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• Provisional dates for 2009 Season

• Kit Lists

      o Expedition Equipment

      o Shopping List

      o Advised maximum rucksack weights

• Care of Equipment

      o School Equipment

      o Personal Equipment

• Maps for Expedition Drop Off / Pick Up

      o Blackheath Forest (Silver only)

      o High Ashurst (Bronze only)

      o Ranmore Common

      o Church between East and West Horsley (Bronze only)

      o Newlands Corner (Bronze only)

      o Badgers Mount (Bronze only)

      o Car park near Westerham (Bronze only)

• Catering

• Training and Safety Information
                     GREENACRE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS
                   Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Important Dates


19      Monday        4.00 – 5.30            First Aid – Group B
                      4.00 – 5.15            Outdoor Cooking – Group A

26      Monday        4.00 – 5.30            First Aid – Group B
                      4.00 – 5.15            Outdoor Cooking – Group A


2       Monday        evening                Kit evening

9       Monday        4.00 – 5.15            Outdoor Cooking – Group B
                                             First Aid – Group A

23      Monday        4.00 – 5.15            Outdoor Cooking – Group B


2       Monday        4.00 – 5.30            First Aid Group A

21      Saturday      9.15 – 4.30            Team Building at High Ashurst

25      Wednesday     4.00 – 6.00            Packing, Tents & Campcraft


25      Saturday      9.30 – 3.00            Day Walk


16/17 Saturday        9.30 -                 Practice Expedition
      Sunday          3.00


3/4     Friday        9.30                   Qualifying Expedition
        Saturday      4.00

6       Monday                               Equipment due in

Please note that other sessions will be added – primarily at lunchtime.
                    GREENACRE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS
                  Silver Duke of Edinburgh Important Dates


2             Monday         6.30 – 8.00            Information and Kit evening
                                                    at Greenacre School

23            Monday         4.00 – 5.15            First Aid


2             Monday         4.00 – 5.30            Outdoor Cooking


17            Sunday         10.00 - 3.00           Navigation Trail
                                                    (Blackheath, Surrey)


26, 27, 28    Friday         8.00 -                 Teambuilding at Blacklands
              Sunday         4.00                   Farm & Practice Expedition


11, 12, 13    Friday         7.30 -                 Qualifying Expedition
              Sunday         6.00                   New Forest

21            Monday                                Equipment Due In

Other sessions will be run on most Monday evenings after school (from 4 – 5 pm)
from the middle of March onwards (exact dates to be advised). These sessions will
primarily, but not exclusively, focus on navigation and route planning and will be
conducted more as ‘clinics’ to supervise independent preparation for the expeditions.
Duke of Edinburgh – Kit List

Personal Kit                                  Clothing

Rucksack (with liner)                         Fleece (and Thermals)
Carry mat                                     Clean Underwear
Sleeping Bag (3 season) and compression       Emergency change of clothes
sac                                           Trainers (for campsite)
Waterproof coat                               Watch
Waterproof trousers
Walking boots + socks                         Hygiene
Hat / Sunhat / Gloves
                                              Soap / small towel
Walking / Camping                             Toothbrush + toothpaste
                                              Toilet paper /trowel/ tissues / wet wipes
Map / map case / compass                      Deodorant
Pencil / notebook / camera
Torch / bulb / batteries                      Cooking
Tent (between 2/3)
                                              Trangia (2 per group)
Food / Drink                                  Fuel bottle (1 per group)
2 litres water (no additional drink please)   Cooking utensils / slotted spoon
Mug / plate / bowl                            Pocket knife / tin opener (if necessary)
Knife / fork / spoon                          Washing up liquid / tea towel
Emergency rations (chocolate, sweets?)        Metal scourer and cloth or sponge
Breakfast x1 (x2 for Silver)                  Rubbish bags
Lunch x2 (x3 for Silver)
Evening Meal x1 (x2 for Silver)               Emergency
Bedtime Snack x 1 (x2 for Silver)
Snacks                                      ID card / emergency procedures
                                            Telephone numbers
                                            Money / Mobile
                                            Survival bag
                                            First aid kit
                                            Sunscreen / insect repellent
Radios, hairdryers, makeup, and similar unnecessary items must not be carried and
will be confiscated. Ipods, mobile phones, etc. are not permitted on expedition with
the exception of the emergency phone.

For the daywalk participants require a small rucksack, full waterproofs, lunch, drinks
and snacks, walking boots, map case and compass.

For High Ashurst participants require sensible outdoor clothing, boots or sensible
trainers, full waterproofs (weather dependent), packed lunch and snacks in a small,
named rucksack/daybag.

For the practice and qualifying expeditions participants require full expedition kit.

For the Silver qualifying expedition participants should bring a small rucksack to hold
items needed for the journey or before and after the actual expedition.
Equipment loaned/arranged by the school

Tent – Vango Hydra 200+
Trangia cooking stove with gas attachment

The loan of this equipment is included in the cost of the expedition section. However
the equipment is expensive and must be carefully looked after and returned in original
condition to avoid additional charges. Bronze equipment will be handed out at the
Campcraft session on the 25 March and should be returned by Monday 6 July. Silver
equipment will be handed out at a Monday evening session prior to the practice
expedition and should be returned on Monday 21 September. Any missing or
damaged items will be charged at full cost. (Currently tent £180, trangia £90)

Equipment which must be bought

You may already have some of the equipment, for example hats, cutlery and plastic
bottles, as not all equipment needs to be specialist walking equipment. Make sure
jackets are fully waterproof, not just shower proof.

Large Rucksack (rucksack liner needed but can be a heavy duty plastic bag)
Carry mat / thermarest
Sleeping Bag (3 season) – maybe a liner too
Waterproof coat or cagoule
Waterproof trousers
Walking boots + walking socks
Warm hat + Sunhat + Gloves
Map case + Silva compass
Torch (maybe a head torch)
Water bottles – 2 litres (2x 1 litre bottles are better)
Mug + plate + bowl
Knife + fork + spoon
Survival bag
Personal first aid kit
Compeed blister plasters are very useful

You may also wish to look at some of the more specialist clothing. Ideally clothing
should have a low cotton and high synthetic content. Wearing layers that can be
removed or added to is the key to remaining comfortable.

   •   Weigh yourself in kg
   •   Then put your rucksack on and weigh yourself carrying it
   •   Look up your weight in the table and check that you do not go over the
       recommended weight when carrying your rucksack
   •   Consider what to leave at home if it is too heavy
   •   Or speak to your instructor

                  You + rucksack                            You + rucksack
  If you weigh    should be less than        If you weigh   should be less than
      40 kg              50 kg                   60 kg             75 kg
      41 kg              51 kg                   61 kg             76 kg
      42 kg              53 kg                   62 kg             78 kg
      43 kg              54 kg                   63 kg             79 kg
      44 kg              55 kg                   64 kg             80 kg
      45 kg              56 kg                   65 kg             81 kg
      46 kg              58 kg                   66 kg             83 kg
      47 kg              59 kg                   67 kg             84 kg
      48 kg              60 kg                   68 kg             85 kg
      49 kg              61 kg                   69 kg             86 kg
      50 kg              63 kg                   70 kg             88 kg
      51 kg              64 kg                   71 kg             89 kg
      52 kg              65 kg                   72 kg             90 kg
      53 kg              66 kg                   73 kg             91 kg
      54 kg              68 kg                   74 kg             93 kg
      55 kg              69 kg                   75 kg             94 kg
      56 kg              70 kg                   76 kg             95 kg
      57 kg              71 kg                   77 kg             96 kg
      58 kg              73 kg                   78 kg             98 kg
      59 kg              74 kg                   79 kg             99 kg

If your rucksack is too heavy then it is likely that somebody else in the group has a
lighter rucksack and can take more weight, or you have packed unsuitable or
unnecessary items!

Packing your rucksack

The sleeping bag should be at the bottom, perhaps in the separate zipped section, as
should first aid kits. Water bottles can go in side pockets and the carry mat on the
back as long as it is protected from rain. Heavy items should be close to the top of the
bag or the person’s back to aid balance. At the top you should have items needed en
route – i.e. waterproofs and food. The tent inner or outer will fit just under the lid of
the rucksack, after you have tightened the drawstring cord (if folded well).

They may tell you in the shop that rucksacks are waterproof, THEY ARE NOT!
Everything must be separately wrapped in plastic bags or liners, preferably heavy
Care of Loaned Equipment

   •   Tent

Wipe the poles and pegs, leave them to dry and then pack away
Wipe mud off outer and inner with a damp cloth / sponge (although most mud and
grass will simply drop off as the tent dries)
Leave hung up away from any heat sources until completely dry
Pack tent away

This must be done immediately when participants return home in the evening
from their expedition, otherwise mould begins to grow and the tent will begin to

   •   Trangias

While still at camp in the morning - Wash up normally

At home - You will probably need to use a metal scourer until each bit shines!
          Do NOT put in dishwasher
          Pack away and store somewhere dry

Care of Personal Equipment

   •   Boots

Remove the laces and the footbed (sole)
Clean the mud off the outside of the boots using a soft nylon brush under running
water. Try not to get water inside.
Leave them to dry naturally – not by a radiator or other heat source
Apply waterproofing wax all over.

   •   Waterproofs

Wipe mud off with a damp cloth
Hang up and leave to dry naturally

   •   Sleeping Bag

Hang up away from any heat sources if damp
Do not store stuffed
Leave bag loosely folded on a shelf or in a cupboard

   •   Water Bottles / plates etc

Wash up normally (it is good to occasionally use sterilising tablets)
Rinse thoroughly
Leave in a dry place with tops off bottles
Silver only – Blackheath Forest – Navigation Trail set down at 10am and pick up
at approx 4 pm from Newlands Corner (see Bronze Practice Expedition)

From Banstead take the A217 out towards the M25.
At the large Tadworth roundabout take the 3rd exit towards Box Hill.
Follow this road until you get to the roundabout on the A25 and turn right towards
Follow the A25 through Dorking and towards Guildford.
Pass the turnings for Shere and then turn left on the A248 towards Albury.
Just over 2 miles later turn left at the signpost for Chilworth Station and go over the
level crossing.
Less than a mile later you will reach a small crossroads (with entertaining wooden
Turn left and follow the lane into the car park.

The pub next door to the car park is the Villager’s Inn, GU4 8RB.
Bronze - High Ashurst – Drop off 9.15am, Pick up at 4.30pm

From Banstead take the A217 out towards the M25.
At the large Tadworth roundabout take the 3rd exit towards Box Hill.
Shortly after going over the M25 turn right towards Headley and then left towards
Box Hill.
After about 1.5 miles turn right down what appears to be a residential road. There is a
sign for High Ashurst on the left indicating this turning.
Follow the road as it turns into a track (a very long track – bring your 4x4 if you have
one) and shortly before a sharp bend to the left you will see the entrance to High

High Ashurst has a one way system, when leaving High Ashurst turn left along the
track. When you come to a road turn right, then at the next T-junction turn right again
and then right again at the next T-junction. This road will bring you back to the Box
Hill turning. At the next junction turn left and follow the road back to the A217.

The postcode for High Ashurst is RH5 6DQ.
Bronze only - Church between East and West Horsley – Drop off 9.30am

Drive through Epsom on the one way system and take the A24 towards Ashtead.
After going over the M25 turn left at the roundabout towards Dorking (still on the
A24). Go straight on at the next roundabout (staying on the A24) and straight on at
the next roundabout (the A24 turns off left towards Dorking – do not turn left go
straight on following the A246).
Stay on this road. Shortly after you have gone past East Horsley and before you reach
West Horsley you will see a church on the left.
Follow the track through the height restriction into the large car park.

The car park is behind St Mary’s Church, KT24 6LQ
Bronze and Silver - Newlands Corner – Pick up approx 4.30pm

From Banstead take the A217 out towards the M25.
At the large Tadworth roundabout take the 3rd exit towards Box Hill.
Follow this road until you get to the roundabout on the A25 and turn right towards
Follow the A25 through Dorking and towards Guildford.
Pass the turnings for Shere and Albury and when the road bends round to the right
turn left into the large car park (with picnic area and café) at Newlands Corner.

The car park is outside Newlands Corner visitor centre, GU4 8SE
Bronze only – Badgers Mount – drop off 9.30am

Get onto the M25 and stay on this motorway (follow signs towards Dartford – you
will need to take junction 5 in order to stay on the M25) until you reach junction 4.
Take this turning and turn left at the roundabout. When you reach the next
roundabout take the first exit left on the A224, signposted Badgers Mount.
At the next roundabout turn left again and follow the narrow lane towards Shoreham
As the road bends slightly to the left, turn right through the height restriction into the
car park.

The last roundabout is just by the Badger’s Mount pub, TN14 7AD.
Bronze only – Car Park at the Grasshopper Inn, Westerham, Kent – pick up
approx 4.30pm

Get onto the M25 towards Dartford and turn off at junction 6. Turn right at the
roundabout towards Oxted and then left at the next roundabout, again towards Oxted.
Pass Oxted and Limpsfield and then before you reach Westerham you should spot
The Grasshopper Inn and its carpark. Please park at the very end (near Clackett
Lane). The pub has a garden and terrace if you’d like a drink whilst waiting for your
daughter! If you have reached Westerham you have gone too far.

The postcode for the Grasshopper Inn is TN16 2EU.
Catering – investigate supermarkets and camping shops

It is important to remember that participants will use up more energy than normal and
will need to eat more to keep up their energy levels and to stay warm. Participants
have had training sessions on cooking on a trangia and will have lots of their own

   •   Breakfast

Should be substantial! Bacon is suitable if vacuum-packed and unopened. Breakfast
does not have to be cooked. Cake can be an excellent start to the day. A hot drink
will be needed on a cold morning. Porridge made with water or powdered milk is
excellent as it is very light to carry, as are cereal bars.

   •   Lunch

A packed lunch is ideal; pitta breads take up little space and are quite filling. In the
past participants have enjoyed getting out a trangia and making instant soup.
However trangias will not be available for the daywalk.

   •   Evening Meal

Participants should ensure a balanced cooked meal with a high carbohydrate intake.
Suitable items are pasta or noodles with sauce (sachets of sauce – no tins allowed).
Vacuum packed meals or frankfurters are good to add, but not enough on their own;
also dehydrated meals. It must be possible to cook the meal in only 2 saucepans or a
frying pan. The expedition requirements are that a substantial meal is cooked. Pot
noodle does not fulfil the criteria and should not be brought. A starter and dessert are
a good idea, perhaps instant soup and cake or some other type of pudding (again no
tins or glass – cartons ok). Each participant should bring contributions towards their
group’s meal and they should cook and eat as a group.

   •   Bedtime Snack

It is nice to have a hot drink and biscuit before bed, perhaps instant hot chocolate.

   •   Snacks

Participants should carry snacks, including emergency rations such as a large bar of
chocolate or Kendal mint cake. Other than in the event of an emergency the rations
should be shown to the supervisor or assessor at the end of the expedition. (They can
then be eaten.)


Participants should carry only 2 litres of liquid and will be topped up whenever they
see staff. If they wish to have additional flavoured drinks then they will need to bring
tiny bottles of concentrate or powder sachets. Milk should be powdered not fresh.
Training and Safety Information

The expedition staff at Greenacre run a full training course for Bronze and Silver
levels, covering topics such as navigation, first aid and use of equipment. A register
is taken at each session and attendance is essential. At the end of the training course
staff must sign that participants have covered each aspect before they are allowed to
complete the qualifying expedition. If a pupil fails to attend the training sessions then
it is likely that we will be unable to take them on expedition, due to safety
considerations. We will also be unable to take any pupil whose behaviour in training
sessions or on expedition gives cause for concern. Safety on expedition must be
maintained and it must be remembered that pupils are still representing the school.

Initially pupils are fully supervised when walking but by the time of the practice and
qualifying sessions they will be walking in groups of 4 to 7 with only random spot
checks by staff. Overnight however, everyone (including the staff) camps together in
an allocated area, except on "Gold".

Return of consent forms must be prompt as we are required to send a notification
form to our headquarters in Surrey at least two weeks before any expedition. Any
pupil who does not return forms on time will not be included on the list and will
therefore be unable to go on expedition.

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