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Safety Improvements - DOC


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									       Overview of UCC targeted Fire and Safety

                improvements completed in period

                                     1994- to date

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A: Slip\Trip\Fall\Work at Height                            3

B. Manual Handling                                          4

C. Sports ground & pedestrian safety                        4

D. Chemical\biological safety\hazardous material            4

E. Building fabric\Utilities\Facilities Mgt                 5

F. Electrical Safety                                        6

G. Gas Safety                                               6


A. Building Fire Detection & Alarm improvement              6

B. Building Fire Compartmentation improvement               7

C. Building means of escape improvements (fire)             7

D. Building Fire safety management & evacuation             7

E. Building Fire Safety upgrades                            8

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Overview of UCC targeted Fire and Safety improvements completed in period
                  1994- to date (updated in June 2010)

    The targeted Fire Safety and General Safety Improvements as summarised below have been
    made under various headings:

    Foreword: this listing does not include for the improvements that have also taken place on
    the University Campus, due to the replacement of existing buildings with new fit for purpose
    buildings/ extensions to buildings that are fire and safety compliant from handover.

    General Safety
    A) Slip/trip/fall/ work at height or access focused
    1. Slip resistance treatments Food Science building block E stairs
    2. Slip resistance treatments Boole lecture Theatre stairs including carpet moisture
        absorbent treatment
    3. Slip resistance treatments Boole library plaza west and main Quadrangle archway
    4. New pavers Boole Library plaza North
    5. New pavers Boole Library plaza West (partial) and Boole Courtyard
    6. Lapps bridge side panel in-fills
    7. New lift and entrance/exits Boole lecture Theatres
    8. Additional stair handrails – various houses, Civil Engineering lecture theatres
    9. External handrails to external steps and ramps, Campus grounds– various locations
    10. Roof edge protection systems and fall arrest systems– various buildings
    11. Roof top access security
    12. MEWP and portable scaffold systems/ safety step ladder systems – various locations
    13. Gaol walk: raised riverside walk parapet wall
    14. External campus pavers upgrades/renewals – various locations
    15. Slip resistant floor treatments Mortuary floor, Windle Building, floor of Food Science \
        Pharmacy link bridge, Boole Plaza paving
    16. Safety ladder access arrangements to Boole lecture theatre attic spaces
    17. New external stairs and ramps linking Aras Na Mac Leinn and Geography building
    18. New external stairs between Medical Building car park and West Wing Main Quad lower
    19. Riverside edge path and railing approach to Lapps bridge ex BSI carpark
    20. New lift installed in Civil Engineering Building

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    B) Manual handling focused
    1. Battery operated trolley for moving of refuse bins by Grounds staff
    2. Battery operated trolley for moving of chemicals (external transfers Chemistry
    3. Reduction of post bag sizes
    4. Various trolleys for moving of chairs and materials by General Services
    5. new wheelie bins with drop down access panels
    6. selected new street furniture (refuse bins) with access doors
    7. Improvements to central post room
    8. Use of mechanical equipment to mitigate risk – various departments and reduction in
        quantities and storage arrangements
    9. New goods inward lift main restaurant
    10. VDU workstation enhancements – chairs, workstations and lighting
    11. Book returns sorter machine – Boole PG Library. Book self issue systems.
    12. Light weight removal road bollards (aluminium)
    13. rope pulley system and automated track opening for Crawford Observatory roof
    14. replacement of heavy gate within Glucksman gallery
    15. Purchase of lighter grass mowers (main Quad grass mowing)

    C) Sports ground and pedestrian safety
    1. Sports grounds improvements to goal posts at Mardyke, external track netting and
       Curraheen Sports grounds
    2. Pedestrian safety improvements at entrances to Main campus College road, entrance to
       Aras Na Laoi ex Gaol walk, Perrotts Inch car park, Perrotts Avenue car park
    3. Pedestrian priority plaza Main Quadrangle and Honan square
    4. Vehicle /pedestrian separation – Aras Na Mac Leinn delivery road, UCC/MUH Distillery
    5. Transfer of 3 m of property line to Cork City council for public foot path widening
       between Electrical Engineering and Pharmacy (southern property line)
    6. tactile surfaces for visually impaired (various locations)
    7. external lighting improvements for personal security

    D) Chemical/ biological safety/ hazardous material focused
    1. New Fume cupboard installations and replacements – various labs.
    2. Dedicated (segregated) lab write up areas to minimize un-necessary exposures– various
    3. Fume cupboard fan upgrades Chemistry department and various other departments (labs)
    4. Lab refurbishments – various labs Chemistry, Microbiology, Food Science and
        Technology, Medicine, Biochemistry, Physics – workshop
    5. New Emergency showers and emergency eye wash facilities – various labs
    6. New Local exhaust extract – various labs/workshops
    7. Replacement of safety showers Food science building
    8. Biological waste autoclave upgrades – Student health centre and Food science building
    9. New facility for LAA allergen control BSU and BSI
    10. Enhanced LAA allergen controls BSI

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    11. Significant reductions in chemical inventories held and disposal under licence of excess
        chemicals – various departments. Improvements in storage and decanting.
    12. Remote sending capability added to various lifts (chemical transportation)
    13. Improvements in external storage of compressed gasses – various locations
    14. Improvements in storage of chemicals various locations
    15. Laser safety labs – various upgrades in Physics and Electrical Engineering
    16. Liquid nitrogen plant refurbishments Chemistry department and relocation of main N2
        plant (2009)
    17. Outsourcing of transporting of inter site chemical deliveries to licensed contractor
    18. Dedicated hand wash sinks (various)
    19. External portable waste chemical stores
    20. Laboratory refurbishments – Bio innovation centre, Chemistry (research), Physics
        (research), Microbiology (research), Food science and Technology, ZEPS, medicine
        (research), Dentistry
    21. Various LEV systems for welding, embalming, soldering, sawing of timber

    E) Building Fabric/Utilities /Facilities management focused
    1. Structural propping and eventual Demolition of four storey ADC building at Lee
    2. Re-roofing upgrade and structural refurbishment of Lee mills house, Lee Maltings
    3. Noise reduction at source main boiler house, CHP plant
    4. Window and gutter replacement Civil Engineering
    5. New lift Lee Maltings
    6. Lift upgrades Kane Building and Boole Library
    7. Ventilation improvements Boole Library (SBS)
    8. Asbestos cement removal under licensed contractors at Lee Maltings boiler house, main
        Lee Maltings buildings, Food Science building east, Kane building (various), Civil Eng
        Building, Dental school and hospital, Geography building, various fume cupboards, Main
        restaurant switch room. Food Science building (Microbiology & old Processing Hall),
        Staff restaurant switch room. Completion of Premises Asbestos Register.
    9. First aid rooms and nursing mothers rooms – various buildings
    10. Emergency phones – various locations in major buildings
    11. Permit to work systems for control of contractors
    12. Bystander AEDs’s programme rolled out across UCC (2007-2009)
    13. Refurbishment of Cooperage UCC/MUH Distillery fields for ZEPS
    14. Refurbishment of Library stores & HMRC Pouladuff
    15. Refurbishment of various houses. Refurbished selected floors Kane Building &
        Microbiology (PRTLI)
    16. Refurbishments of restaurant facilities and kitchens– Main Campus and Lee Maltings
    17. New workshop for B&E works dept
    18. Electronic access control system to various plant rooms and attic areas
    19. Replacement of various sections of underground steam distribution piping system main
    20. New traffic barrier access position Castlewhite Apartments to facilitate Fire Service
    21. Various buildings: Improvements in H/C water supply and static water storage per ACOP
        on Legionella. Removal of selected dead end legs to supply pipes.

Disc1.11a:\general\info\081028-010   updated on 8th June 2010                 5
    22. Chlorine dosing system to main water tanks Kane building
    23. Re-ducting of air intake and exhaust on roof of BSI to resolve exhaust air re-entrainment
        with fresh air intake.
    24. H1N1 hand gel dispenser programme rolled out across UCC in Q3\4 of 2009 to Q1\2 of

    F) Electrical safety focused
    1. Electrical safety upgrades – Kane building, Main Quad, refurbishments of various labs
       and houses
    2. Upgrade of external campus lighting
    3. Emergency lighting upgrades main escape doors – various areas
    4. Emergency Local electrical shutoff supplies various labs
    5. Electrical upgrades, boards and rcd’s – various areas
    6. Electrical upgrade of East Wing Main Quad
    7. Electrical upgrade of cables to/from Main Electrical substation main campus and partial
       upgrade of supply boards within.
    8. Switching of 1\2 landing lights at No6 Elderwood and other houses including Carrigside

    G) Gas Safety focused
    1. Piped Distribution system replacements at Lee Maltings, Dental hospital, UCC CUH labs
    2. Methane Gas detection – Kane building, various labs. Food Science Building, Dental
       hospital labs, main Restaurant and linking to main supply slam shut and Fire Alarm
    3. Gas proving systems various labs and main restaurant
    4. Gas supply removal – UCC labs at CUH. Alternative flame boy cartridge supply for point
       of use
    5. Hydrogen generator supply for Tyndall National Institute – removal of bulk H2 storage
       and supply
    6. H2 and N2 generators in lieu of compressed gas cylinder supply at various labs
    7. Remote piping of external compressed gasses with shut offs and gas/O2 depletion–
       various labs incl air analysis lab Lee Maltings, Physics and Chemistry (selected labs and
       Physics workshop)
    8. Piped compressed gas supplies ex external compounds to point of use – selected
       locations, Food Science Building, Kane Building, Medicine and Dentistry at CUH, Butler
       Building Distillery Field, Biochemistry labs at Lee Maltings, Physics labs and workshop
    9. Gas supply shut offs to all major buildings fitted with manual restoration functions (non

    Fire Safety

    A) Building Fire Detection and Alarm improvements
    1. New L1 fire detection and alarm systems – Kane, Fd.Science, Geography, Main Quad,
       Windle Building, Dental School and Hospital, UCC labs at CUH, Connolly building, Lee
       Maltings, Main Restaurant and old College bar, various houses, Lough Hyne residence,
       central boiler house
    2. Centralised fire alarm signalling west campus and east campus

Disc1.11a:\general\info\081028-010   updated on 8th June 2010                6
    3. Fire alarm auto-diallers – selected major buildings
    4. Upgrade of fire alarm panels – major buildings
    5. Rationalisation of fire alarm panels – extensions to buildings

    B) Building Fire Compartmentation improvements
    1. Fire compartmentation of Boole lecture theatres from Boole library at Q-1 level and fire
       evacuation alarm staging
    2. Fire compartmentation Kane Building, Tyndall Building, Lee Maltings and main
       Quadrangle (partial)
    3. Fire safety separation/upgrading works Connolly building

    C) Building Means of Escape Improvements (fire)
    1. Resolution of security / fire safety escape conflicts and exit door ironmongery (ease of
        escape) improvements – various buildings including Aras Na Laoi, Boole Lecture
        theatres, Kane Building, Windle Building.
    2. New fire escapes stairways Lee Maltings and protection of existing
    3. Fire protection of escape stairways in Aras Na Laoi
    4. New fire escape to rear of Dental Hospital, first floor level
    5. New fire escape to rear of Windle building, first floor level
    6. New Fire escape stairs to first floor Student Restaurant
    7. New fire exit to staff Restaurant Main campus
    8. Fire escape stair protection – Lee Maltings squash courts/PE hall (building pre Tyndall
    9. Emergency lighting of escape routes – various locations (partial)
    10. New fire escape stairs – North Wing Tower Main Quadrangle
    11. Removal of combustible wall and ceiling linings, storage and sources of ignition within
        escape routes – Kane building, Connolly Building and various other buildings
    12. Removal of combustible wall linings within main lecture theatres Kane Building
    13. Windle Building – Fire protection of one escape stairway
    14. 2# new external escape stairways and emergency lighting Lough Hyne, Skibbereen
    15. Protection of West Wing Main Quadrangle central stairs and installation of bypass
    16. Fire protection of Geography Building main stairs
    17. 3# New fire escape stairways Connolly building
    18. New fire escape stairs Civil engineering building
    19. New emergency exits, Lee Maltings, Ground floor biochemistry air analysis labs
    20. Means of escape improvements Mardyke Sports track (sports ground safety) and to Aula
        Maxima Main Quadrangle

    D) Building Fire Safety management and Evacuation improvements
    1. Assembly point signage – all buildings and listing in room bookings web site and terms
       of hire
    2. Fire safety notices – centrally booked lecture theatres and listing in room bookings web
       site and terms of hire
    3. Fire evacuation chairs – major buildings
    4. Fire safety management improvements Mardyke rugby stand – storage removed

Disc1.11a:\general\info\081028-010    updated on 8th June 2010                7
    5. Improvements in control of illicit parking with impact for emergency service vehicles
        main Campus and Castlewhite Apartments
    6. Improvements in management of escape routes and circulation spaces incl control of
        sources of ignition, storage violations and unsuitable displays
    7. Notice board renewals (lockable under glass) and replacement of combustible wall
        linings – various buildings
    8. Re-hang, outward, of main entrance doors main student restaurant
    9. Removal of metal lockers from escape routes Kane building and Civil Engineering
    10. Fire rated refuse bins – public concourses of Boole lecture theatres, Library and
        Brookfield health Sciences Complex, Western Gateway Building.

    E) Building Fire Safety Upgrades
    1. Modifications to exhausts of gas fired deep fat fryers Main Campus Restaurant and Lee
    2. Fire safety upgrades of Electrical Engineering, Cooperage UCC/MUH Distillery fields,
       Connolly building, Dun Chiomhain, Ballyferriter, Co. Kerry, 20 houses, Lee Maltings
       main building
    3. Fire safety improvements Mardyke rugby pavilion
    4. Dental Hospital Seminar room upgrade and fire safety improvements
    5. Fire safety upgrades of Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering Buildings
    6. Removal of powder spray drier Food Science and Technology

    Health and Safety Office UCC

    Revised 8th June 2010

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