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									                         NCPV Hotline – Monthly Index for December 2009
The National Center for Photovoltaics (NCPV), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL's)
center for PV research maintains an international communications system called the NCPV Hotline. The
Hotline increases knowledge and awareness of PV industry and research happenings. This PDF contains
an index of NCPV Hotline news items published in December 2009 by subject.
                             Current and archived NCPV Hotline issues
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December 7, 2009

CPV Renewable Energy Company 10-MW Solar Farm, Maryland

Suntech Module Supply to Pure energies

REC Solar 1.7 MW of Solar Power Systems in California, Arizona, and Nevada [Isabelle Christensen]

SPG Solar 1-MW Solar Array for Novartis [Tina Barni]

Solyndra Framework Agreement with alwitra GmbH

Phoenix Solar 8-MW PV System in Germany, Subsidiary in the U.S., Year End Rally

Kerself PV Sites in Italy, Developments

More on Conergy and Sanyo 1.1-MW Solar Solution for Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. [Terri Steele]

Silfab 5 MW of Solar Farms, Italy

Solarfun Agreement to Build 100-MW PV System

Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA 23-MW Order

Photon Energy Financing for 795-kWp PV Project, Czech Republic

Real Goods Solar for Affordable Housing Communities

Oneworld Energy Shares of COU Capital

Gintech Production Capacity

Large Order for Oerlikon Systems, Strategic Cooperation with Meyer Burger

a+f “SunCarrier” Order

LDK Solar and Q-Cells Continuation of Supply Contract

Yingli Module Order with Payom Solar

Canadian Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility in Ontario

Opsun Panels 50-MW Solar Panel Production Line in Ontario

PLG Power PV Plants, India

PV Plant for Cyprus

Solar Energy Initiatives $1.7M Solar Project

Polysilicon, Solar Cell/Module Plant, Russia

500-MW CPV Power Plant, China

Colexon Results

Yingli Order with Roth & Rau

PVA TePla Order

Innotech Solar Investment

Trina Solar Agreements

HelioSphera PV Module Plant in Philadelphia

13-MW Solar Power Plant, Japan

Sovello Supply Contract

ARISE Technologies Possible Transaction

Solarmer Energy Device Efficiency

Self-assembling Spherical Solar Cells

Heliatek Financing to Continue Development of Organic Solar Cells

BIPV Projects, France, UK

OTB Solar and Trident Solar Partnership

Dye Solar Cell Prototyping Solution

Dyesol 2009 AGM

TerniEnergia Strategic Plan

Energy Conversion Devices Restructuring Plan

PV Subsidies in Spain

Czech Republic FIT

Ameren Solar Initiative in Illinois and Missouri

Green Projects in Ohio

GreenVolts Senior VP of Operations [Michael Azzano]

PV Sunrise Panel Discussion

Upsolar Featured

Additional SolarPV.TV Interviews

Skyline Solar Featured

PV-Tech Solar Leaders TV

CPUC Approval of PPA for Space-based Solar

Evolution Solar Distribution Agreement with AmpleSun Solar

SunEdison Workforce in Canada

ATS Subsidiary, Photowatt Ontario, Inc.

New South Wales FIT

PV Installations in Germany

Hudson Clean Energy Partners Fund

Solar for All Contest

Semiconductor Today [Darren Cummings]

Utility Role in US PV Market

Hybrid PV/Thermal Systems

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Air Force

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Coating Machine for Silicon Solar Cells

Solar-powered LED Airfield Lighting

Solectria Renewables Collaboration with SunRise Power

KACO Solar Water Treatment Plant

Solar Land Bank

Bulk Rooftop Solar Packages

PHOTON Solar Terawatt-hours Conference Series

Utility Scale Solar

European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition and World Conference on Photovoltaic
Energy Conversion

RETECH 2010 [Michael Eckhart]

Why Solar Works

Rhone Resch on E&E TV


PV Optimism

Mercom Solar Market Intelligence Report [Raj Prabhu]

EuPD Corporate Newsletter [Jessica Barry]

SolarPV.TV Weekly News

SEPA Webinar

Prism Solar Technologies Honors

ATERSA Honors [Clara Pinto Pascual]


CPV Perspective

Thin-film Solar Summit

PV System Safety, Durability, Reliability

IEEE PV Specialists Conference

Solar Impulse Flight

CSP Today Briefing

Performance Benchmarks for Front-sided Mirrors for Solar Applications [Michael Azzano]

EPRI, Tri-State and NV Energy Solar Thermal Hybrid Power Plants

eSolar Honors

CSP Today Weekly Intelligence Brief

December 8, 2009

Enbridge and First Solar Sarnia Project Expansion, Ontario

Prism Solar Technologies and The Solar Energy Consortium Contract [Jessica Barry]

Invictus PV Rooftop System for Katoen Natie, Belgium

Solar Cell Plant, Indonesia

PV Industry Growth

The U.S. PV Market

U.S. PPA Industry

Solar Industry 2009

Government and Greentech Investing, Perspective

EER Report on Southern Europe Solar PV Markets and Strategies [Stephanie Aldock]

Solar Project Finance

Solar for School District, California

Sustainable Energy Technology Inverters for Ontario Solar Market

Pure energies MOU with SMA America

BTU Solar Processing Equipment Orders

GWS Technologies Proprietary Solar Panels

SunLink Product Line Expansion [Helena Kimball]


PV Test Facility at Bluewater Power

Thin-film Solar Summit Coverage

PV Thin-film Conference [Britta Meyer]

The Solar Future (NL) Conference

PV Inverter Trends Webinar [David Jourdan]

Energy Performance of European Buildings [Marie Latour]

National Solar Mission, India

2-MW PV Power Plant, West Bengal

Google Clean Power Plants

Arizona Solar Manufacturing Symposium

Solar Cell Equipment Industry Report

Utility Scale Solar

Webinar on CSP Market [Carlos Marquez]

December 9, 2009

Solarbuzz Quarterly Report

PVGroup White Paper on Solar Feed-in Tariffs [Carlos Lee]

Standardizing Chemical Purity Requirements for the PV Industry

See “Standardizing Chemical Purity Requirements for the PV Industry” at PVGroup:

Suntech Supply Agreements in Europe

Tokuyama Investment in Polycrystalline Plant in Malaysia

TSMC Stake in Motech

Meyer Burger and 3S Industries Merge

Q-Cells 5.4-MW Solar Park, Germany

Constellation Energy 15.9-MW DC PV System in Maryland

Mendocino College SunPower System, California

1BOG Partnership with SunWize, Los Angeles Campaign

School District PV Agreement with SunEdison and SPG Solar, California

New Energy Systems and Scheuten Solar PV System, The Netherlands

Centrosolar International Branch

First Solar EVP of Marketing and Product Management

a-Si Thin-film Business Partnership, China

LDK Solar PV Research Center, China

Global Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Indices

Kyocera Strategy

SunEdison and SkyPower Award from CanSIA

Solar Day at COP15

PV Fab Managers Forum [Beat Mueller]

CPV Summit USA [Heidi Hafes]

Clean-tech Investor Summit

CSI RD&D Second Grant Solicitation

Green Jobs

December 10, 2009

Neo Solar Power Capacity Expansion

aleo solar Modules for Czech Republic Solar Farms

1.27-MW BIPV System, North Carolina

OCI Polysilicon Plant Capacity Expansion, Korea

Solar Plant in Malaysia

PV Trackers Order from Granite Bay Energy

Amtech Systems Orders

GE New Solar Inverter

Akeena Solar Panels at Lowe’s

Acro Energy Holiday Promo

Abound Solar CEO

Interview with Upsolar Europe GM

Trony Solar IPO Postponed

Gintech Selling Eversol Stake to MEMC

China’s PV Market

Feed-in Tariff in Victoria, Australia

Solar in India

Cleantech in Israel

Supply and Demand in the Solar PV Value Chain [Tomasz Slusarz]

Additional Perspectives

ECN Honors

SolarTech Honors for Bay Area Leaders [Fatima Khan]

Open Energy Information Website

Green Economy

Ground Expeditionary System

Solar Power Generation USA Event

World Bank Investment in CSP

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power 2010 Conference

December 11, 2009

REC ASA and ECN 17.0% Efficiency for Multicrystalline Solar Panels [Misty Benham]

Soitec Acquisition of Concentrix Solar [Silke Hajunga]

Enel Contract for 25-MW Thin-film PV Roof

Orion Energy Systems Strategic Alliance with Solyndra

Manz Automation Orders

PV Systems for Pacific Missile Range, Hawaii

Azure Power 1-MW Phase 1 Solar Power Plant, India

SolarCOP15 [Marie Latour]

Amorphous Silicon in the Solar Market

Moore’s Law in PV, PV Market Recovery

Malaysia Feed-in Tariff

Italian Feed-in Tariffs

Unirac Selected by Gexpro Electrical Distribution for 949-kW Installation, Illinois

New Home Partner DECK Monitoring

GeoGenix Solar Installation on Curved Barrel Roof, New Jersey

Panasonic Controlling Interest in Sanyo

IREC Connecting to the Grid Newsletter

Global and China Solar Cell and Module Report

Sopogy Solar Thermal Plant, Hawaii

December 14, 2009

LDK Solar Module Supply Contract with Enfinity

Kerself PV Fields, Italy

Conergy Inauguration of 4.2-MW Solar Park, Germany

Energy Conversion Devices 3-MW Rooftop Solar Project, Spain

E-Ton Solar Capacity Expansion

PV System for Metro DC School

Masdar PV Modules for Dockweiler AG, Germany

SOLON and GASAG Solar Power Plant, Germany

Akeena Solar President and CFO

PV News

Mercom Solar Market Intelligence Report [Raj Prabhu]

Thin-film PV Operations in China

SunRun and U.S. Bancorp Expanded Partnership

Grid Integration Issues Interviews

PHOTON Solar Electric Utility Conference [Britta Meyer]

SolarCOP15 [Marie Latour]

Replacing Fossil Fuels with Solar Energy

Climate REDI Launch

Dyesol Honors

Go Solar in Arizona

Solar in Germany

Solar in the Middle East

Acceleration of Green Technology Patent Applications

Loan Guarantee Program Regulations

Solar ABCs Newsletter

Canadian Renewables News [Bill Eggertson]

CSP Today Weekly News

December 15, 2009

Phoenix Solar PV Power Plant on Carport, Germany [Andrea Wegner]

Additional juwi solar Projects in the USA [Christian Hinsch]

Solaria Module Supply and Development of Two Plants in Spain

Cyrium Technologies CPV Cells

First Solar Manufacture and Shipment of More than 1-GW in Single Year

Yingli Polysilicon, Module Production

Yingi Module Supply to IBC SOLAR

Kyocera Modules for Ohgishima Plant, Japan

GCL-Poly JV with China Investment Corporation

AUO PV Subsidiary in China

JA Solar Guidance

Evolution Solar Panel Order

Atronergy Solar Golden Sun Projects, China

PV Array for Ski and Snowboard Shop, Pennsylvania

PV Array for Connecticut School

Renewable Funding PACE Program for Los Angeles County

NV Energy PV Support, Nevada

Solar Report, Copenhagen

New Ideas in Solar

Top Ten Things Solar in 2009

Capacity Conundrum Perspective

RUSNANO Investment in New-generation Solar Power Plants

PV Powered Inverters for 600 Solar Homes

PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights

SolarPV.TV Weekly News Videos, SolarPVEVENTS [Ekaterina Tuzovskaya]

SolarPV.TV, Canada Focus Interview

Community Solar Park

More on German FIT

Denver Regional Solar Map

BLM Public Comment Period for Solar Project, Nevada

Request for Bidders for 50-MW PV Manufacturing Plant

Software to Strengthen PV Manufacturing Capabilities

AccuStrata Grant

Prism Solar Jobs Now Grant [Jessica Barry]

Solar-powered Sundial Building, China

Secretary Salazar Vision for New Energy Future

PV Manufacturing

Thin-film Materials Opportunity

Organic PV Market Outlook

Global Market for Advanced Materials and Devices for Renewable Energy

More on Clean Energy Economy Gateway

eSolar Honors

December 16, 2009

SunRay Renewable Energy and SunPower 24-MW PV System, Italy

LDK Solar Partnership with Uni Land for PV Plants, Italy

Tampa Electric Contract for Solar Power, Florida

Soltec Expansion in the USA

SolarCity Expansion to Colorado

1BOG Campaign [Rebecca Geller]

MiaSole Coverage

More on Azure Power PV Project, India

Solar Energy Initiatives Results

GlobalWatt in Saginaw, Michigan

SOLARIS Newsletter

CPV Perspectives

LADWP Solar Farm

German Solar Power Incentives

PV Industry History

US PV Market Growth Through 2010

Ontario FIT, Canada

SMA America New Central Inverter

Dynamic Engineering Dichlorosilane Redistribution Process at GCL Solar

eSolar CEO

December 17, 2009

LDK Solar Partnership with GPR-SBTFC for 100 MW of PV plants in Europe

LDK Polysilicon Production Plants

First Solar 2010 Guidance and Capacity Expansion Plans

Partnership between EIB and EDF EN for Solar Projects

Kyocera Modules for PV Projects, Spain

More on 40-MW Rooftop PV System, Belgium

centrotherm photovoltaics Achievement

DPL 1.1-MW Solar Array, Ohio

Financing Completed on 1-MW UC Merced PV System

PV System for School District, Colorado

NV Energy Renewable Energy Purchase Agreements

Solon German Manufacturing Plants at Full Capacity

Solar Module Orders

Phoenix Solar Subsidiary in Oman [Andrea Wegner]

Dyesol Expansion in Japan

Solarday SpA Expansion in Germany

IPC LOI for Stake in German Solar Park

73-MW Solar Power Plant, Thailand

Advanced Energy Inverters at Colorado State University

Advanced Energy New Production Facility

PV Powered Inverters for Patriot Place Project, Massachusetts

Solar Inverter 2009 Wrap-up

PV Materials Costs

More on GlobalWatt PV Factory, Michigan

NPR Coverage of Solaren

PVGroup Newsletter

Renewable Funding PACE Programs

Potential Solar Energy Sites, West Virginia

4.5-MW of Solar Power for Green Data Center

Year 2009 and 2010 Prospects, SolarPV.TV Video

More on Solar at COP15

Photovoltaics International

Renewable Energy Focus Magazine

IREC State & Stakeholder Newsletter [Jane Pulaski]

Greentech Media Resource Center

Solarfun VP and Managing Director, EMEA

juwi CEO Honors [Christian Hinsch]

Solar-powered Streetlamps in Copenhagen

SEMICON Russia 2010


Cleantech Forum

BrightSource Energy and Green Jobs [Kristin Hunter]

Solar Millennium CEO

December 18, 2009

IBC Solar 8-MW Solar Park, Germany

SCHOTT Solar Expansion of US PV Module Production, New Mexico

Sempra Generation and PG&E Solar Contract

Deutsche Bank PV System, New Jersey

Moncada Energy Solar Panel Plant in Sicily

Amtech Systems Orders

Roth & Rau Order

Optony Financing

Tioga Energy Financing

Solar Energy Initiatives Update

U.S. Solar Market

2010 Cleantech Predictions, Perspective

Tax Credits for Renewables Manufacturing

New York Energy Programs

LIPA PV Incentives

Solar Investments in Pennsylvania

Solar Energy Projects in Georgia

PV Awards in Ohio

Solar Rewards in Minnesota

Solar Jobs

Renewable Energy at Copenhagen

Coverage of Riso DTU

More on SolarReserve Project

December 21, 2009

LIPA PPA with BP Solar and enXco

First Solar and EDF Energies Nouvelles 100-MW Plant

First Solar and NRG Energy 21-MW PV Power Plant, California

Deubach Solar Park, Germany

Hybridyne 2-MW PV Park, Ontario

McClellan Power & Energy Solar Panel Purchase from Phono Solar

Solyndra Registration Statement Relating to an IPO

S.A.G. Solarstrom AG Listing

MEMC Stake in Eversol

Calyxo CEO, Production

Solar Energy Initiatives Strategic Collaboration with ITRI Taiwan

Taiwan Feed-in Tariff

M+W Zander New Common Trade Name

Air Liquide 13 New Contracts

Solarwatt Production, Germany

Natcore LPD Research Results

Suntech Quality Lab Certification

Cleantech Financing

PV Installations

SOLAR TODAY [Brooke Simmons]

Solar Electric Utility Conference [Britta Meyer]

New Labs for CSP at NREL

CSP Today News, CSP in Spain

December 30, 2009

Amonix Acquisition of Sunworks Solar, CEO

Motech Industries Acquisition of Plant from GE

LG Electronics Manufacturing Line

SunEdison PV systems in New Mexico

PV Project Proposal, California

S.A.G. Solarstrom PV Project for GPR Global Power Resources, Italy

Sputnik Engineering and Pegasus Vertriebs 8.6-MW PV System, Germany

Photon Energy PV Systems, Czech Republic

Colexon Energy PV Power Plants, Germany

enXco PV Project, New Jersey

Frontier Renewables PV Rooftop, Germany

3S Swiss Solar Module Line, Turkey

Sanyo and Avacos Canadian Bifacial Solar PV Installation

OPEL Solar and SOLYPAC Dealer Agreement

Safety Certification for Solar EnerTech Modules

Ohio Third Frontier PV Program Awards

Energy 5.0 PV Energy Contract with Tampa Electric Company

Sunday Energy and Moshav Sde Zvi Deal

Tianwei Investment in Hoku

SunPods and First Star Capital Partnership

South Jersey Industries PV Projects

Atlantic Wind & Solar JV Financing

Evergreen Solar Panels for Patriot Place, Massachusetts

Prism Solar Technologies Featured

Tiny Solar Cells

Ergonomics in PV

PV Perspective


PV-Tech Top 10 Stories, 2009

Greentech Media Top 10 Solar Trends, 2009

Cleantech Promises

Mercom Solar Market Intelligence Report

IREC State & Stakeholder Newsletter [Jane Pulaski]

Solar Rebates in Massachusetts

PV Recycling Conference

Solar Energy Conclave-2010, India

Solar in West Bengal

Utility Solar, India

California Desert Protection Act of 2010

Renewable Energy RFPs

CSI RD&D Second Grant Solicitation

PV Events

SolarReserve Solar Power Contracts

Solar Thermal Technologies Market


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