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									         Information Regarding Developmental Disabilities:
Information and resources about developmental disabilities, including the
  definition of a developmental disability, where to look to for assistance,
                          resources, and more,1607,7-132-2941_4868_4897---,00.html
Michigan Department of Community Health website. Includes information
about self-determination, available services, the Michigan Developmental
Disabilities Council, and important links for both individuals with disabilities
                             and their families

    The Association of University Centers on Disabilities homepage. A non-profit
 organization that promotes and supports the national network of university centers
                                    on disabilities

DOWN SYNDROME: A directory of websites including local, national, and
    international organizations. This site also includes links to online
 magazines/journals, medical resources, non-profit organizations, and
  other resources for parents and families of an individual with Down

           TAY-SACHS DISEASE: Information page and resources
 FRAGILE X SYNDROME: An information page and resources provided by
    the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
PRADI-WILLI SYNDROME: Summary, diagnosis, management, counseling,
                           and resources
   ANGELMAN SYNDROME: What Angelman syndrome is, treatment issues,
           prognosis, research, and sources of additional information
ASPERGER SYNDROME: An overview and resources from the National Institute of
                       Neurological Disorders and Stroke
              AUTISM: Informational guide and resources
 FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME: National Organization on Fetal Alcohol
Syndrome. Includes resources, frequently asked questions, advocacy,
              and suggestions on how to live with FAS

KLINEFELTER SYNDROME: Klinefelter Syndrome and Associates is a non-
profit organization providing information and resources regarding the

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