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									                                                                                         CHILDREN’S MENAGERIE 45

4000.   JUST LIKE YOU                                            4003.   QUEEN BEE
        Introduced in 1995, American Girl’s Just Like                    The Queen Bee is an ultra-luxurious diaper bag
        You 18” dolls and related accessories celebrate                  available from Honey by the Bumble Collection.
        girls of today — showing them that this is their                 This line is created to facilitate your high-end
        moment in history to shine. Driven by the same                   lifestyle and endure the challenges of
        spirit and sensibilities that characterize the                   motherhood. This brown-colored bag features
        historical doll line, the Just Like You doll is                  full Italian cowhide leather and 18k gold plated
        designed to instill a sense of pride, power, and                 hardware and has many pockets for everything
        possibility in today’s girls. Your little girl will be           your baby might need.
        so happy when you bring home this Just Like                                                          Value: $230.00
        You doll.                                                                                 Minimum Bid: $100.00
                                             Value: $95.00
                                                                         The Bumble Collection, City of Industry, CA
                                    Minimum Bid: $40.00
        American Girl, Middleton, WI                             4004.   ERGO BABY
                                                                         Ergo Baby manufactures products to make baby
4001.   BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION                                             wearing safe, easy, and comfortable. Their baby
        Thrill your favorite girl on her special day with                carriers are a hands-free system with an all-in-
        a party held at the American Girl Place at The                   one baby carrier that can be used in the front,
        Grove in a private dining room. This deluxe                      back and hip position, from infant to toddler.
        birthday celebration will be a memorable one as                  Ergo Baby prides themselves on high quality
        it will include a set of invitations with matching               products so take home this perfect organic blue
        thank-you notes, a complete lunch for 6 girls, a                 twill carrier, blue twill backpack, and blue twill
        personalized cake served with ice cream, a                       front pouch.
        goodie bag and tiara for each party guest, a                                                       Value: $220.00
        table game, and an 18” American Girl doll to                                               Minimum Bid: $100.00
        take home. This American Girl experience is for
        girls ages 8 and up. Reservations must be made                   Ergo Baby, Pukalani, HI
        in advance and available times are usually
        Monday through Friday noon to mid-afternoon.             4005.   CLASSIC CARRIER
        This certificate expires October 23, 2011.                       The premium carrier in the Kokopax line - it
                                            Value: $870.00               incorporates the latest technology in green
                                  Minimum Bid: $300.00                   textile printing and consumer safety. This
                                                                         Kokopax Eco-Classic carrier features advanced
        American Girl Place, Los Angeles, CA                             technology in shoulder strap construction,
                                                                         padded waist belt for added comfort, and a five-
4002.   FURRY AND HUGGABLE                                               point safety harness assures safety and security
        Blabla is a child’s word that describes a                        for both baby and parent. It’s a whole new way
        contemporary collection of dolls, apparel, and                   to keep baby happy and your hands free as you
        accessories created by French designer, Florence                 breeze through daily life.
        Wetterwald and hand-knitted by Peruvian                                                           Value: $180.00
        artisans. Take home Mr. X. He is a funny,                                                  Minimum Bid: $90.00
        friendly fellow and stands 3’ tall and will
        brighten the day of any child.                                   Kokopax, Alpharetta, GA
                                          Value: $400.00
                                Minimum Bid: $150.00
        Blabla Kids, Atlanta, GA

4006.   ORGANIC BABY                                         4009.   MAKE BELIEVE
        Kushies offers this selection of toys from their             Your child will thank you when you bring home
        award-winning Zolo toyline. Kushies offers one               this Lucy & Michael “Mack” play tent. This
        stop shopping for baby and toddler for                       play tent is 5’ square and 5’ tall, perfect for your
        everything from diapers, bibs, layettes and                  child to make believe. This play tent is made of
        apparel. Visit www.kushiesonline.com for more                striped fabric with orange and brown trim and
        information. Take home this basket of infant                 comes with wood poles. This item is not
        toys and you’re sure to have one happy tot!                  exchangeable.
                                           Value: $200.00                                               Value: $320.00
                                 Minimum Bid: $100.00                                        Minimum Bid: $150.00
        Kushies, Alpharetta, GA                                      Lucy & Michael, Houston, TX

4007.   ARTISTIC MIRACLES                                    4010.   BUNDLE OF TOYS
        Unleash your child’s talent and creativity with              Play is not only fun, it’s essential to a child’s
        four children’s fine art classes at any Mission:             cognitive, emotional, and social development.
        Renaissance studio location. This offer is valid             Manhattan Toy’s design process blends science
        only for new students and cannot be used with                and whimsy to produce toys that offer children a
        any other discounts or offers including the Free             rich array of visual and tactile stimulation and
        Introductory Class or Summer Art Camp.                       unlimited opportunities for imaginative
        Materials used during classes are included, and              exploration. Manhattan Toy Company is the
        registration and material fees are due if the                home of the popular Groovy Girls and Dr. Seuss.
        bearer of this certificate continues with classes            Take home these bountiful gift baskets for your
        beyond the term of this certificate. This                    favorite girl.
        certificate expires October 23, 2011 and is not
        redeemable for cash or other materials.                      A) Groovy Girl Gift Basket #1
                                            Value: $174.00                                           Value: $250.00
                                   Minimum Bid: $80.00                                     Minimum Bid: $100.00
        Larry Gluck’s Mission: Renaissance Fine Art                  B) Baby Girl Basket (1 yr – 4 yr) #2 (4011)
        Classes, Glendale, CA                                                                        Value: $250.00
                                                                                           Minimum Bid: $100.00
4008.   SO SOFT
                                                                     Manhattan Toy Company, Minneapolis, MN
        Based in Los Angeles, Little Giraffe’s mission is
        to provide consumers with the most luxurious,
                                                             4012.   MOVING WITH MUTSY
        exclusive, and hassle-free children’s apparel and
        accessories on the market. Since 2000, the                   The Transporter provides Mutsy’s signature
        company’s unique collections have delighted                  style and unparalleled features in an affordable,
        style-makers and discerning parents with a                   lightweight combi-stroller. Offering parents
        signature blend of comfort, quality, and                     optimal flexibility, this sporty four wheeler
        convenience. Take home this ultra-luscious                   buggy can also be used as a pram with its
        basket of their most popular baby items                      optional carry cot or the car seat adaptor which
        including blankets, burpies, a hooded bath                   easily clicks onto the frame on top of the stroller
        towel, a tooth fairy pillow, a satin polka dot nap           seat, or for a cleaner look the seat can be
        pillow and a terry kids cover up in their oh-so-             completely removed. The transporter is
        soft luxe fabric.                                            characterized by its ease of operation, folding
                                                                     mechanism, the deep and padded reclining seat,
                                           Value: $500.00
                                                                     and protective hood which create a comfortable
                                 Minimum Bid: $200.00
                                                                     and serene environment for napping. Visit
        Little Giraffe, Van Nuys, CA                                 www.mutsy.com.
                                                                                                        Value: $400.00
                                                                                               Minimum Bid: $200.00
                                                                     Mutsy, Alpharetta, GA
                                                                                      CHILDREN’S MENAGERIE 47

4013.   BABY STEPS                                            4016.   CLOSE TO BABY
        Exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and                  The lillebaby everywear organic is a versatile
        distinctive styling have made pediped one of the              child carrier featuring multiple sitting positions
        fastest growing footwear brands in the U.S.                   and all-in-one carrying from newborn to
        Pediped originals feature soft cushioned leather              toddler. The contoured seat offers ergonomic
        soles and soft flexible leather uppers. Not only              sitting positions and promotes healthy spine
        stylish, pediped footwear are actually beneficial             development. It also features pockets for keys,
        for children’s developing feet. Use this $200.00              cell phone, and diapers for parents’ convenience.
        gift certificate for any pediped footwear on the              This earth brown carrier is one you can wear
        their website. Visit www.pediped.com. This                    every way, everywhere!
        certificate expires October 23, 2011.                                                           Value: $120.00
                                           Value: $200.00                                      Minimum Bid: $50.00
                                  Minimum Bid: $100.00                Scandinavian Child, Raleigh, NC
        pediped Footwear, Alpharetta, GA
                                                              4017.   STROLL WITH STYLE
4014.   BABY CHIC                                                     The Micralite Toro stroller combines function
        Cake by Petunia is a fusion of inspired form and              with style in one of the most lightweight stroller
        intuitive function that anticipates the mobile                collections on the market. The Micralite Toro
        mother’s every need — and is delicious in every               has all the features of a high-design stroller in a
        detail. The Cake Cameo clutch by Petunia                      simple, easy-folding design. With precise
        exemplifies “grace under pressure, moving from                maneuvering in tight spots in the city, the Toro
        the rigors of daytime with tots to the reprieves of           handles public transport or busy shopping
        an evening out — without skipping a beat. Take                centers with ease. Bring home this fabulous
        home this clutch in French Gooseberry which                   Micralite stroller in orange today.
        includes a diaper changing pad and diaper wipe                                                  Value: $525.00
        container.                                                                             Minimum Bid: $250.00
                                          Value: $125.00
                                                                      Scandinavian Child, Raleigh, NC
                                 Minimum Bid: $50.00
        Petunia Picklebottom, Ventura, CA                     4018.   SOPHISTICATED BAG
                                                                      The Emily soft nylon sak has an adjustable
4015.   SITTING PRETTY                                                shoulder strap with gold hardware and contrast
        The award-winning Svan high chair is designed                 stitching. Dual-side zippers and thermo-
        to grow with every stage of a child’s life. This              insulated bottle pockets keep fluids warm/cool
        family-friendly, ergonomic chair will fit with                for up to 4 hours. This fabulous leather diaper
        any household and is for infants as young as six              bag includes a padded changing mat and a
        months old. Sturdy yet elegant bentwood design                detachable inner sak with wipe-clean lining.
        provides superior comfort, safety and support.                This is the perfect baby bag for a mom on-the-
        This Svan high chair has an espresso finish with              go.
        a turquoise cushion.                                                                            Value: $375.00
                                          Value: $300.00                                      Minimum Bid: $150.00
                               Minimum Bid: $150.00                   Storksak Diaper Bags, Los Angeles, CA
        Scandinavian Child, Raleigh, NC

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