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					                                                  Apartment # D-104,          Voice : 92-21-8114937
                                                  Chapal Super Luxury         Mobile : 92-320-5086656
                                                  Apartment Block # 13,       Email :
                                                  Gulistan-E-Juhar Karachi.

                                        Amir Sultan
OBJECTIVE:         An I.T. Management Position that allows me to utilize my creativity, experience and experience
                    to play a part in company strategy while still allowing ample hands-on use of my skills in an
                    environment that promotes continual upgrading of knowledge and certification with strong
                    opportunity within the company.

PROFILE:           More than 10 years experience in IT Management, including strategic direction, budget
                    preparation, vendor relationship, planning and operation of Data Center/Processing center.
                   Skilled in evaluating current and future technologies and leading purchase planning to support
                    both short and long term IT initiatives.
                   Comprehensive experience in the acquisition of management information systems and software
                    project management including requirements analysis, design, systems-level integration and test
                   Demonstrated track record of successfully managing small to large projects from start to finish.
                   Excellent ability to plan, organize, priorities work and to meet the deadlines.
                   15+ years experience of system analysis & design, software development, system testing &
                    implementation of different financial systems including Banking, Insurance and Leasing etc.

TECHNICAL      Automated Testing Tools
SKILLS:            Win Runner, Revolve/2000 & SmartFind/2000 (MF-COBOL Workbench/2000)
               Languages & Software Tools
                   Cobol(Micro Focus, ANSI, ACU), RPG, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, Oracle Developer2000,
                    PL/SQL, C/C++, HTML, Front Page 98,2000 (Web Page Designing Tool), Fortran 77,90
               Project Management & Report Writing Tools
                   MS Project, PMW98, Crystal Report Writer 8.0, R&R Report Writer
                   Oracle 8.1.6,MS SQL Server 7.0 & 2000, Micro Soft Access 2000,DB2
               Operating Systems
                   NCR ITX, Unix, HP-Unix, Windows NT, Windows 2000,95,98, Novel NetWare 3.x
                   NCR Mini Frame, HP D250, Dell, IBM PC Compatible, AS/400

EDUCATION:     Academic & Professional
               The International University, Missouri, USA
                   Bachelor of Computer Science
               University of Karachi-Pakistan
                   Bachelor of Science (Physics, Maths & Chemistry)
               Board of Technical Education Karachi-Pakistan
                   Diploma in Computer Science
                   One Year Advance Training in Computer Science
               Novell Education Centre Karachi-Pakistan
                   Local Area Network & Communication (Advance Course)
                   Management Information System (MIS) (Advance Course)
               NCR Corporate Development Centre Karachi-Pakistan
                   Visual Basic 6.0
               INFOTRAIN Karachi-Pakistan
                   Web Development Technologies
                   Oracle Developer 2000 & Database Administration 8.0

               Training’s Local & Abroad
               Standard Chartered Bank (Formerly ANZ Grindlays Bank) training center Karachi-Pakistan.
                   Credit & Retail banking operations.
                   Deposits, Foreign Exchange and Treasury dealing & operations
                   Business courtesy.
               ANZ Banking Group Australia, Melbourne.

Resume: Amir Sultan                                                                             Page # 1 / 4
                  Hardware setup, operations & implementation of banking application
                  HP UNIX and Core banking system development
                  Brainbench Certified of LAN WAN Communications Specialist
                  MCSD (Microsoft Certified System Developer) VB Track

MAJOR             Lead the conversion of Islamic Banking System and Central Bank Reporting from NCR 9400
PROJECTS:          (NCR main frame series) to a PC LAN based Banking System in Micro Focus Cobol.

                  Successfully developed conversion of PC based Islamic Banking System to HP UNIX based
                   Banking System using HP UNIX based COBOL and Oracle database.

                  Designed, developed & implemented the Interface between Electronic Banking System (ANZLink)
                   and Core Banking system PCBANC using C++ & MF COBOL to provide daily updated customer
                   account balances and statements.

                  Designed, developed & implemented Central Bank Returns for ANZ Grindlays Bank Middle

                  Successfully managed the development and implementation of complete E-commerce system of
                   Travel Insurance in one of the major insurance company of Connecticut USA.

                  Successfully managed the development and implementation of the following financial systems
                   developed in visual basic 6.0 with MS-Access/SQL server as backend database. Every system
                   has been used as the front module of the Core Banking system and interfaced with main core
                   Banking system (PCBANC). A common interface program was developed in Micro Focus
                   Cobol to upload and download the data to and from the Core Banking system.
                        o Risk Exposure Management System (REMS)
                        o Documentation and Security Control System (DASCS)
                        o Cheque Book Request & Printing System (CREPS)
                        o LOANS On Personal Security (SCBLOPS)
                        o Duplicate Financial Statement (DFS)
                        o Staff Payroll

PROFESSIONAL   SONERI BANK Ltd. Karachi Pakistan                                              Dec 2003 Till Date
EXPERIENCE:    Project Manager Online Banking

               Soneri Bank has decided to replace their legacy system with Online Banking System with latest
               available technology. To achieve this they decided to develop an (in-house) Online Banking System
               which will automate each and every area of the Bank and create paper less environment. The project
               scope is very large and each and every component of old system needs to be replaced including
               Infrastructure, LAN/Wan, IT Security etc. The application will be centralize through out the Pakistan
               using multiple communication channels. The Application will be developed on DOT NET frame
               work and will use C Sharp as development language. Following are the main areas of the project:
                    1. Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
                    2. General Ledger
                    3. Retail Banking Operations
                    4. Import / Export
                    5. Corporate / Consumer Finance
                    6. Treasury
                    7. SBP Affairs / Reporting
                    8. MIS Pool

               Key Projects Activities & Responsibilities
                  Consulted with banking users to identify key requirements, defined project scope, developed
                   project plan and schedule, provided leadership to internal teams on projects and daily basis
                  Discuss and finalize System Requirement Specifications (SRS) of each module.
                  Organized fortnightly project meeting to discuss the status of the project
                  Handle the procurement of Hardware and deal with vendors for smooth and timely delivery of
                  To develop the centralize network structure to implement the new system.
                  Responsible to lead design team, testing team, implementation team, interface and training of
                   the project from start to finish.
                  Prepare training material and course outline and plans to provide user training.

Resume: Amir Sultan                                                                             Page # 2 / 4
                  Responsible to design the DRP and BCP according to new system

               SYSTEK CORPORATION. Hartford, CT, USA                                  March 2001 to June 2003
               Project Manager

               Recruited to manage the multiple projects and to stream line the development with more than 30
               technology staff at Connecticut, USA, Toronto, Canada and Lahore, Pakistan offices. The main
               responsibilities to interact with clients and development staff for smooth and timely completion of
               multiple E-Commerce and Banking projects. The scope of position includes requirement
               specifications, full design, documentation, implementation, support and training of the following
                    1. Credit Cards Branding
                    2. Point of Sale for Restaurant
                    3. E-Commerce Project of Travel Insurance
                    4. Web project of On Call Contractors
                    5. School Administration System for Connecticut, USA private schools

               Key Projects Activities & Achievements
                  Consulted with client to identify key requirements, defined project scope, developed project plan
                   and schedule, provided leadership to internal teams on projects and daily basis issues.
                  Prepared and presented timely status reports to clients and internal senior management.
                  Directed design, testing, implementation, subsystem interface and training of the large and small
                   projects from start to finish.
                  Coordinated on-site training, data conversions and testing of projects in Connecticut USA,
                   Toronto Canada and Lahore Pakistan.
                  Prepare and demonstrate presentations and proposals to the clients for new incoming projects.
                  Implemented MS-Project for efficient and timely completions of tasks and Goldmine customer
                   tracking software for smooth linking and relationship for the customers.
                  Created and implemented disaster recovery plans and procedures.

               ANZ Banking Group Melbourne, Australia.                Oct 96 to Sep 97 & Nov 99 to Apr 2000
               Manager Conversion / Quality Assurance

               Appointed to lead the conversion project of PC LAN based Islamic Banking System to HP UNIX
               based Islamic Banking System at ANZ Banking Group Melbourne Australia. The project includes
               development of conversion modules on both the sides(PC LAN/HP UNIX Box) in MF COBOL; provide
               data for the Front-End modules of new system, development of data for the new products available in
               new system etc. The system has been successfully implemented remotely from Melbourne- Australia in
               the following countries: Middle East, Pakistan, Jordan, Bangladesh, India, Bahrain and Srilanka.
               The conversion written in this project has been supported to the following core banking systems:
               BANKMASTER, MIDANZ (ANZ called amended version of MIDAS as MIDANZ), PCBANCS,
               MIGAS and SWIFT.

               Key Projects Activities & Achievements
                  Create requirements specification, document to convert old banking system to new HP/Unix
                   based banking system.
                  Designed mapping document for the banking products to map old database to Oracle database of
                   new system with system parameters and calculations.
                  Directed in design and development the data downloading system to download data of
                   mainframe/PC based systems (Front-Ends & Core) using Micro Focus Cobol to use by
                   conversion system for conversion.
                  Managed Conversion of (CBS) banking system in Middle-East, India, Bangladesh, Tonga,
                   Srilanka and Jordan remotely from Melbourne Australia.
                  Responsible for spearheading new QA department for the testing of Conversion Module to
                   convert old banking system to new HP Unix Based banking system.
                  Managed conversion and quality assurance resources by assigning of tasks and responsibilities,
                   monitoring progress against goals(using MS Project) and prepared the performance appraisals.

               Standard Chartered Bank . (Formerly ANZ Grindlays Bank Ltd.) July 89 to Feb 2001
               Worked in the following roles in 11 years of my stay with this organization:
               Manager Information Technology                                                          Aug 1998
               Senior Assistant Manager I.T. (Sr. System Analyst)                                      Mar 1996
               Assistant Manager I.T. (System Analyst)                                                 Jul 1989

Resume: Amir Sultan                                                                             Page # 3 / 4
               Key Projects Activities & Achievements
                  Head of Year 2000 project Pakistan.
                  Leader of the team developing Satellite Systems interfaces of Core Banking System.
                  Supervision of 15 Data Centers Supervisors providing Business Applications, Network and
                   Hardware Support to end users to facilitate smooth Banking and Data Center Operations.
                  Feasibility reports on new business applications and banking products analyzing impacts on the
                   IT infrastructure
                  Responsible of UAT, Documentation, Deployment and Rollout of system developed locally or
                   group software in country & in Middle East
                  Accountable for the projects running by the systems analysts and their team and to provide
                   technical support in development and implementation of business applications.
                  Received Y2K Project Management Award for the successful and before time completion of
                   Y2K project of Pakistan.
                  Received Performance Recognition Award to complete projects within plan time and for
                   handling implementation of core banking application smoothly.
                  Received Performance Recognition Award for hardworking & putting extra efforts to
                   developed satellite applications within plan time.

               ORTHOPAEDIC & MEDICAL INSTITUTE Ltd. (OMI)                                   Aug. 87 – Jun. 89
               Manager EDP
                     Responsible of design, development and implementation of Patient Information, Management
                      Information, Financial Control and Accounting systems.
                     Responsible of Hardware Support, Network Cabling and LAN setup including File Servers and

Associations         Senior member of computer examination committee of Board of Technical Education Karachi-
&                     Pakistan.
Memberships:         Senior member of computer institute inspection committee of Board of Technical Education
                      Karachi- Pakistan.
                     Life associate member of Computer Society of Pakistan.

                  Mr. Terry Snyders,
                   Executive Manager Migration,
                   ANZ Banking Group,
                   Melbourne Australia

                  Mr. Arif Siqqiui
                   Head Information Technology
                   Standard Chartered Bank (Formerly ANZ Grindlays Bank),
                   I.I. Chundrigarh Road,

                  Mr. Syed Ahmed A Haq
                   Senior Vice President Technology
                   EFU General Insurance,

Resume: Amir Sultan                                                                           Page # 4 / 4

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