For Mom by suchenfz


									For Mom

     2-3 pairs of warm socks (to wear in the delivery room)
     1 extra pack of pads (most hospital provide only one pack and will
      charge you if you get more. It is not necessary to get maternity pads; just
      get pads used for heavy flow. If you want to get maternity pads, buy
      them from the Hospital pharmacy, Cold storage or the bigger NUTC
      FairPrice outlets might have them but quite hard to find. The Hospital
      Pharmacy is your best place to look for these items.
     Disposable underwear. (4-5 sets)
     Discman with your favorite CD (of course music that will help you relax)
     One presentable robe (For you to look presentable to your visitors or when
      checking on your baby in the nursery)
     Massage oil (recommended in most childbirth classes)
     Two sets of nightgown (one that opens in the front if you are planning on
      breastfeeding and preferable thick enough because you are not likely to
      be wearing bras. Have seen some nice ones at Robinsons (Karmy brand)
      and Metro. If you don’t mind spending, more, Victoria’s Secret has nice
      nightwear too)
     One set of clothing for happy trip home (clothing with plenty of room will
      be the most comfortable, breastfeeding dresses will be good for moms
      who have gone through natural or caesarian birth)
     Cosmetics / Toiletries
     Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
     Slippers
     Handphone and charger
     Breastfeeding pillow to assist you during breastfeeding, but I find it rather
      unnecessary as newborn are pretty light.
     Breast pump to help stimulate milk production ASAP as babies tend to be
      sleepy during the first few days after birth.
     Inflatable ring or Boppy pillow to ease episiotomy wound.
     Nursing pillow to make positioning of babies easier especially if you have
      a c-section.
For Dad

      Snacks or sandwich (keep food on hand so the "labor coach" won't have
       to leave your bedside.)
      Vending machine money. Coins. $1, 50 cents, 20 cents.
      Books or CD's to help Mom relax.
      Camera and extra film. Or with digital, plenty of megabyte space. Make
       sure your camera is fully charged.
      Camcorder and batteries
      Phone list to call to announce the birth of baby to one and all.
      Baby car seat for trip home. (compulsory in Singapore)
      Original Marriage certificate to register name of baby. You can either
       register your baby’s name at the hospital or at Immgration and Custom
       Authority(ICA). Birth should be registered within 14 days from the date of
       birth, including Sundays and public holidays. If registration is done after 42
       days, a letter of explanation stating the reason for late registration must
       be submitted for the Registrar/Registrar General's approval. After
       approval has been given, the birth will be registered and the birth
       certificate will be issued. Such cases can only be registered at ICA.Visit the
       ICA's website for more information on how to register your baby.
      Admission form (good to bring this form everywhere you go after 36 weeks
       gestation as you might deliver anytime).
      In the meantime, think of a good name.

For Baby

      Newborn clothing (1 set for going home as hospitals will provide clothing
       only during the stay)
      One Receiving blanket (for going home. Metro Orchard have a good
       selection of affordable and nice receiving blankets)
      Extra diapers (hospitals will provide one pack of diaper, so you can bring
       yours if you want)
      One set of anti scratch mittens (for going home as they will be tightly
       swaddled during the hospital)
      Cans or bottles of infant formula if you intend to bottle-feed so your baby
       can start with the brand you prefer as soon as possible.

For Child #1

1 brightly wrapped gift to offer to Child #1 and said it is from Baby #2

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