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									Welcome to EDUC 4454
Primary / Junior Management
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           Then read p. 2 of course text
     “Principles of Classroom Management” &
   Complete the First Analysis using 1 of the first
                   2 case studies.

 Course Outline
 Course Text –         “Principles
  of Classroom Management” - PCM

 Website
Management problems are the
major cause of teacher stress

Practicum Debriefing
    In small groups, answer the following

1.   What kinds of management techniques did you

2.   What kinds of behaviour did you observe?
     Where does Management fit into

                       Analytic        Influence
                   Intellectual           Inspire
                 Rational                    Impress
                  Reasoning               Persuade
                       Thinking         Touch

                             Good Teaching
(Venn Diagram)
      A discipline problem exists whenever behaviour
      interferes with teaching, the learning of others, is unsafe,
      or destructive

 What about ………
          Refusal to do homework
          Not paying attention in class
          Drawing pictures or scribbling
          Making faces, eye rolling, mimicking
 Motivational Problems
          Get class going and deal with after
          Affective Domain
 Problem - rest of class following
 Problem - accountability
Follow Through

 Management issues are often the area which directly
 and indirectly cause teachers to require intervention
              during teacher evaluations.
    Using the definition of a discipline problem, categorize each of
    the following as a discipline or non-discipline problem:
    “Principles of Classroom Management” – p.40

   A student consistently tries to engage the teacher in conversation just as class
    is about to begin

   A student continually comes to class one minute late

   A teacher stands in the hallway talking to fellow teachers during the first three
    minutes of class

   A student does math homework during social studies class

   A student interrupts a lecture to ask permission to go to the bathroom

   A student often laughs at answers given by other students

   A student doesn‟t wear safety goggles while welding in industrial arts class

   A grade one student continually volunteers to answer questions but never has
    an answer when he is called on

   A grade four student refuses to wear a jacket during recess

   A grade seven student constantly pulls the hair of the girl who sits in front of
Part A: In small groups look at questions 3 and 4 (p.40). Try to
  come to a consensus for the answers.

Part B: Create a folder for Classroom Management. Within this folder
  create another folder entitled Management Plan. Within a new file &
  using the subheading “Definition of a Behaviour Problem”,
  succinctly as possible create your own definition of a Behavioural
  problem (make sure it covers all areas). SAVE this file as Behaviour
  Management Plan!
      Read chapters 3 and 5 for next class.
      In your Behaviour Management Plan file make a new subheading
       called „The Importance of Making Learning Interesting in
       Proactive Classroom Management‟. Write one small paragraph
       on the importance of paying attention to the affective domain
       when planning lessons based on our discussion in class today.

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