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A look at the history of Kmart Holding Corp. and Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Sears                                               Kmart
   1886: Richard W. Sears, a railroad
   station agent who sells coal as a
   side job, buys unwanted watches
   from jeweler and founds R.W. Sears
   Watch Co. in Minneapolis.

   1887: Moves company to Chicago
   and places newspaper ad for
   watchmaker, hires Alvah C.

   1893: Firm incorporates as Sears,
   Roebuck and Co., offering products
   by mail order to rural residents and
   farmers at lower-than-general store

   1896: Issues first general catalog.

                                                      1899: S.S. Kresge Co. founded by Sebastian S

   1906: Opens three-million-square-
   foot mail order plant in Chicago,
   largest in world. Opens second plant
   in Dallas.

   1908: Richard Sears retires as
   company president.

   1909: Company begins selling
   Sears Motor Buggy. (line
   discontinued in 1912)
                                       1912: The company incorporates in Delaware

1916: Establishes savings and
profit sharing program for

                                       1918: S.S. Kresge Co. becomes publicly traded
                                       York Stock Exchange.

1925: First Sears retail store opens
in catalog center on Chicago’s West

1927: Launches Craftsman and
Kenmore brands.

                                       1929: Canadian subsidiary S.S. Kresge Co. Ltd
                                       stores operating in Canada.

1931: Establishes Allstate
Insurance Co.

1945: Sears sales pass $1 billion.

1953: Establishes Simpsons-Sears
Ltd. in Canada.

1962: Introduces Vincent Price Fine 1962: Company opens first Kmart discount de
Arts Collection.                       Detroit. Seventeen other Kmart stores open th

                                       1966: Founder Sebastian S. Kresge dies at age

1973: Sears moves headquarters to
Sears Tower, then world’s tallest
                                       1977: Name changed from S.S. Kresge Co. to
                                       1976, sales at Kmart stores accounted for 94.5
                                       domestic consolidated sales.

1981: Sears acquires Dean Witter       1981: The 2,000th Kmart store opens. At year
Reynolds and Coldwell, Banker &        stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

1985: Debuts Discover Card.

                                       1987: Kmart sells off its remaining Kresge sto
                                       McCrory Corp., which filed for bankruptcy in 19
                                       stores in 2001.
                                       Kmart introduces Martha Stewart, entertainme
                                       and consultant.

1993: Catalog discontinued. Sells
20 percent of Allstate. Sells off
Coldwell Banker Residential Services
and Sears Mortgage Banking Group.

1995: Headquarters move to
Hoffman Estates, Ill.

1997: Opens Great Indoors stores.      1997: Kmart launches Martha Stewart Everyda
                                       and complementary paint line.

2002: Acquires Lands End specialty 2002: Kmart files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy p
catalog.                               company had 2,114 stores. The bankruptcy led
                                       stores and the termination of 57,000 employee

                                       2003: Kmart exits Chapter 11 bankruptcy prot

2004: Announces merger with            2004: Kmart announces plans to combine with
Kmart to form Sears Holding Corp.      billion deal. The combined company will be hea
                                       Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, where Sea

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