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					                                 Suggested Activities

Here are some ideas for other activities that you could use on the topic of online

What is Online Banking?
    Get students to visit/phone their bank to get information about online banking.
    Research and review all types of banking services currently offered
    Do an internet search and list all banks and financial institutions offering
       online banking

Getting Started
    Survey and graph student current banking habits. How many use:
               ATM, Eftpos, Bpay, Direct Debit, Credit Card, Online, Centrelink
    Using personal bank statements, students to work out current costs of their
       accounts. Add on fares to bank etc.
    Discuss and plan how students could save banking fees, eg use ATM less,
       use ATM instead of over the cover withdrawals
    Use Banking Habits survey to chart current class banking behaviours
    Get students to download „Terms of Use‟ documents from online banking
    Print online banking application and practise filling in with mock details.

    Each class member to visit a different online banking service to gain
       information about specific security offered. Class to compare findings.
    Practise making up secure passwords, by replacing letter with numbers to
       create at least 8 digit passwords, eg education becomes 5duc8t12n.
    Compare booklet texts with web texts.

How to Bank Online
    Visit online banking sites and view various demonstrations. Class discussion,
       comparing differences, ease of understanding, etc
    Do an internet search and visit various Australian online banking home
       pages. Compare:
               How information is set out
               Any advertising

                How and where to logon
                Ease or Difficulty in content
    Represent the above search graphically. Number of sites visited. Number
         with advertising, Number with demonstrations.
    Use search engines to locate local and state Consumer Rights agencies.
    Invite a consumer rights worker to visit and speak to class.
    Organise for a financial counsellor to give class talk on common financial
    Get students to reflect on and write about a time they complained about a
         service or product. Get them to email you their responses:
                Write down why the need to complain
                Did they have trouble making a complaint
                Get them to rate how good they were at complaining (1 not good 5
                very good)
                Who did they complained to
                How their complaint was dealt with
                What would they do differently next time

For and Against
    Organise a class debate around the topic of online banking
    Create group posters on points for and against online banking
    Find or create two articles arguing opposite points of view about online
         banking. Get students to compare text main points and arguments
    Get students to write at least two paragraphs responding to the following
                “Online banking - there are so many benefits”
                “Online banking - the only people who‟ll benefit are the banks”
    Survey class and graphically represent who is “for”, “against” and “undecided”
         about online banking


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