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Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International	
Volume 2 • Issue 2 • Summer 2007

President’s Letter                                                            Annual Meeting
Occasionally,	you	may	ask	if	JDRF	and	its	activities	really	 The	FY07	Annual	Meeting	
make	a	difference	and	whether	your	participation	matters.                     for	West	Tennessee	was	
                                                                              hosted	by	Ed and Dee
	IT ALL MATTERS AND MAKES A REAL DIFFERENCE.	                                 Parramore at Carrabba’s
There	are	65,000	new	type	1	diabetics	diagnosed	each	                         Italian	Grill.	Ed,	Dee	
year.	Half	of	all	type	1	diabetics	are	adults.	Alarmingly,	a	                 and	the	entire	staff	of	
much	higher	percentage	of	adults	are	being	diagnosed	with	                    Carrabba’s treated the
the	disease.	The	disease	is	growing	each	year.	While	not	                     attendees	to	a	delicious	
quite	an	epidemic,	something	is	going	terribly	wrong	with	                    meal	and	exceptional	
many	of	our	immune	systems!		Not	only	do	we	want	a	cure,	                     service	while	they	listened	
but	we	must	have	a	cure	to	stem	this	rising	attack	on	those	                  to	a	wrap	up	of	FY07	and	
                                                                                                                     Ed	and	Dee	Parramore
we love. So, please keep doing all you can – five minutes                     received	a	preview	of	FY08.
to five days – we’ll take any time, treasure or talent you can
give.                                                                         Jena Steinle, PhD	of	Hamilton	Eye	Institute	at	UT	
                                                                              Health	Sciences	Center	spoke	about	the	research	she	is	
                       There	are	65,000	new	type	1	                           conducting.	Dr.	Steinle	and	her	team	are	in	the	3rd	year	of	
                      diabetics	diagnosed	each	year.                          funding	from	JDRF	by	a	Career	Development	Award.			Her	
                                                                              work	in	diabetic	retinopathy	is	focused	on	determining	
                                                                              how	loss	of	sympathetic	nerves	system	is	involved	in	
One	of	the	great	honors	of	serving	as	the	President	of	                       retinopathy.		Current	testing	of	eye	drops	to	restore	the	
the	West	Tennessee	Board	of	Directors	comes	from	                             nerve	signals	to	the	retina	to	try	to	prevent	the	problems	
attending	the	JDRF	Annual	Conference.	This	year	it	was	                       that	occur	in	the	retina	is	underway.		JDRF	and	West	TN	
held	in	St.	Louis,	with	several	hundred	JDRF	delegates,	                      are proud to be funding a scientist of Dr. Steinle’s caliber.
staff	and	volunteers,	not	only	from	North	America,	but	
the International Affiliates as well. As you can imagine,                     During	the	meeting,	several	board	members	were	
the	passion	and	drive	of	hundreds	of	JDRF	volunteers	is	                                                     recognized	for	their	service	
contagious	and	it	made	for	an	impressive	impact	on	the	                                                      to	the	West	Tennessee	
researchers	who	attended	and	presented	at	the	conference.                                                    Board	of	Directors.		
                                                      continued on page 7                                             continued on page 5

Discover is Part of the Cure
Discover has again raised the bar in supporting JDRF’s mission. Discover,
a	JDRF	partner	since	1999,	has	raised	nearly	$4	million	for	diabetes	research	
through	corporate	support,	employee	contributions	and	card	member	donations.	
In	March	2007,	Discover	placed	a	full	page	insert	into	the	SmartSource	
magazine	section	of	Sunday	newspapers	across	the	country.

The insert prominently featured JDRF as a beneficiary of the Discover
Cashback	Bonus	program	and	was	circulated	to	more	than	67	million	
households.	The	Cashback	Bonus	program	has	raised	nearly	$500,000	for	
JDRF	since	001.	Discover	card	holders	earn	Cashback	Bonus	points	from	purchases	and	an	redeem	points	for	JDRF.	
Discover	also	provides	a	20	percent	match	to	all	card	member	donations	generated	through	the	Cashback	Bonus	

                                                    Discover	has	been	a	strong	partner	
                                                    in	the	search	for	a	cure.	Remember	
                                                                                               CALENDAR OF EVENTS
  INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                 your	Discover	Cashback	Bonus	card	       August	2,	2007	–	Team	Captain	Kick	Off
   Gala	News	.................................. 2   when	making	purchases	–	every	
                                                    dollar	you	spend	at	major	retailers	     August	7,	2007	–	Family	Walk	Team	Rally
   Golf	Tournament	......................... 4
                                                    can	help	generate	funds	for	JDRF	        August	21,	2007	–	Board	of	Directors	Meeting
   Honorariums/Memorials	............. 8
                                                    research.	For	more	information	on	how	
   Ride	of	a	Lifetime	 ....................... 3	
                     .                              to	apply	for	a	Discover	card	and	help	   October	6,	2007	–	Walk	to	Cure	Diabetes
   Volunteer	Opportunities	.............. 6         JDRF find a cure for type 1 diabetes,    April	21,	2008	-	JDRF	Golf	Classic
   Wild	about	Walking	..................... 3       visit	or	call	
                                                    1-800-470-7952.                          April	26,	2008	-	Dream	Gala
 Page	2                                                                     West	Tennessee	Branch	Juvenile	Diabetes	Association

                              What Dreams are Made of
                          Presented	by:
                                                     Halle Investment Company
A	smashing	success!!
The	theme	was	What Dreams Are Of,	but	the	eighth	annual	Dream	Gala	felt	more	like	a	trip	to	the	stars	in	the	Tower	
Room	high	above	the	city.	Wherever	you	looked,	inside	and	out,	were	twinkling	stars.	An	ethereal	staircase	spiraled	up	
to	the	stars	and	beyond,	and	everywhere	you	turned	were	the	dreams	and	wishes	of	our	children	living	everyday	with	
diabetes.	It	was	truly	what	dreams	are	made	of!

                              It was truly humbling to see first hand the enormous generosity of the people of the Mid-
 The kindness expressed       South.	By	the	time	dessert	was	served,	the	packed	dining	room	atop	Clark	Tower	had	raised	
                              a	record	$317,000	for	diabetes	research.	
 by all involved enables
 us to fund research          A	most	heartfelt	love	and	appreciation	to	our	honoree,	Dr. Kashif Latif,	MD	of	the	AM	
 that will lead to a          Diabetes	&	Endrocrinology	Center,	for	his	unwavering	support	of	JDRF	and	the	families	of	
 cure and a better            children	living	with	type	1	diabetes	in	the	West	Tennessee	area.	It	was	truly	our	honor	and	
                              privilege	to	present	him	with	our	annual	Living	and	Giving	Award.
 life for millions with
 diabetes.                    The Fund A Cure Auction conducted in Dr. Latif’s honor raised more than $120,000. These
                              funds will be directed towards a research grant in the name of Dr. Latif’s son, Ahmed.

We	would	also	like	to	extend	a	special	thank	you	to	our	presenting	sponsor,	Halle Investment Company	and	to	all	of	our	
sponsors and annual partners for their continued commitment and support of our mission, to find a cure for diabetes. The
kindness	expressed	by	all	involved	enables	us	to	fund	research	that	will	lead	to	a	cure	and	a	better	life	for	millions	with	
diabetes.	As	a	result	of	such	generosity,	we	are	closer	than	ever	to	reaching	our	goal.

The	evening	could	not	have	been	so	successful	without	the	hard	work	and	dedication	of	our	Committee	Chairperson,	
Rene Graber.	With	Rene	at	the	helm,	the	volunteers	worked	tirelessly	to	make	the	dream	a	reality.	Thank	you	to	everyone	
who,	through	generosity	and	hard	work,	helped	to	bring	this	special	night	together.	You	truly	showed	what	dreams	are	
made	of!

Thank	you	all!	You	made	it	happen!

                    Special Thanks to:                                   2007 Dream Gala Sponsors
                                                                         A	M	Diabetes	&	Endocrinology	Center
      Steve Conley	our	Master	of	Ceremony                                ACH	Food	Companies,	Inc.
      Terry Reeves	of	Hicks	Convention	Services                          Animas	Corporation
                                                                         Buckeye	Technologies
      Torrey Shoaff of	Subrosa	Media                                     Drexel	Chemical	Company
                                                                         Dunavant	Enterprises
                                                                         EMC	Corporation
                                                                         Family	Cancer	Center
       Mark your Calendars                                               FedEx	Corporation
         2008 Dream Gala                                                 First	Horizon	National	Corporation
                                                                         Helena	Chemical
        “Wild for the Cure”                                              International	Paper	Foundation
                                                                         Jim	Wilson	&	Associates
          April 26, 2008                                                 KPMG
                                                                         Lit	Refrigeration
                                                                         Mallory	Alexander	International
  Juvenile	Diabetes	Research	Foundation                                  Mid-South	Retina	Assoc.	LLC
  West	Tennessee	Branch                                                  Pediatrics	East	Cordova
  498	Halle	Park	Drive,	Suite	102                                        ServiceMaster	Clean
  Collierville,	TN	38017                                                 Skyhawk	Capital	Management
  Phone:	(901)	861-6550	
  Fax:	(901)	861-6551                                                    Southeastern	Asset	Management
  Web	site:                                          SunTrust	Bank
                                                                         Variety Children’s Charities
      West Tennessee News is published four times annually.
 West	Tennessee	Branch	Juvenile	Diabetes	Association                                                                       Page	3

                                          Dig Out Those Sneakers!
                                              It’s Time to Get
                                            Wild about Walkin’!
                                          he	13th	annual	Walk	to	Cure	Diabetes	presented	by	
First	Horizon	National	Corporation	is	scheduled	for	Saturday,	October	6,	2007	at	Shelby	Farms	
Park.	Terry R. Howell,	Executive	Vice	President	&	CFO	of	Corporate	Services	at	First	Horizon	
National	Corporation	is	serving	as	the	2007	Corporate	Recruitment	Chairman.

Mr.	Howell	hosted	a	corporate	breakfast	for	area	CEOs	and	company	representatives	on	May	                   Terry	Howell,	
                                                                                                           2007	Corporate	
9th	to	help	get	the	Walk	started.	With	more	than	40	individuals	representing	31	corporations	            Committee	Chairman
attending	the	Walk	is	off	to	a	great	start.

The	annual	Team Captains Kick Off Luncheon	is	scheduled	for	Thursday,	August 2nd	at	the	University	of	Memphis	
Holiday	Inn.	All	team	captains	should	mark	their	calendars	now	and	be	sure	to	join	us.	We	give	you	all	the	tools	to	put	
together	a	strong	and	successful	walk	team	and	it	is	great	fun!!

It’s not too early to start getting excited about the Walk. Mark your            WALK DATES TO REMEMBER
calendars	and	tell	your	family	and	friends	to	mark	theirs	and	start	
thinking about designs for those T-Shirts. This year’s walk promises to     August 2        Team Captain Kick Off
be	another	great	day	for	everyone	to	get	together	and	celebrate	our	                        Univ. of Memphis Holiday Inn
                                                                            August 7        Family Team Rally
Presenting sponsor:                                                                         Memphis Zoo
                              Register	for	the	Walk	now	at	
                    	or	contact	the	
                              West Tennessee office at 901-861-6550         October 6       Walk to Cure Diabetes
                              for	more	information.                                         Shelby Farms

Smoky Mountains Ride of a Lifetime
September 6 – 9, 2007 • Asheville, North Carolina

The	Ride	to	Cure	Diabetes	is	a	destination	ride	with	variable	distances	and	
levels of difficulty. You will be given expert coaching and training by USA
Cycling certified coaches to prepare you for your ride of a lifetime. Even if
you’re just a ride around your neighborhood cyclist, the training program will
ensure	your	success.

There	are	several	beautiful	destinations	a	Rider	can	choose	from	to	
participate	in	the	Ride	to	Cure	program:		
Big Sky Ride in Whitefish, MT – August 23rd – 26th ,
Smoky Mountain Ride	in	Asheville,	NC	–	September	6th	–	9th		or	
Death Valley Ride	in	Death	Valley	National	Park	–	October	18th	–	21st	.                 Ryan	McClatchey,	Ride	Ambassador

Raising money to cure diabetes is the key, and it’s not as challenging as it might seem if you take it one step at a time.
JDRF	will	work	with	you	to	help	you	succeed	and	make	fundraising	as	easy	as	possible.	In	exchange	for	reaching	the	
fundraising	goal,	JDRF	will	provide	the	following	for	each	rider:

• Round trip airfare to Ride location                        • 3 nights’ hotel accommodations
•	Transportation	to	and	from	destination	airport	      	     •	All	bike	transportation	and	maintenance	during	the	ride
• Finisher’s T-shirt and medal                               • Scheduled training rides and events
•	Ride	to	cure	diabetes	biking	jersey	by	Hincapie	Sportswear

The	heart	of	the	program	starts	with	our	Ride	Ambassador,	Ryan McClatchey,	who	lives	with	type	1	diabetes	day	in	and	
day	out.	You	will	ride	in	honor	of	Ryan	and	all	the	children	of	West	Tennessee	and	get	to	know	what	life	with	diabetes	
is	like.	He	will	become	a	source	of	inspiration	for	you	on	your	adventure,	just	as	you	become	a	symbol	of	hope	and	
commitment	for	him.

Through our children’s eyes, you’ll see what this ride is all about … finding a cure for diabetes and its complications
through	the	support	of	research.	Join	the	adventure!	Meet	the	challenge!	Find	a	cure!
Page	4                                                                     West	Tennessee	Branch	Juvenile	Diabetes	Association

                                        JDRF Golf Classic
The	5th	annual	JDRF	Golf	Classic	presented	by	Discover Financial                 Presented by:
Services	is	the	most	successful	tournament	in	West	Tennessee	raising	more	
than	$114,000	for	diabetes	research.	More	than	130	golfers	gathered	at	
Windyke	Country	Club	on	April	23rd.	The	2007	JDRF	Golf	Ambassador	for	
the	tournament;	Becca Godman	hit	a	perfect	ceremonial	tee	shot	to	start	the	
tournament	off	perfectly.

We	had	some	great	golfers	playing	in	the	tournament	and	in	the	Championship	Flight,	with	a	score	of	58,	our	first place
team	was	the	JJ Collins Team	which	included;	Bob Collins, Jim Collins, Stephen Gaia & Skip Gais.	

The	winners	of	our	On	Course	Games	were:	

   Sponsored by DataCard:                                          Sponsored by Pitney Bowes:
   CLOSEST	TO	THE	PIN:	Milton	Allen                                LONGEST	PUTT:	Mike	Takes

   Sponsored by Perfect Plastics:                                  Sponsored by Bowe Bell & Howell:
   MOST	ACCURATE	DRIVE:	Dave	Coppins                               PUTTING	CONTEST:	Tony	Durham

   Sponsored by JJ Collins:
   LONGEST	DRIVE:	Becca	Godman
2007 JDRF Golf Classic Committee                                A	huge	 THANK YOU              	to	all	the	companies	and	
                 Don	Gagne,	Chairperson                         individuals	who	donated	items	for	the	game	prizes,	door	
                                                                prizes and raffles.
                       Milton	Allen
                    Terry	Blickenstaff                          Your	generosity	helps	make	this	tournament	a	great	time	
                     Bruce	Anthony                              for	all.
                      Marnie	Ford
                      Martin	Truitt
                      Billy	Johnson
                    Summer	Godman

Friendship Elementary’s Kid’s Walk
This spring the students of Friendship Elementary joined together and participated in a Kid’s Walk to raise funds for
diabetes	research.	Their	efforts	resulted	in	more	than	$1,200	being	raised.	

                                        Following	their	hard	work	a	celebration	of	
                                        their	success	was	held	in	the	school	gym.	
                                        It	included	fun	in	a	moon	bounce,	with	
                                        hoola	hoops	and	jump	ropes	and	even	
                                        some	dancing.	Hannah Smith	was	the	
                                        top	fundraiser,	collecting	more	than	$215.	
                                        Coordinated	by	Coach Drew Taylor	and	
                                        Allison Smith	the	students	and	faculty	at	
                                        Friendship	Elementary	supported	the	Walk	in	
                                        honor	of	their	fellow	student,	Ansley Smith.	
                                                                                          Friendship	Elementary	Walk	Leaders	
          Ansley	Smith	leads	the	       Friendship	Elementary	YOU	ROCK!!                   Front:	Hanna	Smith	&	Ansly	Smith		
                                                                                           Back:	Allison	Smith,	Matthew	Smith	
      1st	grade	in	the	Cha	Cha	slide.                                                            and	Coach	Drew	Taylor
West	Tennessee	Branch	Juvenile	Diabetes	Association                                                              Page	5
                                                      Annual Meeting continued
West Tennessee Annual                                 Stephen Bone
                                                      •	Completed	2	terms	as	a	board	member
Partners                                              •	Served	on	several	committees	including,	Planning	&	
                                                      Major	Gifts.	
                                                      •	He	has	been	instrumental	in	the	success	of	many	of	
Thank	you	for	your	continued	commitment	and	          the	events,	helping	to	secure	sponsorships	for	the	Gala	
support of JDRF and our mission to find a cure        &	Walk,	his	family	team	has	participated	in	the	Walk	for	
for	diabetes:                                         several	years	as	well	and	his	personal	support	of	the	

                                                      Tricia Greenberger
                                                      •	Board	member	for	4	years
                                                      •	Served	on	many	event	committees	–	helping	us	identify	
                                                      and	solidify	our	corporate	partnerships.
                                                      •	Served	as	chairperson	of	the	Communications	Committee	
                                                      –	developing	the	initial	strategic	plan	and	organizing	the	

                                                      Mac McCoin
                                                      •	Board	member	for	2	years
                                                      •	Chaired	the	Walk	to	Cure	Diabetes	Committee
                                                      •	Instrumental	in	solidifying	our	relationship	in	many	of	the	
                                                      endocrinologists offices in the mid south.
                                                      •	Relocated	to	the	Nashville	area	and	we	hope	he	will	be	
                                                      able	to	continue	his	involvement	with	JDRF	there.

                                                      Jim Pleiman	
                                                      •	Completed	3	terms	as	a	
                                                      board	member
                                                      •	Served	on	several	
                                                      committees	including,	
                                                      Planning,	Major	Gifts	&	
                                                      •	Instrumental	in	promoting	
                                                      Schering Plough’s
                                                      participation	in	all	events.
                                                      •	President	of	the	Board	of	        Jim	Pleiman	receiving	his	
                                                                                           Proclamation	for	service	
                                                      Directors	2002-2004                 to	the	board	of	directors.

                                                      Following	the	recognition	of	service	by	the	retiring	board	
                                                      members,	the	membership	of	West	Tennessee	voted	
                                                      to	accept	the	new	slate	of	candidates	for	the	Board	of	
                                                      Beginning July 1st the newest members of
                                                      the Board of Directors will be:
                                                              F. Gray Carter
                                                                   VP	Purchasing	&	Logistics,	Buckeye	Technologies
                                                              Edward Chaum
                                                                   Professor	of	Ophthalmology,	UT	Health	Sciences	
                                                              Debra Luna
                                                                   Business	Continuity	Relationship	Manager,	First	
                                                                   Horizon	National	Corporation
                                                              Daryl Quarles
                                                                   VP	Wealth	Management,	Smith	Barney
Mr.	and	Mrs.	David	P.	Halle,	Jr.                              Michelle Reynaud
                                                                   Technology Services Administrator, St. Mary’s
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Bob	E.	Mallory                                        Episcopal	School
                                                              Joe Schiffhouer
Mr.	and	Mrs.	Joe	Schiffhouer                                       Senior VP Tax & Employee Benefits Law, FedEx
Dr.	and	Mrs.	Hunter	E.	Welles,	Jr.                            Nathan Walters
                                                                   Business	Development	Assistant	VP,		Marsh	USA
Page	6                                                                 West	Tennessee	Branch	Juvenile	Diabetes	Association

  Honor someone you love.                                   Call for Volunteers
Remember someone you miss.                                  The	success	of	the	West	Tennessee	Branch	is	due	to	all	
                                                            the wonderful support from volunteers who give selfishly
Give	a	donation	to	JDRF	in	honor	of	or	in	memory	of	        of	their	time	and	their	talents	to	help	us	in	our	mission	to	
someone. Support the vital research needed to find a        find a cure for diabetes.
cure	for	diabetes	and	its	complications.
                                                            Do	you	need	community	service	hours	for	your	school	
Enclosed	is	my	gift	of	$_______________                     or	church?	Do	you	have	a	talent	that	you	are	willing	to	
                                                            share?	Can	you	give	one	or	two	hours	of	your	time	for	the	
□ In	Honor	of	___________________________________           next	month?

                                                            If	you	answered	yes	to	any	of	these	questions	we	can	
□ In	Memory	of	_________________________________            help	you,	please	give	us	a	call.

                                                            Currently we need volunteers to help with specific events,
Occasion:	_______________________________________           as	well	as	on	the	Communications	Committee,	the	
                                                            Legislative	Committee	and	the	Outreach	Committee.
Please	Notify:	____________________________________

Address:	________________________________________
                                                            Volunteer Form
                                                            JDRF	West	Tennessee	has	many	upcoming	events	and	
_______________________________________________             other opportunities for you to get involved. Won’t you volun-
                                                            teer	your	time	to	help	this	worthy	cause?	We	look	forward	to	
                                                            hearing	from	you.
Gift	is	From:	_____________________________________
                                                            Name:	__________________________________________
Address:	_______________________________________
                                                            Address:	________________________________________
                                                            City:	____________________	State:	_____	Zip:	_________
□ Include my name on the recipient’s acknowledgement.       Home:	(_____)	______	-	_________		

□ I	wish	to	charge	my	donation	to:                          Cell:	(______)	_______	-	_________	

□ Discover	□ Visa	□ MasterCard	□ Am.	Express                Please	contact	me	regarding	volunteering	in:	
                                                            ____	JDRF	Golf	Classic		          ____	Dream	Gala
Card	#:	_________________________________________
                                                            ____	Walk	to	Cure	Diabetes	       ____	Outreach	Committee
Exp.	Date:	_______________
                                                            ____ Legislative Committee        ____ Clerical Office Work
Signature:	______________________________________           ____	Communications	Committee
□ Please	add	my	name	to	your	mailing	list	to	send	me	       Mail	this	form	to:	     	   or	Fax	it	to:	(901)	861-6551
information	about	JDRF	and	diabetes	research.               	JDRF	West	TN		         	
□ Please	add	my	email	to	your	list	to	forward	me	informa-   498	Halle	Park	Dr		Ste	102	
                                                            Collierville		TN		38017
tion	about	upcoming	events.

Email:	_________________________@_______________

Please make your check payable to:
                                                            About JDRF
Juvenile	Diabetes	Research	Foundation                       JDRF	was	founded	in	1970	by	the	parents	of	children	with	type	
Mail to:                                                    1	diabetes	-	a	disease	that	strikes	children,	adolescents,	and	
                                                            adults	suddenly,	makes	them	insulin	dependent	for	life,	and	
JDRF	West	TN                                                carries	the	constant	threat	of	devastating	complications.
498	Halle	Park	Drive,	Suite	102
Collierville,	TN	38017                                      Since	inception,	JDRF	has	provided	more	than	$1	billion	to	
                                                            diabetes research worldwide. More than 80 percent of JDRF’s
or call	(901)	861-6550                                      expenditures	directly	support	research	and	research-related	
                  Your contributions to JDRF are            education. JDRF’s mission is constant: to find a cure for
             fully tax-deductible as provided by law.       diabetes	and	its	complications	through	the	support	of	research.	
                                                            For	more	information	visit
West	Tennessee	Branch	Juvenile	Diabetes	Association                                                                   Page	7

President’s Letter continued
The meeting’s purpose is primarily to keep JDRF’s constituents informed, and to allow for voting on various initiatives and
International Board members. I can assure you that JDRF is an organization that is truly overseen by qualified volunteers.
Every JDRF manager has a volunteer counterpart that participates in their work, all the way to the CEO. All of JDRF’s
                                   expenditures,	research	priorities	and	activities	are	approved	and	overseen	by	volunteer	
There is a great mix of            experts.	Finding	volunteers	with	the	right	expertise,	both	at	the	local	and	international	
                                   level, is critical to JDRF’s continued success, in all facets. It all starts locally, so
therapies that will not            please,	if	you	have	contacts	or	friends	in	Memphis	medical	or	corporate	community,	
only help with a cure,             ask	them	to	get	involved	or	forward	their	names	to	me.	We	need	more	corporate	
                                   sponsors	for	our	events	and	more	people	in	the	medical	community	so	that	we	can	
but also help until                bring	outreach	and	hope	to	those	who	are	newly	diagnosed	(a	time	of	tremendous	fear	
there is a cure.                   and	frustration).	

                                   I am excited to share what I learned at the conference, and as in past year’s, your
hopes	for	a	cure	are	progressing	at	a	faster	and	more	promising	pace	than	ever.	Now,	while	the	research	is	great	and	
brings	much	hope,	it	costs	more	than	one	billion	dollars	to	bring	a	new	immune	drug	to	market.	

JDRF	partners	with	governments,	foundations,	corporations	and	individuals	throughout	the	world	to	speed	research,	
acquire approval of treatments and funding for these incredible initiatives. JDRF is the most efficient health charity with
$.86	of	every	dollar	going	to	research.	In	FY07,	over	$140,000,000	went	to	research	and	there	are	now	29	active	human	
trials! We’ve raised over $762,000,000 for the $1,000,000,000 Research to Reality Campaign. Despite all we do, we can
do	more	and	must	do	more	to	bring	forth	these	treatments	and	one	day,	the	cure.

How	will	we	get	there	–	one	“Donor”	at	a	time.	What	is	a	Donor	–	anyone	who	gives	time,	treasure	or	talents.	Yes,	we	
need	to	raise	money,	but	we	can	do	so	
much	with	time	and	talent	that	reduces	
our	expenses	and	makes	us	better	at	       There	is	a	great	mix	of	therapies	that	will	not	only	help	with	a	cure,	but	also	
raising	money.	So,	even	if	that	wallet	    help	until	there	is	a	cure.	Preventing	or	lessening	the	complications	is	the	
isn’t brimming with cash, bring your       critical	path	until	a	cure	is	found,	and	as	a	reminder,	the	JDRF	mission	–	the	
time	and	talent,	every	minute	counts.	     “Main	Thing”	-	is	to	FIND	A	CURE,	FAST!		The	primary	initiatives	related	to	
                                           that	are:	
So,	you	will	see	JDRF	become	more	
Donor Centric – that’s why JDRF exists        Regeneration	–	making	islet	cells	in	addition	to	harvesting	from	
to help its constituents by finding a cure    donors.Amazing	results	so	far	showing	that	beta	cells	can	be	
–	in	all	its	forms.	Even	though	we	are	       regenerated	in	the	human,	not	just	animals,	pancreas!		The	bits	
at 86% efficiency, we can still do more       and	pieces	are	there,	the	trials	are	very	positive,	but	you	need	to	
with what we have – and that’s where          autoimmunity	efforts	to	make	it	work	over	the	long	term.
you	come	in.	We	need	committee	
members	for	Communications,	                  Autoimmunity – stop the body’s immune attack on beta islet cells.
Outreach,	Finance,	Government	                Yet	another	area	of	amazing	advances	in	human	trials,	an	anti-
Relations	and	Events.	We	are	adding	          CD3 drug has stopped the attack on beta cells sufficiently for the
the “Ride to Cure” in the new fiscal year     “honeymoon	period”	to	be	extended	at	least	18	months,	resulting	in	
as	well.	(If	you	like	riding	a	bike,	we	      fantastic	improvements	in	Hba1C	levels	(much	better	control).	
have	a	fun	plan	for	you!).	                   	
                                              Complications	–	amazing	advances	in	eye	damage	repair	and	
FY07 was West Tennessee’s best ever,          prevention,	meaning	that	if	a	cure	is	found,	some	of	the	damage	that	
but	we	can	and	must	do	more	to	bring	         has	already	been	done	can	be	reversed.
the	cure	forward.	Thank	you	for	all	you	      	
do.	Get	a	little	rest	this	summer	and	        Islet Replacement	–	creating	transplantable	islet	cells	from	cells	not	
bring	your	time,	treasure	and/or	talents	     originally	made	to	produce	insulin.	The	biggest	challenge	to	a	cure	is	
beginning	in	August,	so	we	can	bring	         where	to	get	enough	islet	cells	(you	need	several	hundred	thousand).	
even	more	hope	to	those	affected	by	          These	cells	are	coming	from	a	variety	of	other	cell	structures,	some	
type	1	diabetes.                              of	which	are	plentiful	(vs.	a	limited	supply	of	organ	donors).	Imagine	
                                              a	great	autoimmunity	program	enhanced	with	islet	replacement	
Moving	forward	to	a	cure,	I	remain	           and	islet	regeneration	–	then	you	have	a	type	1	diabetic	in	amazing	
                                              control	and	very	close	to	being	cured.	
                                              Metabolic Control - the artificial pancreas project – not just a
                                              pump	with	an	integrated	continuous	glucose	monitor,	but	also	
                                              adding	algorithms	and	programming	to	adapt	the	system	to	the	
                                              individual patient for much better control, and significantly reduced
                                              complications.	These	are	very	close	to	availability,	probably	the	next	
                                              few	years.	Medicare	has	issued	insurance	codes	for	the	Continuous	
                                              Glucose	Monitor,	so	it	should	be	covered	by	private	health	insurance	
                                              in	the	near	future.
Page	8                                                                                 West	Tennessee	Branch	Juvenile	Diabetes	Association

Memorials and Honorariums
By	making	a	donation	in	the	name	of	a	loved	one,	you	know	that	important	diabetes	research	will	continue	until	a	cure	is	found.	The	follow-
ing is a list of memorials and honorariums given to our office since March 2007. Donations can be made by contacting the West Tennessee
Branch JDRF Office.	Thank you!
In Memory of                           Richard Gin                          Robert Lafferty                     Maya Griffy
                                        Austin	Jete	and	Melinda	Grable       Emmanuel	United	Methodist	          Mr.	and	Mrs.	Stephen	Rudolph
                                        Heartbeat	Productions,	Inc.          Church
Bettye Adams                                                                                                    Peyton Halle
 Channel	Dodgers	Bowling	League        Lindsey Halstead                     Mary Ellen Ray                       Marcus	Branch	and	Family
                                        Rogan	and	Diane	Fry                  LeeAnn		Hayden                      Annette	and	Lovie	Crumb
Howard Allen                                                                                                     The	Optican	Family
 Mr.	and	Mrs.	Todd	Linbo           Nidia Kinler                             Mrs. Taylor
 Steven	and	Cynthia	Alexander       Harrahs	Project	Management	Team          Mr.	and	Mrs.	Rogan	Fry             Will Hayley
 Mr.	and	Mrs.	Richard	Barrett       Althea	A.	Agnelly                                                            Bibie	Cooper
 Mr.	and	Mrs.	Stephen	Briggs        Mr.	&	Mrs.	Richard	D.	Alexander         Deborah Ann Timbs
 J.	A.	Felton                       Dorothy	Archer                           Mr.	and	Mrs.	Neely	Mallory,	Jr.    Paul McDade
 Charles and Marsha O’Neal, Jr.     Janice	Catalano                                                              Richard	and	Barbara	McDade
 Mr.	and	Mrs.	John	Pate             Linnie	Cloy                             Stanley H. Trezevant, Jr.
 Mr.	and	Mrs.	William	Salley        Bryan	&	Vicki	Hymel	                     Sneed	Robinson	&	Gerber,	Inc. Sean McDermid
 Mr.	and	Mrs.	Gene	Torti            A.	E.	Buzz	Jehle                                                        Jim	and	Laura	McDermid
 Bob	and	Norma	Williams             Susan	Labadot                                                           Medtronic	(Jim	McDermid)
 BASF	Corporation                   Mr.		Harry	Lambert                      In Honor of
 West	Tennessee	Board	of	Directors Mrs.	Gia	Lepere,	Jr.                                                         Knox Morrison
                                    Lorraine	Whitnell                       Jean Finlayson                       Carl	and	Celia	Morrison
Sam Bacherig                        DuPont	Titanium	Technologies             Christine	Edward
 David	&	Ilene	Friener                                                                                          Stephanie Wexler Malone
                                   Sylvia Kirschner                         David Graber                         Charles	Wexler
Edward Bishop                       David	and	Ilene	Friener                  Blair	and	Rene	Graber
 JD	Resources,	Inc.                                                          Michael and Donna Griffin
                                   Ray Morris                                Daniel and Holly Griffin
Eloise Fingleman                    Jane	and	Bobby	Anderson                  James E. Griffin, Jr.
 Jody	and	Lori	Hanks                                                         Jackie	Alexander	Lautar

           West Tennessee Branch                                                                                             PRSRT	STD	
             Board of Directors                                                                                             US	POSTAGE	
               Joseph	“Jody”	Hanks
               Michelle	Reynaud
                                                                                                                            MEMPHIS,	TN	
                                                          Juvenile	Diabetes	Research	Foundation	International
               President-Elect                            West	Tennessee	Branch                                             PERMIT	#374
                                                          498	Halle	Park	Drive,	Suite	102
               Cyndi	Pittman
                                                          Collierville,	TN		38017
               VP Finance
               Barbara	McClatchey                         Phone:		(901)	861-6550
               Secretary                                  Fax:		(901)	861-6551
               Terry	R.	Howell
               VP Program Development                     Dated	Material	Inside
               Jeanie	Gundlach                            Address	Service	Requested
               VP Communications
               Cecil	Godman
               VP Major Donor Program
               Brent	Siler
               VP Legislative
               Milton	Allen
               VP Nominating
 Camilla	Brinner              Daryl	Quarles
 F.	Gray	Carter               Walter	Roop
 Edward	Chaum,	MD,	PhD        Joseph	Schiffhouer
 Don	Gagne                    Jerome	Thompson,	MD,	MBA
 Blair	Graber                 Nathan	Walters
 Terry	Howell                 Charles	Wexler
 Debra	Luna

         West Tennessee Branch Staff
 Sherrie	Rinehart
 Branch Manager
 Dawn	Sheppard
 Special Events Coordinator

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