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									2009          ANNUAL UPDATE
Making a difference – one child at a time


                PROJECT ACORN Inc. funds quality preschool
                education for children of working families in need
                in Morris County and surrounding areas.

                  PROJECT ACORN INC.
         P.O. BOX 86, MORRIS PLAINS, NJ 07950

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                                                                                               Project Acorn’s 13th Annual
Letter from our President                                                                         Golf & Tennis Outing
Dear Friends,                                                                                                 Monday, June 15, 2009
Project Acorn’s continuing

                                                                                                          Morris County
mission is to fund preschool for

                                                                                                           Golf Club
local children from hard-
working families that don’t
earn enough to afford the cost
of preschool, but earn too
much to qualify for                                                                         balance the demands in our own lives with our
governmental funding. During                                                                desire to help those who face these same hard
                                   ROBERT STEIDLITZ
the 2008-2009 school year,                                                                  times with even fewer resources.
Project Acorn paid for 80                                                                   Yet now more than ever, children’s lives can be
children to attend preschool,                                                               significantly improved as the result of a stimulating
and will again fund 80 children in 2009-2010. In                                            and engaging preschool environment. It would be a
fact, when school starts in September, Project Acorn                                        shame for these children to lose a once-in-a-lifetime
will have provided preschool education for more                                             opportunity to grow, learn, and prepare for life. All
than 500 children, most of them for two years. We                                           children deserve a fair chance to succeed, and so
are proud that our donors have so generously                                                much of the success equation depends on the
helped so many, and hopeful that they and others                                            ability to read, learn, and interact early in life. This
will be able and willing to do so in the future.                                            is why we are such passionate proponents of
This message comes to you during a period of                                                preschool, and of helping children in our
unprecedented change, challenge, and opportunity.                                           community. Please see our interview with Gordon
Like most non-profits, Project Acorn faces the                                              MacInnes for more on why preschool matters.
prospect of a serious downturn in donations due to                                          The board of Project Acorn takes seriously its
the weak economy. It is certainly difficult for us to                                       fiduciary responsibility to serve the greatest
                                                                                            number of children with available funding. In light
                            Save the Date                                                   of that, tuition funding will always be Project
                                                                                            Acorn’s highest priority – and funding of our
                                 Project Acorn’s                                            operations will continue to be frugal. We are also
                                                                                            mindful of potential changes in state and federal
                                   Annual fundraiser                                        funding of preschool. Specifically, New Jersey’s
                                                                                            legislature passed, and Governor Corzine signed in
                                                                                            June 2008, legislation which would significantly
                                      Child’s Play                                          expand state funding of preschool. Based on
                                           October 23, 2009                                 interactions with school district personnel, we
                                                                                            believe that there will be no significant impact

                                                                                            from this legislation in Morris County in the
                                                                                            2009/2010 school year and perhaps for some time
                           A Casual Cocktail Party                                          after. We will keep you apprised if legislative
                                                                                            changes affect Project Acorn’s operations.
2009 Board of Directors                                                                     Directors Emeritus
                                                                                            Stuart and Jill Lasser Founders          Stacey Richter
Rob Steidlitz President                          Rosemary Kristiansen                       James Altieri                             Franklyn Ideas
Barbara Demarest Vice President                  Bob McMenamin                               Drinker, Biddle & Shanley               Susie Schub
                                                                                                                                      Jumpstart LLC
James Sonneborn Treasurer                          Wells Fargo Insurance Services           Andrew S. Bluestone
 RegentAtlantic Capital                          Stephen Neville                             Selective Benefits Group                Evelyn Self
                                                                                                                                      Sanofi Aventis (Retired)
Leslie McDonnell Secretary                         Merrill Lynch                            Kenneth A. Mack, CPA
                                                 Judy O’Neil                                 Kaplan and Mack                         Kate S.Tomlinson
                                                                                                                                      New Jersey Monthly
                                                 Denis Picard                               Jim McNamee
Heather C. Adams
 Tiffany & Company                                 Alvarez & Marsal
                                                                                            Corporate Council
Betsey Blair                                     Gail Reuther                                                                        Novartis
                                                   Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center   AAA New Jersey Automobile Club
Robert Daleo, Esq.                                                                           John E. Garubba
                                                                                                                                      Wanda Sims
 Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti LLP   Samantha Rothman                                                                    One Call Medical
                                                                                            ADP Statewide Insurance Agencies, Inc.
David Dennison                                   Mark Servodidio                             Stephen Tague & Miguel Leon
                                                                                                                                      Angela Katz
 Allison Corporation                               Avis Budget Group                                                                 Pediatrics of Morristown
                                                                                            Daily Record
Jessica Fiddes                                   Tonia Simon                                 Joe Cavone
                                                                                                                                      Dr. Rosario Zambrano
 Delbarton School                                  Frankel and Topche, P.C.                                                          PNC Advisors
Karen Katcher                                    Cindy Weiss                                 Elaine Vincent
                                                                                                                                      Moises Almonte
 Katcher Associates LLC                            New Jersey Automobile Club                                                        State Farm Insurance
                                                                                            Meynard Title                             Arlene Lester
                                                                                             Gloria Meynard Morales
Staff                                                                                       New York Life Investment Management      Valley National Bank
                                                                                                                                      Karen DeNooyer
Karen Titterton Executive Director               Paola Valencia Administrative Assistant     Diane Kemmerer
            Gordon MacInnes on                                        Gordon MacInnes is a Fellow at The Century
                                                                      Foundation and lectures at Princeton University.
            Early Childhood                                           He was Assistant Commissioner of the Abbott
                                                                      Districts in New Jersey (2002-2007). He served
                                                                      in the New Jersey State Assembly and State
            Education                                                 Senate. Gordon is a former Project Acorn trustee.

Project Acorn: Why do you believe early childhood              PA: How can we know that money spent on education,
education is so important?                                     particularly early education, is effective? How can we
                                                               measure what we are doing?
MacInnes: What we know from brain research is that
there is a huge learning curve early in life. I have a 4-      MacInnes: In West New York and Union City, where
week-old grandson, and when babies are that age, the           good quality preschools have been part of the
synapses are growing and making connections. The               educational district solution for many years, the 3rd and
brain develops like that for three or four years. Then,        4th graders (who attended high quality preschool) are
when the rate of growth begins to level off, we begin our      testing on the state standardized exams at levels rivaling
investment in kids! You have to start early to take            much wealthier districts.
advantage of the natural learning curve and growth.
                                                               If you have preschool, you have to connect the benefits
                              PA: You’ve been quoted as        of that with what happens to kids when they arrive in
                              follows: “A five-year-old from   kindergarten. Are they coming to kindergarten better
                              a lower class family starts      prepared? Do they have an expanded vocabulary? Do
                              kindergarten without enough      they know more about the world and are they ready to
                              vocabulary and general           get started on reading in a way that wasn’t true of their
                              knowledge to be ready to         siblings ten years ago who didn’t have preschool? The
                              begin reading and writing in     answer is yes. And this is critical to educational success.
                              first grade. If their school     We need to respect kids’ capacity, curiosity, and energy.
                              does not know how to close       If they’re exposed to a lot, they’ll learn a lot.
                              that gap, as kindergarten
                              graduates, they will never be    PA: Should people who do not have preschool-age children
                              strong readers.” What can we     care about access to preschool for others?
                              do to help change this
                              dynamic?                         MacInnes: We’re trying to defeat the relationship that if
                                                               you’re poor, your chances of succeeding academically
                               MacInnes: In order to be        and thus in life, are so much lower than if you grow up
                               successful in the United                                           in a middle-class or
                               States you must be able to                                         wealthy family.
                               read. It is central to being                                       One of the highest
                               educated and you need to                                           payoffs you can get is
learn when you’re young. By end of 3rd grade, if you’re                                           by investing in young
not reading, you have only a one-in-seven chance of ever                                          kids. We know that if
reading on grade level. By the end of 4th grade, it’s one-                                        you’re from a poor
in-eleven. We’re talking about nine and ten-year-olds to                                          neighborhood, and you
whom we’re pretty much saying “That’s it for you”.                                                go to preschool, in
That’s not fair – you can’t blame any nine-year-old for                                           terms of making it
not being able to read.                                                                           through high school,
                                                                                                  staying out of jail,
So you have to start early. You have to give young                                                getting a well-paying
children a fighting chance to become readers before                                               job, all of those things
their odds decline dramatically. My young grandson will        that count in terms of success in society, your chances
hear so many stories and will have so many books read          have just zoomed up versus the kids around you who
to him, that by the time he gets to kindergarten, there’s      didn’t go to preschool. I’ve seen studies that say the
not going to be any question about it – he is just going       payoff is 8:1 and I believe it. Can the relationship be
to be ready to read. I’m an expert now because I have          broken? Yes. What happens where it is broken? Almost
seven grandchildren. My 6-year-old granddaughter, who          always, there has been this kind of early intervention in
is in kindergarten, writes notes to us. When we go and         the lives of poor kids that gave them a fighting chance to
visit, she’s reading books to us. That’s what’s sort of        become readers and therefore become educated. Getting
expected, but it doesn’t happen with poor families, on         kids to be strong readers pays off in ways that will please
average. That’s why you need to start early.                   all of us.
              PRESCHOOL PARTNER PROFILE: Joyful Noise
                            Tucked behind the                         Jeanne Frost, School Director, sees the school’s
                            Presbyterian Church of                    hallmark art enrichment program as more than just a
                            Morris Plains, Joyful                     fun activity. “They work with a wide range of materials
                            Noise Nursery School is                   and learn that a variety of outcomes are ok. Different
                            a hub of activity for local               creative styles suit different children as they find self-
                            preschoolers and their                    expression”. Ms. Frost states her objective for a child
                            parents. One of Project                   leaving for kindergarten as the feeling: “I can do
                            Acorn’s twenty one                        anything! Nothing is beyond me! The children have had
                            partner preschools in                     time to get emotionally and socially connected, to find their
                            Morris and Somerset                       place in a group and to learn how to handle transitions. We
                            Counties, the school is a                 revel in their achievements!”
JEANNE FROST, DIRECTOR OF   long-standing ministry of                    As one of our early partners, Joyful Noise has
JOYFUL NOISE NURSERY SCHOOL the church. The school’s                  seen many Project Acorn families. Ms. Frost says,
                            commitment to the arts is                 “We are blown away by the level of commitment of the
apparent as soon as the visitor enters. Bright murals                 parents. So many people take preschool for granted, but
and a montage of the staff cover the walls, the                       Project Acorn parents regard it as a great privilege. We are
children practice playing bells, the storyteller awaits               grateful to have these family join our community and for the
a class and work by the preschool artists is                          friendships that have grown, both children and parents,
everywhere.                                                           among people of different backgrounds”

 We appreciate our volunteers                                                Outreach breakfast hosted by
 Vince Albanito
 Moises Almonte
                         Rochelle Kelman
                         Diane Kemmerer
                                                  Allison Scholz
                                                  Braden Schipke
                                                                             New York Life Investment
 Katina Ansen
 Nancy Baldwin
                         Adrienne Kirby
                         Cassie Lang
                                                  Susie Schub
                                                  Priscilla Schuster
 Brooke Barr             Jill Lasser              Jill Searing
 Beth Blakey             Stuart Lasser            Evelyn Self
                                                                             In November 2008, Diane Kemmerer and
 Alyssa Bolivar          Miguele Leon             Dorothy Shubert            NYLIM hosted the Project Acorn outreach
 Joe Cavone              Arlene Lester            Robert Shubert             breakfast for the third year. Members of 50 local
 Yemi Cole               Mike Martin              Wanda Sims
 Kathy Day               Judy Martinez            Joe Slinsky                social service organizations, public school
 Rosemary Day            Cindy McCollum           Pixie Smith                districts, and non-profits attended this meeting.
 Victoria Day            Erin McDonnell           Kristin Sprows             Cindy Weiss, Project Acorn Trustee, presented
 Carmen DelGrey          Lorraine McMahon         Rick Thoeni
 Jim DelGiudice          Imelda McShane           SuzanneThoeni              Project Acorn’s mission and a profile of families
 Libby Demarest          Jesse Mislavsky          Bria Thomason              we serve. The success of this meeting was
 Anneke Demarest         Myles Mislavsky          Sharon Thomason
 Karen DeNooyer          Gloria Maynard Morales   Jessica Titterton          measured during the application process a few
 Jennifer Dessel         Idiana Murray            Michael Titterton          months later when applications and referrals for
 Lauren Diemar           Kirsten Neville          Joe Titterton              qualified families came in great numbers.
 Ann Feld                Diego Ortiz              Kelli Trogani
 Samantha Fischer        Bob Peterson             Sue Uhlendorf              Networking and collaborating with other not-for-
 Bonnie Gannon           Julie Peterson           Fannery Valencia           profit oganizations is an important part of the
 Alex Garcia             Samantha Pontrella       Rey Vasquez
 Robert Gary             Sharon Pontrella         Wes Veale                  outreach process.
 Lexi Gomez              Karan Richardson         Will Veale
 Dorothy Greer           Alexa Rivers             Elaine Vincent
 Jessie Iacullo          Alissa Rizzie            Evan Walsh
 Barbara Jones           Dianne Robinson          Tamar Wyschogrod
 Angela Katz             Sandy Roethel            Dr. Rosario Zambrano

     Project Acorn Participating Preschools 2009- 2010
All participating preschools in Project Acorn are state-licensed with experienced professional staffs. All offer programs in
social, intellectual, physical and emotional development. Project Acorn funds a half day, 2 to 5 days each week during the
school year. We are proud of both our new and existing partnerships.
Ada Budrick Child Care and Learning Center   Kangaroo Kids Child Care & Learning Center      The Preschool Place At Temple Sholom
Children On The Green                        Little People’s Academy, Inc.                   Rainbow Montessori School
Children’s Circle of St. Andrew’s Church     Madison Montessori School                       Red Oaks School
Dalrymple House Learning Center              Morris Plains Cooperative Play School           St. Virgil Preschool
El Primer Paso, Ltd.                         Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center Inc.     Teddy & Me Nursery School
Jefferson Child Care and Education Center    Kindercare                                      Temple B’nai Or Nursery School
Joyful Noise                                 The Nursery School of the Presbyterian Church   Union Hill Church Preschool

                               Special Thanks
                             We appreciate each of you for the support that you offered Project Acorn
                             this year. It is through your generosity that so many deserving families
                             realized their dream of a preschool education for their child.

                             Thank you for your generous gifts and committed support in 2008.
Founders ($10,000+)                            Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Chase                        Mr. & Mrs. Lew Rothman
Bank of America Private Bank                   Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cioffi                        Ms. Samantha Rothman & Mr. John Hankin
Bestfoods Educational Foundation               Mr. & Mrs. David Demarest                      Douglas Hankin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Terence Conley                      Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Feld                        Salerno Duane Infiniti, LLC
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.                    Global Data Communication                      Saturn of Denville
Guilford Foundation                            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Goryeb                       Schenck, Price, Smith & King LLP
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation           Hidden Pond Foundation                         Mr. William Shinners
The PNC Foundation                             J. H. Cohn                                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shubert
Ralph M. Cestone Foundation                    Mr. & Mrs. James Jenco                         Subaru Distributors Corp
                                               Lincoln Financial Group                        Vulcan Motor Club
Philanthropists ($5,000 - $9,999)              Longo Electrical-Mechanical, Inc               Wells Fargo Insurance Services
Avis Budget Group
                                               The Mac Mahon Family Charitable Trust          Windswept Boutique
The Christie Family Foundation
                                               CHILD’S PLAY 2008 BROUGHT TOGETHER, LONG
Daniell Family Foundation

                                               TIME SUPPORTERS; NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Duffy
Ezra Family Foundation
The George A. Ohl, Jr. Trust Foundation        CORP., THE SALERNO FAMILY, MADISON
Hyde & Watson Foundation                       MONTESSORI AND PROJECT ACORN ALUMNI
Jockey Hollow Foundation
JR Tobacco Outlet, Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kristiansen
Morristown Rotary Club
sanofi-aventis Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Robert Steidlitz & Ms. Kirsten Hotchkiss
Ms. Kate Tomlinson                                                                 ABOVE: JIM AND MIKE SALERNO HAVE SUPPORTED PROJECT
                                                                                   ACORN SINCE IT’S INCEPTION. BELOW: PERFORMING AT THE
William E. Simon Foundation, Inc.
Benefactors ($2,500 - $4,999)                                                      EVENT WERE PROJECT ACORN ALUMNAE BRIA THOMASON
                                                                                   AND TAMARA COPELAND
AAA of New Jersey
Bayer HealthCare Consumer Care Division
Charles Emil Thenen Foundation
The Church of St. John on the Mountain
Community Foundation of New Jersey
The Daily Record / Gannett Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Emr
Harry & Harriet Grandis Family Foundation
Edward Hennessy, Jr. and Ruth S.
  Hennessy Foundation                          RHONDA CRICHLOW     OF   NOVARTIS
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Lasser                       SPEAKS ABOUT GIVING AND SUPPORT
                                               FOR THE   PROJECT ACORN MISSION
Madison Montessori School
Pfizer Consumer Group
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Servodidio
Shelley Kutikoff Memorial Scholarship Fund     Manning USA, Inc
                                               Ms. Cindy McCollum                             Associate Professors ($500 - $999)
SUPAU Family Trust / Mr. Stefan Armington                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Brian Adams
Valley National Bank                           Dr. & Mrs. Thomas McDonnell
                                               MD On-line                                     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Baldwin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ward                                                                        Billington Wines
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Rainer Mimberg
Professors ($1,000 - $2,499)                   Mr. Hector Mislavsky & Ms. Judy Martinez       Mr. Christopher Blunt
Accutest Laboratories                          Morgan Stanley                                 Mr. Martin Brodeur
Atkins Management, LLC                         Mr. Stephen Neville                            Bruen Custom Building, LLC
Mr. Joseph Baker                               Mr. Donn Norton                                C. Berman Asscciates, Inc.
Mr. Thomas Bass                                Olympus Holdings, LLC                          Drs. Bruce & Alexandra Certner
Bayview Foundation, Inc.                       One Call Medical, Inc.                         CHM Partners International, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Grosvenor Blair                     Mr Richard Perrella                            Mr. Frank Controneo
Mr. Andrew Bluestone                           Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation
Bradford Renaissance                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Daleo
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Denis Picard
Budd Larner Gross Rosenbaum                                                                   Mr. John DeGrandpre
                                               Mr. & Mrs. David Rainis
Greenberg & Sade                               Redco Engineering & Construction Corp.         Mr. & Mrs. David Dennison
Celgene Corp                                   Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti      Mr. & Mrs. David Depaul
The Charles L. Read Foundation                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rizzie                       Divine Catering
DMF Media Services, LLC                     Cablevision                                           Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Skinner
Don & Rue Eisen                             Chau Jewelry Design                                   Mr. Steven Skoler
Mr. James Ellowitch                         Ms. Bridget Crowley                                   Mr. Joseph Slinsky
Equinox Gym                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Daniels                            Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Strauss
Freehold Dodge                              Drinker, Biddle, Shanley                              Ms. Barbara Swasey
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Esman                               Team Capital Bank
Ms. Debra Freligh
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Fairchild                           Temple B'nai Or
Mr. Morton Goldfein                         Florham Park Rotary Club                              The Dublin Pub
Mr. Tomas Gonzales                          Frankel and Topche, PC                                Torcon Inc
Griffin & Howe                              Hon. Rodney Frelinghuysen                             Mr. John Tucker
Harry Bonnet & Daughter Insurance           Mr. & Mrs. John Galbraith                             Vehicle Safety Manufacturing, LLC
Hellstrom Family Fund                       Mr. Gregg Gottlieb                                    Mr. Douglas Vorolieff
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Juliano                   The Hampshire Foundation, Inc                         W.H. Mell Associates, Inc.
Mr. Josh Kalafer                            Mr. Chase Heilman                                     Whole Foods Market
Mr. Greg Kelly                              Heritage Community Bank                               Ms. Tamar Wyschogrod & Dr. David Cooper
Ms. Patricia Kilkenny                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Higgins                             Advocates ($100 - $249)
                                            Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, L.P.                        Ms. Carole Aitchison
Mr. & Mrs. Dillard Kirby
                                            Mr. Christian Howes and Catherine Noyes               Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey Ameen
Lakeland Hills YMCA                         Ms. Carol Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lefever                                                                         Anselmi & Decicco Inc.
                                            Iacullo, Martino & Marzella                           Ms. Kendra Arnold
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Maw                       Immunomedics, Inc                                     Ms. Julia Averett Peet
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen McCreary                 Judith Sacks Bliss Philanthropic Fund                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barbara
Ms. Nancy McDonald                          Kaplan and Mack, LLC                                  Ms. Julie Baron
Mr. Regan McGuire                           Mr. Miroslow Karlak Jr. & Ms. Karen Titterton         Mr. & Mrs. Richard Batherman
Mr. Robert McMenamin                        Katcher Associates                                    Ms. Tanny Berg
Mr. John Micera                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bergeman
Morris County Dealer Association                                                                  Ms. Lisa Berry
Morris County Golf Club                                                                           Best in Flight
Mr. & Mrs. George Muller                                                                          Mr. & Mrs Richard Bongo
New Jersey Automobile                                                                             Mr. Jeffrey Brutman and Dr. Merrilea Brunell
New Jersey Marketeer                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. J. Butkovsky
                                                                                                  Ms. Jane Carotenuto
New York Life Investment Management
                                                                                                  Mr. J. Scott Carruthers
NJ Nets Basketball                                                                                Mr. Juan Casiano
Dr. & Mrs.Grant Parr                                                                              Center for Client Retention, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Patyk                                                                      Chanteclaire Collection
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Peterson                                                                        Mr. Michael Chaut
Pfizer Foundation Volunteer Program                                                               Mr. Robert Chernow & Ms. Patricia L. Sly
Princeton Audi / VW                                                                               CHM Partners International, LLC
Project Acorn Kids’ Committee                                                                     Clancey Realty Group
Mr. Ken Rand & Ms. Lynn Hendricks-Rand                                                            Clearwater Construction LLC
Mr. James Raphalian                                                                               Commit to Change

                                                                                                  Copeland Restaurant
Mr. & Mrs. David Richardson
                                       HOSTED BY ARLENE LESTER AND STATE FARM INSURANCE..
                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. John Cortese
Roho, LLC
                                       PICTURED: ARLENE, MEMBERS OF THE HISPANIC EMPLOYEE
                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Danzig
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Rothman
                                       RESOURCE ORGANIZATION (HERO) AND HEATHER ADAMS.
                                                                                                  Mr. David Dietz and Ms. Jane A. Kendall
Mr. James Salerno                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dillon
Mr. William Schipilliti                                                                           Ms. Michelle D. Roers DiNapoli
Ms. Susan Schott                            Kobrand Corporation                                   Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Disque
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lacey                               Don Crownover Excavating
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Schub
                                            Mad Nutrition LLC                                     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Duffe
Ms. Evelyn Self                             The Madison Institute
Ms. Janet Shurlund                                                                                Ms. Christina Duffy
                                            Ms. Meghan Marschall                                  El Primer Paso Ltd.
Mr. James Sonneborn                         Dr. David Matalon                                     Everlast Floors Inc
The Mandel Foundation                       Ms. Alice McGreevy                                    Ms. Rebecca Feldman
Mr. & Mrs. Fredrick Thoeni                  Mr. & Mrs. Allen Meisels                              Ms. Jessica Fiddes
The Alden Vose Foundation                   Meyner and Landis LLP                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jr. Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weiss                    Moran Family Foundation, Inc.                         Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Frankel
West Essex Regional School District         Morgan Stanley / Neville Kovaks Group                 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Frankel
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Wilbur                   Ms. Mary Mulholland                                   Ms. Caren Frankel & Dr. Jory Magidson
                                            Mr. & Mrs. Brian Murphy                               Mr. & Mrs. Philip Frost
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Wirths
                                            Oppenheimer Fund                                      Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Gannon
WRNJ                                        Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Peslak
Wyeth                                                                                             Mr. Richard Gervase Jr. and Ms. Ann K. Toner
                                            Mr. & Mrs. James Pohlman                              Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gillium
Sponsors ($250 - $499)                      R. F. Enderley Co., Inc.                              Ms. Margaret Greenway
A. Zerega's Sons, Inc                       RegentAtlantic Capital, LLC                           Ms. Dorothy Greer
Ms. Terry Armstrong                         Ms. Gail Reuther                                      Gripp Plumbing and Heating, LLC
Mr. S.C. Baroch & Ana Ximenes               Rexcorp Realty LLC                                    Mr. & Mrs. Marc Gussman
Ms. Janet Bell, CPA                         Mr. & Mrs. Eric Rolin                                 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hawkins
Billy & Madeline's Red Room                 Ms. Marilyn Salvet                                    Mr. & Mrs. F. Regis Henckler
Mr. Louis Blanco                            Ms. Kathleen Scheier                                  Ms. Elizabeth Hennessy
Braunschweiger Jewelers                     Mr. & Mrs. John Schuster                              Ms. Consuelo Herbert
Mr. & Mrs. John Huston                    The Preschool Place at Temple Sholom          Mr. David Goret
Hyatt Morristown                          Beth Blakey / Quill's Point                   Ms. D. Suzy Gumm
Imagine That Children’s Museum            Rainbow Montessori School                     Ms. Anne Hennessy
Mr. Alan Jacobson                         The Red Oaks School                           Mr. & Mrs. William Hugaboom
Jardinere Florists                        Rhythm and Rhyme Studio                       Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ives
Jefferson Child Care & Education Center   Richard T. Sweeney LLC                        Mr. Jarett Kaplus
Jumpstart LLC                             Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rogers                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Krueger Sr.
Peggy Karr                                Ms. Judith Schleicher                         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lanza Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Kasliner                 Ms. Stacey Schlosser                          Dr. & Mrs. David Lebwohl
Ms. Carolyn Killingsworth                 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Schmidt                     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Levy
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Kirby                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schottenfeld                Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lucas
Dr. Eileen Klok Bevin, D.C.               Mr. Mark Schussel & Ms. Joanne Summer         Ms. Julia McCann
Ms. Renee Klose-Maffei                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schwartz                   Mr. & Mrs. R. Peter Mercer
Ms. Dorothy Korst                         Sebastian's Steakhouse                        Mr. James Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Krich Jr.               Ms. Lisa Segelman                             Ms. Patricia Moody
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lane                    Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Simon                      Ms. Roberta Moseley
Ms. Mary Lasser                           Ms. Judith Skillman                           Ms. Betty Nobel
Mr. & Mrs. William Leuchten               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith                       Mr. & Mrs. Hugh O'Neill
Liberty Paper and Janitorial Supply       Mr. & Mrs. Norman Steisel                     Pink Cake Box
Dr. Mary Lofrumento                       Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Sutherland                    Mr. & Mrs. David Rentschler
Mr. William Lupatkin                      Mr. & Mrs. Edward Timmes                      Mr. & Mrs. Steven Rizzie
Dr. Dahlia Mann                           Mr. & Mrs. John Toner                         Mr. & Mrs. Lee Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Manning                 Reverend John Torney                          Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rubinetti
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Towman                   Ms. Colleen Moran Schierholtz
                                          Towne Realty Group, LLC                       Mr. & Mrs. Alan Schwartz
                                          Tri County Auto Supply Inc                    Ms. Lisbeth Searing
                                          Ms. Michaela Trimble                          Mr. & Mrs. Jackson Shepard
                                          Valleycrest Productions                       Ms. Victoria Shurtleff
                                          Verizon Foundation                            Drs. Donald and Lynn Siebert
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                                          Visions of Art                                Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sokoloff
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                                          Friends (up to $100)                          Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Weinberg
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                                          Mr. Timothy Beh                               Ms. Lois Wnek
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Mr. & Mrs. Peter Maranca                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bloom                       Our gratitude to outgoing board
Dr. Michael Marcello D.C.                 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Blumenstyk                   members
Marty's Reliable Cycle                    Mr. & Mrs. John Brady                         Rey Caudillo     Hilary Duffy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mastracchio             Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Brady                      Denise Lanza     Scott McDowell
Mc Donald Autobody                        Ms. Ellen Burnham                             Bob Ward         Beth Wirths
Mr. Daniel McCarthy & Ms. Noelle Shea     Mr. & Mrs. John Burns
Mr. Marshall McLean                       Mr. Reynaldo Caudillo                         A special thank you to those who have
Millington Savings Bank                   Dr. Sidney Chonowski                          helped through the donation of
Morris Plains Cooperative Play School     Mr. & Mrs. Vicente Citarella                  services and materials.
Mr. & Dr. Douglas Morrison                Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cohen                         Accounting by Frankel and Topche
Mt. Olive Child Care & Learning Center    The Community Theatre                         Child’s Play:
Ms. Kathryn Murphy                        Ms. Barbara Costa                                  Decor by Morris County Farm
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Murray                  Mr. Elihu Davidson and Ms. Sheira Greenwald             & Union Hill Farms
New York Football Giants                  Ms. Allison Deeb
New York Jets                                                                                Photography by Bob Peterson
                                          Ms. Maureen Dempsey                                Morris County Park Commission
Ms. Nancy Ann Niemann                     Mr. & Mrs. Dernier
NJ Devils                                                                                    Wines by JR Cigar and Kobrand Corp.
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Edward Deutsch
NJ Film Critics / Ira Ehrenkranz                                                             Dancers: Essence
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Diamond
NY Rangers                                Ms. Pat Durner & Mr. Stephen A. Verdesca                Bria Thomason (Alumna)
Mr. Basil O'Connor                        FaceLogic Spa                                           Tamara Copeland (Alumna)
Offray Specialty Narrow Fabrics, Inc      Ms. Kathleen Fadden                           Mendham Books
P.L. Thomas                               Mr. & Mrs. James Falk                         Legal Counsel by Riker, Danzig, Scherer,
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Painter                   Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Fehnel                            Hyland & Perretti LLP
Ms. Michele Parkins                       Mr. & Mrs. Gary Fisch                         Web site by Michael Martin
Parsippany Hilton                         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fischer
Pennella & Claps                          Mrs. Judith A. Frackenpohl
Peterpaul, Clark & Corcoran, PC           Hon. Peter Frelinghuysen
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Pierce,                The Grand Cafe
Pierre's Restaurant                       Ms. Mary Gebhard
Presbyterian Church of Morristown -       Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Giacin
 Nursery School                           Ms. Shirley Gillette
This year, Project Acorn awarded funding to a single father     Project Acorn is also assisting a single mother of three
who is committed to ensuring that his daughter has the very     young boys. She is living in transitional housing and has
best head start in life. This young man had a difficult         been on a fixed income for some time due to a disability. We
childhood and found help for himself through Morristown’s       are providing assistance so that her twin sons can receive a
Market Street Mission. When the mother of his young             quality preschool education. She also has a ten year old son
daughter was declared unfit to retain custody of their child,   in the public school system. At their interview with Project
he stepped up to assume his responsibilities as a parent.       Acorn, this family displayed incredible discipline and
Because of the challenges that he has faced, this father        determination to overcome the obstacles that they are
recognizes the value of an education and he is very grateful    facing, and to provide a quality preschool education for the
to Project Acorn for helping him to give his daughter a         young boys.
chance to escape the cycle of poverty and disadvantage.
                                                                Finally, we are assisting a single mother who was recently
Spanish is the primary language spoken at the home of a         diagnosed with breast cancer. While battling this terrible
three year old girl. She and her baby sister live in an         illness, her husband left her. Despite being a highly educated
apartment in Madison with their mother. An immigrant            woman with several degrees, she is unable to work due to her
from Colombia, this single mother has a good education,         illness. She approached Project Acorn so that her child’s
but is earning only $26,000 annually to support her family      education would not become a casualty of her cancer. She is
of three. The mother provides all she can for her girls, but    deeply grateful that Project Acorn could provide funding for
is concerned about the care the girls receive at the            her child’s education.
babysitter’s while she is working full time. She believes,
“children need to be educated to have a better life”.

      Project Acorn 2008-2009 Report Card                                                2008 Finances:                   ($000)
                                                                                                                       Prior to audit
                                                Total Students: 80                       Revenues
                                                Age:                                     Special Events                    $180
                                                                                         Foundations/Corporate             $264
                                                3-year-olds: 35 • 4-year-olds: 45        Individual/Other                  $ 62
                                                Family background:                       Total Income                      $506
                                                Hispanic: 47                             Expenses
                                                Caucasian: 13                            Program                            $335
                                                African American: 11                     Special Events                     $ 60
                                                Asian & Other: 9                         Operating                          $ 58
                                                                                         Total Expense                      $453
                                                Single parent household: 43%             Annual Surplus                     $ 53
                                                Average income: $25.2k                   Transfer to Endowment              $ 25

                                                                                                                 Non Profit
               Project Acorn Inc.                                                                               Organization
                                                                                                               US Postage Paid
               P.O. Box 86                                                                                     Morris Plains, NJ
               Morris Plains, NJ 07950                                                                          Permit No. 32

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