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					OLF FPSO Workshop, Stavanger 14.11.02

Workgroup breakout session: TOPSIDES.

The workgroup was chaired by David Llewelyn and based its discussion on the
following key findings from the Lessons Learned Study:

Gas Comp. liquid carry-over

Hydrocarbon Venting            Drag Chains
Solids/Sand Management         Module Supports/interfaces
Compressor Vibration           Power Generation Problems
Long Life Paintwork(C)
Swivels (+)

Compression Start-up           Solids Disposal in Slops
Swivel Seal Replacement        Separator Internals Strengthening
Produced Water Sheen (C)       HP Gas Supply to Diesels (C)
New Field Tie-ins (C)

The workgroup identified the following additional “major” issues:

Tools and entry ports should be developed by the industry for unmanned entry
to inspect pressure vessels. A two year shut down is very expensive.
General poor maintenance access – a strategy should be publicised and
implemented for each FPSO and module
Definition on ship vs topsides in contract relations, these are often unclear.
Long life paintwork is a QA issue for the yards.
Solids/sand management needs better monitoring techniques.

The workgroup made the following comments to “critical” and “important” issues:

Gas scrubber sizing should take account of vessel movement and fluids hold–up
in pipework. This needs to be communicated back to designers.
A specification is required for a solids disposal/storage tank if required.
With respect to new field tie-ins, a longer term strategy for the field area is
needed to provide space and adequate top side design.

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A general comment was that existing FPSO’s suffered from being equipped with
“lowest bid units” causing: Poor interfacing, exposed cable trays and inaccessible
transport routes, different design standards and poor use of space. This
seemed to the group to be the biggest challenge for FPSO topsides.

Proposal for a joint industry initiative.

The workgroup concluded that the interface methodology between ship-topside-
modules-controls ought to be standardized for FPSOs based on a
“recommended/best practice”. The document would not be prescriptive but
would cover areas that should always be addressed for each project.
The focus would include:

      -   Overall interface philosophy/approach
      -   Specification information (min. design requirements )
      -   Structural interfaces with the vessel and pipe racks
      -   Maintenance requirements
      -   Mechanical handling plan (eg local to central walkway)
      -   Control and inspection philosophy
      -   F&G philosophy
      -   HSE design philosophy
      -   Layout guidelines

It would not be restrictive to new designs allowing for different ship layouts,
turret positions etc. The document would capture best industry practise and
it would unify company initiatives, e.g. by ABB, Kværner, Bluewater. These
companies and others already have tried to standardise their responses to the
above issues but each is taking a slightly different approach.

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