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On the Home page


									On the Home page

Note: all text should not be smaller than 12 size as it is illegal in the UK to have
smaller text on any website.

The organ button on top should say
        07975544094 – This number should be included in the contact us form and
This is because we are not in the beauty industry only, we are rather in the beauty,
body care and well being industry.

The purple button where it says “make an on-line reservation and save10%” should be
clickable and should to take enquiry form.

There should be a testimonial after the beauty tips.

About healthy beauty bar
HBB and you

Welcome to Healthy Beauty Bar; a Health Conscious Beauty salon and spa
specially designed to suit your beauty, body care and wellbeing needs. At
HBB we understand that you need to look good and feel beautiful inside and
outside. Pampering your senses with beauty essentials, HBB is equipped with
state-of-the-art equipments and advanced technologies to lend you that
fabulous makeover and gorgeous skin.

The HBB philosophy

Everybody has a right to look beautiful and feel great about themselves. At
HBB, we follow this mantra and let our customers experience a host of
services that promise to change their world. Get your hands on modern
products and new age treatments at surprisingly affordable rates and return
as a more beautiful „you‟ !

the salon

At HBB, we give you an ambience that calls for sheer indulgence. From tailor-
made skin treatments to fashionable makeovers, from fascinating bridal
packages to rejuvenating massages, and from ancient waxing methods to
modern laser treatments, HBB provides you with end to end cosmetic and
body treatment solutions that lend your mundane life a fresh change. Spoil
yourself at HBB and explore beauty like never before.

Permanent Hair Removal/Reduction Using IPL Laser Technology
Our IPL systems are suitable for all men and women for all areas of their
body. These treatments are virtually painless and take only minutes but are
very effective, efficient and yield results for rest of your life.

Underarm + Bikini
                                 PAYGo       =    £137,
Course of 6 treatments =
                                 (you save £222)

Full Leg + Bikini
                                 PAYGo       =    £324,
Course of 6 treatments =
                                 (you save £244)

Thigh + Bikini
                                 PAYGo       =    £222,
Course of 6 treatments =
                                 (you save £232

Healthy Beauty Bar - Price Guide of IPL/Laser Treatments

The following are a guide prices only. Actual prices will be given after
consultation and patch test. Clients will be advised about the number of
treatments they may need based on hair type, depth, skin type and the area
of the treatment.

        A course of treatments would be recommended, normally from 4 - 9
        depending on individual cases.
        The interval between any two treatments needs to be 3 - 6 weeks.
        Clients can choose a pay as you go (PAYGo) course or a package of
        treatment. In the PAYGo, clients will pay a fixed price for every
        treatment and can discontinue any time with no obligation. 20% off for
        first treatment. Under a package, clients will pay a fixed price for an
        agreed package of 5 or more treatments. After every fifth treatment,
        there will be a free similar treatment, buy five get one free. Payment
        required in advance.
        For every client you bring, you will get £20 off your next treatment
        subject to:
        You will get £20 off your next treatment only if your friend has already
        taken at east one treatment.
        If you have already paid under a package, we will give you £20
        discount for your next package of treatments or on a retail product.
        Gift Vouchers are also available.

        We accept cash and Cheques (with cheque guarantee cards) only.
        We reserve the right to refuse any treatment without prior notice at any
        Please delete the prices and leave just the list of treatments for both
        men and women products. The heading would be:

                       hair removal Treatment list - ladies

                       hair removal Treatment list - gents

In special offers page:

Buy 5 Treatments and get 2 Treatments FREE

Book any 5 Laser/IPL hair removal, skin rejuvenation, thread-veins treatment,
and or acne therapy by 30/06/09 and get 2 Treatments FREE. – This also
applies to News and spotlight.

Please add:

“We are a Care Quality Commission registered company” somewhere in this

Under Facials and Massages
Indian Head Massage            30 minutes £30

Reflexology            20 mints        £25

This also applies to Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Please add attached pdf picture (3.pdf) next to Specialised Body Treatments
Please add attached 2.pdf (face mapping picture) in Facials and Massages page.

In retail Menu
Please delete the prices and leave just the list of retail products. Please add at least
five pictures of Dermalogica products. These pictures are available on the ftp server.

Make up. Hair Style. Nails And more!

Make up We use branded products (e.g. MAC and ArtDeco) in all our make ups.
Mobile make up services, especially for Brides, are also available. Please contact us
for a free consultation and trial. We also provide SAREE setting service with or
without belt.

Please note the first three price lines have been repeated, please delete them
and bring the two pictures upwards.

Contact Us form

Please add timings in the contact us form. Timings are

Monday 4 pm till 8pm
Tuesday 9am till 8pm
Wednesday - closed
Thursday 9am till 8pm
Friday 9am till 8pm
Staurday 10am till 8pm
Sunday 10am till 8pm

Depilatory Treatments & Threading

Please use a threading or waxing pictures, the one you have used is a facial

Under Service Lounge

As you enter our luxurious Service Lounge, treat yourself to a host of services that
will appeal your sensibilities. Choose your pick from this exciting bouquet to
experience true beauty and wellbeing.
HBB understands fashion and its necessity in today’s fast paced lifestyle. That’s the
reason we have assembled designer treatments and packages to make you look more
beautiful and confident. Knowing different skin types and their sensitivities,
professional beauty experts at HBB use globally acclaimed products for a safer and
more secure experience.

We also house latest laser equipment that will change your frown lines to smile lines.
Safe, sure and virtually painless, the laser methodologies and treatments in HBB are
one of its main highlights. Available for males and females, these treatments work
wonders in your busy lifestyle allowing you to look good and feel good forever.

Cosmetic Skin Piercing

Nose piercing with 1 stud ----------------------------------------- £7.99
Ear piercing with 2 studs ----------------------------------------- from £7.99

Tanning -------------------------------------------------------------------------   from £20

Pleas make sure that when people take the cursor to any pictures it should show what
that picture is. This is also a legal requirement in this country. Please go to and take cursor to the laser
picture, you will notice it says “IPL Hair Removal”. This should be done for all

Have you thought to put a nice background on the whole website. It is at the moment
without a background and therefore does not look lively.

The logo: the logo you have used is probably from our existing website site which is
not very clear one. Please us LogoColorTextBelow.pdf. The text “A Health Conscious
Beauty Salon” is not part of the logo as we did not think about this when we designed
the logo. Please ask you designers to incorporate this somehow. The logo should be
vividly clear as it conveys lot of things about skin and potential risks around us.

In the Enquiry form, please remove Company name and designation and add address
as this will be for individuals and not for companies. Please also add date of birth as a
non-mandatory field. All this data should be saved in the database as mailing list.

This is a nice website to have a look. Please think
about Mailing List and Bookmark this site as these are very important for any

Please make sure all the Headings and Prices are bold and are in Purple like in our
existing website.
This is a nice example for
heading and prices.

Please note that a salon is generally for ladies and ladies like colourful things. The site
has to be a bit more colourful and a nice background..

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