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					Research on the banking operations of stock broking
firms in Kolkata

Some grilling sessions with the major Stock Broking Houses in Kolkata
revealed the needs, wants, expectations of these Broking Firms from
their banks.

It can be comprehended that the Personal Banking division and the
Business Banking division needs to coordinate and work together to
design a financial product which can satisfy the appetite of these firms
satisfactorily. Certain facilities which form the core elements of this
financial product are listed below:

For The Trading Firms:

(a). Free RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)from the current A/C of
the firm to its Settlement A/C in the ……….
(b). NEFT [ below<100000] free of cost
(c). O/D Limits on the basis of their turnover every month.
(d). Bank Guarantees (along with tailored structure and commission
charges) should be based on its turnover and networth.
(e). Instant funding of Working Capital required (whenever required)
(f). Online payment gateway
(g). Cheque printing facilities should be tailor-made
(g). Strong Net Banking Portal.

For the Clients’ A/C (of the Trading Firms):

(a). Payment gateway of the bank of the broking firms website itself
(b). Zero-balance Client A/Cs.
(c). Instant activation of clients’ A/Cs

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