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									       PCCU’S New Online Banking System - FAQ’s & Changes

Q: What is a PIN? What is a Security Key?
A: A PIN is your online banking password; your new PIN will be your previous online banking
password – the Security Key is your previous online banking Security Image (the image we show
you when we request your password/PIN).

Q: Have my Password, security image & Multi-Factor Authentication questions changed?
A: No, All that information is the same – however, it is titled differently. For example: the
security image is now called a security key & your password is now referred to as a PIN. Again,
the answers are the exact same as they were on the previous system.

Q: Why the change?
A: The new system has many more features that are not available on the previous system. For
example account nick names, alerts, color settings, calendars, built-in check register and
viewing your check images are just some of the new features that are now available. The new
system is also very flexible so that we can easily add improvements in the future.

Q: What if I need help doing a transaction or have a question regarding the new system?
A: Of course you can always call the credit union for support but also the new system has a
help menu that covers the basics of every aspect of the system. To access the help menu, click
on “Options” and at the bottom is the “Help” menu. This menu provides support on whichever
category you are currently on. Near the bottom there is a “Help Index” link this covers help on
the entire system.

Q: When is this change going to occur?
A: The transition to the new system is scheduled for early April however, if the project runs
into any unforeseen problems it may be delayed until mid or late April.

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