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									       Whole House Attic Fans: For an Energy
                 Efficient Future

This article describes the importance of using technologies – such s whole house fans – that
are designed to run more efficiently on substantially less electricity.

Whole house attic fans offer a fantastic solution for people looking to make the move toward
a more energy efficient home. Most of us understand the negative impacts that fossil fuel and
carbon-generated electricity and the associated emissions have had on our environment. While
there are many that doubt the validity of ‘Global Warming’, we all see the huge rise in our
utility rates. The changes that need to be made can seem very intimidating, but they can most
effectively and easily be implemented in the home. Whole house attic fans and clean energy
technology are the answer to a lower carbon footprint and a positive step in the right direction
towards a healthier environment.

Whole House Attic Fans and Clean Energy Technologies

There are quite a number of clean energy technologies now available on the market. And while
investing in them is a fantastic way to
lessen your home’s dependence on
fossil fuel-generated electricity, not
everyone can afford them. Solar panels
are a great example of this renewable
energy technology; however, they are
also notoriously expensive with the
result that few homes are actually able
to have them installed. Wind turbines
are another example; however, for any
discernable difference to be made, you
would need a rather large garden with enough space to accommodate one. This again, has
proved to be an insurmountable problem for many people. Whole house attic fans on the
other hand are installed in the home as you would any other ventilation fan. But the difference
they make is incredible! Whole house attic fans operate by drawing clean, cool and fresh air
from outside your house while exhausting old, stale and hot air from vents in the attic. Owing
to this circulation, your house is kept consistently cool, even during the hottest of summer
months. Benefits of whole house attic fans include:
       ● A house that is 10º to 20º cooler
       ● An attic that is up to 50º cooler!
       ● A steady supply of fresh air in the home
       ● Removal of old, stale air and humidity
       ● Greater health of you and your family
       ● Lower electricity bills (whole house attic fans only consume 10% of the energy
         required by traditional A/C units)
       ● Greater energy efficiency of your home

While there is a great variety of renewable and clean energy technology available on the
market, it comes as fantastic news to learn that you need not take out a second mortgage on
your home just to make it more energy efficient. Whole house attic fans constitute a fantastic
positive step towards the health of you, your family and the greater environment.

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