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									                                 Edith Warren
                                Born 14.11.1884
                         19 George St Kates Hill Dudley

                             Christened 07 Dec 1884
                        St Thomas Dudley Worcestershire

Edith Warren married Charles Childs on 13th November 1907 in the Register Office
York. The marriage was witnessed by her mother in law Phillis Childs together with
Charles’ sister Dora and Aaron Tempest. Thus becoming the maternal grandmother of
the present Childs generation. She was born in Dudley Worcestershire – the Black
Country –most of the men in her family worked in the iron industry.

Edith’s great great grandfather was James Warren from Wolverhampton
Staffordshire who was married to Ann.
The couple had two sons James born 16.11 1806 and Henry.

Her great grandfather Henry Warren was born on 12 March 1809 in Wolverhampton
He married on his birthday 12 Mar 1836 after the calling of Banns to Sarah Gay in St
Peters Church. Witnesses to the wedding were Mary Oates and John Biddulph

                               St Peters Wolverhampton
                          Sarah died of Consumption in 1842

On 25 August 1850 Henry re-married Esther Ingram 13 years his junior, in Saint
Martin Church. The couple had a daughter Emma born in 1854.

"The present parish church, St Martin, is on the east side of the parish, in the
populous village of Horseley Heath, two miles NE of Dudley. It is a plain brick
building commenced in 1795, and finished in 1797. The ancient parish church,
at Summer Hill, near Princes End, on the west side of the parish, was long a
neglected ruin. Both it and the burial ground were too small for the increased
wants of the parish, even in 1795, when the new church was commenced. The
ancient tower is still standing, and attached to it is a small chapel of ease (St
John), to the present parish church, erected in 1850.”

                                    St Martins Church

On the 1851 Census he was living in Dudley working as a Pump Fitter.
His son also Henry aged 11 yrs, Edith’s grandfather, was already working as a Caster
in the iron works.

         A Caster is a worker who casts molten metal into finished products.

No trace of James on the 1851 Census

1861 Census

Henry Warren g-grandfather 48 Pump Maker
Esther                     35
Emma daughter               7

Living at Cawney Hill Dudley

Henry Warren Edith’s grandfather married Louisa Watton in December 1858
their first son John was born on 24.08.1860 (Edith’s father)

There were several Wattons living in Dudley, they appeared to be proprietors of a
Brickmaking Business.
James Watton, possibly Louisa’s brother was living in Dixons Green with his wife
Mary and five children. Dixons Green was described as the ‘Pitfield’. Lodging with
them was Joseph Watton aged 39 yrs. Both men were Brickmakers

1861 Census

James Watton                  33 Brickmaker (Louisa’s brother)
Mary A                        30
John                          10
Hannah                         8
Edith                          6 (First time the name appeared in the family)
Henry                          3
Joseph                         1

The family were living at Dixons Green (Pitfield)

                                    Brick Built Kiln

Henry Warren                  21 Puddler ( Edith’s grandfather )
Louisa (Watton)               21
John                           7 months ( Edith’s father)

Living in Dixons Green Dudley

              A Puddler is a worker who turns pig iron into wrought iron

                                     Iron industry

1871 Census

Henry Warren ggrandfather 58 Labourer
Esther Warren             46 Nailor
Emma Warren               17 Dressmaker
Esther Dale Mother in Law 80

Address No 1 Grove Street

Mary Ann Watton Louisa’s sister in law died in January 1871 aged 41 possibly
whilst giving birth to baby Clarence her eighth child.

Henry Warren grandfather     32 Nailor
Louisa                       32
Thomas Henry                 13 Labourer
John                         10 (Edith’s father)
Elizabeth                     8
Henry                         6
Joseph                        3
Sarah                         6 months

The family were living at the ‘ back of Cross Guns’

Louisa Warren (Watton) Edith’s grandmother died at the age of 41 yrs in
December 1879
Two women lost in the family within eight years

1881 Census

Esther Warren 2nd wife of Henry great grandfather was a Widow and an unemployed

Henry Warren Widower         42 Iron Annealor Edith’s grandfather
Thomas                       22 Labourer in Iron Foundry
Elizabeth                    17
Henry                        16 Groom
Joseph                       13 Scholar
James                         7 Scholar
Sarah ?????                  No trace

    Iron Annealor one who toughens and tempers the iron by diminishing the heat

The family were living at No2 ‘back of Cross Guns’

Edith Watton Lodger           23 Nailor in iron foundry (Edith’s namesake)
Three of her brothers were lodgers in an Irish coal miner’s house in Dudley
John Warren Edith’s father married Hannah Raybould in December 1879

John Warren                 20 Iron Moulder
Hannah                      21

The couple were living at 20 George Street Dudley

There were many Rayboulds living in Dudley at the time living in Dixons Green

                                Iron Moulder Dudley

Hannah was the daughter of James and Mary Raybould of Dixons Green

1861 Census

James Raybould              31 Puddler
Mary                        32
Mabel                        9
George                       8
Mary S                       6
Hannah                       2
Joseph                       9 months

1871 Census

James Raybould              41 Puddler
Mary                        41 Laundress
George                      19 Forgeman
Hannah                      12 Scholar
Joseph                      10 Scholar
Samuel                       8 Scholar
James Henry                  3 months

Family living at 57 Dixons Green
James Raybould may have worked alongside Henry Warren who was also a Puddler
and lived in Dixons Green in 1861

                             Iron Workers delivering supplies

1891 Census

Henry Warren          grandfather did not appear

John Warren          30 Iron Moulder Edith’s father
Hannah               32
Louisa                9
Elizabeth             7
Edith                 6 (born at 19 George Street)
John                  5
Harry                 3

The family lived at 20 Cross Gun Street

Thomas H Warren 33 Jobbing Moulder Edith’s Uncle
Elizabeth       29
Ethel M          6
Thomas P         4
Arthur E         1

Living at 22 George Street

Henry Warren         28 Gardener Edith’s Uncle
Elizabeth            29
Maud                  1
Amelia Evans         18 Dressmaker (Sister in Law)

The family had moved away from Dudley and were living in the house in the stable
yard Molteranes Lane Sutton Coldfield

Joseph and James Warren did not appear on the 1891 Census
1901 Census

John Warren           40 Stove Fender Moulder
Hannah                42
Mary Louisa           19 General Domestic Servant
Elizabeth             17 Domestic Servant
John                  14 House Painter
Henry                 13

All living at 24 Cross Gun Street

                                 Cast Iron Stove Fender

Edith Warren          16 General Domestic Servant for

Percival J Hingley    29 Draper of 116 Hall Street Dudley
Flora                 32
Percival               4

Henry Warren Grandfather now re appeared he had re married Elizabeth

Henry Warren          61 Living on own means
Elizabeth             51
Frederick Fulwood     22 Stepson
Elizabeth Warren      14
Arthur Warren         11

Living at 2 Cross Gun Street

The last two children were in the same age bracket as Edith and her siblings but did of
course belong to the previous generation.

A Frederick Fulwood has been found on the 1881 Census – he was a coal miner,
Elizabeth was possibly his widow and went on to have a further two children with
Edith’s grandfather.

It appears that most of the extended family (Wattons and Rayboulds) lived within
close proximity of one another mainly in the Dixons Green & Cross Gun area .

By 1907 Edith had moved to York and married Charles Childs also from Dudley

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