FY10 August 25th Board Minutes - Pillager Area Charter School

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					                                                                                        August 25th, 2009
                                                                                                 6:00 pm
                                        Pillager Area Charter School
                                            School Board Minutes
Officers of the Board
President\Chair: Mark Wolhart
V. P.: Shadolynn Fry
Secretary: Russ Bjerke

Those in attendance:             Absent:
Members:                         Michelle Cunnien
Mark Wolhart                     Shandolynn Fry
Russ Bjerke
Renae Czeczok
Tricia Peters

Mark Wolhart called meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read. A motion was made by Russ accept the minutes as read,
seconded by Tricia, all vote yes, motion carried.

Consider Additions and Deletions to the Agenda:


Pay bills as presented-June
Motion by Tricia to pay bills for May as presented for June numbered 4464 thru 4493, 20090608 and
20090628 to Visa, 20090629 and 2009060120, 20090630 and 2009061501 to Commissioner of Revenue.
2009061504 and 2009063001 to Internal Revenue Service, 2009063002 to Teacher Retirement
Association, and 2009063003 to Public Employees Retirement. Seconded by Renae, all vote yes, motion

Pay Bills as Presented- July
Motion by Russ to pay bills as presented for July numbered 4494 thru 4518, 20090731 and 200907311 to
Commissioner of Revenue, 200907313 and 2009073104 to Teacher Retirement Association, 2009073105
and 2009073106 to Internal Revenue Services, 2009073110 to Public Employees Retirement, and
2009073115 to Discover Card.

RMPAC Joint Powers Meeting / Health Insurance Options
PACS Individual Premiums will go up about 4% as compared to the rest of the RMPAC group increase of
6.2 %. Our policy ends December 31st, 2009 so staff will explore other plans such as Health Savings Plans,
since we have had pretty good health.

Brochure – Review and Comment
Good Reviews as is. Still needs some tweaking to fit as a tri-fold brochure.
Old Business:

Report on Gas Bid
The bid from Crown Gas Company of Sauk Center for 122.9 was accepted for 2009 – 2010 heating
season. The bid was 7 to 17 cents lower than the other two bids. The better part of the deal was there was
no service charge, set up charge or delivery charge. It is a nicely run family business.

Report on Insurance quote from Darrell Pulak Associated
See Attached Quote
Highlights are that the coverage is the same for most parts and better in others for $2500.00 less than
2008-2009 Berkley. Workers Comp through Hartford Casualty came in @ $250.00 savings.

Report on Budget / 27% hold back
The governors 27% unallotment hold back of funds has been partially covered by the ARRA Stimulus
money. We will be able to use some of the money to retain employees and begin the year fully staffed.
Many “Experts” warn that we may not see the hold back next year or any time soon.

ARRA Stimulus with Title 1 – Reports completed and filed
We will use much of the Stimulus money to supplement Title 1 staff.

Report on Advertisement for Open House
Add placed in Brainerd Daily Dispatch to run Monday, August 24 th, 2009 to Sunday, September 7th, 2009.

Student count & discussion:
41- 42 Students at present

New Business:

Art Standards
Review proposal for Art Standard to be placed into law 2010-2011 if it passes.

Sponsor Renewal – Report filed with MDE to be adjusted August 1st, 2009 to meet new legislation
We have not met as of yet with Northwoods to update Sponsorship Agreement.

SINI Letter – AYP
Attached – Letter to parents to inform them that PACS is on AYP list, stage 2.1, Supplemental Ed Services.

MACS Membership
Motion made by Tricia to renew our membership for the 2009-2010 School year, Seconded by Russ, all
vote yes, motion carried.
Motion is as followed:
Whereas, we as the Board of Directors support the mission, vision and strategic directions of MACS and
the expectations for school members; and
Whereas, we as the Board of Directors understand the value and importance of the school being an active
member of the charter school movement in Minnesota;
Now, therefore, the Pillager Area Charter School Board of Directors hereby moves to join the Minnesota
Association of Charter Schools for the 2009-2010 membership year; which begins on July 1st, 2009 and
expires on June 30th, 2010.
Approved on August 27th, 2009.
Board President: Mark Wolhart
Board President Signature:      ____________________________________________________________

Board trainings / Required for Charter School Boards
As per 2009 legislation all Charter School board members will be trained in the responsibilities of board

Elect New Officers
Hold this action over to September 29th, 2009 meeting.


Motion made by Russ to adjourn, Seconded by Tricia, all vote yes, motion carried.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.

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