Volunteers of America by liuqingyan


									 A=Appliances, C=Clothing, H=Houshold, F=Food, M=Medical, Misc.= Miscellaneous, V=Vehicles
Code Organization                         Address                       City         State
V, M Amercian Cancer Association          500 E. Morehead St.,Suite 211 Charlotte    NC

C,H    Amvets Pick Up Service                  no address                      Charlotte   NC
       Bethlehem Center                        2705 Baltimore Ave              Charlotte   NC

C, H, V Butterfly Bin                         2920 N. Tryon St.                Charlotte   NC
Misc. Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Call: Jeff Baker                 Charlotte   NC
H,C     Charlotte Rescue Mission              901 W. 1st Street                Charlotte   NC

F      Community Food Rescue                 2401-C Distribution St            Charlotte   NC
                                             1430 Allenbrook Dr.
       Communities In Schools@Allenbrook Elementary                            Charlotte   NC

C,H    Crisis Assistance Ministry              500-A Spratt Street             Charlotte   NC

C      Florence Crittenton Services            1300 Blythe Blvd                Charlotte   NC

*      FriendShip Trays                        2401 Distribution St            Charlotte   NC

H,C,V Goodwill Industries                      2122 Freedom Drive              Charlotte   NC

A      Habitat for Humanity-Our Towns          20310 N. Main St.               Cornelius   NC

A      Habitat for Humanity-Re-Store           3326 Wilkinson Blvd.            Charlotte   NC

V      Kidney Foundation                                                       Charlotte   NC
                                               5950 Fairview Road, suite 550
H,C    Latin-American Coalition                322 Hawthorne Lane              Charlotte   NC
C,F                                            5801
       Lighthouse Counseling Center -Calvery Church Pineville Mathews Rd.      Charlotte   NC

M      Lions Club                              4600-A North Tryon Street       Charlotte   NC

F      Loaves and Fishes                       P.O. Box 11234                  Charlotte   NC

C      Mecklenburg Ministries                  1510 East Seventh Street        Charlotte   NC
H      Meck. Co. Solid Waste                   700 N. Tryon St.                Charlotte   NC
H      Meck. Co. Womens Commission             700 N. Tryon St                 Charlotte   NC

M      MedAssist of Mecklenburg                5516 Central Avenue             Charlotte   NC
C     Salvation Army                                      Charlotte     NC
                                 501Archdale Drive

C,H,F Second Harvest Food Bank   500-B Spratt Street      Charlotte     NC

C,    Thompson Children's Home   6801 St. Peter's Lane    Matthews      NC

All   United Way of America      301 S. Brevard Street    Charlotte     NC

V     Volunteers of America      246 Stoneridge Drive     Columbia      SC

M     http://www.sawmillnc.com   kedwards@sawmillnc.com   Got a large tree that needs to come down,
Zip   Telephone     Website                      Special Info.
28202 704-376-1659, http://www.cancer.org        1-800-227-2345 Vehicles, Ostomy
      1-800-ACS-                                 Supplies, Bras, Prostheses, Unused
      2345                                       wigs, Nutritional suppliments-boost or
                                                 ensure, Newer scarves and hats.
       704-393-2359                              Clothing, Small furniture, Housewares
28203 704-375-1417 http://www.bethlehamcenter. Call first.
                                                 Accepts household items, vehicles,
                                                 clothing, office or warehouse supplies,
 28202 704-562-8637 http://butterflybin.org      etc. Can do pickup.
       704-432-2130                              Ammunition, gunpowder, guns.
28202 704 334-4635 http://www.charlotterescuem Financial donations, nonperishable food
       ext.136      ission.org/                  donations, clothing, furniture, vehicles,
28203 704-342-FOOD http://www.communityfoodre Collects perishable or prepared food.
28208 980-343-6004 scue.org/
                    http://www.cischarlotte.org Clothing, School supplies
                    Barbara McFree
28206 704-371-3001 http://www.crisisassistance.o Clothing, furniture, kitchenware,
                    rg/                          housewares, appliances.
28203 704-372-4663 http://www.fcsnc.org/         Clothing (maternity, Furniture,
                                                 Kitchenware, Housewares, Cleaning
28203 704-333-9220 http://www.friendshiptrays.or No Food- Tray favors, call for
                    g/01022314000484/            information.
28266 704-372-3434 http://goodwillsp.org         Clothing, Furniture, Kitchenware,
                                                 Housewares, Appliances, Toys, Tools.
       704-896-8957                              Call First. Building Supplies, appliances,
       704-392-4495 http://habitatcharlotte.org  Call first. Building materials, furniture,
28210 800-356-5362, http://www.nkfnc.org/contact Vehicles, Clothing, Furniture, Cookware,
       704-393-5780 .html                        Toys, Tools.
28204 704-333-5921
28226 704-341-5326 http://www.calvarychurch.co Clothing, Nonperishable foods
28213 704 921-4000 http://www.southparklions.or Eyeglasses, Hearing aids, Used inkjets,
                    g/links.html                 Laser cartridges, Toys that can fit in a
                                                 shoe box.
28220 704-523-4333 http://www.loavesandfishes. Office supplies, Warehouse equipment,
                    com/mission.htm              Food.
28204 704-347-2404 http://www.meckmin.org        Financial, Office Supplies
28202 704-336-5359 http://wipeoutwaste.com       Maintaining list for wanted pianos.
28202 704-336-3210                               Cell phones, Professional Womens
28218 704-536-9766 http://www.ncfreeclinics.org/ Prescription drugs in manufacturers
                    charlotte.htm - Medassist    packing, Unopened prescriptions, Office
                                     http://www.salvationarmysou Clothing, Furniture, Toys, Kitchenware,
            28217 704-522-4970       th.org/NC.htm               Housewares, Books, Tools.

            28206 704-376-1785       http://www.secondharvestch Dry, shelf-stable refrigerated and frozen
                                     arlotte.org/donations.htm  food items, fresh produce, personal care;
                                                                office and warehouse supplies.

            28105 704-536-0375       http://www.thompsonchildre School supplies, Arts and crafts, Hygiene
                                     nshome.org/howcani.htm     products, Suitcases and large duffel
                                                                bags, Cameras & Film, Linens (Twin
                                                                size), Batteries, Clothing, New bicylces.

            28202 704-372-7170       http://national.unitedway.org Runs website for other entities that
                                                                     accept donations of all kinds, financial,
              29210 803-779-6465, http://www.carshelpingpeopl Vehicles, Volunteer Opportunities.
                      704-398-2700 e.org/
e tree that needs to come down, but you don't want to send it to the landfill? Edwards Sawmill may can help. They want only specific types o
They want only specific types of trees but they are worth calling and checking out.

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