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									                                                                     THOUGHTS ON THE SIX COVENANT AFFIRMATIONS:                         WORSHIP PASTOR CANDIDATE WEEK
       The purpose of a ‘candidate weekend’ is for our
                                                                  “It is through the arts that the whole mission of the church (love
     church and the Logans to get to know each other.
You are invited to be at any of these events as they fit          God, love people) is communicated, and it is also useful for          October 20-24th
 in your schedule or as they apply to you. Please join            inspiration towards that end for the fellowship of believers.
us for worship on Sunday, Oct 24th at 8:45 & 11:00 am             God’s Word is our starting point when designing services or
         and especially for the congregational meeting            writing music; it guides our thought process, as does the Holy
                                at 4 pm that same day.
                                           (childcare provided)   Spirit, who inspires us as we plan and prepare, but also in the
                                                                  moment as we lead and teach God’s people in worship. It is
                                                                  our prayer that God will use our artistic efforts to lead others to
                                                                  new birth, just as we ourselves have been led, the beginning of
                                                                  our new lives in Christ. Finally, it is our freedom in Christ that
                                                                  covers us; by grace we have been saved, and it is by grace that

     Encounter. Connect. Serve                                    we continue to serve our God. Not everyone prefers the same
                                                                  styles of art or music, and so as a fellowship of believers we are
                                                                  inclusive, loving each other by appreciating the cultural
                                                                  preferences of those around us. It is the worship, not the style
                                                                  that matters; that God be glorified is our aim, and our prayer.”                        The Logan Family
 Weds (Oct 20)                                                                                                                                         (Chris, Liz, Aurora & CJ)
          5:45pm “Meet Chris” session
 Thursday (Oct 21)
           6pm Technical teams
           7pm Contemporary music team & rehearsal
 Friday (Oct 22)
           7pm Game night with the Ambassadors
                                                                       The search process
           7:30pm Dessert with the church council
 Saturday (Oct 23)
           9am Traditional music team & rehearsal                 Based on the Vision and existing job descriptions for music
 Sunday (Oct 24)                                                  positions in our church, we developed a job description with                   The Worship Pastor
          8:45 & 11:00 Worship services                                 the help of the Church Council and the Personnel
          4pm Congregational Meeting & Vote                        Committee. Over the past 17 months we have processed                            Search Committee
                                                                  over 200 applications, interviewed over a dozen individuals
                                                                  (half of whom were Covenant), and conducted 5 site visits.                             is pleased to
                                                                  We reviewed audio and video from applicants, asked a lot of
 • due to the turnaround time between worship services,                     questions and checked many references.                                      introduce and
                                                                   We have been following the Covenant Manual for Pastoral
 Q&A with Chris will be conducted throughout the                  Search Committees. Ken Carlson and Dave Benedict (our                                    recommend
 candidate weekend and briefly during each service.               conference superintendents) came to visit with us and have
                                                                          been in close contact throughout the process.                           Pastor Chris Logan
                                                                   We have appreciated your prayers and are in agreement
 • the search committee will be compiling questions for              that God has been preparing our church and Chris to                         as our candidate for
 Q&A sessions before the visit – please email those to                                   minister together!
                                                                                                                                                      Worship Pastor
 c3search@gmail.com or drop off in our box in the lay                        Wayne Butler       Allison Greenup
 workroom.                                                          Jay LaVergne (c) Patti Lindstrom (vc)   Mike Montee
                                                                           Sandy Queen        Pastor Johan Tredoux
                                                                                                                                                                                 (all quotes are from Chris)
    “Worship is an orientation, a set of attitudes that inspire action.

    I can worship God in a service, but also at work, at home, at school, and on vacation…. Paul writes that we are to offer ourselves as “living sacrifices”
    (Rom 12) in order that God be glorified. When I love and imitate Jesus (Eph 5) I become such a sacrifice. When I love
    others before myself, day by day, I become such a sacrifice.
    Living sacrificially is an ongoing project.”                                                                                                                  SKILLS AND GIFTING
                                                                                                                                                                  Chris has lead worship voluntarily and as a
                                                                                                                                                                  pastor in the Wesleyan church for the past 8
                                                                                                                                                                  years.   He is proficient on the acoustic guitar,
                                                                                                                                                                  French horn, saxophone and voice (among
                                                   Chris grew up attending church with his parents, but at the ripe old age of twelve decided that                others). He is also passionate about missions,
                                                   he just didn’t believe in God anymore. Then, at a time when he was open and questioning, God                   and pursued his graduate degree in applied
                                                   caught his attention using his desire for a fishing pole. He was baptized that year, became                    anthropology for this purpose.
                                                   involved in ministry at his local church, went to college, became a missionary to Australia and
                                                   ended up in seminary. “My call to ministry has been gradual. I have always been passionate                     EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND
• CHRIS IS AN EAGLE SCOUT                          about music, the arts, but also science, and for a long time believed I’d end up as a biologist.               Chris earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the
• HE LIVES NEAR THE CORN                           However, God worked on me for years before I began understanding that my diverse and                           University of Rochester (with Honors) in Music in
 PALACE                                            seemingly unrelated gifts were meant for something specific.”                                                  Christianity (’05).      He started his Masters
                                                                                                                                                                  program in Australia and transferred to finish at
                                                                                                                                                                  Asbury Theological Seminary in 2008.               He
• HE’S A ‘MAC’ (NOT A ‘PC’)
                                                    Tell stories of hope using the arts                                                                           received an MA in Intercultural Studies.

 CREAMERY WHILE IN SEMINARY                                                                                                                                       LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE
                                                    WORSHIP                                                  THE LOGAN FAMILY
• HE’S A CERTIFIED SCUBA DIVER                                                                                                                                    Chris is currently a Worship Pastor in Mitchell,
                                                    “If I don’t take an active role in leading God’s         Originally hailing from New York State, Chris
                                                                                                             and Liz met and got to know each other while         SD   where    he      leads   both   traditional   and
                                                    people in worship through music, then part of
                            YES ‐ ALL TRUE                                                                                                                        contemporary worship services. He has been a
                                                    me is missing; God built me for this. When I             doing ministry.      Liz is an accomplished
                                                                                                             musician as well, with a degree in vocal             ministry intern, worship leader, church planter,
                                                    take part in the arts, I find myself drawn into a
                                                                                                             performance and pedagogy and helped plant a          ministry launcher and short/long-term missionary.
                                                    story bigger than myself and know that it was
                                                    this for which I was born. I get caught up in            church in Australia before she met Chris. They

                                                    the music, in the voices of the congregation             have two sweet children, Aurora (Rori) 3yrs and

                                                    singing loudly to our Creator.     In truth, it’s        Caedmon (CJ) 9mos.

                                                    beyond words…”

                                                                 And this is something I strive to imitate, by using my artistic passions to help the church
                                                                                                        reach local and global cultures in the name of Christ”.

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