                                                             441 0010. After hours emergencies 0800 467 846
                                                                                   Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust
COUNCILLOR CATH’S COMMUNITY CLINIC;                                                Housing solutions for residents committed to the district but can’t afford     Wakatipu Dog Agility Club
Your chance to air community concerns, issues and ideas with Cr Cath               to buy. or 450 1702                                     Meets during school term, Jardine Park, Kelvin Heights. Every
Gilmour. ph 4422306 for appointment.                                                                                                                              Sat 10.30am, 1st & 3rd Wednesday of month 6pm. Dogs must be
                                                                                   Queenstown Lakes District Libraries                                            12months, handlers do not need prior experience. Juli, 442 7494.
Citizens Advice Bureau                                                             441 0600 Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm (closed Sun)
44 Stanley Street, Queenstown. Generally open Mon - Fri, 9.30am -                  Mon 10.30 -11am preschool story time in the children’s areas                   Wakatipu Anglers Club
4.30pm. Phone 03 442 6799 or 0800 367 222                                          Sat 10.30-11.00am family story time – all ages welcome.                        Contact Fraser McKenzie 441 3475. Club meets 1st Tuesday of
                                                                                   Arrowtown 442 1607 Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm.Sat10.30-12.30pm                       each Month at the Goldridge Hotel. New members welcome
City Impact Church Services
Every Sunday 10am & 6.30pm. 3 Hansen Road, Frankton, Queenstown                    Queenstown Lakes Family Centre                                                 Wakatipu la leche league
(opp the Events Centre). 442 3025                                                  Free counselling & support services for children, adolescents &                Mother-to-mother breastfeeding support group. 3rd Fri of each month
                                                                                                                                                                  at 1pm at Arrowntown Plunket rooms. All mums, mums-to-be, toddlers
Childcare and Education                                                            families. Parenting talks & seminars 441 4331 or               and babies welcome! Contact Kate 03 451 1170, Debbie 409 2045
Enrol your baby or young child through Central Otago Kindergartens                 Queenstown Library
Homebased service. $4.50 per hr & less with subsidies. Licensed to                                                                                                Wakatipu Lions Club
                                                                                   Free! Thirty minutes of stories and fun for preschoolers on Mondays            1st Wed each month at Goldridge Hotel. Pauline 442 6474
Ministry of Education. 021 273 1113                                                10.30am-11.00am at Queenstown Library. Every Mon morning during
Dental Surgery                                                                     term time – it’s never too soon to get little ones into books. See you soon!   Wakatipu Senior Citizens Association.
Frankton Dental Surgery is now able to treat children from the Wakatipu                                                                                           10 Memorial Street Queenstown.60 Plus? Come and join in the
                                                                                   Queenstown Lions Club                                                          fun. Tuesday 10.30am -12.30pm variety of activities, card making,
for FREE under the Government Funded scheme. Ph 442 2711                           2nd Wed each month at 6.30pm Goldridge Hotel. 0272551479                       indoor bowls. Wed 11am-12noon basic computing, 1pm afternoon
disAbilities Resource Centre Queenstown                                            Queenstown Organ & Keyboard Club                                               movie. Friday open from 10am for morning tea, lunch at 12noon
Accessible Information, Hire and sale of equipment. Unit 29, Gorge Rd.             Fortnightly Thurs 1.30-4.30pm Frankton Church 442 1321                         followed by cards. Interested in joining in? Call Pauline 03 442 9214.
Retail Centre, 159 Gorge Rd. QT. 409 0900                                                                                                Wakatipu Sexual Health Clinic
                                                                                   Queenstown Patchwork & Quilters                                                3.30 pm - 6.30pm. Free to Waktipu PHO enrolled patients under
Eco Design Advice                                                                  Every Thurs.Art Society Rooms 10am. Beginners welcome
2 hours of free advice on energy, water, materials for residential buildings.                                                                                     24 years only. 9 Isle Street, Queenstown. Call 441 0500 for an
                                                                                   Carole 4426227; Paula 4510141                                                  appointment. Ph 027 583 7444
                                                                                   Queenstown Play Centre                                                         Wakatipu Trails Trust
Footsteps                                                                          Mon-Fri 9.30-12.30pm Birth to 6 yrs 57 Stanley St 442 9309
Free educational support for families with children being cared for in a                                                                                          Attention all horse riders and interested persons. Contact us
home 12 hours per week or more. 0800footsteps, 0800366878 or Rae                   Queenstown Plunket Groups                                                      regarding riding trails in the Wakatipu. Wakatipu Trails Trust, 8
021 877763                                                                         8 Henry St, Gold Coin. Wed: 1.00 Japanese Mothers Group. Thurs                 doors left of The Grind Cafe, Frankton Industrial. Ph 4098041
                                                                                   1.30pm: New Babies Group, various speakers & topics. 1st & 3rd Thurs,          Wakatipu Toy Library
Frankton Playcentre                                                                11am - 1.30pm - breast feeding support group .Every Fri 10.30am                Opening times are: Monday - 11.30-1.30, Thursday 9.00-11.00,
Adjacent to Remarkables Primary School, Frankton, Mon - Fri 9.30am -               -12.30 (term time) PORSE playgroup. For details ph.442 7380                    Saturday 10.00-1.00pm. Phone 027 6785593, located on Man St
12.00pm Birth. School age Enrolments open with 3 free visits. Ph. 442 3354
                                                                                   Queenstown Plunket rooms                                                       Wakatipu Travel Club
Happiness House Community Support Centre                                           Free practical and informative classes (3 weeks duration) to help first        4th Mon of month St John’s Rooms Frktn 2pm. All welcome
Park Street, Queenstown. Open 9am - 4pm daily. 03 442 6531. Offering               time parents prepare for the first 6 weeks of their babies’ new lives.
confidential help for those in need.                                               Queenstown Plunket rooms Wednesdays 7pm-9pm. 4427380 to enrol                  Wakatipu Victim Support
                                                                                                                                                                  Supporting victims of crime, accident & emergencies. Contact
Harvest Community Garden Network                                                   Queenstown Toast Masters                                                       Service Coordinator on 03 441 1608 24/7 Crisis Ph: 0800 842 846
Want to grow your own food but don’t have the garden or the know how?              Become the speaker and leader you want to be. Call Simon Smith on              or 0800 Victim -
1 garden in Queenstown, and 1 for Arrowtown, all welcome. 021 2013324              03 441 4611. or see for the time                                                                                                                                        Wakatipu Woodcraft Guild
                                                                                   and location of weekly meetings.                                               Meet 2nd Monday every month 7.30pm. John 442 7144
Home-based Care and Learning for 0-5yr olds.                                       Queenstown Young Professionals
Barnardos, Kidstart, currently has spaces available for children in Lake                                                                                          Wild Things
                                                                                   A social networking & business education group for Queenstown                  Providing the best free education & care service for families with
Hayes Estate. WINZ subsidy and 20hrsECE available. Phone Rebecca on                professionals. See for info.
0274898465 or Central Otago Office 03 4485919.                                                                                                                    preschoolers who require an Educator or Nanny. WINZ subsidies &
                                                                                   Queenstown Writers                                                             20HrsECE available. Robyn 0800 44 44 70 ext 6
Housie                                                                             Contact for information
Every Mon 7pm. Cash Prizes! Queenstown Events Centre Function                                                                                                     X-IT Youth Centre
                                                                                                                                                                  Open for Year 8 (13yrs) & up. Mon-Frid 3.30-6pm Free to drop in.
Room. Queenstown Cricket Club Fundraiser                                           Quit Line                                                                      Monthly Cafe Nights to Jam and feed on Winnies Pizza. X-it, 66
                                                                                   Want to quit smoking call 0800778 778 or                   Stanley Street. Contact Fi or Laura 4090376 / 0277 105 368
Lakes District Hospital Midwives (sdhb)
‘start life with a midwife’. Quality, personalised midwifery service, antenatal,   Salvation Army                                                                 Youth Alcohol & other Drugs service (YADS) .
labour, birth and postnatal care.Ph: 03 441 0015 or 03 441 0634                    62 Industrial Place. 10am-5pm Mon to Fri and 10am-4.30pm Sat                   Free assessment, education & counselling for young people up to
Learn to Hear the Voice of God -                                                   Sands                                                                          age 20 who have concerns about the impact AoD has on the quality
10 week workshop series for all Christians. For more information please            Support group for miscarriage, stillbirth and neo-natal death. For             of their life. Phone Malcolm 027 254 9323
contact Robyn-Jane 441 4105                                                        more info email Natasha, ph: 0274104685                  Please see page 34 for all Sports Clubs & Associations

                                               To place a notice on the Community Notice Board contact us Ph: 03 409 2800 Email:
                                               Queenstown 92.0FM Wakatipu 92.8FM                                                         Glenorchy 96.8FM Wanaka 97.8FM
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                      Page 37

                                        Guitar shop now

                                                                           TWO DAY OFFER
                                        open 3pm-6pm
                                        thurs & fri.

                                        Unit A,
                                        67 Industrial Pl

 Martin M540/550 acoustic    $13/set    Strings, straps,
 Martin Darco Classical      $12/set
 Elixir Nanoweb              $27/set
                                        capos, picks, leads
 Ernie Ball Slinkys          $13/set    acoustic and electric
 Ernie Ball Bass Slinkys     $45/set    guitars, drum sticks

                                                                            Cheese Burgers
     p: 021 955 260/ 021 838 143

For sale: mountain buggy, black carry cot, in great condition. $150
Call 4428722 or 0211225978

               Household / Furniture Removals                                WEDNESDAY, 16 MAR, 2011
                                                                             THURSDAY, 17 MAR, 2011
                Across town, across the country
                    Office shifts, piano shifts
                    Central Lakes Removals
              Phone Rex 0274 316 786 or 445 1416

Central modern apartment @ Malaghan st. Double glass, f/f,
                                                                           Unlimited amount per customer
balcony, gorgeous views, sunny, warm, bbq, dble $220, sgl $160,
include freeview+wifi. Available 23th March ph0212103614
Amazing room for rent. Hallenstein st. Large room, double bed,
                                                                           It’s better with
modern chilled out house, hardly 2min walk to town. Wifi, sky.
Available 28 Mar - roughly 15 May, $125pw 0211359456
Fox mtb l/s tops - mens m, lightweight, black & white. $20 For one,
$30 for two. 0211036213

sports injuries occupational
injuries chronic conditions
joint problems neck pain                                               Toyota Celica 1998; only 101,000kms done. Silver, coupe, sports
muscular aches headaches
        registered osteopaths acc providers   n
                                                                       model, 2L engine, runs very well. New wof & 2 tyres, 12 cd/mp3
                                                                       changer, remote lock, $7000. Contact 0210347175
       03           41 110
back pain 4migraines5 foot                                             COUNCILLOR CATH’S COMMUNITY CLINIC: your chance to
problems sciatica queenstown
                 9 isle st, accidents                                  air community concerns, issues and ideas with Cr Cath Gilmour.
                                                                       March 17, ph 442 2306 for appointment

Must sell: 158 Zuma snowboard w/Magitec bindings, fantastic 4                              BUILDER – NZ QUALIFIED
beginners! Mod use, $140ono. Vans snowboarding boots, used                          Experienced in residential construction,
cond, size 9, $30ono. Package $150. Love winter! 0226456056                                operating in and around QT
                                                                                       Can do nearly any job big or small
Female flatmate for comfy Fernhill home, share with one other,                Ie: Renovations, extensions, new work, decks, fencing,
good sized room. Best views, deck, osp, heatpump, lawn, $120pw.                           repairs and maintenance, etc
Long term preferred. Call James 0212644008                                            Call William Guthrie 027 666 2616
Double en-suite room in central house, $225 couple or $150 for a
single. Available from 4th-28th April to cover couple leaving lease    Flatmate wanted!! Fully furnished room in new apartment
early. Balcony&garden, bbq, no bond. 0212682919                        complex, central location, 5mins walk to town, $240pw +bills
                                                                       +internet. Call/txt 0210324741 just bring your clothes n smile
Wakatipu finally has a womens rugby team but needs players!!
Keen?? Meet down the recreation ground in town next Thursday           Spa pool for sale: portable Millan spa pool with cover- seats 6
the 17th March at 6pm or phone 0211406458 for more info!!              people, 11 jets. In good condition, $2400ono, phone 4420214
Free middle way meditation on Sat 19th March from 1 pm to 2            Full wms snb package - 157 Tokidoki, Stiletto bindings, Animal jkt,
pm at 2/228 Fernhill road Queenstown by monk from Dunedin,             Burton pants (12), Roxy beanie, Anon goggles, Grenade gloves,
meditation center will provide free cd. Rsvp 0273852655                Protec helmet, roller snb bag $800ono 0211036213
Creative chick looking for stylee wall coverings to put on the walls   Amazing TV 52’’ widescreen, Toshiba, rear projection, high def
of new office. Any1 got anything they r wanting to throw out that i    1080i (50/60hz), card slot, srs, wow, sound system. Rrp $4.999,
can put to good use? Jess 0273589021                                   now $900ono. Don’t miss out, 0210476282

                               When you get to a certain vintage you need                                                   AC
                                                                                                                               T   IC   PHYS

                                           the odd tune up!

                                                                                                                                                   E R A PY

                                   See our team of body mechanics to keep you in peak condition.

                                                                 0800 422 252



                                                                                                                           G                    NC

                                                                                                                               E        ACUPU
                                                  QUEENSTOWN - ARROWTOWN - FRANKTON
                                                                                                                            0800 422 252
                                                                                           03 442 8190
LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN                                                                                                                                                                                                          Page 38

                                                                                                                                                      THE HOME OF FIRST CLASS CINEMA                                 SESSIONS FROM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TUE 15 MAR - MON 21 MAR
                                                                                                                                                                                                             LEGEND       NO FREE TICKETS

                                                                                                                                               PHOTO ID REQUIRED FOR ALL R & RP RATED MOVIES

                                                                                                                                                                                            OFFER APPLIES TO SELECTED
                                                                                                                                                                           MOVIES, DAILY BEFORE 5PM
                                                                                                                                                    OFFER APPLIES TO SELECTED MOVIES, DAILY BEFORE               5PM.
Transonic dvd player 5.1, channel audio, hdmi 1080p, composite,                                                                           VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR THE SELECTED MOVIES & FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS.
                                                                                                                                        VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR THE SELECTED MOVIES & FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS
s-video, coaxial digital output and remote control, mint condition,
$50 0210476282
Wanted womens sml roadbike, anything considered, call Justine
0275202052                                                                                                                                                                                        THURSDAY 24 MARCH
Fundraiser bbq this Tuesday 15th March at the Queenstown
Events Centre. Queenstown junior football club is running a
fundraiser bbq for the Chch earthquake, please come and support
Garage sale; furniture, designer clothing, kitchen-ware, bedding,
original artworks,10am: 29b Watts road, Fernhill. Sat 19 March
                                                                                                                                NOW SHOWING
42 Inch Samsung rear projector TV, $200, 0210621574                                                                             RANGO •
                                                                                                                                (PG) Some Scenes May Scare Very Young Children
                                                                                                                                Tue Wed: 11:00 1:20 3:50 6:10
                       MOTATAPU RACE SURVIVER?                                                                                  Thu - Mon: 11:00 1:20 3:50 6:10 8:30
                                                                                                                                HALL PASS
                                                                                                                                (R16) Drug Use, Sex Scenes & Offensive Language
                                                                                                                                Tue Wed: 11:30 4:20 6:40 9:00
                                   Grab a canvas print of artist                                                                Thu - Mon: 11:40 2:00 4:20 6:40 9:00
                                                                                                                                BLACK SWAN
                                       John McCormacks                                                                          (R16) Violence, Sex Scenes & Content That May Disturb
                                                                                                                                Tue Wed: 1:40 4:00 8:50
                                    Legendary Fever Painting                                                                    Thu - Mon: 4:00 8:50
                                                                                                                                THE KING'S SPEECH
                                                                                                                                (M) Offensive Language
                              Visit                                                                         Tue Wed: 11:10 6:20
                                                                                                                                Thu - Mon: 11:00 1:30 6:20
                                                                                                                                LOVE BIRDS
                            Phone John 0274 573 434                                                                             (PG) Adult Themes
                                                                                                                                Tue Wed: 2:00
                                                                                                                                THE FIGHTER
internet, sky tv, xbox, heat pump for winter, available now contact                                                             (R16) Violence, Offensive Language, Drug Use & Sex Scenes
                                                                                                                                Tue Wed: 8:40
Ski jacket; Ladies small fit, UK 8-10, powder skirt, arm vents, really                                                        For sale: ladies Nitro snowboard 153, with Burton bindings,
warm, pass holder, goggle stash, a few years old but hardly worn                                                              $200ono. DC ladies size 7 boots, white electric goggles, TV, $30,
and in great condition! $60. 0211798189                                                                                       computer desk $40, call or txt 0211766117
It’s not over till these ladies sing... Introducing the Sheralees.
Starring Margaret O’Hanlon, Kathleen Brentwood, Rachel Gerard                                                                                  LAKES WEEKLY BULLETIN READERS
Simons and Jo Blick. Tickets on sale now - World Travellers and                                                               We do love receiving all your adverts, but being a busy time of year,
Arrowtown Museum                                                                                                                  we simply don’t have room to publish all of your submissions.
                                                                                                                               If it is really important that your message runs in the next edition,
New power balance band- genuine, still in original packaging,                                                                  you can pay $5 to guarantee your advert by registering online at -
never opened. Size L, clear/white. Brought for $90 will sell for $80.                                                                            
Text or call 02102231128
                                                                                                                            Advertising Deadlines
                                                              How to advertise                                              Display Advertising 12 noon Thursday                               The Lakes Weekly Bulletin
                                                              Ph: 03 409 2800
                                                              Fax: 03 409 2801
                                                              Place your ad online:
                                                                                                                            Situations vacant: 10am Monday
                                                                                                                            Sales & Production team:
                                                                                                                            Catherine Mercer (Manager),
                                                                                                                                                                                               2nd Floor,
                                                                                                                                                                                               The Mountaineer Building
                                                                                                                                                                                               Rees Street,
                                                                                                                            Sheree Walker, Emily Farthing                                      Queenstown 9348
                                                              Free Adverts are placed on space on a 1 week basis            Accounts: Kendalle McLeod

                        CAPTION COMP!
                                                                                               Winner of the
                                                                                                last Caption
                                                                                                                   LWB ONLINE WEEKLY PRIZE WINNER
                                                                                                                         Congratulations to Karen Healy
                                                                                                                                                                                            Last weeks solution
                                                                                                                                                                                                            S u D o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    K u
                                                                                                                 who won a new cut and style from Crew Haircutters
                       Win a 3 piece Quarter Pack
                        for the funniest Caption                                              Competition is
                                                                                              Russ Johnston
      “That’s                                                                                     you win a              Have you registered online yet?
   Deputy Dawg                                                                                      KFC                     Sign up at
     to you!”                                                                                     Voucher!
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                                                                                                                 QUIZ Answers
                                                                                            your vouchers from    1    Mount Ruapehu
                                                                                              the LWB office.     2    Four
                                                                                                  2nd Floor       3    Paris
                                                                                             The Mountaineer      4    Flo
                                                                                                 Rees Street
 Come up with the funniest caption for this photo & you could win a 3 piece Quarter Pack.
 Send your entry to or fax to 409 2801 by 3pm Friday & remember to add
         your contact details. Check out last weeks winning caption on page 54
                                                                                                                  5    The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic
               FRESH TASTES BEST - KFC, 27 Camp St, Ph 442 7078
            Hours: 10.30am to 10pm daily (10.30am to 11pm, Fri & Sat)
                                                                                             Ph: 03 409 2800
                                                                                                                      For sponsorship details contact
                                              TA    S
                                            EN RTIE
                                           R E
                                            OP E!
                                          PR HER

                          The QAC Difference is all about better service and better value...
            FOR TENANTS                                                                        FOR OWNERS
    • 24 hr emergency service                                                              • In-house property maintenance
    •	 Fast turnaround on applications                                                     •	 Flexible, client-focused products:
    •	 Wide range of properties:                                                           	 -	 short/medium/long term rentals
       flats, to flash pads to family homes                                                   -	 Menu or services: choose your services/pricing
                                                                                           • Better reporting & communication


            1   LGB/71 Ballarat Street    Queenstown          $220   Yes   Partly furnished, tidy unit, osp, yard, only few minutes walk away from town centre

            1   1/87 Gorge Road           Queenstown          $225   No    Unfurnished, cosy unit, separate lounge and bedroom, walking distance to town, school and shops
            1   3/2A Aspen Grove          Fernhill            $300   Yes   Partly furnished, modern, double glazing, underfloor heating, heatpump, courtyard, garage, amazing views
            1   1A/633 Frankton Road      Frankton            $300   Yes   Partly furnished, heatpump, double glazing, close to bus stop, stunning mountain and lake views
            1   3/12 Aspen Grove          Fernhill            $350   Yes   Partly furnished, luxury living, underfloor heating, double glazing, osp, a must see property!

            1   63B Hallenstein Street    Queenstown          $320   Yes   Whiteware, recently painted, large garage, heatpump, short walk to town, views
            1   23/716 Frankton Road      Queenstown East     $330   Yes   Partly furnished, modern apartment, bus stop right outside, carport, views

            1   25/716 Frankton Road      Queenstown East     $330   Yes   Partly furnished, modern apartment, bus stop right outside, carport, views
            1   35/716 Frankton Road      Queenstown East     $330   Yes   Partly furnished, modern apartment, bus stop right outside, carport, views, NO LETTING FEE
            1   41/716 Frankton Road      Queenstown East     $330   Yes   Partly furnished, modern apartment, bus stop right outside, carport, views
            1   50/716 Frankton Road      Queenstown East     $330   Yes   Partly furnished, modern apartment, bus stop right outside, carport, views
            2   12 Goldleaf Hill          Goldfield Heights   $375   Yes   Partly furnished, new unit, double glazed, electric fireplace, great furnishings, great views
            2   2/12 Aspen Grove          Fernhill            $425   Yes   Partly furnished, modern luxury living, double glazing, gas heaters, double garage, views

            1   15A Poplar Drive          Kelvin Heights      $300   Yes   Whiteware, downstairs unit, recently renovated, storage, fenced garden, off street parking, views
            1   73 Thompson Street        Queenstown          $350   Yes   Partly furnished, exterior access to bedrooms only, walking distance to town, yard, views
            2   346 Frankton Road         Queenstown East     $370   Yes   Partly furnished, garden, large rooms, two fireplaces, heatpump, osp, pets considered
            2   7B Von Place              Fernhill            $380   No    Unfurnished, fireplace, double glazing, off street parking, large deck, pets considered, views

            1   13/716 Frankton Road      Queenstown East     $380   Yes   Partly furnished, modern apartment, bus stop right outside, carport, views
            2   26/67 Goldfield Heights   Queenstown East     $390   Yes   Partly furnished, in the “Ridge” apartment complex, wood burner, deck, storage, views
            1   32B Lomond Crescent       Queenstown          $400   Yes   Partly furnished, older style flat below main house, heatpump, walking distance to town
            2   59 Goldfield Heights      Goldfield Heights   $400   Yes   Partly furnished, modern kitchen, heatpump, single carport, deck, stunning views
            2   7A Kent Street            Queenstown Hill     $460   Yes   Partly furnished, double glazing, heatpump, great views, short walk to town, pets considered
            2   6 Alta Place              Frankton            $480   No    Unfurnished, close to Remarks Park, and primary school, single garage, off street parking, yard
            2   705 The Oaks Shores       Queenstown East     $800   Yes   Partly furnished, luxury living at its best, balcony, gas fire, double glazing, sauna and gym

            1 107A Hallenstein Street Queenstown              $500   Yes Whiteware, close to supermarket, storage shed/ office, heatpump, close to town
4 B/R

            2 19A Arawata Terrace     Sunshine Bay            $520   Yes Partly furnished, wood burner, garage, off street parking, yard
            1 5A Hay Street           Town Centre             $700   Yes Partly furnished, recently renovated, you couldn’t be closer to town! Stunning views

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              UR T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            TO H

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          O RIG

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        EC IS

                                                                                                                LOOK ONLINE AT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      EK AC
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TR Q

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ZIP TO

                                                                                                                                                                                                               TO CE
                                                                                                                                                                                                              T N

                                                                                                                                                                                                           EX A
                                                                                                                                                                                                          N NTR

                                                                                                                                                                C                             E EL
                                                                                                                                                                                            US AV
                                                                                                                                                                    AM                     O R
                                                                                                                                                                                          H FT





                                                                                                                                                                                .                                                    ST

                                                                                                  CALL NOW: 03 442 7518                                                                                                O


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 E G

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              RG DIN

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            FO UIL



                                                                                                                                                                                                          W G
                                                                                                                                                                                                        TO DIN
                                                                                                                                                                                                      CK UIL
                                                                                                                                                                                                     O  B

                Come up and see us at … Level One, corner Camp & Shotover Streets
       for the love of
        the early Bird
        deal Goes on
        In order to help out our friends from
        Christchurch and everyone who’s been affected
        by the earthquake we’re extending the early bird
                                                                                                                   enrdl 14
                                                                                                                eXt p i
                                                                                                                  till a
        rates till 14 april. so now you can lock in the
        best value skiing and riding a little longer.
        Purchase online today at

    2011 season passes
      early Bird prices for locals only 14 feB - 14 apr
     Queenstown Pass                                                                   aDuLt                                    YoutH/senior                          PrimarY scHooLs
     Unlimited skiing & riding at Coronet Peak
     & The Remarkables
                                                                                          889                full
                                                                                                                                   589                full
                                                                                                                                                                      fl   90         QUEEnsTown

                                                                                                                                                                      wakatiPu HigH scHooL
     nzskiPass                                                                         aDuLt                                   YoutH/senior
     Unlimited skiing & riding at Coronet Peak,
     Mt Hutt and The Remarkables
                                                                                          999                full
                                                                                                                                   699                full
                                                                                                                                                                     fl   150           QUEEnsTown

     tHe remarkabLes Pass                                                              aDuLt                                   YoutH/senior                           stuDent
     Unlimited skiing & riding at The Remarkables                                      fl
                                                                                          499                full
                                                                                                                                   299                full
                                                                                                                                                                          399                full

*To qualify for Early Bird pricing you must reside in the otago/southland region over the winter of 2011 or have held a 2010 season Pass. Proof of local residency will be required for pass collection.
see for full details.

    Queenstown transport add-on                                                                               first tracKs add-on
        199                   Provides return coach transport to
                              Coronet Peak & The Remarkables
                                                                                                                 199                  Provides access to the Coronet Peak
                                                                                                                                      Express Chairlift only from 8am – 9am
                                                                                                                                      from early July

                                                                                                                                                                             noV 7304Lw

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