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									          IEEE Region 10 GINI Online Meeting
                                March 23, 2008

First official online meeting of IEEE R10 GINI committee was conducted on March
23, 2008 at 3:30pm Indian Standard Time (IST) via Yahoo conference call.
Agenda of the meeting was to update the team with GINI related activities in
pilot sections specially Karachi, Pakistan and official launch of GINI Website .

Meeting started with the Introduction of participants followed by updates from each
pilot section starting Madras followed by Hyderabad, Delhi and then discussion
on Karachi. Following Information was shared by representatives of pilot sections.

   1. IEEE Madras section student branch officers meeting was conducted on
      March 8, 2008. 82 student officers’ from 26 branches, section SAC - Dr.
      Suresh Chander Pal - , Prijoe and Mentor of Madras Section - Jaison Sabu
      - attended the meeting. Problems and challenges being faced by Madras
      Section were discussed. Section level GINI committee was formulated and
      Hub concept was introduced. Details of hub concept were given as Section
      was divided in 10 hubs. Each hub consists of 10~12 colleges, each
      college has one representative and each hub has hub leader to represent
      at section level. This new structure was introduced due to large no of
      branches (129 branches) in one section. Madras section is also planning to
      maintain the database of contact information of every student branch in
      coming future.

   2. IEEE Delhi Section has 25 student branches. Out of 25 only 12 are active.
      Section has plans for quarterly meets of all student branches and it has list
      of common program for all student branches, giving 1 activity to each
      branch. Delhi has a common group for the section already and every new
      branch is offered USD 5 discount per member from section. Section has
      also designed a feedback form for the problems faced by students and hold
      informal meets for all branches. One major issue being faced by section is
      approval of GINI from Section Executive committee.

3. IEEE Hyderabad Section conducted the Student Branch Office Bearers
   meeting on 8th march 2008. 24 out of 55 student branches participated
   along with section chair, SAC and prijoe. Problems being faced by Section
   were discussed along with detailed introduction of IEEE GINI project.
   Section has approved GINI project and GINI committee was also
   formulated. Zone concept was introduced and contacts of all student
   participants were noted down for future contact. Section has plans to have
   the meeting the meeting with zones individually and expand the activity to
   other zones. Section SAC, GINI representative and WIE representative will
   be travelling to each and every zone to ensure the implementation of GINI.

4. IEEE Karachi Section has 10 branches in total out of which only 4 are
   active. Section is counted as in-active and currently has no executive
   committee to serve the purpose. A meeting was organized of 2 dormant
   IEEE student branches with the help of RSR to activate them and to
   discuss the issues they are facing. E-Indus 2008 -a combined event by
   those 2 student branches on 23 April 2008- is the result of that meeting.
   IEEE -NUCES – Most active and largest student branch of Pakistan - got
   approval for organizing which will be all Pakistan Engineering
   and Programming event with various competitions in it on 3rd May 2008. A
   section level meeting is planned by RSR with the help of region to jump
   start the section in April 2008. Lots of suggestions were given by team to
   activate the other dormant student branches like
       a. Arranging Leadership workshops and IEEE awareness programs.
          Invite some students and professors to attend those activities.
       b. Approach college management and show students & professionals
          the difference between IEEE members and Non IEEE members
       c. Take a two pronged strategy to activate IEEE student branches. 1.
          Management 2. Students, both should be taken care in parallel.
       d. Have two GINI related mentors, one from section and other from
         outside. Outside section Mr. Gopa Kumar volunteered and within
         section Mr. Saqib Illyas is expected. – IEEE R10 GINI website – was formally inaugurated by
SAC Kerala Section. Volunteers were appreciated for their dedication in
developing website and Mr. Nithin was announced as prime contact for
updating website. Meeting ended at 4:50pm with a note that we will have such
meeting once in two months.

   1. Mr. Gopa Kumar           SAC IEEE Kerala Section
   2. Mr. Om Perkash Batra     Regional Student Representative (RSR)
   3. Mr. Prijoe Philips       Coordinator, IEEE R10 GINI
   4. Mr. Ranjit R. Nair       GINI Representative, Madras Section
   5. Mr. Ganesh               GINI Representative, Madras Section
   6. Mr. Barnabas             GINI Representative, Madras Section
   7. Mr. Prasanna             GINI Representative, Hyderabad Section
   8. Ms. Kirthi Burma         WIE Representative, Hyderabad Section
   9. Ms. Anwesha              GINI Representative, Delhi Section
   10. Mr. Ayush Jain          GINI Representative, Delhi Section
   11. Mr. Nithin Sha          GINI Representative, Kerala Section
   12. Mr. Ravendar Bhojwani   GINI Representative, Karachi Section
   13. Mr. Shaoib Feroz        GINI Representative, Karachi Section


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