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Come and Read As GeoHoliday Club Shares News On Vacation Ownership!

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									      GeoHoliday Club Grants A Look Into The Lengthy Era Of Vacation Ownership

Vacation ownership has experienced a long era of popularity. The reasons why are pretty straight
forward. It's a great value plus it offers range in planning vacation destinations. GeoHoliday
Club continues to be an industry leader in the vacation ownership industry for more than two-
and-a-half decades. Our more than 25,000 Club Members benefit from the way GeoHoliday has
evolved vacation ownership to the next phase.

Our revolutionary credits-based reservations and exchange system gives our members a
remarkable level of flexibility with regards to planning and booking their vacation. GeoHoliday
is associated with the world’s largest exchange company, RCI, permitting us to provide vacation
exchange destinations at more than 3,700 resorts worldwide.

Whether your loved ones feels like visiting Mexico or Spain, Europe or Asia GeoHoliday
features a resort and a package just for you. Vacation ownership and vacation exchange make
good financial sense. Getting away from the grind of your day to day life is essential and
GeoHoliday has an inexpensive way to make sure that you’ll have a yearly vacation at one of
hundreds of resorts worldwide. When life or work stresses you out, all you will need to do is
settle-back and daydream about where you will go with GeoHoliday next.

GeoHoliday is an independently owned company with over 25 years of expertise in the vacation
ownership industry. Our dedication to customer support is unmatched. We make an effort to be a
partner to our more than 25,000 members. At any time, a GeoHoliday customer service agent is
there to walk our members through their vacation options and help them book the vacation
they’ve been dreaming of. This service is what makes GeoHoliday persistently rank at the top of
the charts in customer support satisfaction surveys.

GeoHoliday benefits from its partnership with the venerable RCI. RCI is the largest timeshare
network on the earth and its properties are available to GeoHoliday members. This partnership
offers our members an abundance of options at the exceptional value they’ve come to expect
from GeoHoliday. With locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, the
Caribbean and more, GeoHoliday truly has the very best selection of options amongst vacation

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