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E X C E L L E N C E | E D U C AT I O N | E Q U I T Y

    Sandr a T. Hawley
    Managing Partner | Corporate Law Division
    SHB Kansas City

    Sandy’s exper tise includes a wide variety of
    corporate finance matters, including extensive
    experience in all types of real estate transactions.
    She is an active member of the SHB Associates
    Committee, which is responsible for mentoring
    and leading evaluations of young lawyers.

    Mar tha S. War ren                                     Madeleine M. McDonough
    Managing Partner | Global Product Liability Division   Vice Chair | Pharmaceutical &
    SHB Kansas City                                        Medical Device Litigation Division
    mwarren@shb.com                                        SHB Kansas City/Washington, D.C.

    Mar ty has led national counsel teams coast to
    coast from California to Florida, Mississippi and      Madeleine has served as national and
    Indiana. She is currently ser ving her third term      regional counsel on a wide range
    on SHB’s Executive Committee and is a past             of products for pharmaceutical and
    chair of the Diversity Committee.                      medical device manufacturers. She also
                                                           co-chairs SHB’s Agribusiness & Food
                                                           Safety Practice and Life Sciences &
                                                           Biotechnology Practice. Madeleine has
                                                           extensive experience in successfully
                                                           resolving class actions, multidistrict and
                                                           mass-tor t litigation. She has served two
                                                           terms on the firm’s Executive Committee.
                                        Lea Ann Souza-Rasile
                                        Managing Partner | SHB Miami
                                        SHB Miami

                                        Lea focuses her practice on bankruptcy,          DuPont Women Lawyers’ Network
                                        commercial litigation and products               honored Lea with its 2010 Themis
                                        liability litigation, with an emphasis           Award. Named for the goddess
                                        on creditors’ rights, workouts and               of justice in Greek mythology, the
                                        reorganizations in state, federal and            Themis Award recognizes a woman
                                        bankruptcy cour ts and on the defense            who positively affects “the business of
                                        of complex product liability litigation          DuPont by promoting legal excellence
                                        involving   pharmaceutical,     chemical         through the success, development
                                        and pesticide products. Lea is an                and professional advancement of the
                                        elected member of SHB’s Executive                women lawyers representing DuPont.”
                                        Committee. In      March       2010, the

Alicia J. Donahue                                                           Michelle R. Mangr um
Managing Partner | SHB San Francisco                                        Managing Partner | SHB Washington, D.C.
adonahue@shb.com                                                            mmangrum@shb.com

Alicia is a native of San Francisco with more                               Michelle’s practice has been focused almost
than 20 years of experience representing                                    exclusively on the defense of pharmaceutical
manufacturers of products in both individual                                and    medical   device    manufacturers   in
and class action cases. She has successfully                                products liability and commercial litigation
litigated cases in numerous areas of the law,                               over the last 20 years. She has defended
including products liability, class actions, drug                           manufacturers of many different products,
and medical devices, and environmental                                      including synthetic and natural hormone
matters.                                                                    therapies, and antidepressants. In December
                                                                            2009, Michelle was named one of DC’s “Top
                                                                            Lawyers” by The Washingtonian.

Composed of dynamic and diverse women of
different backgrounds and cultures, the Women’s                      Jane Bar tley
Management Council is as strong in expertise                         Pharmaceutical & Medical
                                                                     Device Litigation
as it is in diversity. Their legal experience spans                  SHB Kansas City
from seven to 25 years.                                              jbar tley@shb.com

                                                                     Kr isti Belt
   Working in collaboration with other established SHB committees,   Business Litigation
   the WMC ser ves as a catalyst for programs focused on women       SHB Houston
   and issues affecting firm clients.

                                                                     Jennifer Brown
   The SHB Women’s Management Council assists the firm’s             Global Product Liability Litigation
   women lawyers in developing the necessary legal skills,           SHB San Francisco
   mentoring relationships and marketing oppor tunities that will
   suppor t their promotion into the par tnership. Among other
                                                                     Annie Chuang
   things, the group has hosted retreats for women associates to     Global Product Liability Litigation
   discuss work/life balance challenges, leadership oppor tunities   SHB San Francisco
   and diversity in the legal profession.                            achuang@shb.com

                                                                     Jamie Clark
   The WMC prides itself on community outreach programs              Global Product Liability Litigation
   connected with pro bono activities and volunteer programs         SHB Tampa
   throughout the countr y.                                          jclark@shb.com

                                                                     Sarah Croft
                                                                     Global Product Liability Litigation
                                                                     SHB London

                                                                     Amy Crouch
                                                                     Global Product Liability Litigation
                                                                     SHB Kansas City

                                                                     Stacey Deere

                                                                     Global Product Liability Litigation

                                                                     SHB Kansas City

                               SHB Wom e n ' s
                               M a n ag e m e n t
                                 C ou nc i l
Leanne DeShong                        Ethel Johnson              Rebecca Schwar tz
Pharmaceutical & Medical              Employment Litigation      SHB Kansas City
Device Litigation                     SHB Houston                Global Product Liability
SHB Kansas City                       ejjohnson@shb.com          Litigation
ldeshong@shb.com                                                 rschwar tz@shb.com

Jean Dickman                          Carrie McAtee              Angela Seaton
Intellectual Proper ty Litigation     Employment Litigation      SHB Tampa
SHB Kansas City                       SHB Kansas City            Pharmaceutical & Medical
jdickman@shb.com                      cmcatee@shb.com            Device Litigation

Hassia D iolombi                      Lori McGroder              Rachel Simek
Global Product Liability Litigation   Pharmaceutical & Medical   SHB Washington, D.C.
SHB Miami                             Device Litigation          Pharmaceutical & Medical
hdiolombi@shb.com                     SHB Kansas City            Device Litigation
                                      lmcgroder@shb.com          rsimek@shb.com

Tristan Duncan                        Deborah Moeller            Katherine Sinatra
Environmental Law                     Pharmaceutical & Medical   Employment Litigation
SHB Kansas City                       Device Litigation          SHB Kansas City
tlduncan@shb.com                      SHB Kansas City            ksinatra@shb.com

Lynne Eckels                          Eileen Moss                Holly Smith
Global Product Liability Litigation   Tor t Litigation           Global Product Liability Litigation
SHB Houston                           SHB Miami                  SHB Kansas City
teckels@shb.com                       elmoss@shb.com             hpsmith@shb.com

Mischa Buford Epps                    Laurie Novion              Ann Songer
Corporate Law                         Business Litigation        Tor t Litigation
SHB Kansas City                       SHB Kansas City            SHB Kansas City
mepps@shb.com                         lnovion@shb.com            asonger@shb.com

Makai Fisher                          Kristen Page               Jennise Stubbs
Global Product Liability Litigation   Employment Litigation      Pharmaceutical & Medical
SHB San Francisco                     SHB Kansas City            Device Litigation
mfisher@shb.com                       kpage@shb.com              SHB Houston

Michelle Fujimoto                     Carol Poindexter           Denise Talber t
Pharmaceutical & Medical              Corporate Law              Global Product Liability Litigation
Device Litigation                     SHB Kansas City            SHB Kansas City
SHB Orange County                     cpoindexter@shb.com        dtalber t@shb.com

Dana Gwaltney                         Hildy Sastre               Gay Tedder
Global Product Liability Litigation   Pharmaceutical & Medical   Global Product Liability Litigation
SHB San Francisco                     Device Litigation          SHB Kansas City
dgwaltney@shb.com                     SHB Miami                  gtedder@shb.com
Darolyn Hamada                        Terr y Satterlee           Tammy Webb
Pharmaceutical & Medical              Environmental Law          Global Product Liability Litigation
Device Litigation                     SHB Kansas City            SHB San Francisco
SHB Orange County                     tsatterlee@shb.com         tbwebb@shb.com

Laurie Henr y                         Lori Schultz               Tawni Wilhelm
Pharmaceutical & Medical              Employment Litigation      Intellectual Proper ty Litigation
Device Litigation                     SHB Kansas City            SHB Kansas City
SHB Kansas City                       lschultz@shb.com           twilhelm@shb.com
Successfully defending complex, high-stakes products liability,
environmental, antitrust, consumer fraud, and employment
law cases in courtrooms around the nation and the world,
SHB women lawyers prove their mettle day-in and day-out
on behalf of the nation’s largest corporations.

                                         AC H I E V E M E N T S

        Marie Woodbury won a defense victory for           stakes defense verdict in a California age
        a pharmaceutical client in a case that The         and disability action.
        National Law Journal recognized in 2006 on
        its “Defense Hot List.”                            Alicia Donahue took par t in a 10-week trial
                                                           that culminated in a unanimous defense
        Sarah        Croft    and     Leanne    DeShong    verdict for a Fortune 100 company.
        have         distinguished      themselves    in
        litigation      in    the     United    Kingdom    Ann Songer has secured defense verdicts
        on      behalf       of     pharmaceutical   and   and   summary      judgments   in   defective
        tobacco clients.                                   auto cases and was par t of the team that
                                                           obtained the dismissal of class actions
        Kristen Page has successfully litigated            against the companies that purpor tedly sold
        employment and harassment cases on                 the ammonium nitrate used in connection
        behalf of employers in state and federal           with the Oklahoma City bombing.
        cour ts across the nation, including a high-
Lori Schultz secured jur y verdicts in gender                   Lori McGroder has successfully resolved high-
discrimination, Title VII, FLSA, and civil rights actions.      profile personal injury, class action, MDL, and third-
                                                                par ty reimbursement claims for major firm clients.
Gay Tedder has ser ved as trial counsel in complex
state attorney general litigation brought against               Terry Satterlee won a RCRA lawsuit and has
products manufacturers and successfully defeated                successfully   challenged   federal   agency   action
one of the first RICO actions alleging clergy                   involving environmental issues. In April 2010,
sexual abuse. She currently chairs SHB’s Diversity              Missouri Lawyers Media recognized Terry as an
Committee.                                                      outstanding Business Practitioner at its annual
                                                                Women’s Justice Awards event.
Trial counsel for cigarette manufacturers in Florida
litigation, Hassia Diolombi was recently appointed
to the ABA’s Legal Oppor tunity Scholarship                  SHB women lawyers also have a depth
Committee, a group that encourages racially and
                                                             of experience and success in various
ethnically diverse students to attend law school and
par ticipate in the organized bar.
                                                             corporate matters.

Michelle Fujimoto is a former managing par tner
                                                                Mischa Buford Epps and Sandy Hawley assisted a
of the firm’s Orange County office who has
                                                                Missouri-based retirement community secure a tax-
successfully led trial teams in the defense of
                                                                exempt bond issue valued at $56.5 million.
pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers
across the countr y. She founded the Orange
County Chapter of the Athena Network, a national
mentoring organization for women.
                                                             And when SHB clients are the wronged
Women’s Management Council Chair Leanne                      parties to a dispute, our women
DeShong recently led a team that successfully                lawyers are equally effective on
resolved a mass tor t litigation on behalf of a major
                                                             the other side of the bar.
pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Tammy Webb helped develop and implement the
                                                                Lori Schultz obtained a $71.8 million
strategy that defeated more than 50 statewide
                                                                judgment as lead counsel in an
tobacco class actions.
                                                                antitrust class action lawsuit
                                                                against the NCAA.
Debbie Moeller has led teams in defense of major
medical device and pharmaceutical clients in MDLs
across the nation.

   • Leading Lawyers                 •   Best of the Bar
     Chambers USA                        Kansas City Business Journal
     Ethel Johnson | 2010                Madeleine McDonough | 2006-2009
     Terr y Satterlee | 2009, 2010       Carol Poindexter | 2009, 2010
     Lori Schultz | 2009, 2010           Terry Satterlee | 2003, 2004

   • The Best Lawyers                • Nation’s Most Powerful
     in America®                         Employment Attorneys
     Ethel Johnson | 2010, 2011          Human Resource Executive
     Terr y Satterlee | 2003-2011        Lori Schultz | 2009
     Lea Ann Souza-Rasile | 2011
     Marie Woodbury | 2008-2011
                                     • Women’s Justice Awards
   • Benchmark Litigation                Missouri Lawyers Media
     California Litigation Star          Mischa Buford Epps | 2010
     Tammy Webb | 2011                   Terry Satterlee | 2010

   • Outstanding Lawyers
                                     • Influential Business Women
     of America
                                         South Florida Business Journal
     Terr y Satterlee | 2003
                                         Lea Ann Souza-Rasile | 2009

   • Up and Coming Lawyers
                                     • Up and Coming Award
     Missouri Lawyers Weekly
                                         Missouri Lawyers Media
     Mischa Buford Epps | 2008
                                         Stacey Deere | 2010
• International Who’s Who of           • BTI Client Services              • Super Lawyers
   Product Liability Defense Lawyers      All-Stars                         Leanne DeShong | 2005-2010
   Michelle Fujimoto | 2010               Marie Woodbury | 2010             Alicia Donahue | 2006
                                                                            Ethel Johnson | 2003-2009
                                                                            Madeleine McDonough | 2005-2010
• Influential Women                    • Legal Leader of the Year Award     Eileen Moss | 2007-2010
   KC Business                            Daily Record                      Carol Poindexter | 2007-2010
   Mischa Buford Epps | 2010              Michelle P. Wimes | 2007          Terry Satterlee | 2005-2010
   Terr y Satterlee | 2011                                                  Gay Tedder | 2005-2010
                                                                            Marie Woodbury | 2005-2010
                                       • Texas Rising Stars
• The Legal 500 United States             Super Lawyers
  Marie Woodbur y | 2009, 2010            Kristi Belt | 2007-2010         • 500 Rising Stars
                                          Jennise Stubbs | 2010, 2011       Law Dragon
                                                                            Tammy Webb | 2006
• Women Who Mean Business              • Kansas City’s 40 Under Forty
   Kansas City Business Journal           Ingram’s
   Terr y Satterlee | 2000                Mischa Buford Epps | 2001       • 500 Rising Stars
   Marie Woodbur y | 2008                 Michelle P. Wimes | 2007          Law Dragon
                                                                            Tammy Webb | 2006
                                       • International Who’s Who of
• Missouri & Kansas Rising Stars          Life Sciences Lawyers
   Super Lawyers                          Sarah Croft | 2009
   Mischa Buford Epps | 2008              Marie Woodbury | 2008, 2009
   Caree McAtee | 2009, 2010

                                      BEST PLACES TO WORK
                                      FOR LGBT EQUALITY
                                      Human Rights Campaign | 2010 & 2011

 2 0 1 0   L AW   D E PA RT M E N T
                                      DIVERSITY &
       A W A R D
                                      Altria | 2010

                                      BEST LAW FIRMS
                                      FOR WOMEN
                                      Working Mother Magazine &
                                      Flex-Time Lawyers | 2008 & 2009

                                      LIVING THE VALUES
                                      The Coca-Cola Company | 2008

                                      NO GLASS CEILING
                                      The Bar Association of
                                      San Francisco | 2005

               Leanne DeShong
               Chair | WMC
               (816) 474-6550

               Kristi Belt
               Vice Chair | WMC
               (713) 546-5687








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