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               International Human Resource Management

Assignment Code: 2011HR06A1                     Last Date of Submission: 31st March 2011

                                                                      Maximum Marks:100

Attempt all the questions.


1.      (i)    Define International HRM. How is it different from domestic HRM?
        (ii)    Briefly explain the variables that moderate differences between domestic
               and international HRM?
     2. Write short notes on the following,
        (i)    PCNs, HCNs and TCNs
        (ii)   Expatriates
        (iii)  Foreign Susbsidiary organization
        (iv)   Matrix structure

3.      What are the stages a firm typically goes through as it grows internationally and
        how does each stage affect the HR function?

4.      Describe with example the main characteristics of the four approaches to
        international staffing.


5.      Case Study

Senior Management of a large multinational corporation dealing with home appliances is
planning to restructure the organization. Currently the organization is centered on
geographical areas so that the executive responsible for each area has considerable
autonomy over manufacturing and sales. The new structure will transfer powers of the
executives responsible for different product groups: the executives responsible for each
geographical area will no longer be responsible for manufacturing in their area but will
retain control over sales activities.

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   I. What are the implications of this approach.
  II. Recommend a training plan for the executives responsible for the product group
      in the new structure.

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               International Human Resource Management

Assignment Code: 2011HR06A2                      Last Date of Submi ssion: 15     May 2011

                                                                     Maximum Marks:100

Attempt all the questions.


1.     Describe the roles of an expatriate. Which one of the various roles you find most
       challenging and why?

2.     (i)     Should MNCs be concerned about expatriate failure? If so, why?
       (ii)    Suggest measures to minimize the chances of expatriate failure.

3.     You are the Group HR Director for a small company that has begun to use
       international assignments. You are considering using an external consulting firm
       to provide pre-departure training for employees,as you do not have the resources
       to provide this in-house.
       (i)     What components will you need to be covered in this training
       (ii)    How will you measure the effectiveness of the pre-deaparture training
                   programme provided by this external consultant?

4.     (i)     Write short notes on the following :
               (a)    Repatriation Process
               (b)    Market Rate approach for International Compensation
       (ii)    Why is it important to include hard, soft and contextual goals when
               assessing managerial performance?

5.     Case Study

Duke Jager is a man of mission. As a newly appointed CEO of the ABC Company, he is
determined to make the number one MNC in the segment of packaged foods.

Jagers Career path is unusual for ABC. While he is with the company for more than
three years, he has spend most of the time outside the headquarters. A Dutch by birth,

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he joined ABC as the marketing Head in Holland. Before joining this organization he has
spend 12 years in Japan on an International assignment.

ABC is a company in which the managers have a passion for memo writing and dissent
is rarely tolerated. Employees may be wasting up to half their time on “non value added
work”, such as memo writing, he says.

Jager is determined to change ABC culture. He wants to make the company faster on its
feet, more innovative and more conflict friendly. “Great ideas generally come from
conflict – a dissatisfaction with the status quo, I„d like to have an organization where
there are rebels “.

    I. How is ABC culture shaped?
   II. If you are Jagger how you would change this culture. Discuss with reference to
       the role of various HR polices which can create a productive culture in the

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