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2011 China ( Xiamen ) International Stationery & Office Supplies Fair


    August 8-10, 2011        China ( Xiamen )International Conference & Exhibition Center

                               Exhibition Background:

   With the pace of reform and opening up, China's stationery and office supplies industry
has a considerable size, China has become the world stationery production and consumer.
China's industrial output value of stationery, industrial sales value, export delivery value
of economic indicators such as double-digit average annual growth, are far more than the
national average growth rate, is large export foreign exchange generation of China's light
   With the expansion of investment in education, health aspects in China, people's
demand for stationery and office supplies are increasing, therefore creating a potential
market of cultural goods, cultural products market. China will continue to show rapid
growth momentum in the future. There is no doubt the prospects for the industry very

     To further promote the market of stationery and office supplies interactive development,
China Xiamen International Stationery & Office Supplies Fair will be held on August 8, 2011
-10 in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center . This fair is to expand the
domestic market-oriented, combining with international trade, aim to create an international
professional stationery and office supplies fair, to build an industry platform of the exchange
and product display for stationery and office supplies . By then, the exhibition area will
reach16,000 square meters, about700 booths. Xiamen, China( Xiamen) International Education
Equipment Exhibition will be held at the same time ,it is expected to attract over 60,000
domestic and foreign businessmen to visit and purchase.

     We believe that 2011 Xiamen International Stationery & Office Supplies Fair is the best
platform for the vast number of companies to display their products, build brands and
expand exports, we sincerely look forward to your participation, share opportunities with you t
work together on our common development.
Registeration and Booth Decoration: August 6-7, 2011
Exhibition: August 8-10, 2011
Removal : AT 4:00 PM ,August 10, 2011
Venue: China.Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center
       ( No 198, Conference and Exhibition road, Xiamen)

Audience Organization and Promotion

1. Establising partnerships with nearly one hundred professional media sites, trade, class and
   other media of stationery and office supplies in China , forming media alliance, focusing on
   the industry media publicity and investment, and further strengthen cooperation with
   overseas professional media, trade magazines cooperation. report the latest exhibition
   development in time, made images publicity and written reports in the relevant column .

2、Inputing the exhibition publicity in the LED billboards of high column of International Airport
in Xiamen, Fuzhou-Xiamen Expressway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway and main road in

3、Inviting visitors in South Korea, Italy, France, Japan, the United States, Britain, Hong Kong,
  Taiwan at home and abroad to visit our exhibition in the form of phone, fax, email, website,
  mail, invitations, and other forms of invitation before the exhibition .

4、Government agency / department stores / chain stores / supermarkets / trading
companies and other units participating, and visiting the exhibition.

5、 Well-prepared to carry out the "Pre-Exhibition Preview", focuses on exhibitors and
products, delivere to important buyers.

6、The organizer will publish 300 000 invitations, tickets, mailed to the main person in charge
  of procurement of manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, government
  procurement departments, research institutes, institutions of higher learning (colleges),
  Enterprises and institutions, embassies and offices, and related industry sectors, about 6
  million. professional visitors will come to our fair .

7、Distributing the information to invite distributors and agents

8、Cooperating with similar well-known exhibitions at home and abroad , will send promotional
group to the fair, give out relevant information.
○ Stationery and office supplies area: Writing instruments / paper and paper products /
 office supplies / files order goods / supplies for students and school / art supplies.
○ Stationery production and processing equipment, components, packaging and printing
○ Office products area

    1. Printing equipment: copiers, officejet, printers, digital duplicators, blueprint machine,
     mimeograph machine, bar code machines, card machines.
    2. Document finishing equipment: shredders, binding machines, paper folding machine,
     label machine, binding machines, laminator, punch card machines.
    3. Accessories and supplies categories: copier, printer accessories, ink cartridges, toner,
     toner cartridges, ink, copy paper, printing paper.
    4. Communication and device: fax machines, program-controlled telephone , telephone,
     group telephone, projector, slide projector, whiteboard and so on.
    5. Office complex categories: access attendance, time clocks, cash register, counter,
     cutting plotter, typewriters, timer, and so on.
    6. Office supplies category: accounting supplies, writing materials, office stationery, paper
       products and so on.
    7. Office software categories: office applications, office systems platform, system
       integration, network equipment, etc.

    Technical Seminar

    During the exhibition, the organizing committee will assist the domestic and
foreign exhibitors to hold technology exchange seminars in the conference room
of the exhibition hall, the content will be determined by enterprises, 60-80
persons /each , audience will be invited by the enterprises themselves, the
committee will assist it. and should be submit the lecture topics , main
content ,and names of the main speakers to the organizing committee before in July
1, 2011 . For the session of the Technology Seminar is limited, 60 minutes per
lecture, 8,000 yuan / per.

   Rules and Regulations
1, Booth fees and arrangement: This exhibition provides standard booth and empty space ,
exhibitors can choose it according to their business needs.
 ★ Standard booth fee: International Exhibition Area: 6800 yuan / standard booth (9m2 /
per); Domestic area: 9000 yuan / standard booth (9m2 / Per);
 Each standard booth includes: carpet, three panels, the company name fascia board, one
consulting desk, two chairs, two spotlights, one power socket
 (Special power please explain in advance, additional charge).
 ★ empty space fee: Domestic area: 680 yuan / m2 (not less than 36 m2 ), International
exhibition area : 900 yuan / m2(not less than 36 m2 ),
 For empty space, there isn’t any display stand and facilities , exhibitors can arrange a special
decoration work or entrust the organizational unit to recommend the construction company .

The conference fee: 800 yuan / person (including exhibition materials, lunch, drinks, gold &
jewelry miss competition cocktail , gifts, etc.)

Conference arrangements: the organizer will send the "Manual"( About the schedule, exhibits
 transportation, hotel reception, directory editor, booth construction and other matters) to all
 exhibitors before the exhibition .

Ads in the Directory and Exhibition
Directory Propaganda ---is the most perfect union of participating products demonstration and
image demonstration, is the most direct communication for the professional visitors.

Directory Advertising: will help you find customers after the show! In addition to the wide
distribution during the exhibition , also will sent to professionals who are not able to visit the
fair through the relevant channels , they can use the directory to quickly find contact means
and content services content .

Directory Dimensions 210mm (W) × 285mm (H),
Advertising costs be paid off in advance; for thoseexhibitors which unable to
attend it, can be selected directly exhibition catalog and advertising. ) Note:
The color ad designed, please provide electronic design draft

   Ad Position    Price          Ad Position    Price           Ad Position   Price(Yuan)
                                                                Black     and
   Cover          20000          Title page 7000                white inside 1000
                                 Whole                          Exhibitor’s
   Back cover 12000                         6000                              1000
                                 Color page                     information
   Inside                        Inner
   front          7000           color      4500                Gatefold         15000
   cover                         pages

【Inviting co-sponsor】 comprehensive exhibition promotional solutions
    A. The company enjoy the best synchronization comprehensive publicity with
       the exhibition ;
B. Enjoy the best effect to directly access to acknowledge of the professional
 visitors ;
C. With a minimum investment for maximum return, full spread of deep-rooted.
 Co-sponsored participation in the exhibition, will be 9 major items service
1, Honorary guests attended the opening ceremony
2, the opening backdrop publicity,
3,trranging media interviews
4, Venue advertising,
5,Inviting professional visitors for you,
6, Website promotion
7 ,Directory propaganda ,
8, Priority booth ,
9 ,Giving seminars, etc.,
For specific content , please contact us.

 【Business services 】
1. Providing a variety of registration information for visitor                       (including
 visitors contact information, purchase intent, etc.).
2. Assisting in arranging exhibits transportation, customs clearance for foreign
3. Assisting in arranging transportation and accommodation of Exhibitors.
4. Assisting exhibitorsto organized various forms of press conferences, product
  or investment project promotion, special reports and technical seminars and
  other activities.
5. Pavilion security.

If you have decided to attend our fair, please note the following】
1, please fill out the "Exhibitors Registration Form", signed with official
  seal ,then fax or send to the Organizing Committee (Deadline July 30, 2011)
2, After registration, full or 50% of the participation fee will be remitted to
  the designated account of the organizing committee within three dyas, After
  remitting the participation fee, please fax the bank remittance to the Organizing
  Committee bank for verification. Not received the cost of booth,the booth won’t
  be retained.

3, After registration, please send company logo (LOGO), one main products image ,
  company introduction (within 500 words) to E-mail: ,will be
  used to organize the professional audience and publicity.

4, The conference reception, exhibits transport and accommodation arrangements
 will be noted in "Admission notice" or "Exhibitor Manual" .

5, Booth arrangement principles: "first apply, first reserved, first pay, first
 determine ", co-sponsor will be by arranged preferentially.

Organizer : The Organizing Committee of China (Xiamen) International Gold &Jewelry
             Xiamen Jin Cheng Jia Exhibition Co., Ltd

Add: 22E ,South building, pacific square , No 327, Jiahe road, Xiamen Postcode: 361012
Tel: 86-592- 5056338                   Contact Person : Mr Lichun hua
Fax: 86-592-5056338                   Mobile: 13859990950
Official Website: WWW.JCJ-CHINA.COM            Email: 1273057650@QQ.COM