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					Silly Putty—Polydimethylsiloxane                           Hailey Palluck, Hour 7

Silly Putty is a rubber-like substance made of 65% dimethyl siloxane, 17%
silica, 9% Thixatrol ST, 4% polydimethylsiloxane, and 1% glycerine.

Binney & Smith produces 600 lbs. of Silly Putty each day.

Silly Putty is a children’s toy, but was originally created by accident during
research for a potential rubber substitute during WWII.

It became a world-wide sensation, and was e ven brought to the moon, as it was
used by astronauts on the Apollo missions to secure tools in zero-gravity.

The chemical formula of polydimethylsiloxane is (C2H6OSi).

It’s a man-made, cheap compound that is clear in color, is non-toxic, and is
also non-flammable.

Aside from being used in Silly Putty, it’s also used in contact lenses,
McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, shampoos, and breast implants.


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