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					Ecological Footprinting
in North Lanarkshire

         Amie Fulton

         Global Footprint Project Coordinator

         Tel: 01698 302584

Ecological Footprint

  • What is it?

  • Why is it relevant to LAs and
    Community Planning?

  • How can we use it?
 What on Earth is an Ecological Footprint?

“The land area required by the people in a defined region
  to provide continuously all the resources and services
they presently consume and to absorb all the waste they
     presently discharge wherever that land might be.”
   What on Earth is an Ecological
 Real Land -     the land and sea area needed to provide us with the
           water and materials we use in our everyday lives.

Energy Land - the forested land and sea area needed to absorb the
            waste we produce, particularly carbon dioxide.

 Real Land + Energy Land = Ecological
What on Earth is an Ecological Footprint?

                             One Planet Living

    Total area of
   productive land
     Total human
  population on planet   1.8 global hectare (gha)
                                per person
 Footprint Comparisons

One Planet Living    1.8

NL Footprint         5.1

Scottish Footprint   5.3

UK Footprint         5.45
Footprint Components

Transport   Food   Energy   Water   Buildings   Waste
    Global Footprint Project

• 3 year pilot project
         - Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils
         - Scotland Project Steering Group

• WWF UK Footprint Project Purpose
         - By 2012, to stop the UK ecological footprint from increasing
         - By 2006, to have governments and devolved administrations
           across the UK adopting strategies to reduce their impact

• NLP Project Goals
         -   Measure NL footprint
         -   Develop a software tool to inform policy
         -   Develop a reduction strategy and projects
         -   Test EF as an indicator sustainable development
    Progress To Date

• North Lanarkshire‟s Footprint measured

• Policy Analysis completed
        - Identified policies that fit within the context of the project
        - Identified policies being updated within the project cycle

• Footprint Reduction
        - Scenario themes determined
        - Testing footprint scenario software (REAP)
        - Currently developing scenarios and a reduction strategy and
Sustainable Development
is Core Business
Community Plan Vision for 2015

   •   A place people want to live because of the range, quality and
       affordability of the housing available, the safety of our
       communities, the quality and accessibility of the natural
       environment, and the quality of amenities and services in the

   •   A place where people live well because the health, well-being,
       and life chance of its people area as good as those elsewhere in

                                           NLP Community Plan 2004-2008
Sustainable Development
is Core Business
NLC Corporate Plan Strategic Issue

   •   Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment or
       recycling more. It is about achieving a balance between the
       environmental, economic and social needs of our communities. It
       is also about considering the long-term effects of our decisions.
       Because of this it is relevant to all parts of this corporate plan.

                                             NLC Corporate Plan 2004-2008
Sustainable Development
is Core Business
Current Priorities

       • Efficiency Savings

       • Best Value

       • Procurement

       • Waste Minimisation – reduce waste to landfill

       • Service Improvement

       • Image
    Sustainable Development at NLC

• Sustainable Development Framework and Monitoring
        Community Plan and Indicators
        Best Value reporting
        Department Service Plans
        Sustainable Development Working Group

• Ecological Footprint as a monitoring tool
        Performance Management
        Scenario Development
   How is NL using the Footprint?

• Benchmarking

• Performance management tool

• Scenario development

• Informing policy and development
  Footprint Reduction Plan

• Purpose
         - To improve quality of life and reduce poverty without
           increasing North Lanarkshire’s footprint

• Goal
         - To prioritise actions with most potential for reducing
           the footprint

• Outcomes
         - Recommended policy changes based on scenario analysis
         - Action plan for footprint reduction
         - Recommend reduction projects based on scenario analysis
           (WWF funding available)
         - Identify potential savings (monetary and emissions)
Footprint Scenarios

                 Where is society going?

                 Where do we want to go?
                 How do we get there?

                 Where do we want not to go?
                 How do we avoid getting there?
   Scenario Justifications

• Footprint reduction potential

• Policies and projects being updated within project cycle

• Link to Community and Corporate Plans

• Link with Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

• Links to Best Value work

• Opportunity to reconcile environmental impact and cost
Footprint Scenarios

  1. Local Plan

  2. Ravenscraig

  3. Council Procurement
    Local Plan

• Justification

         - Currently being updated as a single plan for all of NL
         - Currently undergoing consultation
         - Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to be conducted on new
         - Opportunity to improve quality of developments
         - Informs development up to 2013
         - Footprint reduction potential: energy, transport, construction waste,
   Local Plan

• Central Question

  What criteria can ensure quality developments whilst continuing to encourage
                                 investment in NL?

• Scenario Criteria
         - sustainable construction and procurement practices
         - developer buy-in
         - contractor capacity

• Footprint Outcomes
         - Sustainable design statements and criteria
         - Footprint Score for developments
   Council Procurement

• Justification

        -   Currently being updated and centralised
        -   Central to Best Value
        -   Opportunity to reconcile environmental impact and cost
        -   Footprint reduction potential: consumables, services,
            transport, housing, food
   Council Procurement

• Central Question

What are the essential aspects of a Procurement Policy that will ensure
 value for money and give consideration to environmental impacts?

• Scenario Criteria
        - Cost
        - Sustainable resource use
        - Council control (centralised purchasing)

• Footprint Outcomes
        • Food – ABC „core 100‟ items for school meals
        • Energy – reduce consumption = reduce cost
    Case Study: Ravenscraig Phase 1

• Justification

          -   Largest brownfield development
          -   Historic significance of site
          -   Planning Tool
          -   Footprint reduction potential: energy, transport, waste, housing,

„The essence of the new Ravenscraig is the creation of a sustainable, integrated
  urban community complete with jobs, housing, schools, shopping, leisure and
  community facilities, parks and wildlife corridors, all linked by an integrated
  transport system that anticipates the diverse and changing commercial and
  social needs of a new community. The development… will serve as a catalyst for
  the continuing growth of the Lanarkshire economy.’
                                                  Ravenscraig Investors Brochure
   Case Study: Ravenscraig Phase 1

• Central Question

          What criteria is needed to encourage the continued investment in this
            development without compromising its potential environment and
                                       social benefits?


         Can a development of this size be built without increasing our footprint?

• Scenario Criteria
        - Sustainable development principles
        - Developer and Partnership buy-in
        - Inclusive and Coherent society

• Footprint Outcome
        - Consultee on Area Planning Brief and applications
        - Developer buy-in to SD principles through design
EF Results Ravenscraig ADB1
                              Transport                 Services
                               Building a House         Holidays
                                                        Shared resources


 cap 3.00



            Typical UK   Probable Impact     Renewable Energy Impact
   What‟s Next?

• Footprint Scenarios and Reduction Plan to be approved
        Council Members
        Community Planning Partners

• Sustainable Development Statement and Indicators
        May include Ecological Footprint
        Community Plan Indicators
  Want to Know More?

Scotland‟s Global Footprint website

Download your LA footprint online for FREE! And
 learn about the footprint scenario software…..
Ecological Footprinting
in North Lanarkshire

         Amie Fulton

         Global Footprint Project Coordinator

         Tel: 01698 302584


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